im so excited for taylor swift this has been me all week!

Hey Taylor

(My name is Emily incase you didn’t know)

I just want to say thank you so much for this past week, I cannot believe that you followed me, liked two of my posts and saved a picture of me and my best friend to your camera roll. I literally cannot wait for Saturday to see you at Hyde Park and I know you’re going to slay it. I have been a fan since my early teens when I heard love story on the radio but didn’t see you perform live until last year on the RED tour. We had nose bleed tickets but it was amazing, as soon as you came on stage I cried because I was so overwhelmed, the mean speech really touched me. I now know that I am never alone in what I am feeling and  whenever I feel alone I turn to your music and remember that Im not. The RED tour honestly changed my outlook on life, and I will never forget it.

I preordered 1989 and when it arrived in October I played it non stop, the prologue was so motivating and just made me realise how much other peoples opinions of me do not matter! I feel like since October (and since I joined Tumblr and read your advice) I have become so much stronger, I used to get  upset about things that people would mindlessly say and now I don’t even care, I know that their opinions do not define me. Like you say people change and I want you to know that I have changed and grown stronger every single day since you released 1989 and thats thanks to you. I started University this September so there was no better time for me to come into my own so I could really put myself out there and have fun. Im excited to hear the Clean speech because I have been avoiding watching the whole thing and I know that its going to change my outlook on life and help me develop as a person even further. Im getting really emotional writing this haha but I just want you to know how much your follow, likes and lurking means to me, Taylor Swift the person who has unknowingly guided me through life knows who I am (I think?) and it means the world.

There is literally so many things you have helped me with and I could go on forever but I wont because I don’t want to bore you haha. Im really glad that you liked the picture of me and my best friend (who is also called Emily) dressed up as Arsyn and Catastrophe because her friendship means the world to me (She is one of those rare people that just pour out kindness, you are one of these people haha) and I couldn’t picture experiencing the 1989 tour with any one else! Any way good luck with every single tour date (not that you need it) and I know you will continue to thrive because we all love you so much, See you on Saturday, From Emily! xxxx

So this day 1 month (close to midnight because I couldn’t sleep to 4am as I had no chill whatsoever) ago, Taylor decided to follow me. I don’t know why she did but it was the happiest and most magical moment. This last month I’ve been on a constant roller-coaster of no chill (QUITE LITERALLY) and have spent a huge portion of my time lying on the kitchen floor shaking as my phone melts down from Taylurking. I also never stop talking about taylor to my family and friends and now add in on frequent occasions…she follows me on online. WHICH IM STILL NOT OVER!! And once again I lost it when tree-paine followed me. But the point of this no chill ramble is to say Taylor Alison Swift taylorswift though I believe it has become your mission to kill me over the past few weeks I can’t thank you enough for making me so happy with a permanent smile on my face. The first and last thing I do every day is come on Tumblr and spend time with you and all the amazing friends I have made because of you!! There’s not a day I don’t listen to your music and I’m in constant excitement mode for my concert. I’m so proud of you and I will love you forever and always. You are no longer an obsession but a friend. Here’s to another 2 and half months of you making me lose my chill before I see you in Sydney!