im so behind in this challenge

Wait wait wait, did you just make a joke?

•I am in love with the idea of Keith making jokes so only hunk can really hear
•and they are GOOD
•Hunk has laughed so hard hes cryed over some of them
•one time Keith’s joke got him so good that he skipped the laughter and went straight to crying
•but Keith is sneaky
•and no one EVER hears him exept Hunk
•Hunk is loosing it™
•im sorry buddy but ??? Keith has literally never???
•Hunk looking at Keith
•hes so smug
•Hunk making the “im watching you” gesture
• Keith taking it as a CHALLENGE
•a challenge to get sneakeyer and funnier
•when they are heading to their lion
•right before they enter a room with everyone else
•as hunk is taking a sip of space juice so he does a spit take all over lance and pidge
•at the table when Keith walks behind hunks chair
•Keith is brutal with his jokes tbh
•they are always relevant to something going on
•"Are we sure Galra Keith isn’t evil??? I think he’s tring to make me laugh to death! Is that possible?“
•Keith is so happy to have a thing™ with Hunk
•he feels so proud of himself whenever Hunk laughs
•he did that he made him happy
•Keith would do anything to make that laugh and that smile stick around
•and he finds that making jokes like this is a great stress relief for both of them so thats a plus
•keith dosnt know when he started to automatically seak out Hunk when entering a room
•Hunk doesnt know when he started keeping a constant eye out for Keith
•really tho if you see one of them you probably see the other too and they are probably most definitely both trying to stifle a laughing fit


asexual awareness week fandom challenge

day one: a male non-binary character you see as asexual
↳ the doctor (doctor who)

Fours a Party

Pairing: CBX + Reader. 

A/U: Im not sorry bye bye

Originally posted by minniedeer

“Ah! Guys you suck at this, take another layer off!” You squealed reaching for your beer and sitting back as the other three boys sat back to take their jeans off. You chuckled to yourself, it was a good thing you had played so much poker with your parents, it really came in handy.

The boys had begged you to play poker with them. None of the other members wanted to join and they wanted to include as many people as possible since its just more fun that way. But after a good few bottles of beer and Baekhyun suggesting the game get a little more interesting, you were so glad you stayed.

The three others were striped down into nothing but their boxers, you had been pretty successful so far only having to take off your shirt. You didn’t see it as a loss though, it wasn’t like the boys hadn’t seen you in a bathing suit. You chuckled and watched as they all took turns throwing their pants on the table and rolling their eyes, if they knew that you were so good at it they wouldn’t have suggested doing this in the first place. You were cocky and weren’t afraid to let them know, so after downing the rest of your bottle you looked around the table with a sly grin.

“One last round. Looser take everything off.” You said confidently. The boys all looked around and shrugged. They might as well accept their fate.

Cards were dealt and you didn’t even look, just lent back while the boys all put theirs together. You smile and waited, there was no way you were going to loose, especially by the look on Minseok’s face. But when his concentrated sigh turned into a light hearted chuckled your heart dropped. Looking at your cards you sighed, a High Card was going to get you no where. Still, you hoped for a chance. But as Minseok laid down a straight flush and Jongdae laid a full house you sighed and dipped your head in your hands.

“You have got to be kidding me.” You said as Minseok and Jongdae celebrated.

“Since I won and Jongdae was close behind were making you two take off your clothes, sorry!” Minseok laughed bouncing slighly and reaching for his pants to put them on again.

You looked over to Baekhyung and sighed, you should have never sad that. You should have never been so cocky. Still, a deal was a deal and as uncomfortable as it made you, you weren’t one to go back on your word. You accepted the freshly opened beer from Jongdae and downed it whole, watching him watch you with excited eyes. Baekhyun did the same and when the two you slammed the bottles down in unison you lent back and started to undo your pants.

Minseok laughed, scooting over to you to help peel your skinny jeans off of your body, and once they were off he tossed them to Jongdae who wrapped them around his neck. You looked at Minseok to see if he was actually serious about you taking the rest of your cloths off. You expected there to be a sense of pride coming from Minseok, him being the one to usually flirt and poke at you. But what you saw was far from what you had expected. What you saw was nervousness. Being you and now being drunk you chuckled and looked right at him, wrapping your arms behind your body and quickly undoing the clasp. You let the band that hugged your ribs snap forward and looked around all eyes were on you.

