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Barista Jaebum & Hairdresser Jackson AU
  • So Jaebum and Yugyeom work as baristas at a quality cafe in the city
  • Across the street is a super super fancy hair salon
  • Jackson is the lovable, excitable hairdresser-in-training at said super fancy hair salon
  • and is also Jaebum’s bf
  • During his break times, Jaebum walks over to visit Jackson and always brings him his favorite drink
  • Jackson loves telling him about his customers, and about the new things he learned from the owner of the salon (jyp)
  • The other hairdressers are in love with Jaebum too (because sometimes he brings them drinks too)
  • And when Jaebum leaves, they all get giddy and talk about how cool Jaebum is
  • Jackson sometimes gets embarrassed because they talk so loudly, gossiping with each other across the room about the two of them while working on customers’ hair
  • But tbh Jackson loves it cus he loves when people see Jaebum for the softie he is
  • “Your boyfriend looks so scary but oh my god youre too cute”
  • “He’s a keeper Gaga”
  • “How did you even snag him what the hell”
  • And Jackson would tell them stories of him and Jaebum and answer all their questions
  • Because he really loves talking about Jaebum
  • Sometimes while he’s talking, he stares dreamily into the distance and the other hairdressers look at each other and actually cry because its so adorable
  • There’s a piano in the salon, and Jackson loves to perform for his coworkers even if he didn’t know many songs and always forgot the lyrics
  • After playing them a song once, Jackson tells everyone that Jaebum would have sung it better
  • (and then starts on a rant about how good of a singer his boyfriend is)
  • So now every time Jaebum comes over, they beg him to sing for them and he begrudgingly agrees
  • Back at the cafe, Yugyeom teases Jaebum about it, pushing his limits
  • And Jaebum would give him such a good ass kicking if they werent in public
  • Alas they were, so all he could do was get flustered and red and try to ignore it
  • The few times Jackson comes over to the cafe, Yugyeom gets all quiet and shy cus Jackson’s so handsome and nice but intimidatingly so
  • And Jaebum can never keep the smug grin off his face
  • Like “hell yeah this is my amazing boyfriend, what you got?”
  • But with time, Yugyeom and Jackson become buddies and start hanging out, to Jaebum’s absolute horror
  • One day, Jackson requests Jaebum bring Yugyeom with him during break time, and Jaebum can’t say no
  • even if he really really REALLY wanted to say no
  • The hairdressers instantly start doting on Yugyeom and somehow get him to sing for them too, and Jaebum’s just dumbfounded
  • Enter Bambam, the new stylist
You Don’t Know My Heart, the Way You Know My Face (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: can you do a patrick one where the reader is the most famous actress of the moment and she asks patrick to accompany her to a movie premiere and the media goes crazy bc they all think their relationship is fake and it really gets to her??

“Okay, okay, I can do this, it’s fine” I mutter to myself, pacing back and forth in my living room. “He’s just a guy right? No big deal”

“Okay he’s a world famous musician, but still” I amend, biting on my nail, “then again I guess I’m famous now, and this is my movie premiere, he wouldn’t say no right?” I ask to the empty air.

This is useless, I’ve been agonizing over this for almost an hour, I should just do it already.

I take a few deep breaths and press Patrick’s name on my phone screen, beyond thankful that I was smart enough to get his number. It rings a few times, and then he picks up,

“Hello?” I hear him say, faint music in the background.

“Patrick? Hey this is (Y/N)” I say nervously

“Oh hey! How are you?, I haven’t seen you in a while”

“I’m doing pretty good actually, thanks” I respond, making faces in the mirror at myself, trying to keep my voice even.

“Oh and congrats on the new movie, looks like it’s gonna be a big one” he says kindly, and I die just a little, the fangirl inside trying to escape.

“Thank you! That’s actually why I was calling you” I say, taking a deep breath.

“Oh?” Patrick asks, interested

“Yeah, um, well the premiere is this Friday night, and I was wondering if you’d want to come” I ask nervously, ”Like as my date?” I end hopefully.

“Really?” Patrick asks.

