im so glad they dont have names

the bmc kids as things ive actually said
  • Jeremy: i used 'jeremy heeeeeeere' because the name 'asprin mccolliflower' didnt fit
  • Michael: did you just kiss my forehead? i mean i dont mind at all but no homo right
  • Rich: i may be short but i can still kick you in the throat...again
  • Jake: why the fuck am i friends with any of you
  • Jenna: i have so many FUCKING group chats shut the fuck up, all of you
  • Brooke: im glad im making a name for myself in this sweater...and by shoving a whole dish of ice cream into my mouth all at once. but mostly the sweater
  • Chloe: im fucking pissed theres only three heathers songs on spotify and its the only music player i can use in this hellhole
  • The SQUIP: motherfucking bitch fuck shit asshole god damnit fuck

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SCREAMING AHJSHDHAJSKAKAHAJAJAJAJDHDHDHHA!!!!!! You bought saints row PH MY GOOOD!!! Sorry im just so mcfreaking excited you dont even know!! Amazing games honestly! (have fun with driving lmao) btw the cc in 2 is alright but it gets much better & totally different in 3 & 4!! And my fav weapon on sr3 is The Penetrator (il let you see what that is lmao) also lin is my gf & i love carlos... Anyways have fun!!!

💜 💜 💜

(nb boss - they/them)

I cant stress enough how much i look forward to starting on T, and getting top surgery.

I cant wait to hear my voice crack for the first time.

I cant wait to start shaving

I cant wait to look down at my chest and be happy with what i see

I cant wait to pass as a male

I cant wait to get that jawline i hope i get

I cant wait to stop getting my period. (You have no idea how wrong it feels, every freaking month!)

I cant wait to be called a boy by everyone around me

I cant wait to be a proud trans boy, who isnt afraid.

I cant wait to people making fun of my voice cracking, even if im 21 when i start on T.

I cant wait to go topless at the beach, and no one staring at me weirdly.

I cant wait to be ‘one of the boys’

I cant wait to be able to go into the mens section in stores, and not get weird stares.

I cant wait to go into a mens bathroom, and no one looking at me weirdly.

I cant wait till i find a name that i think suits me, and then having people calling me that

I cant wait to teach people about lgbt+

I cant wait to meet other people like myself

I cant wait to hear somone call me their BOYfriend

I cant wait to be refferd to as a boy, even when im not around.

I cant wait to hear my mom and dad call me their son

I cant wait to tell my story to other trans people, and hearing other stories 

I cant wait to wear a dress, even after i have transitioned fully, and then rock it!

I cant wait to stop being scared

I cant wait to stop crying

I cant wait to stop hating my self

I cant wait to not feeling like this anymore

I cant wait to be happy with my self

I cant wait to be a better person

I cant wait to be more happy, so much more happy

I cant wait to get the people out of my life who arent okay with me being trans

I cant wait to set and X with male on tests

I cant wait to start growing a beard

I cant wait to then shaving it off

I cant wait to when people dont have to be scared to come out as trans, or anything else

I cant wait to all parents are accepting and supportive of their kids

I cant wait to all people re accepting and supportive of their friends and family.

I cant wait to being trans isn’t something you should hide, becouse you are scared of others reactions.

I know i can do many of these things already when i havnt gotten the surgery nor started on T. But when i do get the surgery, and start on T, i know im gonna be much more confedint. Im gonna move away from where i am now, and start again, as the boy i truly am, and not someone i pretend to be.

I am so lucky that i have suportive parents and suportive friends, and im so happy. I am so freaking lucky to have them, even though im not fully out at all to everyone i know, just this little start means so much. And i cant imagine how it would be for somone without the suport. So please, if you know somone who is trans, agender, bigender, or something else, pleasure suport them. They might ask you to use a diffrent pronounce, or name, and if they do that, please use the name/pronounce they want, it means so much. And even if its a bit hard for you to remmber it, please try your best, and if you use the wrong name/pronounce, just quickly change it and move on, no need to make a big deal out of it. But just things as that can help so much, it can really mean a lot.

