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my queen my angel my number one favourite writer could you do one of those lil au thingys for Minhyuk please??? You don't have to obvs but if you wanna that'd be great I liVe for your blog I literally check it like 4 times a day and I'm so excited for your jooheon college au bcos he is my number 1 but u r also my number 1 ok I'm done sorry thank u in advance if you do this xxxxx

waaa so many compliments,,,,,,,im currently feeling my heart burst hehe!!! thank you for liking my writing, college jooheon is coming really really soon!!

  • mermaid!minhyuk
  • his tail is a shimmery pink and coral, and the gills on his neck and scales that highlight his cheek are really pretty and always look like there’s glitter on them
  • for the most part he can shift back and forth between human form and mermaid form,,,,but if he touches water,,,,,,,,there’s his tail and he’s left, basically flopping on the floor 
  • most people know he’s a mermaid,,,,,,thanks to changkyun stupidly throwing a water balloon at him at the park and well,,,,,,everyone has come to accept it
  • nicknamed prince of the sea,,,,because he looks like a prince and is a mermaid and someone (cough jooheon cough) once was even like “you’re like ariel!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,well maybe eric?? he wasn’t a mermaid but he was a prince,,,,,you’re their child minhyuk”
  • minhyuk: if you ever say that again, ill say you’re the love child of shrek and donkey- so DONT
  • and since he’s a mermaid,,,,minhyuk can communicate with aquatic animals and well you’re his neighbor who happens to own a pet turtle and ,,,,,,,,,you’re worried
  • because crush the turtle hasn’t been as active as before,,,he just sits on his rock and doesn’t swim around his tank and you’re like “crush,,,,,,are you ok? are you lonely? am i bad owner,,,,,,,,,” and you decide that since you can’t speak crush’s language, you need to get someone who does
  • and luckily, your next door neighbor is a mermaid
  • so when you knock on minhyuk’s door, holding crush in a little pail of water he’s like “,,,,,,is everything ok? am i going to be babysitting your pet turtle?”
  • and you’re shaking your head, looking really sad because you’re like “can you talk to him???? is he sick??? he hasn’t been eating as much or swimming and i love him,,,,i want to help him.”
  • and minhyuk is watching you get emotionally broken up over your pet turtle and he thinks it’s kinda funny but he’s holding back a laugh,,,,,that and also,,,,,,,,it’s kinda cute,,,,,,,you care so much about the little guy
  • and minhyuk is like “sure, let me talk to him but i need to transform to do so,,,,,,,are you ok with sitting in the bathroom with me?”
  • and so you end up sitting at the edge of minhyuk’s bathtub as he lays in it, tail hanging out the opposite edge
  • and he’s talking with your turtle as you’re waiting nervously and minhyuk finally returns crush to you and he’s like “he said that he wishes he had a bigger tank, it’s kind of boring because it’s been the same size for too long. maybe you could invest in a bigger one with more pebbles and stuff???” 
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,,,,,he isn’t sick??????? or mad at ,,,,,me????” and minhyuk laughs and is like no, no he likes you as an owner very much
  • and you’re like WHAT A RELIEF MY TURTLE LIKES ME
  • but also you smile and then notice suddenly that minhyuk is there,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,,,tail,,,,,,,,,,wet,,,,,,,,,and you automatically look down and are like “sorry!!!!!!! i didn’t mean to stare,,,,,,” and minhyuk is like “most people stare when they see my mermaid form,,,,,,,it’s weird right?”
  • and you’re like “no!!!!! you’re so pretty,,,,,” and minhyuk is flattered,,,,because oh,,,,,,that’s so nice of you to say
  • and then he’s suddenly getting flushed and you’re like ???? and minhyuk is like “sorry, your turtle keeps asking me silly questions,,,,,,” and you’re like “oh???? what’s he asking????”
  • and minhyuk is like “he’s asking,,,,,,,,if im you’re,,,,,,,mermaid,,,,,,,,ma,,,,,mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,crush!!!!!!!!
  • and you look at your turtle and you’re like don’t be rude even though it can’t understand you but minhyuk is like looking away and he can’t really get up until the water goes down the drain
  • and you’re like “ill keep you company so it isn’t boring ^^” and you and minhyuk talk and you click so well
  • and then the water is almost gone and minhyuk is like qUICk,,,,close the shower curtain!!!! and you’re like why- and he’s like “i transform back nude,,,,,”
  • and you jump up like wOAH,,,,ok im closing it!!!!!!!!!
  • both you and minhyuk blushing on each side of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it’s cute,,,,,,,,,,,,your neighbors crushing on you,,,,,,,and you’re crushing on your (mermaid) neighbor,,,,,,,,,hehu

