im so glad i got it done in time

the original adventure time animated short turned 10 years old today! (january 11th 2017)

i drew this in celebration! a couple of these characters you might notice weren’t in the pilot. i used an old unused design for bmo (when they were named ‘raye’) and based marceline off of the original series pitch design!

HERP BERF JERN ( @hasuyawwn ) hihihihi wowow another year already? I literally have so many pics in my computer labeled “hbdjen” of some variety. 
I wanted to type a bunch of mush but I do it like every year and I’m really out of it today so I’ll summarize: 
Best friend, so cool, so talented, wowow, too good, boy i die, joker is best husbando, wowow such maid, I drew this today cuz I’m a procrastinating turd/addicted to Pokemon Go and Maplestory, but u real cool fam, always gunna be fam, SEE YOU TOMORROW YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA. 

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is college really easier? I've got about a month of high school left and while I'm so so glad to be getting out I'm also worried that college really will be harder.. the main issue being my adhd is really bad and I struggle to ever study or get homework done, and I know that stuffs a lot more important in college. I'm so scared I won't be able to manage

im an art major so i should preface to say my experiences might be different bc im not studying in most classes so much as doing. long, time intensive projects

but yeah ive got bad adhd too and it really is easier bc the structure is Very different. instead of six classes every day, with tests and homework in each, youll probably have one or two (longer) classes per day. so even tho theres more work done for Each class compared to highschool, youll also only have each class once a Week instead of once a Day, which in my experience is MUCH better on my adhd.

like its still hard but not as.. intense as highschool is. you have more room to breathe.

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oh my god.. ohh my good. its currently exactly midnight and i just got done reading words that water flowers, holy fucking shit, an actual fucking masterpiece, writing written by GOD himself. ok no but seriously- fuck where do i begin. ok this is my first killugon fic and im so glad i had the privilege of reading it, it made me fucking cry and so incredibly happy at the same time. I have high standards when it comes to fics, and you my friend.. you're somethin else.. wow. im at a loss for words

(continued) your writing is absolutely incredible thank u SosoSosO much for writing that beautiful piece of art that i had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of taking in, God i really needed that, thank you. you have NO idea how much words that water flowers has effected me positively.. the way you captured both gon and killuas relationship and their personalities, im so happy right now. I lost so much sleep but at the same time i feel on top of the world.. ok ima stop being dorky now.. thank you.. just, thank you, wow

I……I don’t even know what to say because this message was wonderful and amazing and I’ve reread it like ten times since I first saw it at 4 in the morning yesterday ;;;;;;_______________________;;;;;;

Words That Water Flowers is my favorite fanfic that I’ve written for killugon so far, and the fact that you read it, loved it and then sent me this incredible message just to tell me HOW MUCH you enjoyed it is just akjkfsdfjkjkJKLSKJJKSDFKJAJKDFJKAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I DON’T HAVE THE WORDS

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME THIS AND LETTING ME KNOW THAT YOU LOVED MY FIC!!!!!!!!! Messages like this remind me why I love to write so much, thank you thank you thank you <3 <3 <3

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So asriel, how are you feeling now?

“I am so glad Chara finally stopped pressuring me about all of it”

“I am also glad they got to open up, too… Chara’s been bottling up too many things…”

“Dad is a good guy, we just have to… We just need some time.”

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i managed to get up at a reasonable time today despite my the fact that my depression has been making me sleep well into the afternoons most days and even though i was tired i got a spike in motivation so im getting some stuff done today!! it might not sound like much but im really happy abt it :)

thats a lot actually! Im so happy for you!! just doing everyday things can be very hard sometimes so Im glad youre getting some stuff done! I hope the motivation sticks around ♥

anonymously or not, tell me about something that made you happy today

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Hmm my day was okay! I watched lots of Netflix and got my homework done and played Stardew Valley. But I had another fight with my mom! I'm still adjusting to my new haircut, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I've been really lonely! I enjoyed how sunny it was today though! It was nice to see the sun as I drove around town

