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Honestly, no matter how Mashima had ended the manga, this fandom would have done nothing but complain and insult the series and its author. We all seem to be forgetting something very important: Not everything is about the ships. From the start, fairy tail has been a manga about friendships - about the adventures of the guild members and the people they met on their journey. Yet, somewhere along the way, all this fandom started to care about was their ships. Even going so far as to insult and threaten each other and the author. Surely, I’m not the only one tired of shipwars and shounen mangas all ending with kids and timeskips?

Just a little crush

Also known as Imagine Fili trying to catch your attention because he has a crush on you.

A/N - Really I thought it would be cute. I was worried it was going to sound too um ‘I like Childreny’ but my friend assured me it didn’t! So basically its his fault. I’ve had two exams in the last 5 days so I’m sorry if its shit. In other news, I got 29/30 on my English Coursework! Enjoy!

Pairing - Thorin x Reader
Words -  1,219

“Y/N! Y/N!” Fili called, stumbling to you.
“Hmmm?” You replied, not looking up from your daisy chain.
“I brought you these!” He said excitedly, holding out a handful of bright yellow flowers.
You smiled at the dwarven prince and took the flowers from him.
“Thank you,” You say, smelling the flowers.
“Well you’re pretty and they’re pretty. I thought you’d like them,” The young dwarf explained, taking a seat beside you.
“That was very thoughtful of you,” You beamed.
He moved closer to you and grinned up at you
“Where’s your brother Fili?” You ask, noticing the lack of the boisterous black-haired dwarf.
Fili picked at a strand of grass. “He’s at home.”
“He’s annoying. He keeps breaking my toys and everyone prefers him to me!” Fili mumbled, throwing the strand on the ground.
You chuckled slightly.
Turning your attention to the eight year old, you placed the completed daisy chain on his head.
“You know when I was your age, I didn’t like my sister either,” You began.
“Yeah. I even pretended she was invisible for an entire week.”
Fili giggled.
“Don’t get any ideas,” You warned, nudging him gently with your elbow.
“Aww,” He groaned pouting.

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I should be sleeping but-


This is for @rynnaminttea !!!! I felt like drawing her something so, here you go! Don’t die like you said pls, thanks.

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Jungkook was having some personal time and it was too dark to see which room you had wandered into until it was too late

A/N: Super smutty and this may or may not have been written to celebrate jungkook’s black hair 

Word count: 756

The dim light in the room meant that you could see the way Jungkook’s forehead glistened with sweat, his neck bared as he let out a throaty groan, his hand slowing down before regaining its pace. His pink bottom lip pressed tightly between his teeth as whines mixed with groans. You had to forcibly steady your breathing while you watched him, guilt and shame washed over you. You knew that this was a private moment definitely not for your eyes and you knew that you should turn around and pretend this never happened. But the way his hips bucked desperately into his own fist had you rooted to the spot, your heart racing a mile a minute at the sight.

Whine after pathetic whine tore itself free from his throat as he got closer and closer to his orgasm, his hand tugging faster and harder. You could see the way his fist was clenched beside him, the heel of his palm pushing down into the mattress beneath as he tried his absolute best to keep almost quiet. Bucking furiously into his hand as he tried to chase his high, the whimpers spilling from his lips only got more and more frequent and you never thought you would love to hear a man be as vocal as that until you heard Jungkook. And, fuck, did it turn you on like nothing else to watch him fuck his own hand while his free hand reached up to clamp over his mouth in a desperate attempt to silence some of his glorious noises. After having his eyes screwed shut for so long, he opened them to see you stood stock still in the doorway. Watching him. Words spilled out of his mouth that you most definitely didn’t expect. Screams to get out, incredulous questioning as to why you decided you would stand in his doorway and watch him get himself off, even a very many insults directed at you. But you never guessed he would groan throatily and ask: “Are you just gonna stand there and watch or get over here?”

Against what you would later realise was your better judgement, you walked forward without much question, the ache between your thighs driving you towards Jungkook’s wrecked body. He looked so delectable laid out on his bed, his hair ruffled, shirt riding up his abdomen, shorts pushed down his thighs and the veins in his forearm bulging.
“Your tits are fucking amazing,” he groaned, his strong hand cupping and squeezing at your breast. Smoothly, he brought his hand up and around the back of your neck, pulling you in for a sloppy kiss that contained a little too much tongue and was more heavy breaths and moans than much else. At this point your body seemed to be running on autopilot, your hands and body doing as they pleased without much thought for what would happen after this moment, when you had to return to the real world where you couldn’t just watch Jungkook jerk off and then make out with him as he comes over his own fist. Leaning closer to his warmth, your hand pressed flat against the golden skin of his abdomen, feeling the muscles pull taut as his dick jumped in his hand and his strokes remained at a slow steady pace. You worked your way up until your reached his nipple and began toying with it. He let out a slightly too loud groan when you alternated between dragging your nail lightly over the hardened bud and brushing over it with the pad of your thumb. Progressively his strokes got faster and faster and he had to pull away from your heated kiss to whimper quietly.
“Fuck, baby, don’t stop, that feels so good,” he praised, making your heart swell. You were completely mesmerised by him.  

You watched the way his face changed and contorted with pleasure as he came, his eyes solely on you as his jaw fell open and an erotic moan slipped past his beautiful lips, punctuating the silence of the room. Even after his orgasm, small whines were still heard from him as he kept pumping himself, eyes half closed and watching you watch him. You could feel the damp area between your legs when you clenched your thighs, wishing you wouldn’t have stumbled into this room blindly. Retrospect is a bitch. Your mouth just hung open as the room was swallowed into the depths of an awkward silence only broke by Jungkook’s heavy breaths.

“I guess you caught me.”


“You’ve all sacrificed so much to be here, to be a part of this. It’s first ever large-scale colonization mission to come this far into our galaxy. We’re making history. Everyone back on Earth is really grateful for your hard work and courage. I just wanted to say I couldn’t pick a better bunch of jerks to get marooned on a distant planet with.”

Alien: Covenant “The Last Supper”

Mommy Winchester (Part 11)

Winchester x reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13)

“Cail?” Dean demands. “CAIL!?”

“What’s going on?” Sam gasps, running to where he can hear Dean shouting into the phone, a frantic look overcoming his features.

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Me? Draw in a consistent style??
Me? Draw more than just same person over the course of two months??
I think not…

I haven’t posted any art here for while. It’s okay. You only missed some @ogchanyt fanart.

Happy New Year!

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Okay apparently, Taylor has been looking for a house in Chelsea to be "closer to Joe" Girl..... chill. Go back to "being single" I can't with her anymore

im tired everything is so much with her taylor honey chill

done with Suujimatsu Bookmark, will sell at CF2016
im so tired. OTL

and of course i’ll do the rest too later slowly bz this took me the whole day and im crying… O)—(