Being trans isnt always easy, some people have it worse than others.But i know just the smallest things, can make someone that much happier. 

I my self is a 17 year old trans guy, i havnt always known that, but im glad i have figured it out. There are still a lot of things i dont know yet about my self, But for now, i know im a trans guy, i am pansexual, though leaning towards guys, so i would say im quite gay. 

People figure out who they are at diffrent times, some when they are young, others when they are older. ANd that is okay, you should never force anything, and you dont have to label yourself, some people like labels, others dont. Just do what you feel comfortable doing, and dont judge others for doing the same thing.

I know i dont have a big following, and most of my folowers are porn blogs, but i just really nedded to say these things, and i will probrly reblog this post later, and probrbly also write one more or two. Happines is something that comes and goes, right now im okay, but i know that i will meet people who wont agree with who i am, and tell me that who i am is wrong, and tell me all kind of negative things, and i know i will cry, a lot more, happy tears and sad tears, beauce there is gonna be hard times and good times, and that is never gonna change, i hope it will though.

Anyways, im Ollie for the time being, a little gay trans guy just passing by. My inbox is always open, and i would love to talk to people, and learn about their experiences. 

I hope you have a great day


i made myself a new taz sideblog and needed some art for my theme LMAO HERE WE GO i lov these 2 dingdongs so much
i literally dont know which one is which in this image, theyre both hot and i dont care (#FUCKIN IDEAL TBH)

im glad lydia and edward have names and big sunglasses now

i wanted this to have kind of a zepar and furfur vibe HAHAHADJGJGJ

modern eruri headcanons because yes

  • levi is very trans, very gay, and trying his best
  • erwin is Big and levi is just. gay, hes just so gay
  • coincidentally, erwin is also just, so gay for the tiny angry raven
  • they get together because isabel and hanji were tired of watching them eyefuck each other in class
  • erwin goes 2 levi’s house to pick him up for their first date and meets levi’s mom who is rlly sweet and levi’s uncle who he is absolutely terrified of
  • kenny doesnt say anything but he makes a point to be sure erwin can see him sharpening his collection of knives while erwin anxiously waits for his tiny boyfriend to Save Him
  • levi eventually comes downstairs and drags erwin outside while kuchel tells them 2 have fun and kenny just Glares
  • levi later tells erwin that he’s pretty sure kenny’s been to jail at least once and erwin knows Only Fear
  • they see a movie and levi makes fun of it pm the entire time and erwin finds it Endearing
  • afterwords they go to the arcade and levi kicks erwins ass at air hockey but erwin beats him at skee ball and shows him how to win the cyclone arcade game
  • they get a ton of tickets and erwin uses it to buy levi this stuffed teddy bear that he said he didnt want but erwin saw him eyeing anyway
  • instead of going home immediately they get milkshakes, two separate ones because levi “will not do that romantic shit i want an Entire Large Milkshake to myself and i will probably drink some of yours anyways”
  • erwin is In Love
  • levi just turned erwin’s Straight A+’s into Gay A+’s
  • they sit on the roof of erwin’s used car and stare at the stars and erwin is ever a Gentleman and puts his jacket on levi so that hes warm and they are just. so gay
  • so damn gay
  • erwin eventually takes levi home, making sure to have him there by curfew Of Course and theyre doing that awkward standing on the front step like “this was nice” “ya it was” “would you wanna do it again sometime?” staring into each others eyes
  • and levi actually looks Shy™ erwin is Startled and then levi grabs the front of his shirt and yanks him down and kisses him on the cheek and Dashes into his house yelling “BYE”
  • erwin just has to stand there for a couple minutes this little punk just turned blue eyes blonde hair catholic boy gay as hell he needs a Minute
  • he finally gets back in the car and drives home just Grinning and him and levi text the rest of the night
  • levi blabs about the date 2 his mom and kenny just Sulks his nephew is growin up that aint r i g h t
  • kuchel glares at kenny when levi aint lookin because boy if you dont let my baby be happy youre gonna have somethin else 2 worry about
  • levi names the teddy bear “blondie” and sleeps with it Every Night
  • he Normally holds onto it while texting erwin late at night long past time for both of them to have gone to bed
  • they are gay thank u 4 ur time