Hmm, I’m glad you took time out of your day to relax and get some work done. It’s unfortunate that the two of you got into a fight, and trust me i won’t pry, but not everything can run it’s course smoothly. I’m sure you feel a little odd because you’re not quite used to the look of your new hair cut but on the bright side, hair almost always grows back which gives you a chance to change the style later ! Being lonely sometimes gets tiring so if you ever feel like it, message me or add me on snapchat and i’d be more than happy to chat with you when i can ! ^^ 

she went up to me and went “do you recognize me?” and i freaked out because i was expecting her to not recognize /me/ since shes only ever known me as a “girl”… she said shes been meaning to talk with me before leaving for uni 😭… she was such a good friend and got me into so many of the things i love today im glad we got to speak to each other i really feel like nothings changed. we were Literally The Same Person and we still are

but anyway. im officially done with school now and i have lots of free time so if any of my followers who live in or near montreal want to hang out you should hmu

i have no idea if this is possible or if it would even go well, but imagine jeremy and jean travelling to france, to marseille and what it would be like

  • no matter what happened with his family or the moriyamas, jean is still intensely fond of his hometown at least
  • when he was still a kid, he would sit at the sea for hours because he didn’t want to go home yet and listen to the waves crash against the shore
  • it always helped him soothe the pain a little bit and strengthen him enough to take the walk back home
  • so when jean first arrived at edgar allen he was angry, hurt, confused and stuck underground??? the entire time??? broken over and over without a ray of sunlight ever touching his abused skin for weeks, even months on end
  • and oh god did he miss the sea waves, the soft sand under his feet and the sun warming him up bc really, no one else ever did
  • the first time riko pushes him down the stairs is actually the one and only time jean tried to escape, tried to go back home and riko just keeps on doing it whenever he sees that faraway look in jeans eyes
  • so after his first year with the trojans passes and he has healed at least enough to wonder, what if?????
  • when he shares this thought, quite reluctantly though, with jeremy the what if doesn’t stay a what if for long
  • jeremy books plane tickets that same night after he’s sure jean is fast asleep
  • the next morning, jean wakes up with two plane ticket print outs being pressed in his face and a beaming jeremy
  • he needs a moment to register what this means bc oh my god jeremy you did not-
  • oh yes he did
  • so summer and the holidays roll around and while all their teammates slowly disperse, jean and jeremy pack up for 2 weeks in marseille
  • jean is really anxious and nervous because there is the high possibilty that he might run into his family or any people he knows and that thought is entirely unpleasant
  • he doesn’t want jeremy to notice tho because he is looking forward to it too
  • but of course jeremy notices but he wisely doesn’t comment and tries to keep being the support jean so desperately needs
  • they arrive after a rlly long flight and jean is just on panic mode 1000 because this is really happening oh fuck oh fuck why did i think i could-
  • and jeremy just takes his hand and quietly “remember what we practised? in - you’re going to be fine, out - because i’m with you”
  • jean isn’t feeling completely comfortable yet but he’s once again so glad to have jeremy with him?? some divine happiness distribution worker must’ve seriously fucked up the paper work because does this really belong to him???? this happiness??? with jeremy?? and it’s not going to get ripped from his hands anytime soon?????
  • anyway
  • they leave the airport and head to their hotel (jeremy had asked beforehand if there were any places jean wanted to avoid, to make it at least a little bit easier)
  • it’s small and cozy and they share a queen bed but it is going to be fine
  • jeremy is definitely the type of person to get excited over the little bottles of shampoo and soap that are scattered in the bathroom and he loves how soft the towels are!!! jean you have to feel this!!!!!
  • jean is the type of person to steal those towels for his boyfriend when they leave
  • so the first days they spend walking around town, holding hands and being generally adorable
  • jean keeps glancing at the people around them to search for any familiar faces, so he was a little distracted at times even when jeremy was talking to him 
  • with each passing day he visibly started to relax tho
  • and slowly but surely he would start to share little stories about his childhood here and there and tell jeremy everything he knew about the different places they’re visiting
  • like that time he was running home because it was already getting dark and he had lost track of the time sitting at the sea
  • but he fell and scraped his knee and he tried to supress his tears so much but of course he’s a kid so it doesn’t really work and suddenly this old lady walks over to him and helps him up and asks if he’s okay and he’s so stunned he just nods
  • the old lady then smiles and tells him because he’s being so brave, she’s going to give him these navette de marseille
  • jeremy doesn’t know what that is so of course he has to ask and jean’s just “….find out for yourself. i’m going to get you some tomorrow”
  • jeremy’s smile is brighter than the fucking sun and jean might or might not have to look away 
  • the two weeks pass so fast and surprisingly with very little incidents and jean is actually smiling and jeremy’s heart definitley stopped beating several times
  • seeing jean in his natural surroundings, finally walking with a little more ease and familiarity in his step (because marseille is easily such a huge part of who jean is), speaking french freely with these slightly unfriendly people and hearing his accent slip more and more into his english
  • jeremy is in love has always been will always be
  • but there’s still something missing
  • on their very last day they go down to the sea
  • of course they’ve seen glimpses here and there throughout the entire trip but they haven’t been there yet
  • after what riko did to him, jean’s feelings for big bodies of water are complicated and troubled and once again, he’s so glad to have jeremy with him
  • so on their last day they just. sit down on one of those big stones at the edge of the beach
  • jean’s hands are shaking but he’s taking a deep breath as if he’s only now able to breathe again
  • they sit in silence for a few minutes before jeremy whispers “it’s beautiful”
  • and jean has to take another deep breath before he says jeremy’s name and “i’m. i’m really glad you… took this trip with me. i don’t think i would’ve been able to come here on my own”
  • he doesn’t look at jeremy as he’s saying this, eyes instead on the ocean and jeremy looks up to him
  • jean’s green eyes and freckles and faint tan and jeremy smiles “I’m just glad you let me take this trip with you. i’m glad i got down your defenses enough that you were able to share it with me. and i mean, what would i have done without you, the greatest guide in the entirety of marseille?”
  • jean kinda elbows him and jeremy laughs and rests his head on jean’s shoulder and they’re happy

