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Ugh can you stop whining already? The resposters you're demonizing are HELPING YOU by giving you EXPOSURE so you can be popular like all the other popular artists like there (edendaphne, taylordraws, qookyquice, sakura-rose12, ferisea, ceeljes, etcetara). Posts on instagram with their art helped them become popular and the "evil" reposters are only trying to help you to. Just let them repost soon you'll get 1000 followers. So stop being whiny and just let them help your unpopular ungrateful ass!

Hello, anon! Normally, I would ignore rude anons and immediately delete them, but I feel this type of ask is relevant to raising awareness of the problem we have with reposters, art thieves, and the like. So here we go!

It’s true, I may not be as popular as any of the tumblrs you have mentioned (btw, you misspelled a few :c), but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to the rights of, I emphasize, MY OWN WORK. Also, I’m not sure where I was whining anywhere, can you give a source? And what am I supposed to be grateful for exactly? ┐(‘~`;)┌

But yeah, even if I had only 3 followers and half a sandwich, a thing I made and posted is still something I explicitly own. It came from me. All I did was share it via tumblr. If I didn’t share it, guess what? I still made it. The only difference when I shared it was so people can see it too. But I still made it. The reposter didn’t, the art thief didn’t—it was me. Henceforth, it is mine to control how it’s shared and used. You are not entitled to up and use my work without permission, no matter how you justify it.

That goes for all the ‘unpopular’ artists out there too. You created a thing out of nothing. It is yours and no one else’s. If anyone tries to put you down to get you to allow them to repost your stuff or give them ‘free commissions’ for so-called “EXPOSURE”, politely decline them (or flip them off, it really depends on you 👀).

You have something they don’t—your skill. Don’t let them take that from you because they made you feel bad that they make 1000+ notes/likes per (re)post they “made” compared to your sketch getting 9 notes and a supporting comment from grandma. At least you have a skill to make a thing, a skill you can only get better at over time, as opposed to a reposter’s skill of Googling and right-click Save/pressing Print Screen. Because any old schmuck can do that. I can do that. My grandpa can do that. My 4-year old nephew can do that.

We all start from nothing, so have pride in what you can do by yourself! Don’t give up and work hard and I guarantee you, people will definitely notice your effort, be it sooner or later. c: (I was gonna cite Van Gogh as an example of ‘later’ but uhh he got popular after he died so that might be a bad example i’ll shut up about that now im sorry)

But I digress! Back to anon. Your claim is because I’m not a popular artist, I can get recognition via reposters, so I should be grateful. To be frank, I think that claim is all sorts of dumb. It doesn’t explain why reposters then STILL repost work by artists who are clearly more popular than their repost account/s. They certainly don’t need any exposure. The math just doesn’t add up, anon. :c

I do apologize if trying to put me down like this didn’t work out. I am confident in my own (albeit not-that-good-yet) ability and I truly believe that if I do work hard enough, I can make it out there. And even if I never do, at the very least I didn’t enable attitudes such as yours to permeate and be justified. I’ve made friends who appreciate what I do, and at the end of the day, it’s more than enough for me. Even if I don’t make it big, I know they’ll be right here supporting me anyway. My question is, who do you have, anon?

I hope sending out this ask helped you dislike yourself a little less. c: Sorry for the long post!

If anyone needs more information about the reposting/art theft problem and the protest, check out @miraculousblackout! They have all sorts of posts and links to help educate you! If anything else is still unclear, just send an ask. We are here to guide you. Just remember, be respectful! Have a good day! ヾ(☆'∀'☆)

  • Sasuke: (barging into the kitchen) I swear he couldn't be more stupid! Who would do such an reckless mistake, especially on a top secret mission...
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun...
  • Sasuke: Obviously, the Uzumaki idiot! The master of idiotic Uzumaki things!
  • Sakura: Darling, calm down, please and-
  • Sasuke: I know you want to defend him, Sakura, but a lecture about friendship and teamwork is the least thing I want to heat right now. We both could've died if I ha-
  • Sakura: Darling!
  • Sasuke: (sighs) What?
  • Sakura: You just poured breast milk into the coffee.
  • Sasuke: (spits the liquid, red from embarrassment)
  • Sakura: (lauging) Well Sarada won't be too pleased... welcome home, Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: (still tomato faced) Hn.
When you’ve already launched and realized you forgot your water on land.