“A bets a bet right?” You asked raising a brow as you slipped the straps off your shoulders, covering your chest with your arms. You stood and turned away from them, chuckling to yourself as you tossed the bra backwards at one of them.

You could feel their eyes burning in your backside, you forgot for a minute you were wearing a thong. Still you took your thumbs and hooked them through the waist band and started to pull them down, but stopped and looked over your shoulder.

“Baek, you too. Don’t make me do this by myself.” You said, smiling slightly at your friends blushing faces.

“Ah, yeah right.” He said shuffling around.

Trying to make things funny again he started to hum the melody of a jazzy song as he came to stand by you. Hs eyes stuck to the ceiling and he hooked his fingers into his own waist band. The two of you jokingly wiggled your butt and pulled the rest of your clothing off and as you slightly turned to laugh at Baekhyun you gasped and covered his mouth as he was fully erect.

“What! Im standing next to a naked girl what do you expect!” He said trying to cover himself fully.

The two boys behind him started to laugh making you turn to look at them. You pouted and turned around to fully face them making their laughter stop. They looked you up and down for a moment and watched as you cocked your hip and folded your arms in a way to support your breasts, still looking very stern.

“I bet if you took your pants off you’d be the same.” You said, ignoring Baekhyun as he chuckled lightly behind you.

You watched as Minseok and Jongdae shifted uncomfortably and you weren’t the only one who noticed. Baekhyun came up behind you, mainly to hid himself from torment of the boys but so he could also make fun of his friends.

“Y/n, I don’t think they’ve ever seen a naked girl before.” He said, coughing slightly as the tip of his erect penis brushed against your backside.

“Really? Thats sad.” You pouted. Your pout turned into a laugh as Minseok stood up to defend himself.

“You and I both know thats not true.” He said pointing a finger. Baekhyun’s member pressed against you again as he laughed in agreement making you hiccup to fight the pleasure that came from the feeling of his skin against yours but as you did you just ended up rocking back into him again making you gasp this time.

“So your not turned on by me?” You said pouting slightly, now turned on by the thought of having three hard men around you.

“Well.. I mean I’m not hard if thats what your asking.” Minesok said shifting and looking at Jongdae.

“Im sure I could get you hard like that.” You said snapping your fingers and making Baekhyun chuckle behind you.

“No you couldn’t.” He said looking at you with a nervous smile and shifting again.

You took this as a challenge and started to walk forward till you were able to place your hands on his knees. You looked at him as he watched you bent over like that  and as you rose an eyebrow he just shook his head. You sighed and stood up again before placing a knee on the couch next to him and moving to straddle his lap. Your hands hooked around his neck and although you could feel just how hard he was under you, you still had to ask.

“How about now?” He shook his had and cleared his throat causing Baekhyun to chuckle behind you. “What if I do this?”

You rested yourself on his lap completely and snuck his hand under his shirt to trace your fingers up his stomach. But as he shook his head and tried to laugh confidently You decide to try one more thing to get him to confess to everyone that you had turned him on. Looking to your left you caught Jongdaes tongue grazing his bottom lip as he stared from your chest to where your bare core was resting against Minseoks crotch. You looked back to Minseok and rotated yourself till you were now facing Baekhyun again. Your hand reached to your side and pulled at Jongdae until he was kneeling in front of you. He gasped at your forwardness but graciously accepted you when you rolled your but back across Minseoks lap and brought Jongdae closer. You rolled your hips again as you allowed Jongdae to kiss you, the feeling of Minseok hard against you making you moan breathlessly into the kiss. You rolled your hips again as the kiss was pushed deeper and deeper until you were resting against Minseoks chest, Jongdae finding his way in-between your knees.

“Fine you win.” Mines growled, his hands now running down your sides and over your thighs, hooking tightly every once in a while to make sure you were still rotating yourself over you.

Your head tilted back as Jongdae moved to kiss once side of your neck while Minseok started to suck and tease the other side. Your eyes met Baekhyun who’s lip was stuck between his teeth and his eyes turned dark. You brought a finger up and motioned for him to approach you. Lips moving back to Jongdaes your hand found Baekhyuns chest and you slowly trailed your hands down his stomach until you were able to wrap your hands around his member. He groaned at your touch and his body twitched slightly as he braced himself against the wall behind the couch. Minseoks hands wandered down to your core and the feint feeling of his fingers brushing against your stretched lips made you moan and push yourself harder into his chest.