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omg sweetie,, im sorry that you got worried im so touched that u care so much you're so LOVELy i can't with U😭💕 and gurl, ofc ive notifications on like gosh u r fREAKING important okay!! but carol!! your day was SO productive!! im like so proud that u got to do all those things not even surprised!! 💕💖💓💞 well then abt my dayy,, it was v v v great because I finished an essay for art and it was done without procrastinating!! so happy!! and,, i studied too, it was v successful!! love, puppy 🐶

noOOoO i should be saying that to u!! ur always sending me lovely messages to brighten my day and i rly appreciate it 💗💓💘💗  thank u for taking the time out of ur day to talk to me!! and aAAH thank u hahaha i’m glad u had a successful + productive day too, i’m so proud of u!! keep up the good work angel


I met Jack and Wade!!! I interacted more with Jack but both of them were great :) I wish I could have gotten one with Mark… I was at his panel but didn’t make it in time to the signing :( I’ll get one with him someday!! Owo


congratulations troye! i’m extremely happy and proud of you. You inspire me and now at least 2 million other people every day with your creativity and kindness. You mean the world to so many people and watching you succeed is the most amazing thing to experience. If anyone deserves 2,000,000, it’s definitely you. <3


(#long post) SOMEONE TURNED 17 TODAY I WONDER WHO IT WAS…….. BOOM IT WAS ED happy birthday my friend!!! today u have been alive exactly 17 years look how far u have come, smile for the camera

everyone go wish her a happy birthday she DESERVES IT


Commission - Thaock & Emberlynn

Phew- another commission done! I had a stressful week while doing this one, but I’m glad I got it done! 

So…I’m not closed for commissions, ahaha… Commission Info!


I made these a few months ago.. This is a story how these awsome band saved me..its more like a confession really..

Before knowing them.. I was always lost in life, i took a lot of wrong turns that had caused problems for my parents, family and my close ones..