@lonleymeaf replied to your post “SO LIKE, I was looking through episodes to answer a post and I just…”

Dude, why would he be so thristy for a kiss? This makes me feel like Adrien WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THE KISS WITH MARINETTE but he didn’t have it so he wanted to kiss ladybug instead. BUUUTT WHYY? IS THERE A POSSIBILITY OF ADRIEN KNOWING OR SUSPECTING THAT MARINETTE IS LADYBUG I MEAN WHAAAT IM FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW

Dude like?? I’m actually thinking he probably subconsciously knows? Idk if it’s the magic of the Miraculous or whatever, but he’s definitely feeling that Ladybug vibe on her, ya feel?

I mean, he knows Ladybug has dark hair, wears pigtails, and has bluebell eyes—-and who else is in close proximity to him with the very same features??

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I mean, there are a lot of instances where Adrien seems to be giving Marinette some “special” attention that even he doesn’t give Chloe or anyone else—-the primary one being him putting out all the stops to impress Marinette during the Evillustrator episode (and thus Marichat was born).

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“She has other things to do, so YOU’LL be my Ladybug.

Like……… Adrien…. kid… dude… bruh…

And he winks at her a lot??

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And touches her a lot???

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And it’s clear that he admires her one way or another?

Originally posted by ionlywannaseeyousmile

Hahahaha……….. kid… pls.

He doesn’t have to say or realize he has a crush on her too. I honestly think it’s less that he’s not interested in her, and more that he’s completely oblivious about his own feelings because of Ladybug being at the forefront of his mind. But I think, deep inside, he just sort of knows.

Then again he is a French teenage boy so……………. I don’t know…. I mean, I’ve seen him touch Chloe’s shoulder? And Juleka’s? Maybe he’s just the touchy feely kinda dude. He is starved for affection after all, someone love him pls

But, I mean, they’re obviously made for each other anyway. In the end, they’ve always liked each other. In the end, the four ships are two dumb people circling around each other so! It’s all good??

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“I’m sorry what I did, but you aren’t the one I should apologize from, as you aren’t the man I love. Bring me back Chat Noir!”

So I read @niuniente​‘s fic ‘The Wingman Visits’ and wELL YOU KNOW ME. GOTTA DRAW DUMB ART FOR THIS GOOD FIC AYY

Go read it. B)

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To Love the Game and Hate the Creator, that logic comes from the fact Dev is the one making the game. So it's kinda contradicting and hypocritical to love the game and despise him. The game came from the creator's mind. Unfortunately I'm on Mobile, I can't see your receipts section you have, but I would gladly look at it if you linked it to me, because I honestly bet most of it would relate to news that Dev already cleared up. (Part 1/2)

(Part 2/2) That last part honestly makes me sick because it just shows how careless and selfish your are. I’m sorry, but I don’t ever recall Dev mentioning you specifically in multiple posts? He might of mentioned you once, but otherwise that’s it? If you can prove me otherwise, then go ahead.

alright, heres a link to the receipts. our blog is entirely submission based so its not even US digging for them.

people love the game because its a really cool concept. that’s why so many other yandere games have popped up in such a short amount of time. its a COOl game but its not a GOOD game. and the reason why people can hate the dev is because the things hes said havent been related to the game for the most part.

the fact that he needs 8 clearing up misunderstandings (including the art theft one, which was already debunked) is a red flag. sorry if you cant see that but shrug emoji i guess. he constantly references us. if you didnt know, we’re those dumb tumblr kids he’s always talking about. 

ok this last bit got me a little mad so im gonna be a little more serious yall i know that doesnt usually happen but hey you know lol

im careless and selfish for caring about myself and my friends and family?? he’s said disgusting things that i will NOT forgive until he gives a clear apology that DOESNT include him saying “context! context! they took it out of context!” when theres no contex to begin with, and where context doesnt MATTER with what he says. 

