im so excited for this movie omg


Studio Ponoc’s first movie: Mary And The Witch’s Flower, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (former Studio Ghibli artist), to debut in summer 2017 (teaser: x)

EXO reacting to you getting a lead role in a movie

Suho: “I am so happy for you, jagi!…but please tell me there will be no kissing scenes…or nudes”

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Chanyeol: “AKSJDAKSDGKSJHDGAJH OMG IM SO EXCITED” *spins you around before leaving kisses all over your face*

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Baekhyun: “Yaaaaayyy I will get to see you dressed as a princess!”

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Chen: “Nooooo waaaaay! I am singing the title song for that movie BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT, we need to celebrate this!”

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Xiumin: “Really!? awwee I am so happy your dreams are coming true so fast, my future oscar winner”

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Lay: “I knew Jackie Chan was going to cast you! I knew it! Come here baobei *he hugs you* I am so proud of you I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!”

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D.O: “What?! we’ll be in a movie together!” *gets all squishy but is dying of excitement*

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Kai: “Wait…they chose you to play the lead?! omg this is amazing, congratulations Y/N! Let’s go eat some chicken to celebrate!!”

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Sehun: “ARE YOU FOR REAL!? *gets up from his seat to hug you* I’m so happy for you! I can’t believe we will be the lead couple for the movie!”

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heyyyy fellow australian, what were your fave shows growing up?? (also i love you a lot idk if you've noticed)

omg where do i start?? playschool obvs, and my brothers were wiggles obsessives even tho i didnt love it that much but it sorta rubbed off on me, apparently i was a huge teletubbies fan, my dad used to watch max and ruby with us a lot, sesame street was good, mama mirabelle’s home movies, bananas in pyjamas, frannie’s feet was a fav, I LOVED NODDY OMG, i watched a lot of girls in love, THE ADVENTURES OF BOTTLETOP BILL AND HIS BEST FRIEND CORKY, bear in the big blue house, MORTIFIED WAS THE BEST WEVE ALREADY HAD A LOT OF DISCOURSE ABT HOW HOT LEON WAS BUT IT WAS JUST. THE BEST, magic mountain tbh??, the hoolie doolies, BRUM, backyard science, DANCE ACADEMY AND IM SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE OML, fireman sam, postman pat, blue water high??, THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, also i loved watching hans chrisitan andersen’s the fairy taler if any of you remember that, five minutes more, giggle and hoot was good but it was sort of popularised as i was growing out of kids shows, i also had such a thing for a gurls wurld omg, HI-5 OMFG, lizzie mcguire ofc, babar, i also watched a lot of hr puffinstuff at my grandparents but idk if anyone would remember that but it was the best, THE FAIRIES OML, BLINKY BILL, ALSO MADELINE WAS THE BEST, ARTHUR OFC, I LOVED FRANKLIN WITH A PASSION OMG, kim possible, ALSO LITTLE BEAR I AM ACTUALLY CRYING RN IM WATCHING THE THEME SONG ON YOUTUBE AND ITS BRINGING BACK SO MANY MEMORIES, i also loved the world of peter rabbit and friends (the beatrix potter tv show you feel), THOMAS AND FRIENDS OBV, obviously round the twist but i hated it, GEORGE AND MARTHA OMG, BOOWA AND KWALA, hairy mclary, also my brother loved blues clues but i think it went off the air before i could fall in love with it, octonauts was also going strong but just as i was starting to stop watching kids tv shows, ANDY PANDY, also idk if anyone remembers freaky but it scared the shit out of me, also there was a phase where my little brother and i were obsessed with trapped, also i loved mister maker and its still going strong now which makes me happy, AND OMG DONT EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT DEAD GORGEOUS THAT SHOW WAS MY LIFE, ALSO TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND, TOTAL DRAMA ACTION AND TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR FUCK ME UP (alejandro amirite), i watched erky and perky but i didnt like it tbh, the hooley dooleys too, THE WORST WITCH OMG THEO AND I USED TO GET UP EARLY ON A SATURDAY MORNING TO WATCH IT AND WE BOTH DRESSED UP AS MILDRED HUBBLE IT WAS THE BEST, ALSO NATURALLY SADIE WAS MY JAM, cj the dj, escape from scorpion island, also i love you too nonnie

@dangelical and I will be making a movie during the summer and I’m super sUPER EXCITED!!
It’s gonna be gay and cute and beautiful and amazing!! AHHHH!!
so far we’ve got a story between two artists: one a photographer and the other does drawings/paintings
and we’re both starring in it (even tho I’m ugly lololol)
And Bella will be doing the music
And like

we just have to write the script and figure out everything else

this…………..this is wonderful! This isn’t a prank, is it? No, it’s real! Oh my god!!! I…………I’m so happy! I’ve been dreaming of this day since I first heard of the canceled movie! I’m………..I’m gonna let myself be happy. This is good news! Why would someone construct such an elaborate lie in the first place? How would they even do it? They wouldn’t! The time and effort and money it would take to make so many people lie about this……… wouldn’t be worth it!

