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Like a Record, Baby

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A/N: yikes… sorry its been so long. ive been pretty busy lately but i promise ill get the other requests out soon. this is probably a bit rusty but yaknow. i REALLY like this song and hearing nsp preform it was so cool. incoming dancy dance!

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You stood on your toes to wiggle behind the wall of people, pushing back against the wall with one hand cradling your drink to your chest and the other holding tight to Ethan’s, dragging him behind you. Finally breaking free of the crowd, you stumbled over the step up into the balcony. Ethan followed, almost knocking you over when he tripped.

“Careful.” You smile back at him and he laughs. Your grip on his hand loosens as you walk further down the balcony to one of the small round tables. Taking your seat, you set down your drink and lean forward with your elbows on the table. Ethan settles down across from you, flashing you a bright and excited smile.

“Oh this is gonna be so cool!” You’re practically bouncing in your seat, raising your voice over the chatter of the room. Ethan beams back at you, reaching over and taking your hand in his.

“I’m excited for them. They seem like pretty cool guys and you can tell how much work they’ve put into this.” Ethan leans against you with a smile. The two of you continue a light conversation until you’re cut off by the lights dimming and the crowd around you screaming. You clap as TWRP walks onto the stage, joking with the crowd and starting their songs.

They fly through their set and before you know it the cheering is overwhelmingly loud. The pit below you churns with excitement as Ninja Sex Party themselves step out. You laugh at their ridiculous costumes and banter, singing along and clapping. Ethan sways next to you, cheering with the crowd.

At one point, the both of you abandon your chairs to stand and dance in front of your table.

“All right. As most of you probably know,” From on stage, Dan leans against his microphone stand, swaying slightly. “A while back we released a cover album called Under the Covers.” He pauses to let the crowd cheer, light sparkling off the sequins of his costume. “This next song is gonna be on our /second/ cover album, just saying. But uh… when I was little I thought this song was, yaknow, about records…” The crowd cheers as they realise what’s about to happen. “Now I know… now I know it’s about fucking!”

You laugh as the music starts and he begins to sing. You dance through the first verse, shimmying to the chorus. As the second verse starts, you feel someone grab your wrist and you gasp. Ethan pulls you towards him, moving his hands to yours. He smiles up at you, moving your arms back and forth in a strange, uncoordinated dance. You laugh and pull him closer, stepping around the table to dance more openly.

Smile shining on his face, Ethan slides an arm around your waist, swinging the two of you around. As the chorus starts again, Ethan beams at you and sings along.

“All I know is that to me you look like you’re lots of fun!” His voice is rough from shouting but undeniably happy. He pushes you away slightly to sing again. “Open up your loving arms, watch out here I come!”

He pulls you back quickly before twirling you out again to spin you. You shriek in surprise but don’t hesitate to sing with him.

“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record baby right round round round!” You lean in towards Ethan, smirking at him and wiggling around in a silly dance. You grab his hand and spin him, voice breaking with laughter as he stumbles over his own feet. You dance and laugh and the world around you feels bright and airy, happiness swelling in your chest.

As the song ends and the crowd erupts with cheers, Ethan tugs you back towards him, wrapping his arm back around you and leaning his forehead against yours. You’re both sweating a bit and panting from exertion, but it still feels right. You lean against Ethan, draping your arms over his hips and smiling at him.

“Wow…” He breathes out.

You laugh lightly, eyes closed and cheeks flushed.

“I love you.”

Your eyes shoot open to look at him and a giddy laugh escapes you. Instead of an answer, you lean forward and pull him in for a soft but sure kiss. When you pull away, Ethan’s eyes are so captivatingly bright and beautiful that not even the roar of the crowd can pull you away from him.

