im so done with justin bieber

i can seriously just imagine bts watching all the acts and performances in awe with lots of OOOHs and AHHHs and OMG LOOK IT’S DRAKE H ELOVES CANADA I LOVE CANADA NOW TOO and WHERES JUSTIN BIEBER SUNBAENIM I NEED TO TELL HIM I LOVE HIM

but forreals they must be having the time of their lives, living out their dreams as one of the biggest legends of the kpop world and yet we all know they probably feel so honored and humbled to even be there right now but they deserve all the recognition and i really hope they win and enjoy the show and eat good food and know that they are the most hardworking down to earth and real guys that we’ll always love OK IM DONE BACK TO LIVE STREAMING

the gangsey dance party

ok listen we’ve already established how it starts out in this post but let me just refresh your memory:

(gay trans boy!ronan, bisexual bigender!adam, pansexual trans boy!gansey, demisexual genderfluid!henry, pansexual transfeminine!noah, demisexual genderfluid!blue)

henry is Bored and starts snooping through everybodys ipod in order to organize a dance party (and theyve also got ahold of some weed; courtesy of cheng two)(everyone has a playlist of latin music as well in their library) and here is what henry finds in everyones music library 

more under the cut :))

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me and you got it deadlocked

aka the one where Justin’s the newest student at school and everyone places bets on who he’ll date first, Y/N just wants enough money to buy a whip, Khalil’s the ringleader, Hailey has beef with Chantel, Za feels very strongly about parking spaces, and they’re all rich seniors with too much time on their hands.

Clearly, this is a high school au where all your faves are students. The main focus, as always, is Y/N and Justin, but the squad does play a big role as well. This is just a nice way to celebrate me getting off my mini hiatus and hopefully beginning to post more frequently !! If you really liked this, let me know ‘cause I’ve never written anything like this before and I’m nervous as hell about posting it.

Justin’s texts are in italics and Y/N’s are in bold

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♡ JB Drabble List  ♡

starting a new one , send in #’s!!


1. “are you sick?”

2.”dont touch me”

3. your parents just came home and now youre shoving me in the closet/ under the bed/ out the window but i only have one shoe on and no underwear oh my god & youre trying to kiss me while shoving me cool!!!1

4.” please dont go”

5. “ i love it when you kiss me like that ”

6.” you enjoying the view?”

7. “god youre perfect”

8. “ I cant stop thinking of your hands on me”

9.” talk to me”

10. “your hair is so soft”

11. “no, im not letting you go. Its to early to get out of bed”

12.” C’mere, you can sit on my lap until im done working”

13.” were playing spin the bottle & yikes it landed on you haha??”

14. “what? of course i didnt write fanfics about you lol?!?! Oh, that ? welll.”

15. “come cuddle with meeee

pen pals needed |-/

whats’s up frens

im becca a fifteen year old girl from Ireland

ive done this so many times before and met lovely people so im doing it again ! 

i love listening to music twenty one pilots are my go to im not really into anything else right now lmao i like Justin Bieber,panic at the disco and all that good stuff but im so obsessed with twenty one pilots (so if theres any clique out there hmu fren) 

i watch a lot of youtube and netflix i like shawn dawston, rick and morty, shamelss, oitnb 

so if your between the age of 15-17 and love music, netflix and have no life hmu, race gender doesnt matter to me just dont be a 60 year old dood 

social media !  (im on snapchat the most)





(im barely on tumblr)

okk talk later 


↳ [ AU ] : in which after three years of only communicating through IM, user hemmo1996 finally found the courage fly out to your area just to see you. (CONTINUATION OF THIS MEME)

So in the past 24 HRS:

1. Camila addressed Camren
2. Lauren and Camila allegedly talking about their sexuality in a taxi.
3. #CamrenIsReallyDeadParty  
4. Shawn and Camila’s duet IKWYDLS and Camila getting hate and Shawmila nonsense
5. #KeaurenIsReal trending WORLDWIDE because….
6. Justin Bieber RTing a Camren photo 


but we all lowkey know that justin is gonna be a great ass father like he would be that type of dad that would always be there for his kids and he would go to all the baseball games and ballet recitals and even those stupid parents night that no parents go to but he would be there and he would take time off of work just to go to things like that because nothing is more important to him than family and if you two had a little boy he would teach him how to dress and how to talk and say all the dumb words that he says like “swag” and “deez nuts… ha got emmmmm” you would tell him to stop teaching your son such useless things and he would argue and be like “it’s important babe he needs to know” and if you two had a little girl he would know how to braid her hair and play dolls with her and we all know she would be daddy’s little princess and even if she got a papercut justin would have a heart attack and start overreacting and you would roll your eyes at him at how dramatic he was being and when she gets her first crush justin would get all overprotective and ask her a bunch of questions and she would end up running away from him because he loves his princess too much and doesn’t want her to grow up so quickly but they would always have their little bond like justin would sing her to sleep and she would be lying on his chest and they would look like cutest things in the world and wow im done

there’s no such thing to piss me off more than people (especially on tumblr) that be like “little mix is so talented but they are problematic”. ??? first of all we all have problematic faves, let’s cut the fake bullshit and accept it . not everyone (including me) has patience for people acting like wannabes social justice warriors tbh its’ like some of you guys can accept when YOUR faves collect a shitload of problematic receipts but when is little mix (btw 50% of the ‘receipts’ y’all have of them are made by people who hate them for other reasons and already proved wrong SO) y’all get offended for things you can’t even understand??. there are celebrities out there that do worse stuff and still get praised and i’m not saying little mix is untouchable and you need to close your eyes for that and honestly i’ll recognize that they’ve done some wrong shit and probably WILL do in the future and you know why? NOT EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO THE SO ‘EDUCATED’ AND PREPOTENT SIDE OF TUMBLR. little mix is a extremely talented, hard worker and humble group, have done so many good things for so many people while fighting for a complicated audience and if y’all will sleep on them SOLELY because of that, i honestly hope karma goes back to kick you in the face. also hope one day you guys can break free from the hypocrite world you’re stuck in and realize that you can support and enjoy a celebrity and still disagree/call them out on their wrong behavior.