im so dumb though

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would you ever consider using hand sanitizer instead?? i have ocd so im constantly cleaning my hands but ive avoided all the "dry hand" issues because the hand sanitizer has moisturizer in it. like ill wash my hands with soap and water and then use hand sanitizer after and it makes me feel clean

i actually just grabbed some today and this reminded me of it so i put it on and now my hands are burning because of all the … missing skin, and im a fucking idiot & fool. that was a very bad idea but it was my fault and not urs. thank u

Anonymous said: headcanons for the chocobois reacting to their s/o taking off their bra without taking off their shirt? I hope this is ok!!

I did gif reactions, and I hope THAT’S ok!

  • Noctis

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“Did…Did you take off your bra? When? No you didn’t, your shirt… What?”

  • Prompto

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He’s honestly just gonna ask you to put it back on so he can see it again.

  • Ignis

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Was your bra on when Ignis walked in the room? Did you take off your shirt at any point? Did you take it off while he was talking to you? Who knows! Not Ignis.

  • Gladio

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No matter how often Gladio sees you take off your bra like that, it’s always amazing. He loves the aesthetic of free-range titties under a shirt. Don’t laugh at him he’s emotional

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can u please draw etihw and kcalb on their wedding or something ? i l o v e the way u draw kcalb btw

here you go

i wish i could have used my more serious style but poses are super hard for me so i hope these chibis suffice

oh, and here’s an imgur link to the image since photos show up super weird in asks


HyungIM carrying their future child MONBEBE

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mun: honestly i thought perspero was kinda ugly when i first saw him for spoilers but u keep drawing him and its just getting more and more "oh no, hes hot *sweats*"

Oh gosh, haha! Sorry about that! ^^; 

To be honest, the first time I saw him I literally was so excited because of how weird he looks and I just was like, “OMG, he’s perfect! Look at this weirdo! And that tongue, OH BOY!” 8D

Funny thing is, I’m more drawn in by Oda’s more odd/weird looking characters then I am to his conventionally “attractive” type ones as they appeal more to me in terms of visuals and styles overall. So Perospero showing up in the fashion he did, A+++++++++++ from me! Much yes, very fine!~ 

And if people know me beyond my OP artwork and have seen a lot of my other stuff, they already know how much of a sucker I am for weird/ugly looking designs over all ^^;; 

Glad to hear you’re starting to like him though! It does make me happy to know this! ^^

wolfstar quidditch hc
  • okay so lets be real here Remus couldn’t care less about quidditch, the only reason he subjected himself to hours of young teens performing bodily harm on each other for the sake of entertainment was because James was captain and Sirius was the commentator
  • and Sirius as commentator was something no one should ever miss, he didn’t just commentate he gave an all out performance   
  • what with him describing how the quidditch robes framed everyone’s figures so nicely, to actually commentating with some colorful curses thrown in here and there to Bloody hell James you can’t keep the broom up for more then 3 bloody minutes no wonder you can’t get Evans to go out with you, to him pointing people out in the crowds it was no secret that one of the reasons the qidditch games were so popular was bc of Sirius and his commentating skills
  • and the fact that more then half the time Sirius was commentating he was talking about Remus didn’t hurt either
  • you see technically the two weren’t dating but they also didn’t date anyone else, it was a mutual flirtation ship that everyone knew held deeper feelings
  • boys are dumb though so they just never got around to the actual dating part just yet
  • but anyways the games would be in full swing, everyone on their feet’s, breaths held to see what will happen and Sirius will just pipe in with a “and the snitch is out of sights ladies and gents but you know what’s not out of sight? Our deerest im sorry moony who might i say is looking rather dashing today in that shirt” or a “you know getting hit by a bludger sucks but not as good as Moony can I bet”
  • and it’s absolutely ridiculous and adorable and everyone has bets on when they’ll finally make it official (James and Peter are the one’s that started it in 3rd year and more and more people just got into it that by 7th year more then half the Hogwarts population was in on it) 
  • So yea boys stupidly in love flirting with each other in front of everyone but neither one ever actually making a move
  • that is until one day Sirius saw some stupid “Ravenclaw frat boy” his words not mine trying to make a move on HIS moony
  • So ofc he does the absolute MOST bc he’s extra as hell
  • he grabs the mic and screams “wow that looked like that hurt James but not as much as this Ravenclaw hussy will hurt if he doesn’t remove his hand from MY moony’s thigh right tf now pls and ty”
  • and everything kind of just stops bc wtf Sirius, except for James, whose on the ground being bandaged up, nah James is laughing his ass off bc wtf Padfoot you called him a HUSSY omfg
  • and Remus just kind of blushes bc everyone’s looking at him now and said Ravenclaw has not removed his hand yet
  • “Think you might want to listen mate he can be a real bitch again im sorry that one”
  • and then everyone kind of forgets about it bc Gryffindor caught the snitch 
  • Remus didn’t though
  • so at the after party Remus goes and confronts Sirius about what exactly happened out there
  • and all Sirius say’s is “I thought it was kind of obvious that you’re mine but apparently not”
  • and Remus looses it bc no he’s not Sirius’s bc Sirius never had the balls to ask him out so they are not dating
  • “Well why didn’t you ask ME out MOony hmmm”
  • “Because you light bulb i was waiting for you to make the first more”
  • “well i was waiting for YOU to make the first move”
  • and then awkward silence bc teenagers are bad at feelings so they just kind of look at each other until Lilly yells “So are you guys dating now or not bc James owes me 10 gallons if you are”
  • and you know let it be known that messing with james will always be both Remus and Sirius’s favorite activity so they both answer yes and thats how they started dating
  • turns out a lot more people owed Lilly money also
  •  Lilly bribed the ravenclaw lad to get things rolling and they shared the profits 50/50
  • turns out that ravenclaw was  Kingsley Shacklebolt
seriously super stupid sleepover;; shayne topp

