im so excited for this parade


and I guess I don’t really know what to expect?
first, I think I’m gonna vlog it. Maybe? I have no idea yet. I just have a question for y'all
I know this sounds stupid, but what should I wear? I’m not really sure because I have to change in the first, and also I have no fucking clue what to wear to pride.
If you could hit me up with suggestions, that’d be fantastic!! Thank you!!!!
~Elyse (pansexual)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: 2016. 2000 AND FUCKING 16. 2015 was like THE BEST YEAR in pop punk since 2005. All the up and coming bands released new music and a couple older ones like All Time Low and Mayday Parade joined in too and I didn't think any year could be better. BUT OH HOW I WAS WRONG because EVERY BAND FROM 2000 IS RELEASING NEW MUSIC IN 2016. NEW BLINK. NEW RELIENT K. NEW SUM 41. NEW ALL AMERICAN REJECTS. NEW GOOD CHARLOTTE. NEW STARTING LINE. NEW SIMPLE PLAN. AND THATS JUST WHATS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BE FINE RIGHT NOW IM ABOUT TO EXPLODE IM SO EXCITED

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Yay so this summer i am going to visit family in new york and my gay cousin is going to take me to the pride parade there on june 25 im soooo excited!!! Ive always wanted to go and now i am!!! My first pride im so ready!!!!!! My whole family is like homophobic except her so like im very grateful she would take me!!!❤❤❤❤im so excited wish me luck💖💛💙

good luck!

MBTI types in my experience

From my INTP perspective


Is a bit of a bitch baby tbh

But also like surprisingly mature w/ fights

Always writing

Like hoe we’re in maths y r u drafting a novel

Rlly into twenty one pilots

Just like good

At life

They confuse me


Ayyy it me

I know one other INTP


Hitting up them character wiki’s bois

Some nicely timed memes

Uses ™ too much

In fandom

Just all of them

Lives on wikipedia

Is actually a cat



Idk we got into a fight about oreos once

‘Leave me alone i dont wanna talk about it’

Says they’re gay for ppl of the opposite gender

Kinda has no idea what they’re talking about

Is confused

Also bitter


This is literally all my friends

Emo to the extremo

Got way too excited about all i want for christmas and welcome to the black parade mashup

Prime salt

Rlly loud

Like hello children would you like some chill


Mmk so this is my dad so im rlly biased

Just has no chill

Actually none

Conspiracy theories

The moon landing was fake and the nazi’s knew aliens

Afraid of the dark

Sleeps w/ the tv on for ‘the noise’

The tvs on mute hoe we know you’re afraid of the dark



Thrive on being annoying

Fantastic discussions about various scientific theories

Either a super weeb or disgusted by anime

There is no inbetween

They all have the same laugh???


Does not get english at all

Tbh they always yell at me about how much they hate essays


‘Dont touch me’

Why wont you love me

I just want to hug you

Rlly into the walking dead

Surprisingly good at makeup

Would probably stab me in my sleep

Violent threats

Almost killed me on swing set once

Im still bitter™ about it


An ethereal princess

Rlly nice

Lowkey living for the drama

‘Oh fuck off’

I know two of these ppl and i ship them


Have no idea whats happening

Is involved in other ppls relationships for no reason


‘Stay in your lane’


Had rainbow hair once

Just wants ppl to be honest

Doesnt like fighting

Wants the house clean for christmas

So hufflepuff that it hurts me

Does not know to cut ppl out of their life

Not gonna lie i have le salt bc they have like no self worth

And they’re like an excellent person ????


If it dare they’re doing it

Cries for no reason

Resorts to bodily fluids if attention off them 20 minutes

No one takes them seriously

Says things that make no sense

They spat devilled eggs on me once

‘Nam flashbacks



Is a flautist

Involved in extracurricular activities

Makes me feel guilty for quitting orchestra

Is the mum friend

Im convinced they went to elf school

Like how do you wrap presents so good ????

Bakes the best food boiiiiiiii  

tomorrow is the puerto rican day parade and u best better believe my proud loud boricua ass gon get lit 

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i can Not tell you how excited i am at the idea of playing your hack!!! animal parade was my favorite harvest moon game when i was little and still is, but i can never go back and replay it comfortably anymore. man i wish i knew stuff about hacking video games so i could help you make the hack faster. i'd totally do anything to speed things up!! (not that you're going at too slow a pace or anything, im just gaah!!! too excited!!!!)

