im so bad baby i dont care

“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”

I was bombed with asks that Im so cute today ha ha thank you. The camera can lie, just so you know.

Anyway when I was small I was being call ugly A LOT, by both children my age and adults. I still remembered they used to call me one of the ugliest one in the neighborhood. I got all the ugly facial features (in Asian sense): broad forehead, curved lips, bend nose and teeth goes all wrong lol. Even now I still leave my teeth like that it looks like rabbits teeth and people would advise me to fix it but yeah I dont think so.

When I was 18 my face just changed by itself and somehow I look a little better. But guys still think Im ugly, well to be pretty in Vietnamese sense you must have round eye round face and nice smile. But my face is really slim and thin, so overall I can look like someone can kill you sometimes. My friend told me that I should smile more because my feature is really cold and strict. They would tell me I should try to me more girly or boys won’t want me. Not my fault dude, mother made me this way.

Sometimes people still advise me to go through facial surgery and fix my teeth but I dont really care, because I dont care about my look that much. If I was like normal girl with that kind of mean joke since childhood could make me suffer really bad anxiety problem but I think my stuborness just like to rebel. And also I think Im rad af thats better lol

My point is that maybe you actually are very pretty in some senses, just like me, so dont bother by some who cant appreciate your beauty, just wave at them so fabulously and: “I was born this way hey I was born this way hey Im on the right track baby I was born this way hey”


This is actually quite thrilling.
Good, I’m glad.

christ what i wouldnt do for your lips like honey
to drip my name from them
become a martyr for it god i would
i know you know but do you
know how heavy my hands feel
without the weight of yours in them
fuck baby it aint pretty anymore i know that
but i dont care i just want and want and want
so bad im gonna tear apart from the storm
of it all
—  can’t help that you set me on fire // s.b. (via inkedknuckles)

i made a sim for @dreambot‘s botb thingy but then i got rlly attached so i’m probably going to use them in play oops. also i couldnt figure out how to save them for a download link - so my origin id is MellyRosePond if you anyone actually wants them they’re on there.

This is Myla Lovell - cute indie loner nb child.

genetics / makeup cc : skin (baby choux) / eyeshadow / eyeliner / blush / lashes

other cc : shirt / hat / pants / piercing

baby’s first tracer POTG…this was only like the fourth or fifth time i played her and it’s terrible but i dont care she’s so much fun and im actually not bad at her overall. lesbian²

im reviewing ciel again arent u excited

this is for kuroshitsuji book of circus episode 5

i haven’t seen it in english yet oops but i’ve been watching so much anime that i kind of understand it anyways



i dont know if this was in the episode and i dont care its cute

i dont know what he was flustered about tbh maybe it was the position

hahahah i kind of ship them but im not fully convinced that doll is a girl lol

i liked it when he was coughing bc cutie but i also felt bad for him

when he imagined them as his family i was like aww poor baby

look at this cute ass little fucker 

i dont hvae many gifs or pictures bc im lazy and idk how to make them oh

i cant wait to see him cry

I found more gifs

sick ciel is really cute im sorry

i just wanna climb in that bed and cuddle the fuck out of him 

Just Trust Me ||Nate Maloley||

Okay so I got two Nate requests so I combined them both and this was what I got! So I hope you enjoy!

 “Oh my gosh, this boy.” I huffed grabbing my phone out of my pocket and looking at the newest of the series of texts from my all too paranoid boyfriend, Nate Maloley.

     I read the messages and all I could do was just shake my head, he was too paranoid about me and Sammy being friends. And that’s all we were was friends, and I never wanted to be anything more with Sammy, I loved Nate with every fiber of my being.

     I didnt know what to say to that so I just set my phone down on the table next to the couch that I was sitting down on. 

     Sammy looked over at me “Everything alright?” He asked curiously. “No, Nate is being all suspicious again.” I sighed pushing the loose hair out of my face. “You knew what you were getting into when you started dating him y/n.” Sam laughed mocking me. 

     I sat back on the couch and grabbed the x box controller and unpaused my game. I tried to foucus on the game as best I could but my phones constant buzzing was really starting to piss me off. 

     I groaned and threw my controller down. “Why cant this boy just fucking trust me for once!” I yelled angerly. “Sorry Sammy but I need to go home and deal with my boyfriend, ill text you tomorrow or something.” I said quickly gathering all my things. “Good luck with Nate, you know hes a jealous one.” Sammy warned his dumb smirk plastered on his face . 

     I walked out of Sam’s house, quickly saying goodbye to his mother and jumped inside my car. I drove back to my house which was only a few minutes away from Sammy’s place, also where Nate was crashing at. 

     I threw open my front door. “Nate im here, you happy now? Always got to know where I am, and now im here. Its like I cant go anywhere without you blowing up my phone!” I yelled into the house.

     Nate walked out of the hallway. “What the fuck is your problem y/n? I dont know if you know his but im your boyfriend! And I want to know that your safe and that you didnt get fucking taken by some fucking wierdos. Im sorry that I care about you so much y/n! I dont know if you know this but your the prettiest girl in all of omaha…wait no fuck that your the most beautiful girl on this whole fucking country and you could get rapped or or or you could get taken by someone. And it would kill me and rip me apart from the inside to know that I could have prevented that, so im sorry that I care about you too much.” He yelled. 

     I instantly felt bad. Fuck Nate for being such a good boyfriend and making me feel bad for being suck a bitch. 

     I slowly walked over to where he was and luckily for me I could tell he wasnt too mad at me. 

     I snaked my arms around him slowly. “Sorry baby, I didnt know that you were so worried about me, you know I love you right?” I said, i was surprised my lips werent tired from kissing his ass so hard. 

     All Nate did was chuckle. “Dont like it when im mad at you, do you baby?” He said kissing the top of my head and smoothing my hair down on my back with his hand. I shook my head lightly “No daddy.” I said seductively “Now you want sex? Your greedy baby, but ill think about it.” He reasoned. 







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signs from pisces pov
  • aries: i want to be ur friend so bad but im low key intimidated
  • taurus: love u so much ur my fave i love being around u
  • gemini: confusing af just let me in
  • cancer: lil babies i want to be ur mom and show u how to smoke
  • leo: ur not that great why are u so mean
  • virgo: u have everything together but ur not focusing on the right things
  • libra: u won't die if people dont like u and ull live if u dont get ur revenge
  • scorpio: u have such a crazy sex drive i love it but be careful
  • sagittarius: crazy bitch calm down
  • capricorn: learn. to. treat. people. the. way. u. expect. to. be. treated.
  • aquarius: best advice for everything but u need to learn to look after urself baby
  • pisces: yes hmu