“She’s so wet.” He mumbled against your neck.

Your response was to roll, kiss and pump faster in hope that someone would touch you harder. Mines chuckled at this, his fingers pressing harder and harder to your core and he began to tease your opening with two fingers. You pulled away from the kiss suddenly as his fingers entered you and the pumping of your hand around Baekhyun became non existent. You gripped to MInseoks legs and watched as Jongdae left the area between your knees to start to strip. You smiled and breathed hard as Baekhyun replaced him, his goofy grin make your heart flutter before you took ahold of your chest. He brought his lips down to you and kissed you roughly before moving down your neck and to your chest.

Mineseok continued to push his fingers in and out of you quickly until you weren’t able to kiss Baekhyun anymore, all you could do was clench to his forearms and fight back the scream that was still pushing past your teeth. Baekhyun laughed again as he watched you squirm looking straight into your eyes. You started to moan louder and as you did Minseoks fingers slipped out and were replaced by Baekhyun. You gasped and held tightly to Minseoks thighs as Baekhyun pushed yours back. He hissed through his teeth and pressed his forehead into yours, the weight of his body pressing against yours making you moan louder. Minesok hooked his arm around your body to keep you from sliding off of him, and once he had you in a good spot his finger started to tease your clit. You  groaned loudly and let your back arched as the pleasure you were searching for grew in the pit of your stomach. Baehyuns hips moved faster causing your head to roll to the side.

“Ah shit.” Baekhyun moaned as your body tightened around him.

With Minseok in your ear he started talking, encouraging you to let yourself come undone, to let the feeling of the two boys you were sandwiched between take over your body. And you let them. With one hand hooking behind Baekhyuns neck and the other around Minseoks you let out one last long shaky moan as you orgasmed between them. Mineseok chuckled as he held onto your shaking your body and Baekhyun kissed you as he pulled himself out. You smile and covered your face,  your body relaxing. Mineseok hugged you and laughed bringing his lips down to your ear.

“Now who’s turned the other on.” He whispered making everyone chuckle.

You turned to look at Jongdae who had just entered the room and then tilted your head up to look at Minseok. Eyes moving back to the now naked Jotgdae you lifted your chin and began to whisper.

“I want you two now, please?”

“The two of us?” He said raising an eyebrow as you bit your lip and nodded.

“Please?” You rolled your hips into him.

He looked up at Jongdae who walked away for half a second before coming back in the room. He tossed something to Minseok and then moved to sit next to him, helping you by pulling you onto his lap. A soon as you left Minseok’s lap he stood to undress, laughing at the mess you had made on his pants. Your head met the nook of Jongdaes neck and you sighed as his hands rubbed up and down your back. You groaned in pleasure as the feeling of something cold was squeezed all over your back. Two sets of hands massaged your backside making you moan as they worked together to pull your cheeks apart and massage you till you were ready for for them. Jotgdae was the first to enter you, his cock pushing past your sensitive walls slowly and making all the muscles in your body tense up. He sunk you low, groaning at the feeling of you circling your hips around him.

He slouched more against the couch and started to pump his hips reaching deeper into you and making you clench at feeling of him hitting deeper than Baekhyun had before. You were already a moaning mess by the time he slowed himself and Minseok pulled and kneaded more at your behind. You buried your head in Jongdaes neck again as Minseok teased you with his tip. You rose yourself up Jongdae’s shaft and waited for Minseok as he teased you just a little while longer. When he finally began to push into you Jongdae chuckled as you gripped onto his shoulder tightly. You moaned gaspy moans as he stretched inside of you, the feeling of him mow pushing against Jotgdae through a thin layer of nerves sending your body on tire.

The moment you were fully stretched the two began to move. Jongdae moved quickly, looking straight into your eyes as you let out loud long moans while Minseok took ahold of your arms and pulled them together, pulling  your body back until your chest was pulled off of Jongdae’s. You moaned with your eyes closed letting the boys penetrating you take over your every senses. It went until they both pushed into you equally as hard did your eyes snap open and you see Baekhyun sitting on the back of the couch next to Jongdae’s head. With all your strength you pulled your arms out of Minseok’s grip and lent your body forward to take ahold of Baekhyuns member. He hissed at your touch and bit his lip as you brought your mouth down on him. He smiled, lacing his fingers through your hair and chuckled as you began to blow him.

