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I do think it’s time for people to step in to an arena where they’re not confined. Where there’s no restrictions based on their art and their voice. And I think that there’s a restriction when you label someone just in terms of their sex and their race. Because I think that there is an expectation of who you need to be within the confines of that. I just mentioned that with the black women, you gotta be sassy, you gotta be sexy, your hair has gotta be a certain way. It’s very iconic roles that have existed in the past for black women. I don’t want to have any structure. I don’t want to have any kind of reins put on me. I want to be absolutely human in my role. — Viola Davis for The Wrap Magazine, June 2015

Shoutout to the people with harmful stims who can’t stop

Shoutout to the people who pick their skin and have tried everything to stop, but still struggle

Shoutout to the people who bite their cuticles/nails/skin who have tried to find alternatives, but still struggle

Shoutout to the people who pull their hair or bang their head and try to redirect themselves, but still struggle

Shoutout to the people who have or do self harm in any form to cope, have tried to stop with everything they have, but still struggle

Shoutout to all the people with harmful stims bombarded with insensitive comments (“you could stop if you really wanted to,” “Just redirect it (like they haven’t tried/aren’t trying),” “Stop glorifying these ugly/disgusting/dangerous behaviors (whenever they try to talk about their experiences or speak out on people only demonizing their behavior and how it only makes things worse)”)

Shoutout to the people who stopped their harmful stims for awhile, only to start again, either consciously or unconsciously

Shoutout to the people who know that their issues, whatever they may be, will likely be a lifelong difficulty

Shoutout to the people still trying to stop, and the people who have given up

Shoutout to everyone with harmful stims. You deserve support too, and you deserve acceptance and access to help as much as anyone. I know it sucks, and it’s hard, and can be humiliating and embarrassing. You don’t deserve to be humiliated, or painted as dangerous or ugly, or to hear any of the ignorant things people say. I support you, I get it. I hope you do get better, whatever that means for you. I hope you struggle less.


Beautiful dorks Vena and Ana.