“I mean if you don’t want to or-” I hurry to backtrack, but i’m cut off.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, I was just surprised that’s all. But I would be thrilled to go with you” He quickly explains himself, as a smile creeps onto my face

“That’s awesome!” I say, attempting to not sound too excited. “Well I have to go through a bunch of styling and stuff before, but maybe we can meet on the carpet at 6, and hit the after party together?” I ask timidly, silently crossing my fingers in hope.

“Sounds perfect, I’ll see you Friday, (Y/N)”

“Bye Patrick” I respond, hanging up the phone. Immediately letting out a small scream. This is going to be the best night of my life.

*Friday evening*

“Are you sure I look good?” I ask my mother anxiously.

“Honey, you look amazing, I promise”

“Okay” I agree, but bit my lip, “It’s just some stars wear designers to things like this and everyone spends the day mocking them-”

“(Y/N) relax, you look stunning! You’ve never been this nervous before what’s going on?”

“Well” I say embarrassed, “I might be a little nervous because of my date as well”

Mom looks at me pointedly “Honey, you are a world famous actress, any boy is lucky to go with you, you have no reason to be nervous.

I cringe at the mention of my fame but roll my eyes, “And he’s the lead singer of a world famous band, and any girl would be lucky to have him!”

“Then it sounds like you’re a perfect match!” Mom replies with a grin. I roll my eyes yet again, but at that moment, it’s time to go. I move out of the building and slide into the car, waving to my mom and promising her I’ll see her in the premiere- we’re going in different cars to save her from the red carpet.

The whole ride there, I can feel the nerves raging in my stomach. I can’t pick at my nails, or bite at my lips without messing up the makeup that took almost two hours, so I settle for bouncing my leg up and down. Finally, the drivers slows to a stop, waiting behind a line of cars to get to the red carpet. A few more minutes, and we’re next at the front. I take a deep breath, preparing for my “grand entrance”. My driver gets out of the front, and moves around the car, opening the door for me.

But the hand that reaches out to help me stand isn’t his, but Patrick’s.

I grin up at him as I stand up, hugging him in greeting “Well someone’s early” I say smiling

“Well I couldn’t miss the star’s grand entrance now could I?” He replied, eyes twinkling.

I laugh at his joke and look apprehensively at the massive amount of cameras, all already facing me.

“You ready?” Patrick asks gently.

“Of course, let’s get this over with” I say.

He chuckles at the obvious dread in my voice, offering me his arm as we begin to walk.

The walk down the carpet takes an eternity, every reporter and photographer asking for single shots of me, then shots with Patrick, then shots of me alone again. The only thing that got me through the tedious nature of it was the whispered comments and jokes from Patrick in between pictures. We laughed and have whispered conversations, making fun of the overeager press. Finally, we make it to the end of the carpet, and with one last chance for pictures we make it inside.

“That was exhausting” I say as soon as we make it inside the doors

“Tell me about it” Patricks says with a laugh, shaking his head “but at least it’s time for the fun part”

I agree and we walk over to where we’ll be sitting. I can’t help but blush as Patrick slips his hand into mine, and I smile to myself.

We make it to the seats, and in no time at all, the movie is starting. I watch it awkwardly, still not used to seeing my own face on the screen, but Patrick watches it intently, so I discreetly watch him. My favorite part was definitely one of the more “intimate” scenes- meaning the scene of me in a bed, nothing but a sheet covering me. I see Patricks eyes widen slightly as he looks at me, then immediately away, trying to look anywhere but at me or the screen. I cover my hand to stifle the laugh that comes out and he playfully glares at me, so I just shake my head and interlace my fingers in his, trying to stop my laughter.

Several hours later, we finally make it our of the movie, the introductions, and the press, to head to the after party.

The afterparty is a whirlwind of music, lights, stars, dancing and drinks, and I have an absolute blast with patrick. Everything from patiently waiting as I greet other actors and guests, to cracking jokes at every chance, to constantly making sure I was having a good time, he was a picture perfect date. We share a limo home, and I am completely exhausted.

But sitting in the limo, I can finally relax. “So, what’d you really think?” I ask Patrick, curious to know his reaction.