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im LIVING for the idea of akande calling gabe "angel" bc obvi, he has the name of an angel. im sure this has been done in r69 before but that ship has never been good so. god i cant believe akandriel is THE best ship ever like wow this is nuts

OK THATS . UH … RLLY SOFT WTF ??? i cant like imagine these things because i love akandes voice sm if i hear him say “angel” even in my head ill fucking melt… and i bet gabe does too… forreal his voice takes a hot minute to get used to !!! 

ok but what ??? nicknames ??? does gabe have for akande ????? these need to be discussed asap


look what i in the everlovingfuck found :

do you see this ?

do you see the stubble ? do you see that pout??

do you ?

ok then be prepared for this:

here it is

you can see the blue in his eyes

ok ok

but then there is this :

do you wnat a moving version ?

you dont ?

oh well

here it is :

you are welcome

and just so u know im not freaking out because this man is so hot the sun is melting

but he because he can also change in one second and become the best and only angel bean in the entire universe!



Im out

im done
guardian angel!jimin au

this is a partner to my –> [ fallen angel!taehyung au ]

  • one of the highest guardian angels due to his incredibly pure and kind nature
  • his wings actually have a silver tint at the tips and glitter in light,,,no other angel has that???? 
  • officially, he is assigned to be the guardian of lost/alone teenagers 
  • he’s known as the guardian of perseverance because everyone he guards over is usually going through things that not even adults could handle well and he tries his best to give off good energy and courage to them
  • his motto, even to other angels who get overwhelmed with their work, is that nothing will happen if you don’t put in effort - there’s never a reason to give up!
  • he often times becomes worried over other more,,,,,adventurous guardian angels such as taehyung and hoseok 
  • he thinks some of their jokes and playing around is funny but he always is warning them to not break the rules or get hurt because jimin has a sensitive heart and wants only happiness for everyone
  • that’s why death is actually really hard for him to handle, especially if it’s the death of someone he guarded. most angels can get over it quickly because there are many people they tend to but jimin,,,,,,,it hits him hard
  • he keeps detailed notes full on all those teenagers who he couldn’t protect
  • other than that tho, he’s really just always trying his best to protect those he cares for and all the angels lean on him for support if anything 
  • which is why when fellow angel taehyung is banished from heaven for sinning, jimin,,,,,,,,jimin really doesn’t know how to take it
  • and although he’s always stuck to the rules, taehyung had been an extremely close friend of his so just watching him from up in heaven fend for himself on earth,,,,,jimin just wanted to know if his best friend was really ok
  • and so angels can disguise themselves as humans and descend to earth but mostly they do it to spend time with those they guard in their last moments but,,,, jimin decides that he needs to see taehyung for himself
  • so he transforms and tries to go to where he last saw taehyung - in a neighborhood that had a school were taehyung had recently got a job except the problem is
  • once jimin is on earth,,,he can detect the people he guards - but he can’t detect taehyung. long story short he’s lost the second he gets to earth because he doesn’t know his way around the neighborhood and the school/??? where was it again
  • and you happen to stumble upon jimin, whose wandering back and forth around the same couple of blocks near where you live and you ignore him at first but when you’re back in your apartment you look out the window and. there he is
  • the guy from before with the striking silver hair
  • and it hurts you to see that the sun is going down and this person is so obviously lost so you throw on a sweater and head downstairs