oh my god i bought tickets to go see a local production of oklahoma and i was excited about it so i checked out the teaser vid and uh

the director talks about how he wanted a diverse cast to more accurately portray oklahoma at the time and specifically mentions native americans, af-ams, and latinos and im like YEAH YEAH IM BEHIND THIS

but then uh 

laurey is white, curly is white, ado annie is white, will parker is white, aunt eller is white??? and im like uh didn’t you just say that you wanted a diverse cast

and THEN the video shows that the only non-white main character is JUD who is played by a black man and im like uhhh idk how i feel about you making the ANTAGONIST of the entire musical a black man while all the protags are white and then… saying that that’s a diverse cast idk

also just within the context of the play it self… specifically making jud black while keeping laurey and curly white seems super fucking shitty considering jud commits borderline sexual assault and attempts murder TWICE as well as arson??? i just???? 


very very mature if you need me i’ll be bathing in holy water and rebaptizing myself…

He pushed her up against the wall forcing the door closed behind her. Her hands slipped underneath his shirt and roamed his bare chest. He groaned into her mouth as her cold hands touched him, as her fingernails scared down his chest. She felt his hands on her face, chest, sides, stomach, legs, everywhere. He was everywhere. She leaned back against the door frame as his mouth traveled south to her neck. Her eyes fluttered shut and as he sucked softly on her neck, creating a red mark that would eventually be a bruise. She knew she had to tell him not to mark her, it would be hard to cover up and the last thing she needed was speculation about who gave her a hickey. She put her hands on his neck and right as she was about to pull him away he found the spot just under her ear that made her knees buckle. She gasped softly and left out a quiet moan. He smirked as he continued to make love to her neck with his mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her, increasing the pressure his lips were putting on her neck. She thought back on how she got in this postion with her ex boyfriend. She knew she was going to run into him tonight and there was no getting around it. What she hadn’t expected, was the feeling of sheer envy when she saw another girl hanging off of his arm. She hadn’t expected to remember what seeing him in a black suit did to her. She hated to admit it, but he still brought up so many unresolved feelings in her, causing her to question everything since the fateful day they parted.  She rolled her head to the side giving him more access and he took this as a win. She could feel the alcohol running through her veins but that wasn’t what was driving her to this. No, alcohol wasn’t fueling this at all. Deep down, she knew that she missed this, him. She missed being the person he hungered for. Missed being the one he ached to sink himself into. She missed everything about him. Maybe it is the alcohol, she thought. Whatever it was, quickly left her mind as his hands wandered. She was encouraging him to keep kissing her and the part that surprised her most was that she didn’t want it to stop. Ever. She couldn’t help but think back to when they did this regularly. She felt this primal need for him that was causing the space between her legs to ache. This also terrified her because she didn’t even know if this was a good idea at all.. All thoughts ceased in her mind as she felt his hands move impossibly slow up her legs. She whimpered softly, egging him on. He moved his hands underneath her skirt and rested them on her thighs. She needed him to touch her, to feel him inside her. He removed his mouth from her neck and she took the opportunity to remove her shirt, exposing her lacy black bra. His mouth dropped and eyes widened  as he stared at her. He kept thinking back to the reason they broke up and he couldn’t remember it at all. She was as  exquisite as he remembered, to say the least. She became uncomfortable and her cheeks turned a dark shade of red. Because he was staring at her like that. What if he had seen better? She knows she’s small and not as well endowed as most other women. Her insecurities came creeping in and just as she went to cover up her chest with her arms he snapped back to reality. He grabbed her wrists and brought them down to her sides. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Babe, stop. You’re gorgeous, nothing less.” He kissed her earlobe and then nipped at it with his teeth then kissed her forehead. She felt the blood rush to her face and felt her cheeks burn up. “Nothing you haven’t seen before right?” She laughed a little. He pulled his head up and looked her in the eye, “Even better than I remember.” As a small smirk creeps up on his lips as she lightly smacks him on the chest. She flashed him a smile and said, “Well what are you waiting for? Or am I going to have to take care of this myself?” The she tangled her fingers in his hair and brought him to her while her lips aggressively met his. His tongue swept her lower lip asking for entrance which she immediately granted. Her hands tugged at