He grins at me “ I though it, and you, were absolutely phenomenal” he says excitedly.

“Really?” I say surprised.

“Yes! I mean I’ve always been a fan of yours but this-”

“Wait a minute,” I say, cutting him off “You’ve always been a fan?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

He turns slightly pink as he looks at me “Yes” he says seriously, “that’s why I was so surprised when you asked me to this. I didn’t even think you knew I existed.”

“Knew you existed?” I ask incredulously, “ Patrick you’re a world famous musician!”

“And you’re a world famous actress” Patrick responds, matching my tone.

“Oh whatever, I was definitely more nervous asking you, than you were being asked” I tease with a smile.

“Regardless, I had an absolutely amazing time” Patrick says grinning, right as the limo slowly pulls to a stop in front of my house. Patrick hurries out of his door, and comes around, pulling open my door for me and once again offers me his hand.

I grin and blush as I grab his hand and step out of the car. We walk side by side up the path, in a peaceful kind of silence.

We slow to a stop at the front door, and i pull my house key out of the small clutch I’ve been carrying all night. I move slowly, hesitant to end the night.

“So…” I say turning to face Patrick

“So…” he responds with a cheeky smile.

I just raise my eyebrows at hi, and he lets out a small laugh, reaching out his hand to grab mine

“I had an amazing night, (Y/N), thank you so much for asking me to come” He says quietly, looking into my eyes.

I feel my heart pumping in my chest as I respond, “No thanks for coming, this was a lot of fun”

“Yea, it was, do you um,” he says shyly,” would you like to maybe do this again?”

I slowly grin at him “Yes, Patrick I would love to”

“We could grab some coffee tomorrow? At that cafe down on 6th?” He asks smiling.

Sounds perfect” I say, matching his giddy smile.

“Oh! And I almost forgot!” He says, “Congratulations on the premiere”

He slowly leans toward me and before I can react, slowly presses his lips to mine.

Two hours later when I finally get to sleep, I can still feel his lips on mine.

*The Next Morning*

 I head out to meet Patrick, already excited to see him, even though I saw him less than 12 hours ago. I get to the small outdoor cafe, and see Patrick already there, seated at a table on the patio. When I take a seat across from him, he smiles at me, but something seems to be off.

“Hey Patrick” I say with a smile

“Hey’ he says hurriedly, tapping his foot, “ how’s it going?”

“Fine, um” I ask glancing at his shaking leg warily, “ Are you alright?”

“Huh? Yeah Im fine, dont worry about it” He says with a smile, stopping his leg from shaking. I don’t believe him but decide to let it slide.

“Okay well I need some serious caffeine after last night, so I’m grabbing a coffee, want one?” I ask him brightly.

“Sure, I’d love one” he responds with a grin.  I hop up from the table, heading to the counter.

When I return to the table five minutes later, with two cups of coffee, Patrick has the concerned look on his face again.

“OKay seriously, is something wrong?” I ask, now worried as I take in his concern.

Patrick lets out a sigh and looks me in the eye, a serious expression on his face.

“Have you seen the news story about the premiere yet?” He asks, worried.

“No I haven’t looked yet, why is it bad?” I say, now nervous myself.

“No (Y/N) it’s not the movie that’s the problem” he says quietly, handing me his phone.

I take it, now wary of what I’m going to see. Instead of seeing comments about the movie, my dress, or me, the focus of the article, and the huge picture starting it, is of Patrick and I. I quickly scan it, phrases like “ using the relationship to increase their fame” and “this coupling is unrealistic and clearly a fraud, an elaborate trick” jump out at me, and by the end of the article I’M practically shaking in anger.

I hurriedly pull out my own phone, checking my twitter. I let out a groan and depressed sound as I see hundreds of notifications, the vast majority of them calling me a phony or a fraud or worse.

“(Y/N)?” Patrick asks, worried.

“What the hell is wrong with people!” I exclaim, reaching the last part of the article, “I can’t believe they think I would take you just for the fame!”

Im fuming with anger, done with this crap that the media tries to pull all the time.