It keeps on getting worst and worst till i dont feel like i wanted to live anymore.. More problems and sins that i’ve commited the more i wanted to vanish from this world.. Back then i thought there was no way i could get back to where i should and i wondered will i ever be able to find who i really am what really makes me happy..

The wrong things i’ve done are nothing but shame.. I’ve done it all for the wrong reasons no i didnt get into drugs or alcohol (thank god i didnt). I cant really say it but im not glad with it..
There was a time where my family ignored me, kept on blamming me for everything and so..i got really fed up till i really wanted to vanish..

Before i knew it darkness was overtaking me.. I’ve become more and
More painful, tired and etc..

I was like a souless body that was smilling laughing and pretended infront of people that i was fine though i was crushed and broken inside..

my cousin some of u guys might know her (bellenomura) introduced me to one ok rock. [thank u my dear cousin]

Their songs are always hits me right at the spot where i didnt think people would understand and feel.. They gave me hope, calmness and a shield when i hear their songs.. The words from the lyrics that gives me energy, a positive upbeat and reminds me that im not the only one who’s in pain
(I know they are alot of other people who are suffering more than i did but i was blinded to remind my self) and they gave me a feel thats like “this isnt the time to give up..” Or “theres still time to change” or “its ok!! Theres a 2nd chance”

I was played by people..and now im not gonna be their toys anymore..

Oor is like a saviour to alot of us.. I know they are..

This is weird but i have to confess i love taka’s voice so much cause each time i hear it i feel like its hugging me and protecting me like “its ok ur not alone. Im here for u” its weird but yeah..

Knowing them is the best thing that had ever happen to me.. I feel like i owe them my life.. I would risk it for their sake.. I would.. Really..

Without them i dont think i would be here..

And another thing is meeting all of u people here in tumblr who are such nice people.. This is a nice fandom..

So i wanna thank

One ok rock
Taka for ur words voice and ability to inspire and calm us
Toru for bringing the band together and made such an awsome band while making awsome music with taka
Ryota for being such a sexy idiot ;p
Tomoya for being a very happy smiley energy and a punching bag to ur members lol..
Toyota - please do more songs together.. Ur parents needs a lil break
And please dont stop making music
I need ur music and u guys to keep me going..


You guys who are awsome for reading this and being so kind us fandom people…

I love u guys

here are some gifts for some friends dont worry i still got more to come so i wont count you guys out.

1. the rabbit with a thousand blades, AKA @bladerabbit, justin even we don’t talk much i still consider you a friend. you make great stories and your art style is great and fluent. ever since i met you, you made me want to try new ways to make my drawing. i hope i did your sword design justice.

2. the warlock gator, AKA @glassesgator your a good friend Aley and you are a great conversationalist even though im not. you have such a great artist always drawing great and awesome things. we been friends for a long time and every year i get to know you more and more. thanks for being my friend.

3. the demon wolf who wears cute outfits, AKA @weeaboobabu, Deandra we dont talk much but when we do you say some funny stuff, even though its not hard to make me laugh but its the thought that counts. you have taught me always try to draw cute things. even if i cant draw cute thing. sorry if my drawing doesnt do you justice im horrible at drawing girls.

4. The fluffy red panda bear, AKA @masabearartwork, Masa ik we havent talk much but you were always a great friend to me and those you know. im glad to meet you and the others on hatena.

5. the mulit-colored leafeon, AKA @leafadee, leaf i say the same about you, i havent talk to you much in recent years but i still concider you an old friends,

6. the swampert samurai, AKA @rorytheswampert, Rory ik you a long time and you support me just as long. every time i post a picture i see your name liking or reblogging my picture. you even say hi to me on skype and im sorry i dont respond to you but now i will always try.

7. the pocky king, AKA @bukoya-star, Buko your a recent member of my friend list and im glad you became my friend and hope we can continue being friends. and sorry i do not know much about your character except Nekostar.

i still got more friends to draw but i will be done by chistmas so dont you worry i will get to you.