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hey tray im trying to read more this summer and i rlly value ur opinion on like literally everything so i was wondering what ur fav books/poetry collections are?? thank u and love u !!!!

i love u! my opinion is irrelevant as fuck tho lmfao omg ily

top fav books: gone girl, tuesdays w morrie, journey to the center of the earth, you too could have a body like mine, the first bad man, a corner of the universe, the great gatsby

the only poetry book i loved thru and thru 100% was by euo aka alma blood and it what have we done to each other

i’m crying we were defending anubis and doing pretty bad (nbd tho everyone was being silly so it was fun) and somehow i ended up being all alone as mercy on point b

an enemy genji came on the point and i knew i was done for so i just said “hello!” as a last resort, and he said hello back fhdsjkkfdshjk

but when both our teams came rolling in he ulted and killed everyone, including me (also nbd, ya do what ya gotta do)

when the game was finished tho (we lost obvs) i got this message

i’m crying

Baby Facetiming (Part 4 of Sugar Baby)




Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: i really never thought i would write 4 parts like this cause i haven’t really liked any of em omg i never planned this far ahead, had i known i would be asked to continue it i would’ve done it sooo much nicer and more organized from the start im so sorry (imma still do it tho cause im a warrior and i aint giving up, but sorry if it’s too short & also thank you 1st anon i wasn’t super confident about how I was doing his character portrayal i appreciate u)

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shoutout to my old cinderella anon if u still follow me and happen to see this i’m about to rewatch the live action cinderella (2015) movie instead of studying for my final lmfao hope ur doing well

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what are your thoughts on mylene?

mylene cruz? an icon. shes gorgeous and talented and has been thru so much to get to where she is!! when shes not being insulted and called out of her name or being sexualized by nasties, shes making moves!! i can see why a lot of ppl call her selfish or “”“manipulative”“” but like? so is shao, who is possibly even more manipulative than she is? idk i just feel like the fandom unneccesarily hates mylene for the smallest things while praising other characters for the same damn thing. is she a little Much tho? yes!! omg when she was genuinely freaking out about zeke not making it to the photoshoot i was so confused like tf?? what would he even be doing there…but ya gotta remember shes a teenage girl whos constantly being put through the wringer by everyone in her life EXCEPT zeke so i think shes just taking advantage of that fact. but anyway shes such a sweet girl at the end of the day and im so glad shes finally doing things the way she wants them done for once! she just wants to sing w her girls :’)

Otp Game


Pick your top ten otp’s without reading the questions.

1. midorima x takao (KNB)

2. Yuuri x wolfram (KKM)

3. Karma x nagisa (Ak)

4. wakasa x tatsumi (orenchi no furo jijo)

5. nezumi x shion (no. 6)

6. spain x romano (hetalia)

7. levi x eren (snk)

8. daichi x suga (haikyuu)

9. germany x italy (hetalia)

10. makoto x haru (free)

Do you remember the first episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 6 in?

The thing is i didnt start shipping them in the anime. i was searching more hetalia ships because i really liked 9 and so i found it.

i left the anime halfway through, idk why i really did enjoy it ill continue it later

Why is 1 so important?

Honestly speaking idk. I fell in love with the ship in the episode in which they play against kuroko. But OMG i love this ship way too much. 

also what coud make me love this shi so much is the fact that i see it as in that takao really admires midorimas shoots, and midorima in teiko wasn’t really, like… nobody said like wow your amazing!. and i feel that this is really refreshing to midorima and that its good for him. (i love them so much i cant quite explain why i ship them so hard but i tried my best!)

Out of all the ships listed, which has the most chemistry?

Either 8 or 4. Daichi and suga are just naturally made for each other. While suga has to deal with the fact that he no longer a regular, Daichi will give his all to comfort him and win all games just for him. And Wakasa has that childish look to life that Tasumi needs (im guessing that he needs it because of how serious he is) besides wakasa has his own ways to win tatsumis heats even being a half-fish. (Which is incredibly cute)

Out of all the ships listed which has the strongest bond?

