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Anon asked: Rich ‘n Jake being cuties because fluff

Anon asked: Richjake f l u f f

Idk what it is but something tells me you guys want richjake fluff so here goes nothing

When Jake woke up a few years ago on Halloween in the hospital he was almost certain his friendship with Rich was going to be a full stop. Words couldn’t describe how pissed off Jake really was when he figured out what happened. Who could blame him? He spent his first few days in the hospital mentally venting out his anger to Rich. He planned all the things he’d say, the grandest most emotional fuck you he’d ever come up with.

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Hold up, you got muscles??? I believe it's your civic duty to share 👀

If I started a fitness ig would you guys follow me?

–Remember this epic-legendary kiss scene you have in K-dramaland(.)

Seo Hwi-young x Ryu Soo-hyeon | Chicago Typewriter (tvN, 2017)

Bgm : NF - Beautiful Addiction

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NAME: Red! 
PRONOUNS: she/her
•  SEXUALITY: Lesbien – I mean, lesbian. I stumble, crash bang boomed out of the closet.
 TAKEN OR SINGLE: Taken! @jose-carioca


  • I got in two fights irl and won both, thnx to my uncle teaching me how to box lmao. that might not be something I should be proud of but idk, I am? it was in self defense and I whooped both boys. this is the story I will tell my GRANDCHILDREN. THEIR LEZZIE ASS GRANDMA WHOOPED TWO BOYS IN HER YOUTH THE MOMENT SHE GOT OFF THE SCHOOL BUS, HECK YECK. TEACH UR GIRLS HOW TO FIGHT IM TELLIN’ YA, THEY NEED TO KNOW.
  • i love to make people love. humor is so important to me. i hope every day passes where i at least make someone giggle. i also love to laugh. me and jess share this.
  • i am far too afraid to talk to people despite my desire to lmao. i cannot initiate a conversation to save my life bc I’m always afraid I’m bothering them and soiling my friendship chances? so if i never talk to you or anything, it isn’t you, it’s me being afraid i’m gonna ruin what we got between us, or scare you off. it’s stuuuupiiddddd.


•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): dude… 14 years. I loooove roleplay.
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: AIM, MSN, Yahoo & now, Discord! Internet wise, I started out in the Nick Boards with MLAATR lmao. Have the same damn OC I started out with, too. Now all Developed & Stuff! And ProBoards!
•   BEST EXPERIENCE: the one where my dumbass self & my gf hooked up through forthwalling roleplay through characters. //laughs// but besides that, I think this has to be my best? There’s a lot of sweet people I’m interacting with, and I’m making genuine friends over here that I never ever had before. My entire childhood up til now has been with no friends other than my bff/gf. I admit, I would get desperate and now that I’m older, I realize that tried to force myself into friend groups because I was a lonely little fucker. The one friend I made was left because this one jealous little shit told her I was a lesbian before I was ready to even come out about that. That was the only friend I ever had outside of my gal, and that was 6-7 years ago. 

I’m making friends over here who actually care for me? How wild is that shit, man? This is probably hella clingy-sounding too, and I’m sorry about that. But damn, people actually like me and are cool with talking to me. That’s fucking awesome. Tumblr rping has its ups and downs, definitely, and I’ve had some creepy shit happen to me on Jess, but I ain’t gonna trade that for the people who I’ve come to love a lot. Katie, Willow, Hatter, Blue,  and shit, can you believe there’s more than that? Yeah, I ain’t giving up tumblr rp for them. I’ve always wanted pals and now, I think I got some, and that’s just the wildest shit in the world to me. I love you all a lot and if I don’t talk to you on a regular basis, it isn’t you, I swear to god it’s just me being intimidated of ruining anything between us lmao..

I don’t know what I did but thank God for them and tumblr roleplay, too.

AND LIKE.. Going from the rp experience alone, there’s so many cool relationships Jess is making, like oh my god? DUDE.


•   FEMALE OR MALE: Female muses, man. I ain’t interested in rping dudes much! Any dude I do play is usually hella feminine or will end up hella feminine, tho. //eyes my fkn ocs/ .. Except Donald.
•   FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: ALL OF IT. I am stupid obsessed with smut, man. And fluff? That’s.. That’s my jam.. Give me fluff, platonic and romantic. Or platonic leading to romantic. //shot// I love angst too, tho. <3 As long as it ends with some comfort~ and i love horror 
•   PLOTS OR MEMES: memes usually, bc i’m so braindead. but i do love to come up with lil casual plots when I can. <3
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: boooooth.
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): it depends, yesss. either we suffer depression (( PROJECTION, PROJECTION )), we love to laugh or we have both. or we’re total dorks with social anxiety & obsessed with videogames. //side-eyes ramón

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GOT7 in a Macarena Competition

Mark: Macarena expert. Been doing this since he was a kid. Either trumps the competition or takes himself out laughing at the others antics.

Jaebum: “Messes up” in the first round. Sits the rest of the competition out, laughing at everyone and playing judge.

Jackson: Super confident and determined to win until he realizes he doesn’t know the order of the moves. Dissolves into chaos, yelling at everyone about what kind of dance is this.

Jinyoung: Takes the competition part way too seriously. Cheats and tries to eliminate the others while intensely denying any mistakes in the process.

Youngjae: Macarena master dancing like a pro with Mark. Bails when Jinyoung starts threatening him and runs away laughing.

BamBam: Gets eliminated three rounds in for dabbing.

Yugyeom: Dances passionately until Jinyoung starts threatening him. Turns it into a macarena fight battle until they end up chasing each other around the room.

Georgi Popovich My Immortal Au

Happy Birthday Georgi Popovich. I decided this was the best way to celebrate (with @the-awkward-orca and @catsinning as my enablers)

Hi my name is Georgi Dark’ness Dementia Evil Witch Popovich and I have spiked ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) in a corn-shape that hovers over my eyebrows and bondi blue eyes like Australlian waves and a lot of people tell me I look like Ben Stiller (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell off the ice!). I’m not related to Christophe Giacometti but I wish I was because he has a great ass and then maybe Anya wouldn’t have left me. I’m an evil witch but my skin is flawless and shining. I have deep raccoon eyes of regret. I’m also a skater, and I train under Yakov as the top skater in Russia since my rink-mate Victor left (he’s only a day older than me and everyone always forgot my birthday because of his). I’m a forever bachelor (since Anya deserted me) and I’ve worn mostly black since the break-up. I love Hot Topic and I only let Yakov buy clothes for me from there. For example today I was wearing a black vest with faux fur and purple sparkles and black leather pants, a tear drop necklace and black combat skates. I was wearing lavender lipstick, black eyeliner, violet eyeshadow and had drawn-on eyebrows. I was walking outside the restaurant I met Anya at. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I think represents the never-ending tears in my life since I lost every competition (of love and skating). A lot of couples stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.