  • jimin is studying a lamp post with some kind of advertisment stuck to it when you reach him and you’re like “um,,,not to come off as weird but it has been close to two hours and you’ve circled this place like ten times, are you lost?”
  • and when jimin turns to look at you, you almost forget him to breathe because his face - it can’t be that of a real person’s???? he’s beautiful beyond belief
  • and then he smiles and you hear angels sing (irony) and he’s like “yes! i do need help, im looking for my friend his name is kim taehyung?”
  • and you’re like sorry never heard of him?? and jimin nods, but then he mentions that his friend works at a school and you’re like “this neighborhood has a couple schools, do you know which one?” 
  • jimin shakes his head sadly and you frown but you also assure him that there isn’t more than ten if you can recall so it might be easy to visit them all
  • jimin’s smile returns and you remember that you haven’t introduced yourself by name so you tell him and he tells you his and you’re like WELL i better get going
  • but then you can feel that something is a bit off so you ask jimin if he has anywhere he’s staying and jimin, once again shakes his head, but this time with an embarrassing blush and you’re like oh,,,,,
  • and logically speaking, no one invites a beautiful stranger they just met into their home to spend the night but the more you look at jimin the more you can tell: he has no bad intentions 
  • so after a minute or two you point to your building and say; “you can borrow my couch-”
  • and it is like stars spark in his eyes, he thanks you over a million times as you walks him back to your place and you just,,,wow,,,,you just don’t even know what to say except that it’s nothing - he’s looking for his friend and you just want to help!!!
  • (not like you find him incredibly cute and that might have swayed your opinion a bit. tinsy lil bit)
  • that night you make a hot cup of tea for jimin and bring it into the living room where you’ve got him some blankets as well and you’re like “so where are you from?”
  • and jimin opens his mouth and goes “hea-” but then stops and you’re like ???? hea-?? but he just smiles and says out-of-town and you’re like that’s a lil weird but you don’t question it
  • and soon enough you’re tired so you tell jimin you’re going off to bed but before you leave the room you hear him begin to recite something like a prayer and somehow you can only thing “how fitting of someone who looks like they could be an angel……”
  • the next morning jimin sheepishly asks you to show you where some of the schools are. you mark up a map for him and tell him you need to leave for work
  • when you come back he isn’t there so you assume that’s it - that he’s found his friend and the one night you two had was just a short meeting and you’d soon forget him
  • but around a week later at 10pm there’s a knock on your door and you’re suspicious of who it could be so you grab a nearby book and carefully open your door
  • only to drop the book because it is??? jimin
  • jimin looking sadly to the floor and you’re like ??? and he weakly apologizes for bothering you and asks if he could trouble you to spend the night
  • and ofc you let him, except you’re worried because the usual glow he has is gone
  • and in the middle of the night, you walk past the living room to get a drink from the kitchen and ,,,,and you see something floating above jimin’s head
  • and for a moment you’re like,,,,,im still dreaming right but you rub your eyes and it is still there
  • and you’re like “ that- that’s a halo?”
  • and you don’t notice it but your voice must be loud because jimin startles awake and sits up and as he does something sprouts from his back and you’re like
  • “wi- WIN- WINGS?!?!?!?!”
  • and jimin, with wide eyes gets up and tries to put his hands over his halo but then his wings end up wrapping around him in a nervous habit he has
  • and it’s a mess and you’re like ??????? what am i witnessing 
  • and jimin is like “oh why did i forget that at night it wears off….”
  • but you’re like in shock and you’re like jimin - “ARE YOU DE-”
  • but jimin shakes his head and he’s like “no no no im,,,,,im immortal im,,,,,,,,an,,,,”