the hem of his shirt and he pulled away to take it off. As soon as he did, her mouth dropped at his figure. He breathed out a laugh saying, “If there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of in our relationship, was that you never took care of ‘this’ yourself love,” and went in to kiss her again. She moaned into his mouth as he worked her and brought her leg up around his waist. He was right. If they had one thing always going for them, it was chemistry, and passion. She jumped up and wrapped both legs around him as he kept her back pressed against the wall. This new position was all the more enjoyable for her as she felt his hardening member pressing into her core. He started to slowly grind into her center while never having his lips leave hers. She whimpered and moaned softly into his mouth as he continued. Taylor pulled away and let her head fall against the door as she gasped for air. She knew he was always going to be the only one who could make her feel like this. Adam didn’t stop after she pulled away, he kissed down her jawline, her neck, down to her chest and back up to her lips. He wanted her to want him as badly as he needed her. He wanted to hear her moan and beg for him like she used to. As if she read his mind, she whispered out in breathy gasps, “Please, Adam I need you please.” He smirked and carried her over to the bed. He gently laid her down and crawled over her and put just enough of his weight on her and his arms so he wouldn’t crush her. Her fingers roamed his chest and went towards the waistband of his jeans. “These need to come off,” She said with a smirk. He pulled at her skirt and mumbled into the skin of her stomach, “Likewise.” She started to unbuckle his jeans and he moved off her to take them off leaving him only in his boxers. His hand went to her skirt and he looked at her asking for permission. She nodded and he slid her skirt down her long tan legs. He ran his hands along her legs and wrapped a finger in her panties, tugging them down only a little. Her back arched up and she moaned out, “Please,” dragging out the end of the word. He pulled down her underwear all the way and ran his hands all along her thighs, touching her everywhere except where he knew she needed it most. Desire was all they felt in this moment. His lips kissed hers before moving down to her chest. Her body immediately reacted and arched to where his lips were. His hands now had room to move behind her and fumble with the clip of her bra. He gently kissed the space between her neck and shoulder as he slipped the straps down. Everything he did was painstakingly slow. She was about to tell him to go faster when all of a sudden she felt him swipe a finger along her core. She let out a loud moan as Adam pressed his thumb on her clit all her thoughts seemed to dissipate as his fervent kisses took over. She tasted the bourbon on his lips but instead of finding it repulsive, she found it intoxicating, in every sense of the word.  He tongue demanded entry into her mouth, and she opened for him, shivering with pleasure as his tongue slid against hers. She felt her core getting wetter by the second and the ache she felt for him was crazy. She felt his hands slide down her sides stopping at her hips then moving towards her core. He slipped a finger inside her and she pulled her mouth away from his as her head fell back on the pillow as she let out a loud moan. “You like that Tay?” He grunted into my neck. Taylor whimpered this against his lips as she brought his face to hers and pressed her hips forward onto his. “Mm, yeah?” He spoke in a husky tone as they pulled away from the kiss and he ran his tongue along a spot on her neck. Her eyes fluttered closed, “Y-yeah..please” She stuttered out because of the effect he had on her. He sucked on the sweet spot on her neck, just below her ear that made her moan, just hard enough to create a bruise. He pulled his fingers out of her and she felt a sudden rush of disappointment.  She watched his every move as he sat up and grabbed onto his harden member and began to stroke it in a slow motion. He got onto his knees as he continued to stroke himself, his thumb running acorss the tip. The sight of him at that moment almost at her shaking. She pushed herself up from the bed and grabbed onto his shoulders and pushed him down. As he laid there on his back, completely surprised, she swung one leg over his waist so that she straddled him. A smirk appeared on her face as she used her new position to slowly grind on Adam’s pelvis, causing him to groan loudly. She missed being the only one allowed to see him like this. She wanted to make him hungry for a place to sink himself into. She kissed down his neck and chest, trailing all the way down to the waistbands of his briefs. She hooked her fingers into the sides and pulled them off. She licked her lips as his member slapped against his abdomen. She ran her hands up along his upper thighs and continued to kiss his waistline, teasing him. He knew what she was about to do, and he wanted tonight to focus on her so he pulled her up before she grabbed him. “Tay, it’s okay, you don’t have to do that, I just want you.” Her eyes narrowed at him as he spoke. “But I want to. Let me.” She