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blupjeans is trans representation tho i dont get why people are kicking off about it. barry and lup could also be bi/pan calling it bad bc its het is just not the right way to go about it

im putting this under a readmore because this is more than them being a m/f couple

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I love your poly!Talon hc. Your art of their depression cuddle puddle is hands down my favorite domestic art piece of them! I need more art of them in my life.

aw thank you so much im so glad you enjoy it!!! and honestly same… theyre way underrated they have so much possibility in how they interact & how they work together… especially with akande’s introduction!!

heres more of them having a good and nice time. omnic crisis what? overwatch whom?



[ Kingston, Jamaica 8/21/17 ]

So apparently we landed earlier than expected in Kingston! When we landed we ran into a tor guide name Nikko, which Jaz found pretty interesting lmao, I guess hes tagging along with us. It feels so good to be back! even the air is different and i’m glad to have the people I love around me! we wont be in Kingston for long, just a stop… then to Montego Bay!

- Ro & Babies @jazjazfromtheblock @forthalola @self-made-deen @rastamannikko

how i came out to my mom

i walked up to my mom and said “mom i’m a lesbian” and she said “you’re an LG? well its a good thing homophobia is over an nobody’s ever gotten kicked out of their house for being gay. you’re not one of those freaky little aces, though, are you?” and i shook my head to reassure her. “no mom im a good little allo i wanna ram a girl so hard that she forgets her name. aren’t you happy im not like a plant mom? good thing i dont just wanna hold hands and cuddle with a girl.” and she said “yes thank the good lord jesus you aren’t a gross chaste acey robot and instead you’re just a sinful dyke. as a good christian woman i’m glad that youre a lezzie and not a gross acey since christianity has never had a problem with the allogays but we have ALWAYS persecuted the aceys for not wanting to have sex like the sinning lustful plants they are. lets go find some aceys and picket, shall we?”

and thats how my conservative christian mother united over out mutual aphobia and oppression of the aceys

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I was trying soo hard not to read moonlight before it was finished but That kinda didnt work out so well and now im SUffEriNG They are ALl AMAZing, i cant (Except for Madara, fuck that guy) I love how you take characters that dont have anything but a name and appearance and make them alive, interesting people, so recognisable and wonderful. That interaction between Kawarama and Hikaku, i just *clenches heart*


I’m glad you’re enjoying it! And that you liked Kawarama - I was trying to go for a cross between Hashirma’s cheer and charm and Tobirama’s honestly sort of terrifying focus and brains. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Epiode CI

I have a headcannon that Ashi was fighting to stay in the timeline with her remaining humanity untill they got married, she clearly already knew she was going to die without Aku. She felt just as bad as jack for her disappearance because she wanted to stay alive to be his wife, they couldnt even say goodbye. This is why the ending was bittersweet, Jack went to the past but the only thing in the future he had with him, died. Im happy that Jack is back with his family that he doesnt have to suffer anymore wondering what Aku did with his parents and his village. Im glad he found solace in Ashi for the moments he had with her and how grateful he is to her for being the reason he got back. Ashi was just one of the daughters of Aku in the beginning but she died as the lover and savior of Jack.

Ps: We still dont know jacks real name rip.

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I've only just gotten into the transformers fandom recently, but I already ship BlitzBee thanks to your (gorgeous) art, but I was wondering, if you dont mind, what would be the size differences between Bumblebee, Blitzwing and Hummingbird (im so sorry if i got the name wrong)? Thanks so much for your beautiful art (especially the G1 comics, i was losing my shit at those omg)

Hello, Lovely Anon! Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re shipping that little crack ship :D Always glad to pull more people into this boat! 

