im so gone

tbt to when my high school did a social justice project where we had to hold up a sign showing some sort of injustice we’ve faced…. but the people in charge knew literally nothing about anything and everything was approved so all the white boys were like “girls are sluts” or “im personally victimized as a redneck-american”

well i found the video and im reliving this experience

my personal favorites:

and the best one by far

They told you that dark brown eyes are empty

My love

People can’t see stars in the polluted sky
So the night holds secrets in it’s inflicted disguise

I’ve seen constellations form when you look at the world

Portals to another universe when I peak into your soul

Dark brown eyes are not empty my dear
The black outer space are where galaxies are born

—  Cosmos

emerges from the void just to kinkshame friends and family

did someone say shitposter gaster