im so excited and freaking out like you have no idea

Ideas to write

So it’s really freaking late and I can’t sleep because I have so many ideas.

Well here are a few, please tell me if you’d like these and which you would want first. (Yes I like writing the weird pairings)

Xiumin fucking everybody: Daddy Xiu makes his rounds with his cute brothers

Tao tries teaching Suho Wushu, but teaches him even more (Suho bottoms for first time)

Chanyeol gets tired of Baekhyun touching Sehun and decides to punish him (tie to bed, spanking, throat fucking)

Baekhyun wins a bet and gets to top Chanyeol

Sehun eats Minseok out and fucks him silly

Sehun fucks Minseok on the kitchen counter while he drinks coffee

Continuations of my first fic

Jongin hires Chanyeol to be his personal chef

Jongin and Sehun compete to see who can fuck the most members in a week

The boys go on a hunt for El Dorado (funny not smut)(chinese members maybe smut)

Baekhyun teaches Taehyung how to ride a cock

Reader practice room sex with Yixing

Yixing’s lip bites drive Xiumin insane

Everyone gangbangs Kyungsoo after their stage with call me baby when he had a boner

Tao teaches Baekhyun a lesson for mocking him

Sehun gets tired of Baekhyun’s teasing since their scene in EXO Next Door

Chen gets jealous of Minseok hanging out with Yixing, so he takes Minseok for himself

Minseok gets tired of Baekhyun following him, so he gives him a reason to

Kyungsoo gets angry when Baekhyun makes a mess in the kitchen and punishes him with a spatula

Chen wants to see how high Minseok’s voice can really get

Suho and Minseok fight over who is really daddy

Suho gets tired of Kyungsoo making too much cake and breaking their diet

Suho punishes the boys and makes them sit naked around him, while he fucks each one individually

Yixing and Minseok practice a dance duet together

JHope tries getting Suga to play, but when he refuses to wake up he uses a blowjob as an alarm clock

Daddy Mon treats his Princess Jin to a night by the lake

Jimin confesses his loves to Jungkook (fluff because he’s a baby)

Chanyeol misses Yixing’s horn (I’m sorry)

JHope is a vampire who fell in love with a werewolf who looks like a boy he used to love (werewolf- Baekhyun, old love-Taehyung)

Suga dresses in shorts and red converse to tease Rap Mon, but gets more than he expected

JHope wants Jimin to join him during playtime with Taehyung