im so bored and i should do my homework

Tagging it up on a Monday

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Birthplace: The worst Country Ever™ U.S.A.

Current Time: 5:10pm

Drink you last had: Some extra protein form Vanderwood Wine… I am drinking wine

Favorite Song: Ugh, I have so many and they are always changing. But, currently I have Crazy in a Good Way by Veridia on replay

Grossest Memory: My friends chihuahua is a horn dog. It kept humping my arm, she wouldn’t stop.

Horror yes or horror no: Yes and No. I also horror movies but I’m a baby and will scream. And if I watch it late at night I have to watch something funny before I can sleep.

in love: Burritos, blankets, wine, and Vanderwood No shame

Jealous of people: Daily… I hate to admit it but it happens on the reg.

Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: *clutches chest* where have you been all my life??

Middle name: uhh Suzzette >-<

Number of siblings: Technically 3… But I only talk to one ^^

One wish: Oh man, this is a hard one. I have so many things but to be cheesy probably that all my loved ones accomplish everything they want and end up much happier than they currently are.

Question you’re always asked: umm “What do you want to eat?” “Why aren’t you doing homework?”  “Did you eat?”

Reason to smile: My friends, cute animals, and Tumblr

Song you last sang: 679 by William Singe

Time you woke up: 2pm I worked the overnight;;;

Favorite Foods: Burritos, cookies, chili and Chinese food

Last book you read: Some adult erotica novel that I can’t remember the title to

Zodiac: Pisces *makes fishy face*

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Have some fired-up Noyas with colour splashed on him for your dash (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

so im doing homework rn and im not saying you should leave me asks bc im bored and free but if you wanted to i guess i could take my head outta the books for a few minutes