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○ Would try to get his s/o to take a break, most likely take them to a nice restaurant or movie.

○ Would try to teach s/o, so they could understand their work more.

○ He’d encourage them with ‘you got this!’ and ‘you can do this!’

Soilder 76

○ Looking at his s/o work, he’d probly mumble ‘what the fuck’ under his breath, or just stare in awe. im so sorry that was shitty ajfedfusnfun

○ Like Rein, he would encourage his s/o as best as possible, but would probly get a little impatient when they take too much time.

○ Would try to calm/ease his s/o while rubbing their back to calm them, or holding them.


○ Would most likely jump around their s/o’s room, bored out of his mind and trying to get their attention.

○ In the middle of s/o’s work, he’d probly distract them so they both either get into a tickle fight, pillow fight, or something along those lines.

○ When s/o is done with work and wants to take a break, he’ll be so relieved to finally do something with them when they aren’t stuck inside their room. He’ll probly take them outside to explode things.


○ After looking at his s/o and how much work they have, he’d respond with ‘why are you doing this?’ or ‘what’s the purpose of this?’ He’s just confused on why’d you put yourself through it.

○ Would try to help his s/o the best to his ability. He wants to help, but most of the time can’t.

○ When s/o is done with their work, he’ll be relieved and tell his s/o that training is a good idea to relieve their stress, or take anger out on.

“it’s meaningless without you”~

was bored and felt like doodling a quick makochii and it ended up turning into an almost screencap redraw lol
(i’ve really missed him.. i really want more makoto content;; )

when arguments causes confessions
  • jimin: get away from me! you don't even give a shit about me, so why should i bother with you anymore?
  • jungkook: i never said that! when did i ever say that? i never did say that, did i?!
  • jimin: oh, yeah, but you always act like it! you act like you hate me, like i'm some gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe and that you can't care less about me and it honestly-
  • jungkook: hyung, i care about you more than you think! i care about you so damn much, i care about you more than the others, more than the freaking world!
  • jimin:
  • jungkook:
  • jimin: say that again *grins*
  • jungkook: w-well. y-yeah, i care about you. s-so what? *is flustered and embarrassed*
  • jimin: let's have more arguments in the future. more confessions will be made that way. *grins*

I hate the writing of Michael’s character this season. It’s so boring to watch a character who NEVER fucks up. It’s ridiculously unrealistic, first of all. Second of all, they’ve gone WAY too over the top making him so perfect this season and they additionally made Rafael low key shitty this season to try to make the viewers forget how shitty Michael was in season 1 and get the viewers as far up his ass as the whole cast, characters, and writers are…. IT’S SO SLOPPY.

Nice To See You Again // Frat Calcium Hood

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It was Winter break, so of course the first thing on your mind was Party.

Your friends and you heard about some party at a frat house only an hour away from your town so of course you guys were going to crash that party and hook up with some other college boys rather than the ones at your shitty college.

All of your friends were ready by 7, allowing you to leave on time and get there by 8. The house was huge, and definitely bigger than the other ones you’ve been too. You all hopped out of your car going into the house that was already crowded. You would think people would want to go home and see their families but instead they are here partying with some college boys? 

You all parted your ways, you heading to the kitchen grabbing something to drink. Without alcohol in your system, you were a buzz kill, according to your friends. You downed a cup of whatever and poured some more pushing your way back into the crowd. You pushed yourself into the living room finding it a little less crowded. You scanned for one of your friends, your eyes only falling onto a familiar male.

“Calum?” You called to the boy, his head snapping up to look for the voice who called his name. You waved as he saw you smiling and walking over to you.

“Y/N! Long time no see.” He smirked pulling you into a hug. You hugged back, memories of the last time you saw him flooding into your brain.

“Yeah it’s nearly a year.” You smiled, “What brings you here…?” You asked.

“Uh this is my frat.” He chuckled showing you his clearly new indian tattoo that you saw around the house when you first got here.

“Oh I didn’t know you went here.” You mentally face palmed yourself.

“Yeah, well I do.” He chuckled to fill up the awkwardness in the air.