TO make things easier for everyone Minseok pulled out, Jongdae rotated till he was fully laying down with his knees bent. He had already started pumping into you as MInseok repositioned himself in you, causing you to yelp in pleasure and brace yourself againt Baekhyuns thighs, now sat on the arm of the couch. You waited patiently for you to become adjusted but after you waited a few seconds too long he intertwined his fingers with you hair agains and pulled your head down. You graciously took him in your mouth and allowed the motion from the other two men to rock you back and fourth. You twirled your tongue and sucked hard, adding your hand once you were comfortable enough not to clench onto Jongdaes shoulders.

As your moans got louder so did Baekhyuns since the more you moaned the tighter the vacuum in your mouth became. His hands clenched in your hair and he pushed your head down, moaning at how well you tok him all the way down your throat. He was the first to cum and you swallowed most of him, not caring that some of his release made its way out of the corner of your mouth and down your chin. It was almost like it caused a chain of reactions. Mineseok, who had been quite for most of this finally let out a loud groan, finally releasing all the noises he wanted to make during. He pulled out a little too quickly causing your body to lurch, and your head to shoot back into the crook of Jongdae’s neck as Minseok came all over your back.

Jongdae’s pace quickened, his hands finding your ass and spanking you once causing you to moan loud. Your body clenched around him and your breath became staggered as he rode you into pleasure.

“Wait for me, Hold on.” He breather now pumping faster. You cried trying to hold on to your orgasm, your moans now coming out almost painfully as you held on with everything you had.

Seeing you like that send Jongdae over the edge. He let out a forceful ‘cum with me’ and in the second the two of you unraveled. His pumps went from being hard to sloppy in a matter of seconds and his arms not caring where Minseok relieved himself grabbed tightly to your waist. You let out a scream and your fingers dug into his arms, your body now loosing all of your strength. You had orgasmed so hard you didnt even realize Jongdae had pulled out of you, that you were now wrapped tightly in his arms as Minseok cleaned you off with a damp towel and Baekhyun pulled your hair back.

You laid there with them, butt naked and wrapped in each of their arms one way or another, the tv now playing softy around you. You closed your eyes and chuckled Minseok pulling you more into his chest as you all laid there, you couldn’t believe you had just done that. You couldn’t believe you just had sex with three of your closest friends at one time. But as you thought about it, and thought about how you now felt you would defiantly be sneaking back over for more.

This is was I imagine Bitty’s YouTube page to look like <3 Will I ever make another (for Nursey?) … probably not for a while at least xD This took me half a day.

See more of my thoughts on it under the cut <3

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Petyr Baelish One Week Challenge: day 3 (favourite scene) —> Petyr’s Gifts

[Feast for Crows spoilers below; **this scene has not yet occurred in the show]

“So tell me, sweetling - why is Harry the Heir?”Her eyes widened. “He is not Lady Waynwood’s heir. He’s Robert’s heir. If Robert were to die …”Petyr arched an eyebrow. “When Robert dies. Our poor brave Sweetrobin is such a sickly boy, it is only a matter of time. When Robert dies, Harry the Heir becomes Lord Harrold, Defender of the Vale and Lord of the Eyrie. Jon Arryn’s bannermen will never love me, nor our silly, shaking Robert, but they will love their Young Falcon … and when they come together for his wedding, and you come out with your long auburn hair, clad in a maiden’s cloak of white and grey with a direwolf emblazoned on the back … why, every knight in the Vale will pledge his sword to win you back your birthright. So those are your gifts from me, my sweet Sansa … Harry, the Eyrie, and Winterfell. That’s worth another kiss now, don’t you think?”

Nezumi and Shion really get me. I love them. Separately and together. What a team. Nezumi finally loses his shit to someone worth losing it for after years of trusting no one, loving no one…Shion’s his challenge and he could never overcome him. Shion, the boy is loaded with love that needs no “I love you”, he shows it to Nezumi… or tells him something else, that he’s drawn to him. They really care about each other and I’m reading the novel right now to learn about that deeper level of love and characterization behind the surface of the anime.


Request:  Can I have an imagine that you are the youngest avenger and in love with your friend peter parker? when he figures it out he distants himself cuz he likes liz. but with new stark-xavier scholarship program jean (your bff) and pietro (your ex) comes to the tower and something blossoms again between pietro and you so Peter becomes jealous and finally realizes his feelings?