Oh dear, you remember Hummingbird! It’s been so long! I always have a bit of a struggle to decide her size, because I’d love her to be either smaller than Bee because mini-tank or around the same height as Blitzwing because tall girls are good shit. I’m leaning towards the latter though, so that Bee is the shortest out of the three! 

Aww thank you! The G1 comics are some of my favorites to make, I hope I can make the next one very soon (still need to finish the making of for the last episode, then I can do the next one!) because I’m just having so much fun with them, and I’m very happy you enjoyed them! Thank you for your lovely message, Anon! I wish you the Best!

tagged by @hhokuto, thank you Cece!! :’)

tagging @fuyutsumi, @dragonarei, @sarukui, @uzurume, @kibououji, @krshima and @atsushisnakajima! ♥

1. Tell us your favourite colour without saying the actual name? 

grapes too lol

2. A scenario which would be equivalent to the end of the world for you?

no wifi sounds pretty bad for me,,, and something happening to the ppl i love omg please no ;;;; 

3. Share a memory that had you grateful for the life you have?

TODAY ON SEPT 22 RIMA BECAME MY GF AND FOR THE FIRST IN MY LIFE I DONT WANT TO DIE AAAA *sobs* im so glad to be alive rn also when i first saw my cat awww life made sense that day haha

4. What’s your favourite show as a child?

hmm i think it was atla!!

5. Do you have any fear that you somehow overcame? 

nope….i still fear spiders

6. If it’s your last 24 hours, what would you rather be doing right now? 

talking to my friends and telling them how much i love them and that im glad to have meet them

7. Describe your ideal date?

cinema!! or going to the beach and have a romantic picnic idk

8. Biggest pet peeve and oddly satisfying ordinary activity for you?

biggest pet peeve is when i’m on ps and someone calls me to do something so i feel you cece lol and oddly satisfying activity would be looking at my cards on enstars dsfhjsgfjjhf

9. Favourite line from your favourite book:
not a book but the entirety of lionheart is my fave line

10. Something illegal that you want to try/ever thought of trying?
shooting my classmates….they make me really angry sometimes

11. If reincarnation is real, you would want to be reborn as.. (people/animal)

A CAT AAAA or as gon says in my next life i want to be myself and meet you rima @fuyutsumi again aaaa

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Its kinda silly, but I wanna be a soft boy like Dan. I wanna have a flat chest, wear oversized jumpers and ripped jeans, not worry about labels, paint my nails and wear makeup if I want, be a guy but not traditionaly masculine, use a gender neutral name irl. Its just that when I see Dan it really hits me how much I want to be like that but its scary to question yourself and even scarier to come out :/ at least Im glad I have one lgbt friend I told my preffered name to even if I dont still use it

Honestly Dan is my goals as far as gender expression goes (thus my URL, bc I’m a demiboy and I see a lot of myself in Dan). I wish I was AMAB bc it would be so much easier to achieve my goals.

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WWHAT THE HEC K K KK, BOIIII I SWEAR ON THE GREAT LORD MARY OF JESUS OVER THE NINTH REALM OF EDEN WHAT THE FUCK. Im not ok. What was that. Bitch u tryin to make me have a seizure? Dat was too good bruh¿ my mother would be ashamed of me. My eyes have read the most unholiest creation of the day, its only been a few minutes and im already having "Withdrawal"s lmao. I dont like this cliff edge that you have left me on, i feel like im gonna fall any minute from anticipation of whats to come next 💣👀

do u get it? withdrawal? drugs? addiction? …okay i’ll leave. real talk i was so happy w the names of my new series’. thank you so much! i’m glad you enjoyed chapter one, three more to go and lots more to happen!! thank you for reading x 

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have you ever considered making a youtube channel? I think you’d make really interesting videos lmao ps lov you

i have considered it in the same way i have considered many other impossible things, namely because good cameras cost several euros, because my voice is annoying and because i am. boring. im glad you dont seem to think so fksjdsf lop you have a good day!