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I love SasuSaku but the immense hate it still gets (even after nearly 3 years of the end of the manga) makes me sad.

It shouldn’t anon. Because the only reason why it’s so hated is not because antis actually think badly of the ship itself; but because it gets in the way of every single platonic(or nonexistent) relationship that people saw as/or wanted for it to be romantic. sasusaku pretty much gets in the way of: ns/sk/sns/sisk/ks/sh/sosk/ssio/is/ssi/ etc(its an endless list anon lol). But anyways, the only reason why i’m so sure that is out of jealousy is because even tho they say they hate it, bitches still find themselves complementing it/drawing it/gifing it/ “at times”. I would at least understand “reblogging it” because that only takes a few seconds and you really can just reblog for art admiration(unless its canon stuff then i’ll stop there for “rebloging it”); but “drawing and gifing and graphing it out”? That, now that, i do not and can not understand. Who wastes their time to detail a beautiful work solely for the sake of their notp? If they really felt like it was/is such a horrible “abusive ship”(like they so much like to say) they wouldn’t even be doing this to begin with. But they do it anyway. And why? Because they know it’s not horrible and they don’t really think or mean all those horrible things they say about it. But they hate the idea of them having everything their otp doesn’t have. With nh anti ss fans now that’s a different story. They are pretty much a mixture of pettiness and envy. Pettiness; because they get all cocky over a filler movie not intended or written by kishi and that he himself said that you don’t need to read the manga” to watch the movie(*cough* sounds like filler to me). And envy because even tho they already have so much fanservice thanks to the same studio that spites sasuke & sakura, they are still unsatisfied and want to fight us about :“who the heroine is” , “who has more kids”, “who the better husband is”, “what kid is more happy” etc. Its and endless cycle of “im better than you and you should agree with me”. It must really suck to have the manga ending like this:

instead of ending with the suppose main paring lol.

Anyways the other haters i can think of are the ones that “only watch the anime” and confuse canon sasusaku for sp’s version of sasusaku. visit my #anti sp tag to see what i mean. I’m not saying that there are no people who earnestly hate what i love. And that it’s impossible to simply hate ss. I’m just saying that majority hate them for the stupidest reasons: fillers/pettiness/jealousy/envy/ and minority ever give good reasons to hate on them. Despite this we still remain as popular as ever anon, so don’t fret 

Out of all the possible and possible couples of fandoms(not just anime fandoms; but fandoms in general), SasuSaku made it to 14 as the most reblogged/active ship of tumblr. So you should pay antis no mind anon because as long as we have such a huge and passive fanbase that’s all that really matters ^^

First commission for my darling fishenod (who is also very awesome by the way and you should check out if you like Haikyuu!!). Thanks so much for commissioning me! <33

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im sorry im just a bit confused?? when i see 'allosexual' to me it sounds like someone is saying theyre every sexuality? could you explain what allosexual is please im trying to understand why its such a bad term

I really don’t have the spoons for that right now so I’m going to give you some links to posts that have explained it, as well as tag some people who have objected to my stance on this so that I don’t have to repeat myself a bunch of times. I probably won’t be talking about why allosexual is bad and why is should be removed from your vocabulary after this point. Please refrain from contacting me again on this subject unless you are the anon.

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  • allosexual describes anyone who does not actively identify as ace or ace-spec
  • condensed and concise reasons why allosexual is bad
  • allosexual privilege and allosexism say that non-ace people are privileged over ace people. this includes non-ace LGB people being privileged over het ace people. lbg people, who’s orientations are demonized, fetishized, hypersexualized and seen as predatory, who face homophobia and biphobia are privileged over het people. this is what allosexism/allosexual privilege says. this is homophobic.
  • this post comments on a sentiment about LGB people that is common from ace people, which basically says that their visibility as “allosexuals” is a privilege over aces
  • allosexual promotes the idea that there is a normal way/amount of sexual attraction to be felt and that’s just not the case. there are many people who could ID as ace or ace-spec but don’t and instead get branded as allo. 
  • it’s not a coherant class of people
  • explains why allosexual is a bad word to use and communicates essentially nothing about a person 
  • and another

TL;DR - its rude and homophobic and to continue to use this word is a blatant show of disrespect to non-ace LGBT folks