im so done w them


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

me: im a very chill person actually i dont get angry easily. i love that about myself, how i can stay calm even in the most nerve wracking n annoying situations is a rly admirable trait

someone: johnny should leave nct


tbh th only content (in context of fandoms/etc) i’m ok w/ endorsing as ‘’embarrassing’’ are bigoted ppl being. u kno. actually harmful/toxic (ex: dudebros throwing a riot over 3 consecutive new female characters in OW)

other thn tht like………………let ppl hav fun……………….esp young kids……………………esp young girls……………………

like christ a bunch of (young) (female) ppl being attracted to a new fandom character + thinking they’re cute like………..can we Not label that as a bad thing

they arent………….hurting anyone…………..


foods of thedas : TEA WITH MERRILL

merrill’s home may be small, tucked away in the corner of kirkwall’s alienage, but it is always warm & welcoming. her door is open to anyone who wants to pop by, and once she is properly settled in, her kitchen is always overflowing with the smell of baking. at first, her attempts are interesting at best, as dalish ovens function completely differently to that in her new home; but soon she’s deftly mixing clan sabrae traditions with those taught to her by her new neighbours in the alienage. there’s not a heart she can’t win over with her famous scones, and she has tea ready for any occasion. fresh fruit and good baking are merrill’s secret to making instant friends.

a badly coloured zutara drawing for my bb dimoltiregni‘s birthday <3

sorry for terrible background and pic quality i have no excuses

If you don’t like moodboards...

Then block the tags #moodboardstc and #moodboardscl because my next few non story posts will be moodboards :)

jiminslattae  asked:

remember when jk said jm had cute toes like who says that?? alSO, during fansigns they flirt so much they ignore the fans.i love how JK hovers when JM hangs out w/ others, that frozen smile he gets on his face (when hes jealous) gives me life like during that fansign when min/joon were all touchy and he ignored JM (bc he was jealous), im pure trash for this sHIp. the prom backhug, all the backhugs im just...dfksanf. and how all the members seem so done w/ them sometimes like???


LOL I laughed so hard when Will (@pafuyu-mu​) said that thing about the toes in his Jikook analysis video. I was like lmao TRUTH. 

DONT BRING UP FANSIGNS WITH ME. JUST DONT. If you read my tags you know all the rage I have for those. but tbh I try to blame it on the seating arrangements but last time they did Jimin publicly vetoed it in front of everyone so ._. I guess it’s harder than it looks XD

Jungkook gets jealous of Minjoon so much like: 

Relax Mr. Spreading Legs. (also namjoon’s jpg face lmao)


^PROM COUPLE RIGHT DERE. ngl first time i saw those photos i fucking screamed. and i did a double take wondering if it was actually them.but it was. so i screamed some more. favourite pictures of them.

ngl. as much as i ship them. sometimes im hoseok and taehyung when it comes to them lmao.

^“can you guys chill? ._.”

even my sister (who is originally a taekook shipper and still claims to be) sees them interact sometimes and she’s just like O.O “wtf they’re so weird.”

(and shiet, ur Canadian too? Come join my moose party :D)