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i'm new to stanning up10tion and i know basically nothing about the members, can you tell me a bit about each? (w pictures if you could, thanks!!)

Thank you for handing me this pleasure to help : D

Okie so let’s begin with the leader: Jinhoo   He’s part of the vocal line

He was born on the: 95.08.02

He is known for his lips as you can see and swells a lot from eating chilli (when he was on the meet&greet he ate chilli)

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Then we got Kuhn, the co-leader   He’s the rapper (but he can sing well)

He was born on the:  95.11.11 (pepero day) 

He has a deep voice and sounds intimidating but really he’s a little cinnamon roll 

He also does a great kim woo bin impression

Now to Kogyeol (his name means noble which on tv he is often called the noble one)

He was born on: 96.05.19    He’s part of the vocal line

He is “amazing” at freestyle rap like wow 

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Now you got Wei     He’s the ‘high-toned’ rapper

He was born on: 96.06.08

He’s an absolute cutie who got embrassed when Kogyeol rapped on Weekly idol

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Now we have the ‘cave’ rapper Bit-to ( i dont know why he’s called that tbh maybe because he has a low voice)

He was born on: 96.08.24

He’s the charismatic on stage type but then an idiot off stage :’ )

He has a cute smile tho 

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Now we got Satan—- I mean Wooshin    He’s part of the vocal line

He was born on 96.10.27

He’s a squishy evil but cute full of aegyo playful loves the manknae line alot person. : D  And he has awesome art skills (manga) which is displayed on their reality show

Lemme pass you an example on his evilness— Poor Hwanhee (the guy he dropped the tray on)

Let’s not forget Woogyeol (which can also be a play on word for We got married the show)

Now the ball of sunshine that makes you wanna squish him and protect him 

SUNYOUL   He was born on: 96.11.06   He’s part of the vocal lone and his high notes are no joke. He’s also recently appeared on King of Masked singer

He has the brightest smile and cute teeth

Now we got Gyujin aka Mr Pouty Face

He is part of the vocal line but doesnt get many parts

He was born on the 97.11.21

He’s also nicknamed Shincan Eyebrows because it resembles that character

And the manknae line—

We got Hwanhee aka the beagle   He was born on 98.05.06

He has amazing vocals and is compared to Hwanhee Fly to the sky and more famously Exo Baekhyun

Expect a lot of mankae bromance, hence the gif above

And finally Xiao

He is the Mankae of up10tion and also the one who deos the brilliant fanservice of showing his abs   *Sidenote: Him and Sunyoul are unoffically in charge of the abs in my opinion*

Btw on his solo charm stage he grinded to the flooe to Justin Timberlake—- WHAT IS THIS KID I DONT KNOW 

Some more XiaoHee moments

And finally XiaoShin couple

And there you have it the brief rundown on up10tion 

Welcome to the fandom ^3^