Word Count: 2,979 (holY SHIT)

Warnings: angst? fluff? maybe you’ll hate the ending? who knows???

AN: oh my GOD THIS IS LONG. this is the first request i’ve done & it was a bit of a challenge but i’m always up for pushing myself. kinda iffy about this lol let me know what you think, enjoy :) im sorry its so long aiyaiyai

Originally posted by v-writings

You watched Peter behind your lockers door, hiding in case he would ever catch you in the act. You weren’t close with him, but you both knew each other enough to match a name with the face. Especially you. After being infatuated with Peter ever since the beginning of sophomore year, you did your best to make him feel the same way but could never succeed thanks to Liz Allan. Peter whizzed past a group of people in the hallway as he made his way over to his best friend, Ned.  

The two of you were close, best friends since junior high, but knowing how intense you can be with your feelings, you decided to back off just a tad. Nothing too bad.

“Peter’s smart and everything but, man, he’s clueless when it comes to you.” A voice comes from behind you that causes you to jump back into the lockers.

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army challenge ; bias wrecker(s) :

↳ kim taehyung & jung hoseok

“ all the days I spent without you
I can’t even remember them..”


After Matty had decided to hit the court with Ollie in the Spice district, Tia chose to tag along and work on her homework. By the time she’d finished, Matty and Ollie were still going hard, so she decided to take a stroll along the street; the last thing she expected was for Sylvie to race up behind her and jump on her back, almost knocking her clean off her feet.

“Sylvie!” Tia cried, the wind knocked clean out of her lungs. Sylvie grinned at her, eyes glinting, and Tia was immediately suspicious.

“So you’re trying to get a boyfriend, huh?”

Tia groaned. “I can’t believe they already told you! Yeah, I am.”

Sylvie looked absolutely delighted. “I know what you need, Tia. You need a wingman. And I shall be that man - or woman, in this case, I guess.” She dug her phone out of her pocket, then, scrolling through her Simbook feed until she brought up a post made by some of the other kids in their grade. “Look! There’s a party by the Old Salt House this weekend, and we should go to scout you out a man!”

Tia grimaced a little, but she couldn’t deny the idea sent a thrill of excitement through her. “Well… you sure?”

“Of course I am!” Sylvie replied, feigning hurt. “I’m the best wingwoman ever. You can count on me - we’ll get you a guy in no time.”

She said it with such conviction - such confidence - that Tia couldn’t bring herself to doubt her. “All right, let’s do it!”

voltron amusement park headcanons

i was inspired so here:

  • hunk fuckin destroys at the arcade
  • he also destroys at those boardwalk games
  • wins everyone stuffed animals
  • lance naively challenges him to a virtual racecar match
  • lance ends up crying
  • like i said before, keith is a roller coaster/thrill ride nut. the second they get to the park he makes a bee line for the coasters
  • he’s been on kingda ka, he’s been on el toro, he’s been on top thrill dragster. he’s been on them all. he’s seen some things.
  • pidge isn’t really into roller coasters but she goes apeshit over bumper cars
  • “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY SHITLORD” - pidge as she smashes her car into a five year old’s
  • shiro films her from the sidelines with his giant 90s camcorder
  • “pidge! pidge look this way sweetie!”
  • pidge roars at the camera
  • shiro: *tearfully* they grow up so fast
  • allura splurges on all the sweets, comes back to shiro’s bench with her arms full of every flavor of cotton candy and ice cream imagineable
  • shiro takes one look at her load
  • allura squints because fuck u she wants her sweets
  • but shiro only says “you didn’t get popcorn. we have to go back and get popcorn.”
  • coran is the designated holder of bags/purses/toys, but he does join in at one point to challenge hunk to a match
  • everyone is concerned for coran’s health
  • hunk is hesitant but agrees
  • they get set up
  • everyone starts screaming
  • coran is crowned god
  • hunk resigns himself to hanging out with pidge, who insists they go on the tilt-a-whirl
  • hunk has never been on the tilt-a-whirl
  • it does not end well
  • hunk: crying
  • pidge: maniacal Chaotic Neutral laughter
  • keith gets bored going on coasters by himself so he finds lance flirting with an employee and drags him on with him
  • lance refuses
  • keith: what are you, scared?
  • lance: WHAT NO i just don’t wanna be stuck sitting next to YOU
  • keith doesn’t believe him so lance is forced to prove his honor
  • about five seconds into the car going up the hill he starts screaming and clutches onto keith’s hand for dear life
  • he screams throughout the whole thing
  • not even separate screams just one long continuous scream
  • keith feels bad so he doesn’t say anything when they get off the ride and lance has to lie down on a bench for 10 minutes
  • lance gets his revenge by dragging keith to the haunted house
  • the reason lance thought the castle was haunted was because he’s a huge horror fan
  • loves movies, video games, comics, novels, rides, anything to do with monsters, and loves being scared
  • keith likes them too, but he just can’t do haunted houses
  • keith doesn’t scream per se, but he’s tight lipped and stiff throughout the whole thing and never lets go of lance’s sleeve
  • elsewhere shiro and allura decide to ride the love boat/tunnel of love together Just As Friends (hhahahhahaha)
  • it’s dark and romantic and there are candles and stuff
  • they kinda look at each other then look away
  • shalalalalala my oh my looks like the boy’s too shy
  • they finally work up the nerve to lean in, lean in, lean in-
  • out of nowhere pidge pops up behind them “hey you guys got anymore fig newtons?”
  • allura shrieks and shiro nearly tips over the boat
  • hunk appears too (they were both hiding in the backseat) “im so sorry it was all pidge’s idea oh gosh please don’t be mad”
  • shiro and allura just stare
  • finally allura rubs her temples and decides to take a nap on shiro cause he’s comfy
  • shiro hands over the fig newtons
  • at the end of the day hunk challenges coran to a rematch
  • they tie, and both regard the other as an equal
  • the end


prologue: yeah the gods are real. and they have kids. and those kids have ISSUES

the day i got expelled: really? that’s dedicated for a substitute…

strong: to make it boring orange or green. why be blah when there’s aquamarine?

the minotaur/the weirdest dream: oh look, a strange man in a hawaiian shirt

another terrible day: you can hate it here BUT I HATED IT FIRST

their sign: together we’ll search for your/my sign (legit just for that harmony i mean DAMN)

put you in your place: she can capture your heart im gunna C-C-C-C-CAPTURE THE FLAG

the campfire song: when your dad’s a god life can be tough. i met the guy once and once was enough

the oracle: and you shall fail to save what matters most in the end

good kid: but it ends up all the same with ‘pack your bags, percy. you’re always to blame’

killer quest: so what if no ones come back from the underworld? i’ll be the first! AND I’LL BE THE SECOND FIRST

lost!: so what are we gunna do? wait for another bus? what if we blow up that one too?!

my grand plan: my grand plan is that i will be remembered. my grand plan just you wait and see. you better wise up 'cause i’ll rise up. bring on any challenge!

drive: the road it offers freedom. as for rules hell we don’t need 'em. so pedal to the metal and drive

the weirdest dream (reprise): remember thalia?

the tree on the hill: and maybe if i’d be a little bit braver, maybe if i’d stayed behind to fight. but 'maybe’ doesn’t let me go back and save her. 'maybe’ doesn’t make it alright

d.o.a: no hope of survival. you’re dead on arrival!

son of poseidon: im… the… son of poseidon! i never asked to be, but i’m the son of poseidon. now face the tide inside me!

the last day of summer: so i’ll do anything. i don’t care if i hurt anyone. it doesn’t pay to be a good kid, a good kid, a good son (i love a twisted call back)

bring on the monsters: and if you’re looking for trouble then count me in!

Ballet AU: Race to September 21st. 20,000 words in 20 days. I am doing this, I don’t care how, but I am. Posting these challenges have helped me so much, for accountability, even if they disappear in the void of tumblr. I give you guys my full permission to pester me; my full encouragement! Ask me stuff about this fic, spoilers, snippets, explanations, anything, and I’ll answer! I’ll also be tracking #jpballetAU if you guys ever want to tag me on things, maybe? 

