im so glad they made out


Okay here it goes,
First off it took some digging to find the first photo but thats me some years ago compared to me now. I just want to say how happy I am that I’ve come so far since coming out. I used to try so hard to fit in with what a girl was “supposed” to be. I tried to embrace my body and accentuate my female aspects but that just made me feel more and more dysphoric. Things have been hard since coming out but I don’t regret it at all. I have a long longggg ways ahead of me with transition but I’m hopeful that I’ll get through it and everything will work out. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people around me who have helped me and supported me through this, this includes my siblings, friends, and so many of you on tumblr.
Im working on bettering myself and being happy & I’m glad I’ve made it this far.


hi guys !! ♡  i have ((finally)) made a redbubble for my designs!! the link to my merch is here !  check it out if ur interested ♡ ((& thank u guys for all the support so far,, it means the world to me))


Another AU no one asked for lol!!

I wanted to finish this before Moana came out, BUT I am glad I waited because now I have a story to my AU based off of one of my favorite songs from the movie ( x )

So now this exists! And I took what I knew from my Samoan heritage, and the rest the beautiful islands to make it! I made it very general, so I used a few different Islands and languages to do it, so in speaking, this is generally polynesian, but more Samoan based, since I am more familiar with that.

Since Komugis name wouldn’t work in the language, I did some research and came across Komaki! So here we have our little blind Island girl, Komaki. 

Meruems name was hard to find a match that sounded close to his original name and held an important meaning.. but I did it!  In this AU he is Chief Mārama! Which is translated from Maori to the word light, which.. meruem apparently means the light that illuminates all or something so.. Yup!! we good!

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🐰 ~ PART TWO ~  🐰

[ okay so apparently i follow too many ppl so i have to break this follow forever into three parts ]

i said i was gonna make a follow forever when i hit my last thousand and i got too lazy and never did so im sorry but i finally had some motivation to do it so here i am! thank you so everyone who follows me, you are all amazing and you all make tumblr and my dash a lovely place. <3 also a huge shout out to all the lovely friends i have made during my time on tumblr, you all truly make me feel so amazing inside and i’m really glad that a place like this has helped me find such amazing friends <3

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Last part!

Wow thank you everyone who sent me so many nice messages and comments! I’m glad people liked this comic, even though I made it up on the spot and almost makes no sense. It’s not perfect but it was certainly good practice!

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wanted to say I love your art, it always picks me up after a hard day, especially today. I live in this super country- close minded town, and coming out left me with far fewer friends than before, and your art made me smile again. Just wanted to thank you for the smiles, have a nice day!

!!!!! hey friend! i get what you’re saying, i hope things look brighter for you soon, but in the meantime i really do have your back! im super glad to have a positive effect and i share my art for such a reason alone, so i hope it continues to make you happy! i hope you have an equally nice day, thank you so so much!!! :’)

so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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goal celebration mutual appreciation post

alright so i hit 200 followers and im very happy about that and you people are awesome so i decided to make a little appreciation post (ive only actively talked to a very small amount of people so i wont be able to elaborate on why exactly youre awesome but just know that you are very awesome)

@slytherin-salazar i just love your blog Ewa, it’s amazing and very organized and you post great stuff and your edits/gifs are awesome, you are also an incredibly nice person and im glad were mutuals

@wlfstar so we became mutuals because i loved/still love your url and we’re wolfstar trash and i loved your blog from the very first moment and honestly, Cat, you have A+ content and your art is fantastic and youre overall a great person

@txmriddlx okay Mitch, you were one of the first people i followed on here and seriously, your advice is incredible, youve helped me out on so many occasions and made me feel better about myself and i just really appreciate that. also i love your blog and your posts and yeah youre so amazing

@dracolucivs alright we dont really talk but can i say that i generally just appreciate your presence, Kate. i really do. i love your blog and your posts (and also youre really pretty wow) and youre just really great

@totally-ravenclaw so, Madison, you were also one of the first blogs i followed here and i have absolutely no regrets. i love the ravenclaw pride because honestly, ravenclaw is awesome. your blog is fantastic, your theme is very pretty and i love your posts and you are a really cool person

below is a list of all my mutuals (i dont know you well enough that i could write something) but you guys are amazing and i love following you and seeing your things on my dash and im very honored that you follow me

@roxannweasley, @pickettandnewt, @nacrissablack, @fjrebolt, @longbottomed, @jamespottersbutt, @diaqonalley, @hermionesmenacinglook, @fredweazlcy, @yes-you-are-just-as-sane-as-i-am, @flintxwood, @hermiogne, @regulusblqck, @acciolunalovegood, @domlnique, @pottergoldstein, @rxmuslvpin, @heromiqne, @foreverjily, @fixedglare, @littlenifflers, @backgroundhufflepuff, @dailysprophet, @hevanlypotter, @hjppogriff, @expectopatronuz, @nymphadxra, @wlweasley, @potterhappy, @siriusisntdead, @newtshvfflepuff, @avooda-kedoovra, @hclenaravenclaw, @weosley, @newtscamder, @narcissxblack, @siriusbllck, @jamessblacks, @tardisly, @pomonasprowt, @ri-ddikulus, @lunalocegood, @credxncebarebone, @godrichollow, @hexmionegranger, @anyexcusetowritemorelies, @sirriusly, @hufflepuffpoof, @fcrbiddenfcrest, @marvelousmckinnon

i think thats all (i hope i didnt forget anyone, if i forgot you im sorry i still think youre awesome and ily), thank you so much guys for following me and reblogging my stuff, i love you all and i hope youll all have a great day

(oh and i just noticed that today is valentines day so happy valentines day to you all!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! x33333 this is for all of my followers and close friends you all make me so happy and im glad to have every single one of you! you are all so nice and so caring thank you for following me and being my friend!

as for the drawing i actually made it i stayed up till 6 am and gota wake up at 8 but its soooo worth it!

characters in it left to right

octi and spell - octi could really care less whats going on and since he found out about mistletoe hes been sneaking up on spell to kiss him xD

lossi and byren- lossi wanted to put the Star on before they were done so byren helped him up! x3

sai and eve- sai helping with the decorating while eve makes sure to hold on to the ladder!

octi byren and lossi belong to @foreverafterall

spell sai and eve belong to me~