You both stared at each other, noticing the differences in a year. Your hair was slightly shorter. That was the only difference on you. However, Calum had changed a lot. He had definitely been lifting weights because his biceps were huge. He now had blonde high lights in his hair. And he even thinned out a little.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” You asked out of nowhere.

“No I-” He started but you interrupted.

“Good.” You smiled, grabbing his shirt and pulling him to your lips. He rested onto your lips, immediately putting his hands on your hips and pulling you closer to himself. He moved his hands to your ass, squeezing it lightly causing you to moan. He backed the two of you up to the wall so you were leaning against it, his hands still resting on your ass. 

“What do you say we go up to my room.” He panted as he pulled away from your lips. You nodded eagerly. Calum took your hand, leading you up the stairs where the want any commotion. He lead you to a room down the hall. He opened the door, his scent filling your airways instantly. You looked around his room for a second until Calum turned your body and began kissing you again, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You allowed him to be in charge as he brought you to the bed, pulling you to the bed, taking your shirt off in the process as well as his own.

“No foreplay, just fuck me.” You pleaded as he nodded with a smirk on his face. He laid you on the bed, walking to the side of his bed to grab a condom. You took this time to take off your jeans. When Calum got back in front of you he pulled his pants down along with his boxers.

“Do you want to put it on?” He asked and you nodded. You took the foil wrap from him, tearing it and went to put it on his hard on. You stroked his length as you put it on, making him let out a low moan. “No foreplay.” He hissed through his teeth. 

Once the condom was on, he pulled down your panties and pushed into you without warning. You let out a loud moan, adjusting to his length. Calum was not slow. He pounded into you at a quick pace, you holding onto the bed covers, your back arching off the bed.

“Shit- Hol- Fuck” You panted as his pace seemed to get even faster. Two more thrusts and you found yourself hitting your climax, cumming around him.

Calum’s moans got louder as he released his load into the condom, pulling out of you completely. He panted as he fell to the side of you his hands going behind his head.

“It was nice to see you again.” You giggled, also catching you breath, a tingling feeling going throughout your body.

“You too.” He chuckled pressing a quick kiss to your forehead.


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i really wish people would stop being shitty about jeongguk okay he is a fucking kid

stop saying he doesnt deseve as many lines or parts as he does, stop saying he HAS to be lip syncing his high notes in jjeoleo bc theres no way he could hit them, stop treating him worse than he is bc hes just a teenager to you, stop saying hes ~boring~ because he doesnt post often outside of dubsmashes (hes been extremely shy since before debut and he barely posts probably bc of how shy he is), stop only valuing him for his appearance, stop ignoring the fact that hes a fucking 17 year old kid who has a lot of the weight of the group piled on him to be shitty

like you all DO this without remembering that he doubts himself. he thinks hes nothing outside of bangtan and has no real talent amongst idols. he thinks hes mediocre. he thinks he isnt good at all. this is the kid that is consistently called the golden maknae in public for his talent, and he legitimately believes that he has to push himself to be better and better and better as if he isnt good enough already. he’ll act like hes super charismatic but hes just a kid. hes a really shy and anxious kid who doesnt. think. hes. good enough.

he loves to goof around with his hyungs but so often (until recently) ive seen him stop or tone it down the moment he sees a camera because hes still so shy. he doesnt have a malicious bone in his body but some of you treat him like the fucking devil himself because he gets as many lines as he does or because you dont like him bc he “seems so much like yr typical teenager” like im sorry that someone being really shy and insecure and just barely coming out of their shell rubs you wrong???? okay then???

jeongguk is a sweetheart. he makes dubsmashes for his hyungs to try and cheer them up and he doesnt like physical affection much but hes opened up to bangtan enough to allow that. he lets taehyung pinch his skin and make elephants with his moles despite the fact that he shies away from physical affection.

theres even more than this, but these are the easiest things i can find at first glance. hes seventeen years old. i swear to god, he deserves so much, and he thinks he isnt good enough. and you people treat him like this. please, i am begging you, stop being like this.