im gonna post some of the things he said since god knows youll probably miss them and say we’re wrong.

this post is already long enough but way to piss me the fuck Off by saying im careless and selfish for hating this piss stain. next time you wanna send dumbass asks like this, read the damn blog before you look like a fool


seriously super stupid sleepover;; shayne topp

summary: you’re watching shayne, olivia, courtney, and noah on ssss film stranger strings

a/n’s: im sorry


“in kindergarten, i got in trouble for telling my teacher she had nice boobs,” shayne reads from the card. immediately courtney and olivia shoot noah with their silly string. he tries to dodge it, but fails.

“why did you think it was me?” noah whines.

“because, i don’t know. classic noah,” courtney says. out of nowhere shayne starts speaking again, beginning to tell the story of how he told his teacher she had nice boobs.

“so in kindergarten, i would often just say things to like gage people’s reactions. i would just say crazy things,” a small laugh erupts from noah. “like in a conversation i’d just be like, "penis”.“

"in kindergarten?!” courtney asks, bewildered.

“yes in kindergarten,” he pauses to start his story up again. “so i was watching my teacher, she was playing kickball, and she– i can’t even remember if she had nice boobs i was just looking out like "she has boobs” and then she kicks a ball and just from a way’s away, sitting on a bench i was just like “nice boobs!” and she like kicks the ball and goes “what!”. and she walks up and says “what did you say?” and i go “…nice kick.’” courtney, olivia, and noah all burst out in laughter, but shayne still continues the story

“and i was like, "nice boobs.” it was the first time i ever got really in trouble at school and i was so bummed. and i remember crying to her like “it was a compliment.” and that’s how early on i learned that cat-calling is stupid and bad,“ shayne finishes and you giggle, thinking of something funny to say.

"you know what’s also funny, he has said that exact same thing to me once,” you blurt, making everyone in the room arise in laughter. as soon as you said that shayne turns a deep shade of red. courtney notices and points it out, crying at his embarrassed expression. you smile to yourself as you just made everyone laugh.

“why would expose me like this?” shayne yells, but laughs at the same time.

“when did this happen?” noah cries. you get up from the chair you’re sitting in next to the camera and take a seat next to your boyfriend.

“it was the first time i sent him nudes and he was really flustered, like, i mean really flustered. he was so flustered that all he fucking sent was "nice boobs” and proceeded to apologize for his awkwardness,“ you announce, which makes shayne turn a deeper shade of red. you laugh at him, but give him a peck on the lips and a hug. "babe, i’m so sorry,” you say as you continue hugging him. all he does is burst out laughing and takes you into his arms and gives you a tight squeeze, making the air escape your body as punishment.

“i love you,” you whisper in his ear. you give him another kiss on his cheek.

“i love you too even though you embarrass me.”

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Hi, I apologize if this question could be seen as tokenizing black experiences but I'm unable to find information on this topic. Some people have pointed out that Go, Go - BTS has cultural appropriation of black American dance moves in it but I can't find a source that sort of breaks that down and explains it. Would you happen to have any thoughts? I'm just here as an ally trying to make sure I listen and then take action, and I apologize if this question is rude. Thank you for your time.

that’s a very dumb thing to say lmao, they’re trend dances. it’s not cultural appropriation to dab, ‘hit dem folks’ or ‘rolley’. so nothing was pointed out.

