im so damn sICK OF THIS oh my GOD

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Really scared of outcome of sl and ht fight?We re sure sl is not fully dead but half dead.And ht fight with sl in front of students.Is he going to suspend or expelled?Im really scared.But we should cherish this happy moment.Gs not gonna leave ht now

anon, i don’t know if it’s because im sick but i laughed so hard at the ‘we’re sure sl is not dead but half dead’ line, oh my god, it sounds like ‘damn, what a pity she li is still alive and he tian didn’t just straight up murder his ass’ (it also reminds me of a scene from the princess bride but that’s another story)

but yeah, im very curious to know how the fight ended tbh!! from what we can gather in this chapter i think she li actually tried to hurt he tian with the nail but he tian deviated it with his right hand and then punched she li in the face with his left (he has scraped knuckles on it) until she li agreed on leaving guan shan alone??

i don’t know if this can comfort you a little, but im personally not too worried about he tian getting expelled, because while he did start the fight there are also a lot of people who might have seen she li pointing a freaking nail at his neck, but even if that wasn’t the case its very likely that he tian has a clean record, and i don’t think the school would expel him at his first fight, especially since we know that they suspended guan shan for hitting zheng xi’s head with a rock only for one day, and he already didn’t have the best record. the school is also probably going to keep investigate on the sexual assault, so maybe the fight won’t get as much attention as it normally would

i think it’s possible that both he tian and she li will get suspended for one or two days (which i don’t mind if it means that guan shan will go at he tian’s place to help him out while his hand heals), but im honestly more worried about what she li is going to do now, because im pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of him yet (we still have to find out why he is so interested in jian yi) and he looks very much like the vengeful type, so i think sooner or later he’d probably try to get his revenge on he tian

but you are right, anon, for now we should just enjoy his sweet moment we got between he tian and guan shan and think about how from now on they will face every adversity together!!

Grimmons is great. So is Tuckington. So is sargegrey. So are the fic writers and artists like oh my god.

im just very thankful of rvb and the fandom like damn i love yall…Honestly i was so bored before but this fandom never stops and that’s just beautiful. And im so very happy i found this fandom for that reason. Now to look through the Grimmons and Tuckington tag and be a huge dork.