1, 8, 3 or 5.

i already explained 1 and 8 before so ill just explain 3. if you saw no. 6 theres no need in explaining.

if you rad the manga your able to see how cute karma and nagisa are. ill give you examples

not enough?

he protecting him from getting his ass kicked 

look at how pissed of he looks

How many times have you read/watched 10s fandom?

A lot, but honestly not as much as one would normally expect from a fangirl. idk i love them but i droped the anime because i got bored but yea.

Which ship has lasted the longest?

7 has lasted more than any other. mostly because all other ships are remotely new.

How many times, if ever, has 6 broken your heart?

about 7 times if i were able to count them. just based on DJ and some picture i saw though

If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive. 2 or 8?

thats hard.because if yuuri were to survive (without using his magic) it will be all thanks to wolfram because i dont think yuuri will be able to talk the zombies off this one! 

and i do think daichi and suga would be able to survive but i can just imagine it being way too sad i imagine suga being in danger and daichi saving him by putting his life in danger and dying. 

so maybe 2 because wolfram loves yuuri way to much to let him die and he would take care of himself too, because he knows that his death would not only mean yuuris death as well but also yuuri would end up hurt. instead daichi would trust that suga would be able to survive by himself and make reckless actions to save him not thinking for a second about sugas feeling afterwards his death because in that moment the most important thing is sugas life.

Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?

i dont think they would, but i dont thing they’d feel the need to say it either (not counting the fact that mikasa would have an VERY EPIC battle with levi for eren, but yea)

Is 4 still together?

i hope so. i hope they somehow get married as well

Is ten cannon?

with the amount of fanservice, you could say so, yea…

If all ten ships were put into a couples Hunger Games, which couple would win?

maybe karma and nagisa. only because 

1: if one happened to die the other one will dramaticly just kill himself.

2: yuuri is very probably going to die.

4: i just cant imagine wakasa suviving the games if he cant even stay a couple of minutes out of the water

5: they might, if shion goes to his yandere side.

6: no idea. i cant even imagine them there. idk why i just cant.

7: eren would just be like WHERE ARE THE TITANNNNSSSS?! and levi trying to calm him down all the freaking time (like honestly, even levi might kill him himself)

8: same as in the zombie thing

9: cant imagine them either

10: for this we need makotos yandere side to capture haru ad hide him extremely well while he kills everyone

Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?

maybe, i would say safu but if so, wouldnt have she let shion die anyways?

Which ship would you defend to death and beyond?

honeslty, all of them

Do you spend hours a day going through 3s tumblr page?

OMG YESS, The problem is tho that not many people ship them. so i just read the manga. 

If an evil which descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of your ten ships to break up forever or else she’d break them all forever, which ship would you sink?

shit. emmm, probably 4 becuase even as friends wakasa can provide tatsumi with the love he deserves to have

well IM DONE! thanks for reading


let’s play how much selfies do you post on Tumblr? I was tagged by @bulba-suho-r​ 💞 💞 💞 this babe lookin’ so beautiful and I think it’s alr my 3rd time doing this??? still I am not worthy for Junmyeon yet? guurl I really want to bite his cheeks   😔 😔 😔 

i’m gonna try my bestest to tag new people and those who havent done this yet bec I want to see all of your beauties  😘 @byunvoyage​ tho I saw you pretty on IG 😍, @topfied​, hey I can feel beauty in you, do this//  @baekhyunsama​, ah you’re so adorable what more should I sayy @princejunmyeon​ hey I miss you badlyyy :( you dont message me anymore @theseoks​ too omg i know you’re busy imma get you on Line @sehuntiago​ we just talked but im always available if you need someone to talk to @kahaengchu​, hey beautiful  💞 and mutuals I’ve tagged but havent done this @kimjunnoodle​, @baekhyunsjackpot​, @kyungsoosjigglynalgas​ i miss talking to you were mutuals for like sooooo sooo long alr @xingmebaektosleep show pics of you in kr I miss you!!!