If anyone wants to join me in this challenge, feel free to do so! Reblog this with your daily or even weekly updates and message me if you want to talk about your fanfic! I am so excited to start writing this today, even if I am 1k words behind. The last one was a success, as I wrote almost 30k, and hopefully this one will be a success as well. Wish me luck, all you lovely people <3 

run it up

april jily challenge!!

partner: @liiilyevans

prompt: university au + “our mutual friend dared the two of us to chug a whole pint of beer and I’m not going to let you beat me”

       The party was the kind where you could barely hear yourself think, the kind not made up of people but of heat and lights and deafening noise. The boys were there because they were always there, because through mysterious means they’d managed to convince the world that four nerds with too many secrets were somehow cool. People cheered when they came in the door, welcoming them to an alternate reality drenched in purple strobe lights, and James let the deafening music into his skull and between his thoughts.

        These parties never changed agendas, just dates and locations. It was uni, competitive uni, and so everyone was having fun by commiserating over assignments and grades and new adult despair. He could know the conversations without actually hearing them, without participating, because there were only so many things that drunk college students actually talked about. It was the reason that they always left early, that they rarely did anything without one another. James didn’t need to look to know where they were (Peter: back porch, Remus: kitchen counter, Sirius: pouring drinks). Instinct dragged his gaze to the bookshelves, looking for the fiery hair, the dead giveaway that she was there.

        And there was Lily, alone–and then not alone, standing next to her former best friend (no longer, not after what he called her in the courtyard on the day the lines were redrawn). And James hated him, had always hated him, because there’d always been that potential for cruelty and then it’d happened. He’d been there in the courtyard, been there for the prank (immature, but funny) and for Snape’s words (unforgivable) and for Lily’s reaction (like she’d taken a bullet). So without thinking James was across the room, he was between them, he was pushing Severus away from her, he was–

        He was being held back by Sirius, watching Snape disappear into the crowd, looking at the blood on his knuckles with a curious indifference. He was shaking, or maybe the house was, and Lily was behind him with her eyes pressed shut and fists clenched. Sirius and Lily shared a Look, the Look of two people set adrift from their families, of a girl forced into a box and a boy who came from a long line of box builders. 

        “Who wants a drink,” Sirius deadpanned, lips twitching.

        And that was how James and Lily ended up in the kitchen, facing one another with Sirius shoving pints into each of their hands. “Last one finished loses,” Sirius said, danger in his eyes and a grin on his face. If there was one similarity between the two of them, it was the need to never let a competition slide by unanswered. And so they were drinking. James drinks to win, a formidable motivation. But Lily drinks her hatred of Snape, her loss of a friend, her betrayal and anger and longing. She leaves him in the dust. James will tell you that he barely remembers that night, that nobody could be sure who really won, but if you ask Sirius Black he’ll tell you that tiny Lily Evans absolutely demolished James Potter, and that Potter’s a punk ass bitch besides.

        Then again, Marlene McKinnon swears that she saw Sirius in the alley behind the party right as the drinking game was ending, beating the shit out of Severus Snape. So who can really say?

Castle in the sky has always been my favorite studio ghibli movie, even when I thought it was another one. The love that Pazu and Sheeta have for each other is really innocent and beautiful and it works so beautifully with the peaceful and content feeling the movie has

The Fellpril Shipping Challenge!

Ok so theres two versions of these, the first is to ship Fell with ANYONE. You can write a fanfiction with this mystery guy and fell XD. So just ruin Fell’s life :) (im a terrible person XD)

The second one is where u just draw ships each day in this list. If you dont like one of the ships, it fine, just draw another XD. if ur late, good job im probably 4 days behind c:

1- Ink x Error
2-Paperjam x Fresh
3-BlueBerry x Fell
4-Sans x Fell
5-Ink x Dream
6-Dream x Cross
7-Dust x Blueberry
8-Error x Blueberry
9-Nightmare x Cross
10-Nightmare x Dream (brotherly love?)
11-Sci x Fell (Sci by Science sans)
12-Sans x Blueberry
13-Blueberry x Fell pap
14-Swapfell x Fell pap (????)
15-Cross Chara x Chara (DATS RITE WE DUNT JUST DO SANZ)
16-Sans x Toriel
17-Sans x Frisk
18-Dream x Blueberry
19-Fell x Fell pap
21-Frisk x Chara
22-Chara x Dust (idk)
23-Flowerfell x Flowerfell frisk
24-Blueberry x Ink
25-Some sans x You
26-Nightmare x Error
27-Goth x Palette
28-Geno x Reaper

im srry i have trash ships XD.. The tag for this is #fellprilships if ur gonna do this challenge, good luck!