im so done with you shindong

Learn Chinese Thru NCT

ChenLe or ChinLey?  

Hey yall, idk if this was done already but prepare for a boring, kinda in depth lesson on the NCT china line (which you can probably just find on google translate)

so I was just talking about NCT with this random ass girl the other day and my boy ChenLe was brought up into the conversation…

and somehow she butchered his name to be ChinLee and im like are you leeteuk and shindong or something wtf how can u butcher chenles name that much

but i take this as a good experience because it inspired me to bring justice to the nct china line’s names

Let’s Start With Zhōng ChénLe (钟辰乐)

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ok yall, its not chinlee, chen-lay, chung-le

the “én” in chén is pronounced like the letter “n” as in (pen) but when saying it, you gotta make your voice go up like a question

>since the apostrophe on the “é” looks like an uphill, you have to raise your voice like a question

now the “lè” is pronounced more like “luh” …. but now the apostrophe in the “è” is going the opposite way so you gotta make your voice fall (like your disappointed in something so youre like ohh)

>since the apostrophe on the “è” looks like a downhill, you have to make your voice fall (imagine your voice going down a hill) 

now heres the hard one…. Zhōng

the “zh” is pronounced like a “j” as in jar

the “ō” has a straight line as an apostrophe so you dont raise or lower your voice (imagine a straight road) and its pronounced like a normal “o” as in “row”

>imaging youre singing row row row your boat…. take the tone of your voice when you sing the “o” part in “row” and thats kinda the sound of the “ō” vowel in Zhōng

the “ng” part is pretty self explanatory but just in case if youre extra like me, just imagine the word “long” but replace the “o” sound with the kind of tone we just learned 

well, if anybody even makes is this far in the post without dying of boredom i hope you learned how to pronounce at least one character in zhong chenle’s name :^)

i might do more chinese for nct and exo not that anyone cares

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