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i see your “neil takes over the foxes” headcanons but since thats canonically dan’s dream it makes me feel a little uneasy putting neil in that role so i give to you another option: neil starting a charity for underprivileged kids to get to play exy

  • it starts with neil volunteering teaching kids exy at an after school community center program
  • but then he starts noticing this girl who always watches the practices from the bleachers but never plays
  • so one day while the kids are cleaning up neil goes over and talks to her and is like “you know we could always use more players, the more the merrier”
  • and she explains that she would but she couldnt afford the gear. or at least she’s too worried to ask her parents about the price
  • and neil gets really sad and mopey about it because everyone should be able to try something they’re interested in
  • eventually andrew is like oh my god just buy the girl a damn racquet im so sick of you being annoying about this
  • so neil does. he gets the gear and he realizes by now that she probably cant or wont except it as a gift so he decides to get some extras as loaners for other kids so she wont feel bad about it
  • and this inspires him so he starts talking to some local youth groups about donating racquets and armor like around christmas and stuff
  • and soon the other OG foxes and some of neil’s pro friends hear about it and are like yo how can we help
  • so he gets like memorabilia signed, a racquet by kevin and posters by matt and thea and jerseys by jean and jeremy and goalie shit signed by andrew and stuff and has it all auctioned off for insanely high prices and uses all the money to give low income and at risk kids gear and donations to schools and community centers and stuff who want to build exy courts
  • and allison might not be pro but shes rich af so she helps out by making matching deals like if we raise x amount at this fundraiser she’ll match it by a certain amount
  • and it soon becomes a Thing, he’s suddenly not just known as the smart mouth who makes reporters cry hes now the smart mouth who is mean to reporters but apparently has a heart of gold because now he’s a major philanthropist
  • and he just loves being able to do this so much?? so it gets bigger and bigger so he visits the childrens hospital aaron and katelyn work at to make the kids smile and he talks to physical therapists about how practicing exy drills can help patients (kevin did it so could others) and gives them whatever they need for that
  • and he gets contacts with a bunch of social workers and foster care departments and works with juvie systems to get exy programs there with andrew in mind
  • and through renee he gets americorps and programs who help kids at risk for gang violence and for dan he finds programs for minors who because of economic reasons get into sex work and for matt drug prevention programs
  • and after he retires from being pro he does this full time and it feels good
  • but he never stops teaching at his community center

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okay listen, there honestly needs to be more mike/harvey au fics where mike is famous in any type of field of work and loUIS ADMIRES HIM SM AND WE ALL KNOW HOW HE OBSESSES OVER THOSE PPL but anyways, mike is already with harvey, and one day he's sitting casually in harvey's office and louis sees him and goes to donna immediately and asks 'hello, donna, uhm, why is mIKE ROSS in harvey's office? does he have a case? can i help? can i meet him? does he want any-' and harvey comes and says +

+ ‘no he doesnt want anything louis, he doesnt have a case, and if he did i wouldve solved it fast enough that you wouldnt even know about it, and lastly, nO you cannot meet him, in face ill file for him myself a restraining order against you’ and inside the office mike is trying to hard not to laugh but also looking at harvey condescendingly, like he’s trying to ask him to stop bullying louis. and i just fjd i need a fic where everyone is supRISED that a famous mike ross is with a powerful man+
+ like harvey specter and no ONE and i mean nO ONE EVEN NOTICED and the fact that whenever mike is interviewed and when he describes his inspiration and all, they would be suprised that mike is actually talking about tHE HARVEY SPECTER, but everyone is confused bec mike described him like he was such a soft person and i just ??? ineed this in my life why arent there more, sorry i ranted lmfAO im frustrated damn,,, anyways, sorry for filling this up! i hope you have a great day!!
oh p.s. youre one of my favorite authors god bless you thank you for the effort and time you have dedicated to writing us fics bless you! 