the taming of the shrew characters as dril tweets
  • katherina: why won't anyone fight me on this site. i want to slam one of you smug motherfuckers to hell, with the good words that i type and post here.
  • petruchio: wassup babe, im the reason Pregnancy-info .net disabled video embedding on their forums, how abuot giving me a nice kiss
  • bianca: THERAPIST: your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset. ME: I agree
  • baptista: i now hereby declare that all of the guys who reply to my posts are now married to the girls who reply to my posts, and thats that
  • lucentio: going t o start saying, "Wife City" whenever i see an attractive woman. e.g... "thats Wife City" or "that girl is Wife City to me"
  • tranio: goign to new york disguised as the Mayor so when the cops turn their back on me i can jack off
  • hortensio: girls always love to telling people not to" Mansplain" but they do not care of, "Man's Pain"
  • gremio: "im not owned! im not owned!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob
  • biondello: (in "not knowing what chickens coming home to roost means" voice) looks like the chickens have come home to roost,
  • grumio: the joke is on you fuck face. i actually love getting screamed at and publicly shamed for my dumb-assed bull shit . I love apologizing
  • pedant: hello. what is your online user handle please? ok. ok thanks. Blocked
  • vincentio: to the coward fraud who claimed my username: it is you who deserves to be plagued by this baneful "2". Posted by CrotchLordMiami2 at 3:36 am
  • widow: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infants
  • christopher sly: It has recently occurred to me that I am constantly being clowned on. The people I trust most have apparently been clowning on me for years.

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playlist: neon chopsticks

1. Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito

2. Do 2 Me by Waterbed

3. Otter Pop by Shawn Wasabi (ft. Hollis)

4. Try Me by Kero Kero Bonito

5. Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet

accent challenge
me myself & i

fkdsjnfksj okay here it is !!!!! i was tagged by @angelksoo @deararchimedes and @co-kai-ne to do the tumblr accent challenge (thank u !!!<333) 

my voice is so ugly dknsn and apologies for the CONSTANT SNIFFLING SKDJNSK i was literally getting annoyed w myself when i was listening back rip (also i never realised how much i say “em” and “okay” until i did this lmao)

im tagging: @byunlucid @92-pcy @lawlliets @rose-byun @slayeol @dorkyksoo  and @4xing 

if you dont wanna do it or im dumb and you already did it then forget i even tagged you sdjfndskjn

Prompt: dialogue only

Sorry I’m behind on it, I didn’t see this one where I started my other fic with the prompt: “did you just__” So I figured I’m going to do a continuation of the Ballet! AU seeing as though so many people asked me to!

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“Why are you apologizing?”

“For bein’ dumb earlier i guess.”


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best friends w astro

part 3/??? (part 1 || part 2)