“Why can’t they ever focus on what’s actually important! Like the movie the premiere was for? Like the actual movie? The hundreds of people that worked on it? Hell, i would rather they talked about my shoes than this trash!”

“(Y/N), it’s okay, we know it’s not true, thats whats important” Patrick says gently, grabbing one of my hands.

“But anyone who picks up their phone or the next issue of some magazine is just going to think of me as a fraud and just another selfish star, just because for once, for one time in my entire career, I did something that I wanted to do, not what the media wanted me to do. And now they’re going to go after you too, and it’s all my fault!” I rant, avoiding Patricks eyes.

“Hey hey listen to me” He says, waiting for me to look directly at him. I finally do, letting out my breath in a huff as I look at him, waiting for him to continue. “No matter what we do, the press will always print whatever makes the best story. I know that we went together because we wanted to, simply because we’re two people who enjoy spending time together. Who cares if the media, or anyone else, thinks our relationship is nothing more than a fraud for fame. The only two people who matter in our relationship is you and me. And I’m not sure about you, but I’m 100% positive that I went with you last night, and am here with you know because I like you, a lot and have no ulterior motives” He says all of this intensely, staring into my eyes. I can’t help but grin at his last statement, my anger and irritation diffusing.

“You’re right” I agree quietly, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to think that I only invited you for the attention, I really do like you Patrick”

Patrick grins at my comment, and pulls one of my hands off the table, pressing a kiss to the back of it. I immediately feel my cheeks turn pink, and he laughs at it.

“Now, “ he says smiling, “ why don’t we leave all of this media nonsense in the past, and get back to our coffee?”

“Sounds wonderful to me” I say with a grin.

Who really cares what the media thinks? They can act like they know me, but in reality they really don’t, no matter how many stories they write about me. I would much rather be here with Patrick than reading their articles anyway.


Undertale means quite a lot to me. So much so that I have to mentally prepare myself whenever I watch it again because it brings up a lot of things. 

With that in mind, I am very willing to write about its 1-year anniversary on the channel. (Also, I love rambling, so I will take up any opportunity to do so)

It was the first series I ever saw on the channel. Well, kind of. I didn’t watch the Pacifist Route first. 


The first ever Jacksepticeye video I watched was the first part of the Genocide Route, where he said this:

Shockingly, the same goes for watching the Genocide Route as your first introduction to the game (I had watched another YouTuber play the Pacifist Route up until leaving Toriel, but that was it). I chose to watch Genocide first because I heard that it involved a lot of death, and I was interested in seeing everyone die. Not kidding. Suffice to say, as I continued watching Sean play it (the final part had just been uploaded at the time), I was very confused by everything that was happening.  

That didn’t matter though. 

I didn’t watch for the game. Yes, I fucking love this game now, and I’ve played it myself and all that stuff, but I searched “jacksepticeye undertale” on YouTube that day because I needed something, anything, to keep my mind occupied and keep me from….making certain life decisions. And honestly, I just needed to pass the time. I had a thing to look forward to, but I needed something else to do until it happened the next month. So what I saw when I watched this guy with bright green hair play a game that had really creepy music and a lot of character was an escape from my own personal hell. 

I’m very glad I chose him as my distraction.

He was so genuine, personable, and emotional. Not in the sense that he randomly broke into tears with every climactic moment, but he, without me even actively noticing it, made me feel like I was there with him playing the game. I had only known him for all of two hours, but somehow I found myself connecting with him in a way I didn’t think I was capable at the time. I had forgotten that I was just a person watching a screen, and he was just recording himself on the other side. 

When he was struggling to beat Undyne, I found myself mentally cheering him on, even though he had no idea who I was and the video was already a month old. After knowing him for only three hours, when he was fighting Sans, it felt like I had known him for years, and I had to support and encourage my friend. It was crazy, and even now, I still don’t know how to explain it. 

He would talk about these things, like the game itself or aspects of himself or the channel that usual viewers would understand, that went completely over my head, but, somehow, that did nothing to make me feel any less like he knew I was watching and like he was talking directly to me. Like he cared. It was fucking bizarre.

I was so alone, just sitting in my room in my apartment waiting to die, and he was there for me. Him playing Undertale was there for me. I can’t forget that. 

