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A perpetual spell to cope with intrusive thoughts

Thanks to severe OCD and PTSD, I’m often stuck in my own head with a bunch of intrusive and obsessive nonsense. I came up with a perpetual banishing and transmutation spell to help process and deal with unwanted thoughts.

The Banishing Bin functions somewhat like a computer’s recycle bin:

  • write unwanted thought/feeling on a sticky note or piece of small paper
  • draw banishing/transmutation sigil over words
  • fold up paper and throw in banishing bin 
  • burn/rip/trash them during the waning crescent or dark moon

This is a great spell if you’re a spoonie or not open about your craft. It’s fairly easy to perform and store without raising eyebrows (it literally just sits on my bookcase unsuspiciously). I found the mini trashcan at a local discount store for a couple dollars. The cheapest one I can find online can be purchased from Amazon here, but you can use any container you like as a bin. If you don’t have a banishing sigil you’re already working with, feel free to use mine


jisung appreciation gifset - Congratulations Leader Jisung for debuting after all these years of hard work. Even though you may have lost hope at some point, even though some people were telling you that you weren’t fitted the idol life because you are “too old”, or because you don’t fit the idol-ish image, you continued believing in your dream and you succeeded. That’s why you’re such an inspiration to me! Having the chance to be your stan is not only a very fulfilling but also a beautiful adventure. I love you very much and i hope your future will only be bright and bring you happiness because you deserve it so so so so much. And I hope i can continue hearing your beautiful voice, as you are not only talented but also very modest, funny, witty, beautiful on the inside as on the outside, supportive, tolerant, patient, caring. - a proud rice grain.


Imagine what an utter pain in the arse Draco would be while flat-hunting. He complains about everything, scrunches up his nose and yells at the estate agent. Harry gets so uncomfortable every time it happens. He’s beginning to think they’ll never find a new flat. But he should have known Draco would have high expectations. He grew up in a manor for Merlin’s sake. One evening, Harry overhears Draco on the phone with their estate agent and his eyes widen, when he hears Draco say,

“No, you imbecile, we won’t reconsider the second one. My husband only deserves the best and you won’t stop looking until you find something that will make me absolutely certain he has everything he ever dreamed of!”

That night, Harry pays extra attention to Draco’s body while they’re making love.

“Maybe we could take a look at the last flat again? It didn’t seem so bad,” Harry moans while sucking on Draco’s neck feverishly. Draco makes a strangled noise and Harry isn’t sure if it is in response to his question, or to him sucking Draco’s neck. That is, until he hears Draco mutter,

“You can’t possibly expect our child to grow up in a place like that.”

Harry momentarily freezes. He never thought Draco would want to have children with him. But the mental picture that suddenly enters his mind is beyond beautiful.

So now, every time Draco snaps at the estate agent, Harry grabs his husband and kisses him deeply, wondering how in Merlin’s name he got so lucky.

WELL its like a month and a half later than the original wedding gown jasper LOL BUT HERE IT IS FINALLY!!! The Jaspearl Wedding 💕

Arthit: Kong likes to drink iced coffee and hes the type that likes to wake up very early. When he wakes up he likes to eat soy milk and patongkoh, he likes to eat the same things all the time. he likes to eat really bland food. he cant eat spicy food, when he orders food he likes to order egg omelet with ground pork. Noodles with meatball in soup, he eats very bland food without any flavours. even though he can make this stuff himself, but hes always burning it … even fried eggs. he’s such a prince♡… and about getting dressed, hes so slow at getting ready. hes spot on from head to toe. And when he goes out he never goes anywhere alone he always brings his friends along with him. he probably loves his friends a lot. he likes to act like a hero, he is always protecting his friends in the cheer room. he loves to get on my nerves♡. 

Also Arthit: I don’t have feelings for kong.

“Fy faen, I’m gonna miss you.” Isak said between smooches to Even’s face. They were laying in their bed, snuggled close and limbs tangled. 

So, tomorrow is the first day back to school after the summer break. This marked the end of the last few weeks that both of them spent mostly together, apart from the occasional meeting of friends alone or work shift. They got used to having each other around almost the whole day. 

“You’re having a free period at noon, right?” Even asked and nuzzled their noses together. Isak nodded (mostly to bump their noses further). 

“Yeah, Jonas and I wanted to go to KB for that and visit you.” Even’s face brightened. 

“Yeah?” Three hard pecks to Isak’s lips.

“Hmhmm.” Isak carded his hand through Even’s hair and then locked his arms around his neck and threw a leg over Even’s hip.

“I’m gonna miss you, too, baby monkey.” Even pulled him impossibly closer as Isak playfully bit at his jaw. “But, I can’t wait to meet my hot third-year boyfriend for lunch tomorrow.” 

“Hmm, if that gets you going, just wait until I get the red overall thing at the end of the year.” Isak’s grin was paired with a flirty eyebrow raise and Even mock-gasped before closing the remaining (none at all) distance between them. 

