im so gomen omg

‘—Kuroo on the armrest of Tsukki’s armchair—’
i drew this while rereading @sturlsons’ jaywalkers series for the 3rd time + wiping tears ,,, no lie dudes i’m in too deep i can’t even see daylight anymore help
[fic] home for christmas [1/1]

writer: it me lol
recipient: @mongoose-bite
contents: a whole lot of pining and fluff, dilf eren ((whoo o oo u guys remember that au?? i sure do man like holy crap)), christmas dude, kissing and casual frottage.
summary: after graduating college, levi goes back home for izzy’s and eren’s christmas party and falls in love all over again

read on ao3 or under the cut, there is nsfw content!!!!

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