PS: not compulsory

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sterek listening to music together! also i met you at florida super con and i bought all your sense8 art and i was wondering if by any chance your going to put your riley one and the others when their done in your shop because im very interested in having the entire set

I loved this prompt a lot omg thanks!! Sorry it took so long to answer your question tho but ahh i remember you!! I’m definitely going to be adding all of the sensates as i finish them on my etsy c:

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(potentially controversial) Opinion on Klance vs Sheith??? Which ship do you prefer? *runs and hides* :P

well i just absolutely adore she1th tbh it’s my Ultimate hAHAHHAA. im sad to say that for me personally kl@nce has been difficult for me to enjoy at the moment (that may change im doing what i can, like taking a break from it, bc i loved it so much….) and it’s going to take me a while to hopefully think about it without feeling incredibly anxious or reminded of stuff i dont really want to think about. especially with keiith i get quite upset with some of the things i see for him. 

that’s really frustrating for me tho tbh bc it can be SO GOOD and a cool ship like omg?! funny and dynamic when done well and the thing is it is done well by so many people here which is awesome and i know it’s easy to forget when things get intense round this place. 

but tbh i always smile when i see people enjoying it so much on my dash and sometimes i do reblog a few arts 8). yea tho just bc atm i dont think about it much romantically doesn’t mean it’s bad and actually you’ve given me a good chance to say this and idk maybe it will make some people feel better bc i know a lot of people are starting to feel bad about liking kl@nce bc of the @ntis and so forth. but i mean im gonna echo our saviour Steven here with: 


each to their own and you know what good. im glad you get so much joy and happiness from something! bc i get the same from she1th right now. i respect and support everyone who enjoys kl@nce and im always gonna be here for the she1th squad tm B)))c 

maybe im a giant cheeseball but in my eyes i guess there’s no reason to make it out to be like teams, even if i do prefer one of them, when we can stand together in the mess that already is this f@ndom lmao!!! 8) 

ALSO that reminds me any kl@nce friends who may see this a new post is circulating rn with some blogs you may wanna check out for content here

hope that’s an okay answer? haahha! 

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Are you still taking requests? If so I'd absolutely love it if you'd draw some more Andrew Ryan cause I LOVE how you draw him. If not no worries! Keep up the good work!! you're probably one of my favorite artists and the your art is amazing!!!

Im still… sort of figuring out how to draw him haha. I think i like this better than what ive done before tho. try to imagine everything not so sketchy XP

and thanks so much <3333 (you give me too much credit omg)


omg im finally done withh this at looongg lastt @.@ 

i sketched this thing at that chpt where zhan said he wanted to protect jian yi… n i was just so happy i wanted to draw smth for my overflowing happiness. They are taking a wedding photoshoot! XD

becos of work and stuff i didnt rly had that much time to b working on this! but i madee it! and thank you to all the followers for sticking with me even tho i’m hardly active nowadays…

i most prolly wont be working so much on fanarts aft this.(maybe time to time yea!) i have other unfinished sketches actually…. i will need to finish them up too! becos i hate unfinished stuff ;;; aaanndd i want to finally be able to move on n work on my originals!! soo… i may be a lil dead again… 

Its night here so goodnight!!

If anybody has skincare questions .. feel free to ask! Hopefully I’ll have my products done this week too (hopefully since I’m taking summer classes)

Done: basic roaming cleanser and tested with a ph of 5.5 and I love it… omg it leaves my face so clean and not like dry and tight

To do: glycolic toner with licorice and grape seed Extract

Hyaluronic acid gel moisturizer with licorice niacinamide and grape seed extract (im so excited for this one it’s gonna be hard to formulate tho smh)