Wow there is a lot here anon and I’m loving it. And may I add, what if Mike was famous for something Harvey had no interest in. Like something to do with the theatre or ballet or something. Something Louis is totally into and Harvey couldn’t care less about but still they met when Louis was sick so couldn’t go to the annual [insert fundraiser here] so Harvey went in his place to represent the firm, totally expecting to be bored out of his brain, and then he met Mike. You can imagine how things went.

And then the next day Louis bugs Harvey about the fundraiser ‘how was it? I heard Mike Ross was there. was Mike Ross there????’ and Harvey is all blase about the whole thing, pretends he has no idea who Mike Ross is when in reality he knows Mike intimately. And then a few months later Mike shows up at Harvey’s office and Louis fucking loses it.

Yes, I’m here for this idea. For real.

we can make it there, we can make it all alright

holy shit jesus chRIST im so overwhelmingly sick of this piece just be DONE DAMN YOU

ok so in all seriousness, it’s a redraw of this piece from about 3 years ago.
i’m very pleased with how this turned out! i managed to get the sort of mood i’d originally intended, and it’s a hell of a lot smoother than the original

…but seriously oh my God those back bricks Murdered Me never again

By Your Side

Jon hated seeing me sick.

It was the only time I wasn’t completely myself. I was quiet. I was distant. I spent the majority of my time laying on the couch in my apartment, just closing my eyes and secretly wishing that the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

If there was one thing I hated, it was feeling weak. It wasn’t like me. I was a literal “firecracker” like Jon liked to put it. So the look on his face when he saw me curled up on the couch nearly broke my heart. 

There were no words exchanged. He just took a seat next to me in the floor, tilting his head back against my legs and let out a defeated sigh. He looked tired and somewhat lost and I wondered if I was somehow holding him back.

I managed a small clear of my throat. “You know, you don’t have to stay,” I stated hoarsely, the burning sensation causing me to wince slightly. “I don’t want to get you sick. You’ve got a whole world to wow.”

Even in sickness I managed to pull a chuckle out of Jon. “Babe, I could care less about the world,” he turned his head to face me, his blue eyes still a bit sad. “I just hate seeing you like this. You keep closing your eyes and I don’t think I like that shit.”

I snorted. “Why? I’m always rolling them at you with the crazy shit you do.”
Jon laughed before turning around to fully face me. His face was inches away from mine. I moved away, groaning. 

“C’mon, man. You’re seriously asking for it,” I moaned.

Next thing I know, he was nuzzling his face in my neck. “I don’t give a shit about catching a cold, baby. I just wanna be by your side. I wanna take care of you.”

I stilled my futile attempts at pushing him away. “Why the sudden change?”

Jon scoffed. “Love it when you get an attitude,” he murmured. He exhaled loudly before raising his head. “I miss you. And I wanna spent every single moment with you. No matter how angry, sad, happy, or sick as hell you are. I want to share every second.”

I smiled weakly. “That would make a great song.”

He laughed. “You’re an idiot. Now, I’m gonna go fix you a warm bath and we are gonna have the best night we’ve ever had.”

I grinned. “Only if you promise to spend the night.”

Jon smirked. “Oh, you bet your sexy ass I’m spendin’ the night. You may be sick but…we can improvise.”

I laughed. “Jesus, Jon. Just go fix the bath.”

All I heard was Jon’s loud laugh as he disappeared down the hallway. God, I loved that man so damn much.

This was submitted by @motleymoose on my other account! I hope you like t babe lol I kinda made it personal but…whatever lol I hope you like it nonetheless!! *hides face*

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A GLIM OF WHITE IN THE DIM LAND from @thelioninmybed

It is my Aredhel Eol canon now! AND FOREVER ç_ç

Go READ it people!! I fell in love with it like one hour ago and uuuuh I NEED TO DRAW MILLION STUFF FOR IT BUT IT IS SO LATE ALREADY ç_ç oh god it was so good and so BAD and I’m so sick to love it so much but DAMN IM DEAD ç_ç