  • and he doesn’t even have to finish you point at the halo and you’re like “you’re an angel” and he’s like,,,, yes
  • but you just shake your head and you’re like “no no i won’t let you tamper with my memory- just explain to me what is happening”
  • and jimin, looking at you quiets his voice and says; “i want to, but -”
  • and you’re like “im not going to tell anyone. i let you into my house because i trusted you jimin, do the same for me - ok?”
  • jimin sees your point and tbh he’s in such a bad mood because he couldn’t find taehyung that he wants to confide in someone and he can’t tell the fellow angels so he sighs
  • and explains to you what happened with taehyung getting banned 
  • and you listen carefully, all the while still glancing every now and then at the halo and his silver tinted wings
  • and when he’s done you’re just like “ill help you.”
  • jimin ofc is like no!!!!! it’s fine!!!! i can’t have a human getting involved-
  • but you’re like “no offense jimin but im already involved”
  • and again,,,,,he’s like you’re right and you two sit there in silence 
  • until jimin smiles and is like “i know you want to touch my wings, right?” and you’re like yes om g they look so soft
  • and that’s how you and jimin end up checking every school together for the next couple of weeks and it turns out your neighborhood isn’t the right one so you go over to the next one and you and jimin basically hop around trying to find this mysterious taehyung
  • and jimin ,,,,, jimin can’t believe it but he doesn’t miss heaven at all
  • and at some point he’s not even thinking about the consequences of all the rule breaking he’s done
  • and when he finally works up the courage to hold your hand as you’re both walking through the fourth new neighborhood ,,,,, he can’t believe it but
  • maybe he’s found another heaven ,,,,, in you
  • finally you two do come across taehyung and you and jimin see him happily chasing after the kids he teaches in the school yard and when you nudge jimin to go inside and talk to him
  • jimin stops himself and walks back toward you and you’re like ???? but we worked so hard to find him and jimin is like “we did, but seeing him smile and knowing that he is content. that’s enough justification for me. i think i can return peacefully now.”
  • and that night you and jimin say goodbye
  • and somehow you end up crying,,,,because through the short period of time you two spent together somehow,,,,,somehow you just don’t want him to go
  • but jimin’s halo is slowly appearing again and his wings are growing back out of his back
  • and this time he doesn’t just fall asleep on your couch, he slowly lifts off the ground
  • he outstretches his hands and you take them and he brings up your palm to kiss it and he promises that he’ll personally guard you from above forever
  • and before you know it he’s gone - like a light thats burned out
  • and you think you’ll never see him again and jimin,,,
  • jimin tries hard to stay away because after coming back the scolding he got almost got him banned ,,,,,but
  • he can’t
  • and that’s why one day you come back and sitting on the couch waiting for you is ,,,jimin
  • for a moment you can’t believe your eyes but he’s there, resting his chin in his hand
  • and when he says your name you drop everything and jump into his arms
  • and he laughs, talking into your hair about how he’s missed you and how seeing you from above just wasn’t enough for him
  • and you grab his shirt and cry a little and jimin is like!!! stop you can’t cry when i leave and then also cry when i come back
  • but you look up and jimin wipes your tears with his fingers and you’re like
  • “jimin - i thought id never see you again”
  • and jimin is just like “what do you mean, ive been watching ever since i left?” and you hit him playfully and you’re like dUh because you can watch me you’re an angel im just a normal human
  • and he pauses for a second
  • before leaning in to kiss you on the lips lightly and he’s like
  • “you’re not just a normal human - you’re a human that made an angel fall in love.”

