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Hi bby! I know u went to sleep but I wanted to send u this @ midnight ur time. I really wanted to make u something but I couldn’t ( but maybe for ur bday? ); however, I wanted to congratulate u on ur 1 anniversary! I hope you’ll have many more bc u & all of ur muses have been blessings in my life & this community. I’m so happy I have the honor of calling u a friend & being able to talk to someone as amazing as u & write w/ someone as talented as u. I love u sm! Congratulations again Angel!! ❤️


IM SOBBING I READ THIS AT 6:30 AM THIS MORNING & EVEN THROUGH MY TIRED & BLURRY EYES I FOUND MYSELF SOBBING GENTLY… Thank you so so SO much Ann !! You’ve been nothing but amazing through the so many months that I’ve known you, & to know that you think I’m the blessing ??? When you’re the blessing ??????// WELL THIS IS THE ONE DISAGREEMENT WE MIGHT HAVE…. You are honestly one of my closest friends on this website & thank you so much for your constant support of me, just know I have your back whatever, cause you’re a shining star in my life. Thank you for being the best me & all my muses could have ever wished on, & for just brightening up everyones dash every day !!! 

[150805 Hoshi &Seungkwan's Andromeda]
  • Seungkwan: Yesterday, Joshua and The8 b-boyed. Without a doubt, they're really fun *thumbs up*
  • Hoshi: Oh, Joshua... (To the viewers) I promise you that the funniest person at the dorm is Joshua.
  • Seungkwan: Yes, later as soon as Joshua gets more accustomed to broadcasts, I think that he will grow to be known as a person with many charms.

It was after a break up, I needed rebound so I met up with this guy, ditching my friends. We’re high, and I get a phone call and one of my close friends had died, so im freaking out and I leave. A week later he wants to hang out, the night before said friends funeral, and I stupidly agree because I had nothing to lose. I wanted to watch movies, so we put on Heathers, and immediately he tries to make a move on me. I ignore it for the most part, until he starts kissing my neck. Long story short, I end up never texting him again.

Flash forward a month later, I get a text from him. I give him the run down, “dude look you were rebound and you remind me of my dead friend”. He keeps struggling to hold on and is telling me how he got all these feelings for me and how much he likes me, and all that junk.