im so glad more people are watching this show now

rostam1369  asked:

As a fellow queer person/ animation fan / weeb i love this series. Thanks to you guys for making that speech. (thoughts like) Nagisa’s speech has basically been rattling around in the back of my subconscious mind since episode 1. Actually putting this in the show was both honest and meta. Just the sort of thing i love! damn if i love this series.

And I also have had thoughts like Nagisa, I just thought much earlier on in the series wasn’t the best time to say them. Nagisa saying “I don’t even identify as a gay man” is something I have thought to myself. And I’ve constantly been frustrated by the representation of queer people in media. But now we can just sort of do whatever. Push the boundaries of an “Abridged Parody”. Alex and I have always been fans of injecting real moments into our show. Its always been paced different than other abridged shows, more like a sitcom from my background in tv and film writing. Im just glad our platform allows us to do this sort of stuff and see positive response from a community. Thank you so much for watching the show. Truly.