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Who else is problematic 😫😫😫 it's like there's too many I can't be fangirling over any guys anymore

akhdfnm if u wanna stan some unproblematic boys id suggest grant gustin (hes had his moments but homeboy learned and educated himself its a true glow up honestly), tom holland, keiynan lonsdale (a ball of love and sunshine), justin baldoni (hes from jane the virgin!! a true angel tbh), matthew daddario (as far as i know hes not but i could be wrong adjkfh), alfred enoch, and i think harry styles but hes had some ugly moments in the past and done things im not ok with but if u think hes changed since 2012-2014 (which he honestly has asjdfhdk) then hes been unproblematic and trustworthy since. honestly theres so many men that are unproblematic and true allies but then again… men cant be trusted entirely so take it w a grain of salt and dont be shocked if they let us down adjkhfdf

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how do I get into history now that c clown has ripped my heart apart

let’s have a moment of silence for cclown bc honestly i am done for

 … .. 

ok For History im gonna let u know they are So Dumb but also they’re giant angels like i trust them with my life tbh 

i’m gonna link you to videos but First for ppl who dont know the members:

Kyungil is a giant angel baby and also my actual grandfather i didnt know they hired relics to be idols but here we are and there he is. He’s the one that cant keep his shirt on but listen i will rant for days about how he’s so so sosososos o much more than muscles he is a gift from Heaven ok

listen im severely and long-term wedged up Dokyun’s ass but i’ll be the first to admit he’s The Actual Devil if you watch the playlist i link at the end you’ll understand Don’t let his big doe-y eyes fool you he is a Bad Kid (jk he is the light of my life and so sweet So Swee e T)

ngl this is my favorite pic of Sihyoung ever. he’s the second biggest nerd in the group but i feel like he’s also the sweetest tbh he could make angels cry tears of happiness with just his smile idk if he himself is an angel or some kind of otherwordly spirit sent to make our lives better but all i can say is @theWorld: thanks

ok so…. Jaeho is the Number One Nerd and he’s on my hit list. he cant open his mouth, stand up, move, or breathe, without causing me extreme physical embarrassment @jaeho stans how do u do it honestly???? i think most Storias laugh at his bullshit but then there is me, and i … .jsut …. .aaahhhh hh h he’s the funny one and he’s super cute but .…… .. . i wanna fight. he is a giant ham and also he loves ham

my son….. Yijeong….. he’s the maknae and listen he is a brat he’s a Giant Brat !!!!!!!! shit he is so ornery !!!!!!! idk how he’s made it this far without actually getting his ass kicked by the other members but listen he always steals the show his voice is A++++++++ and he is just so wonderful my number one child

Important Things to Watch


Dreamer: MVPerformance VersionSpecial (!!fave!!!)
Tell Me Love: MV
What Am I To You?: MV, Performance Version
Psycho: MV, Performance Version
Might just Die: MV, Performance Version, JPN MV, Taekwondo Version
Lost: MV
Queen: MV

Dance Practices

What Am I To You?
MJD Sleep Shade Version (!!important!!)
MJD Multi-View (playlist with member versions)

Panda PR (!!important and also awful!!)

Playlist (ENG sub)

ToryTory Bang Bang

Playlist (ENG/JPN sub)

Assorted Videos of Importance in No Order Really 

Psycho - Secret Box
140205 Weekly Idol
History on MONCAST
CSI : History : What Am I To You?
D-Day Performance (!!!important it makes me so emo!!!)
Behind History (the one back stage @ MusicBank where Yijeong almost dies)
Dokyun singing “Cleaning” on MBC Radio
Might Just Die on Sound K
Jaeho and His Questionable Dancing

listen im sure theres a lot more and theres tons of live music show performances on youtube if you feel like watching them but that’s what i got for now i hope u love them bc i definitely do

also these are their instagrams

Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Jaeho, Yijeong

Niall in 2016

lets be honset. 2016 SUUUCKED. but niall made it a little better so lets take a second so we can talk about our irish prince!