(Since Vilde infected Mags with the russ enthusiasm, there was the lose plan to form a russ together. Even if they just wanted to get a rental that matched the Los Losers van and not spend any real money for it, because effort). 

They made out some more after that. Because they are sappy and gonna miss the shit out of each other. Even though they will see each other in the morning. And at lunch. And right after school. But they have to get used to it again, ok? 

  • Let them be a bit clingy for the week. 
  • Let Isak wrap legs and arms around Even. 
  • Let Even say “my baby monkey” four times as often as usual. 
  • Let them pout and tell each other “I love you” in a dramatic voice as if this was the end. 
  • Let Even make Isak his favourite breakfast (pancakes, go home with your waffles, Mahdi). 
  • Let them walk hand in hand together to Isak’s tram stop. 
  • And let them part with a kiss that makes it look like one of them is going off to war. 

(And when I say “let them”, I’m speaking directly to Jonas, who is rolling his eyes at this so often he almost gets a head ache)


❤ ❤ ❤  HAPPY VALENTINES!!  ❤ ❤ ❤

I definitely was not thinking of more Servamp pick-up lines during class. Definitely not. 


//kicked, stabbed, thrown in a dump, left to rot forever


Happy Birthday Jisung!

Thank you for letting us watch you grow up and be a part of your journey. This is the first birthday you celebrate as Jisung of NCT Dream and i hope you have the best day and that you spend it surrounded with love. Thank you for teaching us that you can achieve your dreams no matter what your age. Thank you for being you. 

o0o-chibaken-o0o appreciation post

so a lot of content creators talk a big talk about the importance of interacting and commenting on other writers’ or artists’ work but don’t necessarily walk the walk - they just expect their content to receive this treatment.

well, if there is anybody who walks the walk (sorry this is so cheesy), it is @o0o-chibaken-o0o. if you scroll down her tumblr you you can see she SCREAMS in the tags of basically every content post she reblogs. always with nice wonderful things that make you (when it’s your work) feel super appreciated. 

and ON TOP of that, she also spends so much time on brilliant rec lists that further support and garner appreciation for other writers. and even after sharing her praise in the rec posts themselves, you will STILL find her in the tags because she can’t stop herself writing MORE nice things.

so this post is to show my appreciation back to @o0o-chibaken-o0o who is certainly very deserving of it. no one tags like her. (when would your fave EVER?) 

thank you @o0o-chibaken-o0o. we should all aspire to tag like you. 

plz like/reblog if u agree.

mnemnems  asked:

Funny that I found out I was ace right before pride month lol. Anyways, would the Voltron Family do anything for pride month? Maybe involving older Lance, Pidge and Lotor with their two daddies (Hunk joins in too of course).

helena1205 said: Can we get the Voltron Family celebrating Pride-month?-or a little celebration for themselves as a family? They all have their own sexuality that is a part of the lgbtaq+-community. Happy Pride Month!!!

[The Voltron Family] Lance was the very first one out of the three to join an LGBTAQ+ organization in college. He loved it so he invited Pidge, Lotor and Hunk. They had upcoming events for pride month and they were all brainstorming and Lance was part of the events committee. 

President: Do any of you guys know anyone who could perhaps give a talk about their experiences or at least just share something inspirational?
Member 1: Doesn’t Lance have two Dads?
Lance: *turns head* *whisper shouts* What the hell, Jack?
President: *hopeful* Is that true, Lance?
Lance: *turns back* Um, yeah. 
Member 2: We have to invite them! You think we could do that, President? 
President: Are they free sometime this month?
Lance: *pouts* I’m not sure.They’re super busy *looks around at his friends with hopeful eyes* *sighs* But I can ask?

Lance took a deep breath as he entered the master bedroom at 10pm. He climbed the bed and placed himself between his two daddies.

Lance: *looks up at the ceiling while lying down* *nervous* So.
Shiro: *puts down his book* *looks at Lance* So? 
Lance: *connects both of his hands on his chest* There’s going to be an event in school for my org. And. *gulps* We’re looking for speakers.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Speakers. With an “s.”
Lance: *gulps* *nods* And my stupid friend—let’s hide him under the name of Jack Hudson—mentioned that I have two dads. And they asked me if you guys could be speakers and share your experiences as part of the community and—
Shiro: *smiles* When is this?
Lance: It’s more like, when are you BOTH free, if ever you’ll do it. I know you’re all very busy and stuff—
Keith: *checks his phone* I’m free… *scrolls* the week after next.
Shiro: *checks his phone* Don’t have any operations on a Friday that week.
Keith: *looks at Shiro* We could do Friday then.
Shiro: Friday it is. 
Lance: *looks at them back and forth* WAIT. HOLD THE PHONE. You’ll do it?

Lance was pacing back and forth outside the auditorium, waiting for his Dads. Pidge, Hunk and Lotor were already inside along with the rest. When they arrived, he ushered them backstage and signaled the president to begin.