I was being very paranoid. I’ve chilled out. I’m gonna be a bit skeptical of the hype train until we get indicators of progress, but I’m going to let myself be happy about this. It’s going to be awesome!

…………………..if it’s real………………………………..

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Ah! So I have a 'blind date' with a girl tomorrow night and I'm a bit nervous! Do you have any tips for things to talk about when we get dinner? We've texted a bit &she is a soils major, so we have some connection bc I'm studying wildlife in the same college. I also know that she plays rugby bc my roommate is on the rugby team with her and I've seen her in pictures my roommate is also tagged in. Last time I was on a date with another girl I ran out of stuff to say &it sucked. I'd love some help!

omg first of all congrats thats so exciting??? omg thats awesome

second of all im awkward as hell but maybe like any books/movies either of yall have read/seen recently, or like TV shows might be a good jumping off point, any hobbies you have, maybe bring up some memes if ur feeling frisky, if any of you did anything fun over spring break/have any plans for any upcoming weekends or the summer, music tastes, that sort of thing? when in doubt, people love talking about themselves so like you can always ask them sort of thing. another good thing to talk about is pets if either of yall have any or if there are any pets you want to have?

if anyone else has any ideas feel free to share!

IM SCREAMINFN I’m with family friends and their youngest daughter is in 5th grade and me and her older sis are watching the hannah montana movie for a laugh and the little sister just came in and she was super excited and she plopped down on the couch and was like “OMG THAT’S MY BAE” while pointing at the tv & I thought she was referring to Mitchell musso but she was like “no!! Billy ray!!!!”

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because of you I have watched Legion (I am now rewatching it) and I think I am in love with Dan Stevens so thank you, and now i need to watch Downton abbey and other stuff dan appeared in) so yea thank you and your the best

omg <3333 honestly I make gifsets and waste my time on here to make you people happy and spiral with me so i’m like fbhefgfjhfdbhvjdhvg right now lol
I’m so excited you’ve no idea lol

Legion is such a BRILLIANT SHOW i still can’t believe what i saw…god…
I knew the creator of the show is a genius (i mean fargo…) but i had no idea it would be so good. I had no idea Dan would be SO GOOD in it like seriously this role was made for him and only for him. His best role so far hands down (well for me lol)

Be careful with Downton Abbey though lol I’ve noticed a lot of “new” fans (hate that term lol) are watching DA now to see Dan in it. I don’t think you’re going to watch after the S3 finale lol It’s a great show though but it broke my heart on so MANY OCCASIONS ugh and im such a period dramas whore so… I loved that show so much and Matthew forever but yeah…im here for you if you need to talk with someone lol 

On the must watch list, please do yourself a favor and watch Sense and Sensibilty. It’s another period drama with Dan in the lead role and OH GOD I LOVE THAT MINI SERIES SOOOOO MUCH! I’d say it’s even better than the movie. You’ll thank me when you see Dan chopping wood in a wet shirt lmao i’ll never forget this scene. No but seriously he’s so good in it and ugh the end i cried a lot

Night at the Museum 3 is such a silly movie and he’s so fucking hilarious in it. 
I saw the movie when I was in Miami and I’ll never forget this moment lol
A lot of people are making parallels with the Prince in Beauty and the Beast because of the hair and beard and it’s so fucking funny lol

The Guest for um obvious reasons…he’s smoking hot in it

So yeah those are my favorites and like a must see for beginners! enjoy :)

reasons im excited about the new mutants movie even tho i havent given a fuck about the xmen since 2003 

  • theres no magento or mystique or wolverine (ect) to distract from the kids. hopefully this movie won’t be bloated with a million mutants. 
  • equal number of boys and girls on the team like omg we usually just get a lone girl but theyre giving us 3!!!!! on the same team!!!! 
  • one of whom is cheyenne. this is long overdue and so important. one of the boys is brazilian too
  • stephen king + john hughes vibe 
  • A DEMON BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Five Fingers

Fandom: Haikyuu

Pairing: Kagehina

Summary: Their relationship begins with a rivalry.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SOBA @kidovna. Bhavna you asswipe, ilysm. Thank you for existing, and I hope you like this little present! 

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