warning:this post is loooong

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EXO: A Summary
  • XIUMIN: abs. omfg his motherfucking abs good god. have u seen them so fucking gorgeous i literally cant. also his smile. acc his whole entire face. ACC HIS WHOLE ENTIRE EXISTENCE JUST SLAYS ME IM DONE HES SO HOT IM TRASH BYE
  • LUHAN: no please dont im gonna start crying (but the most beautiful piece of shit ever omfg just. i hate him)
  • KRIS: NO NOPE NO gonna start crying even more (my galaxy king why)
  • SUHO: the leader and hes like really rich i guess. tbh im still tearing up over kris and luhan
  • LAY: dimple. fucking perf. angel. ummm yea. unicorn. ok basically hes lowkey perfect and it makes u wanna punch him. moving on.
  • BAEKHYUN: ok this little shit. where tf do i even start. hes that frat boy that knows hes fucking sexy and funny and perfect AND RUBS IT IN UR FACE IM DONE FIGHT ME BACON
  • CHEN: ok he would be frat boy #2 except hes so fucking sweet and kind. even tho hes cute af and funny and CAN SING LIKE A FUCKING ANGEL hes just still such a genuinely nice person. i cant. fight me too.
  • CHANYEOL: ok.... u know what.... i cant. his smile is like literally happiness and he fucking knows it and he FUCKING KNOWS HOW HOT HE IS and hes practically frat boy #2 except hes a sneaky little shit who knows how to be just sweet enough to make him seem like a good boy. no. hes fucking not. ive got u figured out yoda ears.
  • D.O.: omg.... so basically he really did creep me out in the beginning with his big ass eyes and his blank expressions XD but lol he chill and he knows how to keep the frat boys in the group in check and im grateful for tht <3 also hes acc a good actor like damn satan where u been hiding
  • TAO: THIS BITVH OMFG WHERE DO I START. i love him so much. and i hate him so much too. omg. so hes a panda. he can like kick ur ass and be all sexy af and all but then HE WILL DO A TRIPLE FUCKING BACK FLIP KICK SHIT AND MAKE UR HEART FUCKING POUND LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS BECAUSE HES FANGIRLING OVER A STUFFED ANIMAL LIKE EXCUSE ME?!?!?!! WHO GAVE U PERMISSION!?!!?!?! and lets please for the sake of my sanity not delve into more detail bc just no. although it should be noted that he cant be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels reach heights beyond this world and just i cant deal with it and i want to fucking fight him so hard.
  • KAI: ahhh kai someone normal to talk about. well kinda. hes got that whole jekyll and hyde thing going on. because when hes performing and shit (dance beast btw) hes like the sexist piece of shit ever like omfg his face everything is just sex. like im sorry but its true. BUT THEN when he gets off stage hes this cute little piece of shit like ???? BITCH WHAT ????? NO U WERE JUST MAKING ME FEEL ALL TYPES OF WAYS AND NOW U ACTING LIKE THE VIRGIN MARY ALL PURE AND SHIT LIKE U DIDNT JUST DO THE STRIPPER DANCE OF UR LIFE. bitch.
  • SEHUN: oh good god. i just. where do i even start omg. um hes rude, hes cocky. but hes fucking gorgeous and HE FUCKING KNOWS IT. im srsly so done with the frat boys in this group knowing how fucking hot they are and basking in it LIKE PLZ BE LIKE CHEN. PLZ STOP THRUSTING UR DICK IN MY MOUTH LIKE U KNOW IM GONNA SUCK IT. (bc i would omg i hate myself) he also cannot be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels also reach extraterrestrial heights. but not as high as Tao's bc Tao is so shameless about himself. but back to sehun. check out his butt, its hot.
  • ~{wow this turned out so long im sorry}~

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!!! ok here's pt. 1: i thought of tiny suga being mortified when kids make fun of him for looking like an old man like wtfs with the grey hair dude are you 8 or 80 so when he's a bit older he tells his mom and she's like exCUSE ME SOMEONE BULLIED MY CHILD and he tells her to chill but hey mom could i just dye it? and she says yeah okay lemme help you, so he dyes it for years and its SUCH a PAIN and he hates letting his roots show and he hates the smell of the

(pt. 2) dye and agh. he slips up when he’s busy during exam week and daichi’s like ?? what’s that? are you going grey early? and suga trusts him enough to explain and daichi’s like huh it can’t be that bad, why not just let it grow out? and maybe daichi’s really curious and suga shrugs and gives it a go and lets it grow out and it looks kind of funny for a while when its two toned and maybe people give him funny looks but then the black is OUT and literally no one can handle how angelic he looks

(pt. 3) people are dyin in the hallways. daichi has literally passed out in asahi’s arms and asahi looks like a murderer and he’s about to commit suicide so he won’t be blamed. suga realizes his full potential and charms his teachers. people can’t say no to him. he’s too powerful and he must be stopped. and then after a while people get used to it, but daichi still gets low key heart palpitations every time he sees suga and he might’ve changed his contact name in his phone from “suga <3”

(pt. 4) to “literal angel @God why” and he would’ve added “take him back” but he REALLY doesn’t want that so. also his mom is pleased that he’s now more confident with himself and cackles at his stories. plus they’re saving money on hair dye, haHA. (ok im done spamming you hahaha this is so dumb sorry)