summary: you’re watching shayne, olivia, courtney, and noah on ssss film stranger strings

a/n’s: im sorry


“in kindergarten, i got in trouble for telling my teacher she had nice boobs,” shayne reads from the card. immediately courtney and olivia shoot noah with their silly string. he tries to dodge it, but fails.

“why did you think it was me?” noah whines.

“because, i don’t know. classic noah,” courtney says. out of nowhere shayne starts speaking again, beginning to tell the story of how he told his teacher she had nice boobs.

“so in kindergarten, i would often just say things to like gage people’s reactions. i would just say crazy things,” a small laugh erupts from noah. “like in a conversation i’d just be like, "penis”.“

"in kindergarten?!” courtney asks, bewildered.

“yes in kindergarten,” he pauses to start his story up again. “so i was watching my teacher, she was playing kickball, and she– i can’t even remember if she had nice boobs i was just looking out like "she has boobs” and then she kicks a ball and just from a way’s away, sitting on a bench i was just like “nice boobs!” and she like kicks the ball and goes “what!”. and she walks up and says “what did you say?” and i go “…nice kick.’” courtney, olivia, and noah all burst out in laughter, but shayne still continues the story

“and i was like, "nice boobs.” it was the first time i ever got really in trouble at school and i was so bummed. and i remember crying to her like “it was a compliment.” and that’s how early on i learned that cat-calling is stupid and bad,“ shayne finishes and you giggle, thinking of something funny to say.

"you know what’s also funny, he has said that exact same thing to me once,” you blurt, making everyone in the room arise in laughter. as soon as you said that shayne turns a deep shade of red. courtney notices and points it out, crying at his embarrassed expression. you smile to yourself as you just made everyone laugh.

“why would expose me like this?” shayne yells, but laughs at the same time.

“when did this happen?” noah cries. you get up from the chair you’re sitting in next to the camera and take a seat next to your boyfriend.

“it was the first time i sent him nudes and he was really flustered, like, i mean really flustered. he was so flustered that all he fucking sent was "nice boobs” and proceeded to apologize for his awkwardness,“ you announce, which makes shayne turn a deeper shade of red. you laugh at him, but give him a peck on the lips and a hug. "babe, i’m so sorry,” you say as you continue hugging him. all he does is burst out laughing and takes you into his arms and gives you a tight squeeze, making the air escape your body as punishment.

“i love you,” you whisper in his ear. you give him another kiss on his cheek.

“i love you too even though you embarrass me.”


Fantastic Baby

G-Dragon || T.O.P

Finally met these two sweethearts again at LBM14, even though at first we were just eyeing each other from a distance like ‘is that? nah probably not. maybe?’ Well, turns out it was us! 

We took some time to take photos of their fantastic costumes, and frankly most of that was just being huge dumbasses, but we did get some sweet photos too, so here are some of them!