President: For our speakers today, we have two Dads of our very own Lance, Pidge and Hunk. *smiles* One of them is a Best Selling author which I believe most of us have read his books, the other one is one of the top brain surgeons of the country. *muses* I know. What a very interesting couple. So let us all welcome Keith Shirogane and Dr. Takashi Shirogane.

Everyone clapped and soon Keith and Shiro emerged from backstage and the clapping kinda stopped for a few seconds because apparently everyone was staring at the two men (except for Pidge, Lance, Hunk and Lotor who were all looking at everyone else’s reactions). Both of them were holding hands while smiling, walking towards the center of the stage. Keith had his red leather jacket on, while Shiro wore a black formal dress shirt. 

Person 1: *whispers* Holy. Shit. They can’t be Dads. They look so young?
Person 2: *whispers* The one in red is so my type. 
Pidge: *looks at Lance, Hunk and Lotor* *smirks* It has begun. 
Hunk: *face palms* Every. Damn. Time.
Lotor: *chuckles* They make quite an impression. 

Shiro: *holds his mic* Hello, everyone. *smiles*
Everyone: Hi! *cheerful*
Shiro: *chuckles* Excellent crowd tonight. So, my husband and I— *looks at Keith fondly*
Everyone: *teases them* *whistles*
Keith: *looks at the crowd* Please. We’re already married. None of that teasing.
Everyone: *laughs*
Keith: Anyone here who are asexuals? Please raise your hands. *sees a few hands including Pidge’s and Lotor’s* Beautiful. *smiles* I’m ace myself. *places hand on chest* And I married someone who isn’t.

Suddenly the audience were a bit surprised and a lot of hands shot up to ask questions. They shared their story, from when they met, to falling in love, to getting engaged, to finally getting married and then adopting kids.

Shiro: The thing is, there will always be people who will judge us, stare at us like we’re wrong to be who we are. But please, don’t even let that get to you. Ever since I got together with Keith and had our little family *smiles lovingly at Lance, Hunk and Pidge* we’ve been kicked out of a restaurant by a homophobic manager, our kids had been bullied for having two dads. Every day has been a battle, but it’s a battle that we’re all winning. 
Keith: You get up to face a new day, you’re already winning. You put on that binder while you dress, you’re already winning. You look at your face in the mirror knowing you’re not going to take anyone’s shit, you’re already winning. No one, and I say no one, should tell you how you should feel, dress, act and speak except yourself. There might be bruises along the way, but let me tell you it’s gonna be worth it once you get back up again. *smiles at Shiro*
Shiro: *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Pidge: *sniffles* What the hell. They’re still so corny.
Hunk: Pidge, use this. *hands a hanky for her to sneeze on* And Lance stop taking photos of Pidge being sensitive. Lotor, can you please stop him? Pidge, that’s my hand!! 

After the talk, so many people went up on stage to take photos with Shiro and Keith and they were both so overwhelmed. So many aces gathered around Keith to ask him more questions, while Shiro entertained those who were telling him they were such an inspirational married couple. Lance, Hunk and Pidge saw all of these and they were quite proud of them.

Pidge: *points at a guy beside Shiro who was smiling so wide* That’s the dude who said Daddy Shiro was hot.
Hunk: PIDGE!! *scandalized*

“You’re” Even paused, as if he wanted to keep himself from uttering those words but couldn’t. “You’re my favourite thing in the world.”

His voice was low and washed over Isak’s body. Isak who lay there, curls messy, lips parted, eyes closed, lashes thick and nose invitingly squishy. Isak who he thought had been sleeping for a while on his chest, drooling a bit (which shouldn’t have been endearing and adorable and yet..)

But at his words Isak’s lips spread into a content smile and he curled even closer to Even.

“You’re my favourite thing, too.” he mumbled back, before he drifted off to sleep.


hey hi !! its gabs ! so its been a little over a week since i remade,, nd ive already hit a goal !! i feel as though i dont interact w any of my mutuals as much as i want to, nd im making this to let u kno how much i truly appreciate u nd ur blog! 😰🌹💓💐💞 (mutual appreciation post!!) 

♡  = we dont talk as much as i want us too, but seeing you on my dash makes me smile, pls keep being the dazzling angel that u r !! gabs lovs u 😔💗 

☆ = ur blog is one of my favs!! im so blessed that we get to b mutuals,, all m’lov goes to u  🌹 

♪ =  seeing u in my notifs makes m’heart all mushy bc you!! know!! i!! exist!! im confessin to u rn that ur one of my tumblr crushes 😰💐

 ❀ = ur one of the ppl on this website that can make my entire year jus by reblogging my posts!! u r the ppl that share a v v v special place in my heart,, i think yall deserve the world nd all the good things in it!!! 💓💐😰 

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“Hey Shouto,,, why do you like me?”
“Oh? Well,,, it’s because you can do something i can’t,,”
“And what’s that?”
“Love me.”