I watched the Pacifist Route a while later actually, not right after the Genocide Route. I don’t remember exactly why, who knows. Eventually I had to, and it made me appreciate Sean even more. 

At that point, I had binge-watched a shit-ton of his videos, so I had a pretty good idea who he was and what this channel was about, but damn, the Pacifist Route enhanced that. Not to say that there weren’t other series that generated as much emotional attachment from him as Undertale did (well…), but the amount of unbridled joy and giddiness and love Sean had playing this game was moving. 

(I know we joke about the infamous unedited “pee break” that he took in the first ep, but I actually loved that, even though it was simply an accident. It helped reinforce the idea that I actually was there with him playing a game. I would not have minded if it was deliberate, but maybe that’s my bias for unedited videos.)

The whole series didn’t feel like I was watching “entertainment”. Sean has said that before– he didn’t want his content to be viewed as a form of product that is made by an entertainer. He didn’t want to be an entertainer in the sense that we as an audience have a predisposed distance from him that cannot be breached. Watching him play the Pacifist Route (I watched all 10 videos in a row) felt like I was hanging with a friend all day experiencing something together. Yes, other games felt like experiences as well, and I’m not saying his other videos were “entertainment”, but there was something uniquely soothing and comforting about this particular one that sets it apart. 

I like listening to people, so it felt natural and relaxing that I was able to hear what he had to say and not freak out about responding. He still knew I was there, and I knew he was there. He has a fascinating mind, and it was nice to just listen to him. From his side, too, there was a level of comfortability that I noticed in him that I hadn’t really seen before. It made the whole thing even more symbiotic. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the game, maybe it was something else, but this series produced something very special. 

When it ended, I had no words. He spoke from the heart, and the tears that flowed were for no one but us. Not for the camera, not for the views, but for those who stayed with him until the end, knew who he was, and understood what just happened. I cried, too.

It meant so much to me, almost like some of the pain I was feeling at the time was released into each video and detoxified. A kind of catharsis that didn’t involve more pain. I felt better. Not great, not okay, but better. And I considered that a victory because of this series. 

I guess what I really want to do is thank Sean for playing Undertale on the channel. Not only is it an amazing game with a great message, but, more importantly, it introduced me to the incredible human that he is. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

okay, the whole story of what the fuck happened to me and why i had to have emergency surgery, you’re seriously not gonna fuckin believe it im still reeling myself (but im ok now!! im home and being well cared for)

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17. - I Love The Way You Make that Body Bend.

Hit me like a ray of sun, burning through my darkest night. You’re the only one that I want, think I’m addicted to your light. I swore I’d never fall again, but this don’t even feel like falling. Gravity can’t forget to pull me back to the ground again. 

And It’s like I’ve been awakened. Every rule I had you breakin’. It’s the risk that I’m takin. I’m never gonna shut you out. Baby, I can see your halo.



Though my night was spent doing a certain activity, I was wide awake on Monday morning and as energized as ever.  However I wasnt particularly excited to head to school as I had to not only face Cassie, but also Mr Christensen.

Though he had been MIA for the past few weeks, I was sadly informed that he would be coming past my Monday class to check in on my routine for the showcase. Apparently my dance was that much of a big deal.

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A little over due but I been busy..-MY CONCERT EXPERIENCE

SOOOOOOO….we gonna just start where I flew to NY…man listen for my first time being on a plane aint no joke…But it wasnt bad but I SWEAR niggro was speedin in the air..and the landing….SHEEE-ID…Long story short about the train and walk around experience in NY…its so crowded like it was to the point where i wanted to smack any and everybody tat bumped me…but i got through it..then i had one of them famous…“dirty water hotdogs” my uncle told me about..DEEEE-LISHHH-ISSSS it was (fastfoward) we went thru this Macy’s and them we saw the tree in the Rockafeller Center…So big and this point a bitch feet was hurting like i just wanna get to Barclays and sit the fuck down…but we hop on a train, we get there and i almost fainted….so many people once again and im thinking like it bout to take hella long to get in..(it took about 5 minutes)…

Now when we got to our seats i was more than happy. They was playin music before the show and i look over and see this couple i think twerkin to (R.I.P -jeezy) they was gettin it like she was throwin it back and bendin it sideways and upside down (not really but she was close to it) they was turnt for the most part.

