im so glad this picture exists

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all i gotta do is witness the existance of an Empoleon and i love them already

((im glad u like him,, sadly this is the only picture i have of Salton so far.  He got that scar on his beak in a fight against a Meowth, believe it or not.  Salton is such a goof.  always gives nice big hugs that lift u off ur feet.  he gets really happy whenever he can make someone laugh.  prolly listens to a lot of Jimmy Buffett ~ Magpie mun

I fucking love Vax okay I know I say this all the time but I need you to understand that I really REALLY do. I have a constant inner monologue of thinking about him, picturing him in my head, and then going “he is bi” and just getting super Overwhelmed and excited pretty much just because he’s fucking gorgeous and also super not straight and I! Love him! Like I just need the whole world to know I LOVE Vax'ildan, just love the way he just

you cannot fathom how much he means to me he is in every part of my heart. Im so glad he exists im gonna cry

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hi i love you i got ur picture of sky i'm in love also i can see ur feets ur doin so good clare i love that ur barefoot in the park that's such a bood (big mood) (or alternatively boo mood bc it's spooky month) anyway u r so good i m so glad u exist thank s by e

h E L L o im glad u appreciate me running around barefoot w my dog bc i can assure not many at the park do and fuckifngfgje genie,, ur So Good and im so happy every time ur in my inbox,, Thnak Yo u

niall playing guitar is the hottest thing ive ever seen

let me show you niall in his natural habitat

jfc i mean look at him

External image

these two pictures shouldn’t exist 

“do you strum”

shirtless niall with his biceps showing playing guitar

snapback niall playing guitar may be the worst thing ever

External image

External image

even on the fucking toilet

[louis tomlinson voice] FOR GODS SAKES NIALL

“shit fuck bitch wanker”

yung niall playing guitar aka fuck my ass

basically lets thank god that niall decided to learn how to play guitar

Me: FUCK OT5!!!! They never stood up for zayn and then acted like he never existed honestly im glad zayn got out of there he deserves so much better

*history released*

Me: @ot4 drag me pleas i was wrong to have ever questioned the brotherhood who am i ve lost sight of the big picture ot5 is real forgive me