im so excited i could poop

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im pooping right now entertain mee

When I was little, I thought the huge red balls in front of Target were normal inflatable balls that just stayed there in front of the building. But I could never get to them because I always had to hold my mom’s hand, so I’d walk by really sad that I could not play with them. One day, as we were walking in, I broke away from my mom’s grip and was so excited I ran for the huge red balls. I was running at full speed and kick the ball as hard as I could thinking of the satisfaction I would get… I have known true pain…

💫🇺🇲 cup goes west 🇺🇲✨

that’s right folks, it’s official, I’m hitting the East Coast Of The U. S. of A. in january because whoever said you die alone was clearly full of bullshit and never had the prospect of watching ~ THE JOHNLOCK KISS ~ live on their tv screen.

I’m staying at anya’s @swoopyswish​ and leslie’s @hudders-and-hiddles​ place between the 12th and the 19th of january and we’re most definitely going to the cinema screening of the final problem on the 18th in washington soooo… hmu? 

guys you don’t know how excited this is for me, I’ve never been in the states and to go for this is a blessing, truly… [I have my parents to thank for this so shout out to ma and pa cgp because they are absolutely awesome 💞]