Luke James….im tellin myself when this nigga come on im not gonna scream or fantasize bout him but damnit…as soon as the room went dark bitch got up and screamed for the baee…LIKE “LUUUUKE BABY MAMA IS OVER HEEEEEA” swear to you…mind you my friend is lookin at me like “bitch if you dont sit the fuck down”..

 Now when he was done they was playin beyonce’s commercial about her new album and they had yonce playin in the background for a good minute soooooooooooo…i tok it upon myself to sing the whoooole damn song…at first ppl looked at me like i was crazy but then i looked at this girl next to me AND I KID YOU NOT she joined me like .. me: “boy this all for you just walk my waaaay” she came in like “just tell me how im lookin babe” and we started gettin it like “ drop the bass mane….ETC” me and ole girl got turnt for like 3 mins. (guise i made a friend lolololol)

BEYONCE…when she came out i almost fell and busted my ass..i looked at my friend she laughed at me and gonna say “told you to sit yo ass down” ended up flickin her off and pulled out my phone cause beyonce started dancing and damnit i couldnt keep still so i put my phone back in my bra (i always does that so dont judge me) so skippin forward to the BABIES doing their solo for WDYLM…man my friend and i were the ONLYYY people in my section that was screaming for them..mofos looked at me and im like “GET IT LARRY YOU GO BOY” and “YAAAAAAS LAU BABY” and sit my ass back down or i would have fell. Then -sniffles- diva…LISTEN i swung my hurr like it was the last of it..i had the chick next to me who was singing yonce with me crackin up…but then baby boy came and i swear to you I COULD NOT KEEP MY EYES OFF LARRY.. like i didnt want to miss his hip thrust hurricane like …. as sooon as he did it BITCH LOST HER SHIT..

after all that she ended up performing XO and didnt perfom grown woman, come to think of i think she aint perform a bunch of shit..but it whatevs if and i mean IF she come back to the states for her NEW TOUR you better believe ima be in there like swim wear..OKAY.. now when it was the end of the show i cried like…damnit the twins when they did they thing and hugged bey….smh i couldnt contain that shit…but anyway we leaving right and my feet were hurting for jumping around like a #BOSS so i sat on the escalade on the way down and to the front to leave…

then we walked around to the back and i sat on this lil silver pole thing and waited for like what seemed to be about a hour til my friend damn near knocked me off what i was sittin on pointin “bitch look there he is” i turned around and almost died she gonna ask me “thats larry right?” im like yeah that him and thinking to my self getttin hella giddy like OMG LAURENT GONNA COME OUT AT ANY MINUTE MY NIGGA.. nope turns out nigga already left but i aint know that so i pulled out my phone ready to take a picture with larry MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN i was pissed…it was DEAD then i look at my friend she said and i swear “Dont look at me my shit dead too” I SIDE EYED HER ASS INTO THE DEAD SEA like “how the fuck is it dead.” she looked at me and shrugged…lond story short after i watched some girls take pictures with him and some with lukey luke you know my baee i asked larry for a quick hug and told him ill be seeinghim again for my picture you know what this nigga did… DO YOU KN…of course you dont….HE PINCHED MY CHEEKS AND SAID “hope so cutie” man a bitch died and came back like 300000 times in the back of my head im like …“this nigga just…DO HE KNOW THAT HE JUS….fuck him and laurent im going home” LIKE MY BODY WAS NOT AND I MEAN IT WAS NOT !! READY for that shit that nigga got game. but after that i walked away on a cloud higher than 9 OKAY.. 

anywho thats my story i enjoyed that night to the fullest, made a friend, met larry, almost fainted, and im going well i plan on going to their workshop at Alvin Ailey…UGH..i told myself i wasnt going to go back to NY no time soon but then they pulled out a workshop and my mind changed instantly…i wants my pictures lol and i wanna me my laulau lol…but thats it THANK YOUUUS FOR READING :)