im so damn frustrated

I have had no internet today, Time Zones please be kind and let it still be the 29th SOMEWHERE, because hell if I didnt try god damn it.

Happy Birthday all the same Ayu sweetie!! I hope it was a good one!!

“Well, I’m probably gonna die tomorrow so…” “We’ll I’ll go with you.”
“Cas buddy, I need you.”
“I fell and I did it, all of it, for you!”
“Don’t ever change.”
“Talk to me.”
“Dean and I do share a more profound bond.”
“I’ll watch over you.”
“I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”
“I prayed to you Cas! Every night!” 
“Cas this isn’t you. This isnt you.”
“We’re family.”
“I need you.”
“Dean. Please.”

im so pissed off rn, like i knew this was going to happen but im so frustrated. yixing…you owe us nothing you work too damn hard you gotta stop youre going to…

it’s not all on sm…it’s himself too. he pushes himself past his limits. he hasn’t had more than like, 6 consecutive days off, since March 2015. bro you can’t go on, you’re not superman, you’re human yixing and you’re going to hurt yourself so badly if you don’t stop just please stop…he’s so stubborn he won’t listen i hope they make him stay in the hospital because that’s the only way he’ll rest. if they let him leave he’s going to go right back to filming and i don’t want that.

he’s his own worst enemy because ultimately he’s in control. he has to see that before his body shows him for good.