im so excited for all of this

So I guess it’s official now!!!! Y'all are probably familiar with my gf Sam who wrote the Dragonoak series. Went to stay with them for a month in London recently and now it’s decided…we’re getting married!!!!!

No concrete plans yet but it’s officially Happening…never saw this coming in my life but I have to say I’m. Really excited. That it is!!!! And that’s the news thanks I’m gay

I know i have said this a lot of times but

I’m so proud of Star Vs The Forces of Evil

Im so proud of this show, even if i wanst there since the begining im so so proud of them

Of the crew, of the fans that support the show of everything literally

The show means a lot to me and Im so so excited and so proud (i cant find another better word and i apologized for my poor english) for what it has come and the direction it’s following.

I just want to thaks the crew for all the amazing job they are doing.

Elemental - Chapter 1

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Iwaizumi x Oikawa

A/N: multichap iwaoi in an avatar- last aribender setting! Lemme know what you guys think! I haven’t written in what seems like forever, so go easy on me please? And thank you so much for sticking around even though I’m so inactive, I love you all so much <3 

Iwaizumi’s every day regime is quite simple.

He wakes up at dawn, just in time to see the sunrise, which is followed by a quick work out in the forest, where he reshapes the land with his bending. After that, he goes to the riverbank nearby to bathe and clean up and once he’s done, he sets off for the village and towards the small academy where he teaches metal bending to the youngsters. He’s a simple man, and honestly, he has no problems with that.

Of course, life has a strange way of messing pretty much everything up.

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i may have finally convinced my dad to take me to the nuclear power plant sometime soon so i can go into the place where you learn about it and see if i can’t find anyone to ask questions to, but….im NERVOUS as all get out when faced with the actual possibility of getting to go ask about potential future jobs. i mean its an excited nervous, but it is absolutely a stomach-fluttering all-encompassing almost-shaking nervousness.

hi everyone!!! aaaa i’m so stoked because i got a new laptop today. i’ve had the one i’ve been using for anywhere from 8-10 years now so it feels amazing to be on something that can actually load tumblr fast and download discord??? but yea !!!! i’m gonna be doing things like downloading ps again and just getting set up here but i’ll be back to replies on all my accounts in a jiffy!! ilu all sm 

o and also i’m so excited to reply to these ghibli asks im gonna DIE

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Can I just say that this blog makes me super happy?? Your posts get me really excited and relieved that liking the Squip isn't so crazy or cringey or whatever, and thank u for all the comforting content 💕💕

thank you!! im really glad people like this blog aaaaaaa


W E ’ R E   F O X E S .

we laugh and we cry
and we break
and we make our mistakes.


“Harry is a performer you have to see live. The way he covers space is insane — imagine if Mick Jagger had the warm and benign heart of Paul McCartney, cast under a magic spell by Stevie Nicks, and you’re about halfway there.”

But you know what I really love about Sense8 it’s how they not only love each other so much but it bleeds into their connections with how they feel about people outside of the cluster. 

You see it in RIley’s look of pure affection when she see’s Amanita’s face for the first time. How she’s a bit of awe because this is the person who makes Nomi feel beautiful and like the sun is touching her face. You see it in how Wolfgang bleeds into Nomi’s speech about her sister. How he will destroy anyone who hurt’s his family and by extension that now includes anyone his cluster loves. You see it with how they war with sun’s emotions in regards to her brother. How Will knows that she’s feeling conflicted how she wants to be able to keep old promises, how Sun is many things but heartless has never been one of them. How Wolfgang wants to kill him for her because he’s hurt her too far. How Capheus is so excited to see Detective Mun because he’s expressing the part of Sun that wanted to believe in this person, that wanted to believe that someone who owed her nothing would help her. 

it’s so absolutely beautiful.


Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying????

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