kisses him quickly and reaches under her bed. He gives her a confused look as she pulls out a scarf. “I want to try something.” He nods as a smile creeps up on his face as she grabs his hands and ties them to the bed frame behind him. “Much better.” She says with a smile. She leans down to kiss him softly and feels him straining towards her to deepen the kiss, but she pulls away with a smirk. Adam groaned. “Tay, come on.” She lifts her head from kissing his chest, “No more talking.” She reaches his member and kisses his inner thighs and everywhere but. SHe feels him squirming underneath her in an attempt to create some friction. She finally kisses his tip and grabs onto the base of his member. She slowly starts to pump him, while moving her lips to the underside and plant kisses there. He is moaning in pleasure while saying her name. She begins to pump him faster and meet her hand halfway with her mouth. He is straining against the tie as his hips buck forwards as she continues. “Tay, Oh god, if you don’t stop I’m gonna come.” She slows her movements and eventually comes to a stop. She felt herself growing even more wet by the second and all she could think about were what it would feel like to have him inside her.  She unties his hands and he immediately flips her underneath him and kisses her feverishly. His tongue demands entrance and he starts grinding against her core which makes her throw her head back and moan. “You ready?” He asked her in a husky tone, as he ran the tip of his member up and down her folds in slow motion. All she could do was nod her head rapidly, a soft whimper leaving her lips. His lips curved into a devious smile as he slowly began to enter her. She threw her head back and let the feeling of him filling her up overwhelm her. A stray tear rolls down her face as her mouth hangs open, because of either the sheer pleasure she feels with him inside her again, or the fact that he is inside her again, that she has him in her bed again. She can’t tell. He leaned down and buried his face in her neck kissing and sucking softly on the skin there. Her hands moved to his waist, gripping tightly on it as he moved steadily inside her. He found his rhythm as he thrusted in and out of her, each harder than the last. She moves her hands to his back helping him go deeper than before. He moans out, “Fuck Taylor, you’re so tight, fuck.” All she could do was whimper softly and moan becase at that moment he started to hit her sweet spot. She could feel herself sweating and the familiar fire coursing through her. A string of curse words fell from her lips as she begged him to go harder and faster. Before she knew it, the pressure was too much to hold back and she burst into an orgasm, his name falling from her lips, and white lights danced behind her eyelids as her mind went completely blank. He felt her walls clench around him and he thrusted through her orgasm to prolong it before he released himself. They both lied there, Adam’s head hung down and rested in the crook of her neck and placed soft kisses along the red marks he put there. They were both panting and Taylor’s body was still highly sensitive and humming with the aftershocks. She felt paralyzed from the amount of pleasure she had just received. He pulled out of her and turned on his back bringing her with him. A few more tears rolled down her cheeks as she buried her head further into his chest. She had missed him so much, without even realizing it. That night they fell fast into a deep, blissful sleep together for the first time since the fateful day they parted. As he drifted off to sleep, he whispered in her ear, “I’m not letting you go again, ever.”

Outside. He flinched at the word. It was pathetic how such a simple, every day term had the power to make him feel small, insignificant, trapped. Outside was supposed to be freedom. Outside was supposed to be a place to communicate, laugh, and share easy smiles with other people. Theo didn’t have the luxury of that, or at least, not for a long while. Playing pretend in his own bubble where he believed he was safe did no use. He was merely a fool to believe the protection of the public eye and the cameras and the entire goddamn show would somehow, in some way give him the peace he was desperate for – but some idiot he was. No, his stalker had him right where he wanted him, even had the pleasure of contacting Theo again despite the fact he’d already changed his number four times. 

But he couldn’t stay inside forever. Two weeks of Theo never leaving his house, his room, had the camera men getting impatient with him. He wouldn’t be surprised if he broke some unspecified rule on the show by not giving them a second of shit. Yet because of this, Theo’s food supply was nonexistent, and although he considered that maybe it would be less stress on his back if he just starved to death, life isn’t so easy like that. Just go to the grocery store, don’t look at anyone, come straight back. That’s all you need to do, he thought to himself as drove. He exited his car and immediately felt uncomfortable, felt eyes on his back as he walked. His breathing picked up as he looked behind him frantically, and his voice trembled as he said, “What? What do you want?”