im so gone

🌠 Welcome back, Shiro.

Hello and this is what happens when I experiment with thumbnails and dynamics they “Magically” turn into space dad… yeah ‘magic’


You did well, Jonghyun. Thank you for gifting the world with your beautiful voice, your passion and talent for music, your lyrics that touched and healed our hearts. Sorry we could not comfort you, the way you did with us, until the end. May your shining, kind soul rest in eternal peace amongst the stars in the sky, where it belongs.

Kim Jonghyun, 900408 - 171218 ∞ in our hearts

jskadbsadk okay so my mom has this giant book of like what it means when you were born on a certain day and i was flipping through it for all the paladins birthdays and

day of the winner


A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs

can you believe everyone fell in love with Finn the minute they saw him? like wow. He’s truly an iconic hero.

if you don’t think i constantly have older paladins and scruffy-faced hunk on my mind ur dead wrong….. too bad keith has an incurable baby face and his shorter hair doesn’t help a single goshdarned bit 


emerges from the void just to kinkshame friends and family

did someone say shitposter gaster