Thank you so much! I‘m working as quick as I can, don’t worry! :)

I’m super excited for it to be finished, myself! Even though I’m the one making it, it’s still so exciting and I can’t wait for everybody to enjoy it! :D


You wrap yourself in the arms of your significant other and watch your discomfort with the world turn to comfort. You relish in the joy they bring, holding onto the words they speak with every fiber of your being. You become consumed by this love that you are sure this couldn’t be real, yet how could it not be real. How could every cell in my body feel so strongly for someone. I cant deny the overwhelming pleasure i feel when hearing about there day. This is a fairytale… it has to be too good to be true. how could i have found someone to balance the world around me and to compliment each other so well is such an exquisite quality to find. ways that even our horoscopes coincide. A relationship that i helped create and i wanted to show it to the world. I wanted to belt our names and show off the bond we created. 

But then it hits.

The message pops up in your inbox from a stranger only to ask if you are in a relationship with the person you have fallen so hard for. You proclaim “of course of course is something wrong?”.Only to be flooded with screenshots and images of his deceit and lies. Everything starts to unfold. Guy after guy you paraded around cutting the knife in my back deeper and deeper. Lies after lies after lies while you manipulate me into being the problem. Conditioning me to feel that im always the “crazy” one because i could smell your secrets from the beginning, and you just didn’t want to get caught. You used me for sex, while you continued to act single and play so many other guys into your game. 

I felt so worthless. What a wicked way to treat the boy who loves you.

I lost myself in you. I was so in love and excited, i had never felt this way about anyone before. I treated you with so much care and love, and you treat me like im fucking garbage. Every day i have to remind myself, im not the problem. Nothing is my fault and that i could not have prevented this. No matter if i was more attractive, more intelligent, more intuitive. It doesnt matter what i wasnt, or what i could have been more of. Im me, and im worth so much more than to be treated less than that. I went with love, instead of my gut. I will never make that mistake again. 

But at the end of the day, I’m the utmost thankful. I thought this relationship was THE ONE. But you became just another lesson in my life. A reminder not to let those who prove time and time again they don’t deserve my time or love. I was naive. Young and blinded by a pretty face. You threw my world upside down, but that wont stop me from climbing back up. The best revenge is to work my ass off for success and reap the rewards of my hardwork. I won’t be trifled with again. Im growing, im smarter, and you bet your ass im going to be a better person from your wrong doings. you messed up one of the best things to ever happen to you. 

im so excited to kiss girls at the pride parade. im going to kiss so many at a rapid pace. every girl within my proximity is getting kissed I dont care if she’s a bi girl I don’t care if shes a trans girl i don’t care if she has a s/o all of the girls are getting kissed on that day and they are getting kissed by me

I would like to say something

I’m in marching band (WE ARE IN THE MACYS PARADE THIS YEAR IM SO EXCITED) and if y'all go to football games or any event with a marching band you NEED to know these things
- if you see a band in their parade block, do NOT try and walk through it, go around it or please wait until they pass.

- if you have a friend/family member in marching band/color guard PLEASE do not try to get their attention when they are in a block, or doing anything with the staff/bd. They are trying to focus on their show and are not allowed to pay attention to you.


- When a band is preforming, try to keep the talking down to a minimum, or for that matter, don’t talk. And pay attention. We only get 7-10 minutes to show you a field show we have been working on for MONTHS to show you, not for you to be scrolling on twitter and use us as background noise.

- Understand that these kids work their BUTTS off and get barely any credit. Everyone is mostly there for football, but the truth is. While the football team did 1-2 hour conditioning practices over the summer, we had 5 hour practices with 9am-9pm practices during and outside of band camp!

there are so many other points i could make about this but these are some major ones i wanted to point out.

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"DAWN! DAWN DAWN DAWN DAWN GUESS WHAT?! I beat Lucas in a Pokemon battle against his Sinnoh team! It was awesome! Chunky was up against his Quagsire, right? And, like, I was /gonna/ switch out, because ground and water would hurt, but I put a choice band on him, yeah? So I thought I could take him down! And guess what!! He thought I was gonna switch too, so he used ice punch instead, so Chunky could sweep it out from under 'im!" Someone's excited.

            “ Hey, that’s pretty neat! Too bad I missed the battle for myself. It would’ve been neat to see! “ She resisted the urge to make a comment about her being the best competitive battler of their group ( which was a strongly-held and factually supported opinion, but an opinion nevertheless ). For once, Dawn didn’t feel like shitting on his parade

                 ( she bit her tongue, and kept the ‘ but neither of you could ever beat me  to herself. )

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papa!!! 'm goin to a pride parade with my frrends!! im super duper excited!! nd im gon take my baby fox stuffiie with me!!

This is great! Pride parade is so so so fun and positive! Have fun, okay? <3