im so blazed

coloring ?? i guess.. here i go!!    lets start with the eye!

first the base colors! a darker pink in the edges and the center of the lighter.

darken it by using black with Gradient then changing the Opacity.

lighten it a bit i guess… i suck at this XD 

those basic white dots is where you’re gonna put the lighting, dudes.

ooOH at dat shiney-! add dem white but bigger and use Opacity, dude.(crap i forgot the brush thing- oh  umm I USE A BRUSH CALLED Brissle_Wet on Krita for coloring!!!)

ok time for the friggin scarf- DIS IS NORMAL OK??? just colored in… i sorta just filled it in with a bucket on a dif layer.. and ye.. there ya go..

MMMMMM PUT THAT DARK IN THRE (don’t use black!!! instead use a darker red or a dark mildly different shade of red ((a bit of purple)))

BLAZE IT- (use a lighter color ((mainly the color you plan on using as lighting))

i found that using a dark bluish grey works wonders for white.


darken this piece of crap up boi (make sure you darken where the shadows would land. like how a tree’s shadow can be big from how close or far the sun is from it)

bork bork light it up again (remember use that main lighter!!!)

AND UR DONE-!!! YAAAAAAYYYYY *dives into bed*