  • theyre having a photo shoot
  • and of course you got to go with them 
    • eunwoo: what time do you have to be at the shoot?
    • you: an hour before you
    • you: kinda sucks i was up super late last night and completely forgot about the photoshoot 
    • you: i need coffee 
    • eunwoo: up for a coffee date???
  • eunwoo takes you on a coffee date because youre going to be exhausted as heck during the photoshoot today 
  • he pays for you and you have a nice chat 
    • “what book are you reading?”
    • “i dont know, it’s just super long and super boring. people with no lives probably read this book in their freetime”
    • “i think ive read that book.”
    • oh…”
  • he buys you breakfast too 
  • you two go to the studio earlier than the other boys because theyre probably still getting ready and the manager doesnt mind the boys trickling in one by one,,, as long as they get there on time 
  • you brought your homework with you in case you get some time to yourself 
  • eunwoo doesnt talk to you because he knows youre exhausted and just want to lay on his lap
  • honestly what is your job because as the temp assistant youve just being paid to hang out with your best friends 
  • when the boys get to the studio, theyre super hyper
  • jinjin has ddoca and he’s filming everything 
  • fun fact: no one knows youre besties with astro bc youre scared of what ppl may say abt you 
  • but ya know, jinjin COMPLETELY forgot that you didnt want to be filmed 
  • you hiding behind sanha when you realize that he’s filming you 
  • sanha trying to shield you from the camera 
  • mj and rocky pushing you out from behind him
  • bin and eunwoo are first to get their hair and make up done
  • jinjin remembering and apologizing so many times about filming you 
    • “im so so so sorry, i completely forgot”
    • “its o-”
    • “you probably hate me now and want to quit your-”
    • “jinjin its cool i dont care anymore”
    • honestly fansites have posted pictures of you with astro so youre already kinda known if people study the faces in the background
    • plus you gotta be exposed eventually 
  • jinjin and mj gotta go get their makeup and hair done so youre stuck filming rocky and sanha doing dumb stuff
  • rocky and sanha try to stick stickers on as many people as they can
  • rocky doing some dumb dance and sanha insulting him 
  • rocky making you do some dumb dance and sanha filming it 
  • when socky gotta go get prettied up for their photo shoot, you’re left sitting alone with ddoca
  • you dont really know how to work ddoca so you kinda just hold it up and talk about yourself 
    • “hi im the temp assistant of astros manager while the real assistant is on maternity leave”
    • awkward silence 
    • more awkward silence
  • finally the photoshoot begins
  • you film the boys doing some poses and film yourself imitating them with the other members 
  • when its time to eat you basically hide yourself from the camera because you hate being filmed while eating
    • “hey, can i have your egg roll?”
    • “no you cant”
    • bin taking your food without permission 
    • “bin- cmon that was the last egg roll!!”
  • mj tricking and messing with you the whole time
    • “here you can have some of my food” 
    • mj feeding you with his chopsticks 
    • when they get rlly close to your mouth he swerves it and its the food he was going to give you 
    • “mj im going to fight you”
    • “no you arent” 
    • you tackling mj and mj being pinned to the ground by the boys
    • you and bin eating his food together as revenge even though bin took most of your food 
  • rocky, sanha, and you playing rock paper scissors for the last fry 
  • rocky ends up winning but sanha goes for it and eats the fry
  • rocky pretending to be made and staring into ddoca like hes in the office
  • mj, jinjin, and you are laughing rlly hard that this point 
  • eunwoo feeding you and bin 
  • when the photoshoot is over, the boys walk you home
  • on the way home, eunwoo and jinjin buy you bubble tea and you stop by a park to hang out in
  • praying that no one recognizes them because their manager thinks theyre going straight to their home 
  • sanha zipping his coat up all the way because of mosquitoes 
  • holding!! hands!! with!! jinjin!! because!! he!! wants!! to!! take!! you!! on!! a!! walk!! alone!!
  • you two talk about life
  • when you return to the rest of the pack, rocky and mj are singing at the top of their lungs 
  • everything is a mess 
  • bin is snooping through your bag and is kinda just staring in awe at your neat notes in your notebook
  • sanha was silently watching you n jinjin
  • apparently eunwoo was filming a majority of your walk 
    • “you know, im going to get alone time with y/n and im gonna have longer walks with them than you jinjin!!”
    • “the walk would be so short. you’d see a butterfly and runaway, sanha”
    • “s-s-shut up.” 
  • they walk you the rest of the way home 
  • a big group hug when you get to their door 
  • you closing the door behind you and your groupchat is already being spammed with messages from them
  • you dont go to bed till midnight because youre just chatting with them anyway 

So juat to clarify now this should hopefully be my last fandom statement for my blog (at leasy for this season haha) just so anyone coming im kniws wheee i am. ok here goes..

I am a Caryler and will remain so til I die. You will pull my ship from cold, dead fingers cause i will not let go of it. That simple.

I will not make any excuses for the dumb shit Norman says. And I will be the first to admit he says dumb shit. But I will not stop being a fan of his and liking him either. That is my choice as well. And he he dosent always make it easy on me, trust me on that. But I will not apologize for it either. End of story.

Even has the right to how they feel about things. If they want to give up fine. If they dont like/hate Norman, fine too. I have many friends tgat feel that way and I never tell anyone how to feel about anything. Difference of opinion is another foundation of free media and its a good thing.

I pick my battles, meaning that only if I feel real strongly about something will I speak up. If I feel someone is being unfair to someone else, no matter who it is I will say something, but most of the time I will let well enough alone.

People can deal with thier fandom and frustrations any way they want, just dont tell me how to deal with it is all I ask.

I have met great people here and a lot of them are still here and still my friends (and they kniw who they are) so I will continue to my thing and ship my ship and love and celebrate who I want to and I hope thats fine with everyone.

so per usual to my shipper peeps, just Caryl the fuck on for tge new season ❤❤

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