im so bad at edits idk dont look

I K E B U K U R O • D A T E 

goldenpixel-sims  asked:

every time I see an edit of yours on my dash I think to myself “wow christy can’t get any better, can she?” but then yoU DO YOUR EDITS ARE ALL PERFECTION I WANT TO HANG IT IN MY HOUSE CAUSE THAT SHIT IS PURE A R T

omF you’re so sweet askdfj ily okay? i hope i dont disappoint y’all ‘cause I’m afraid y’all have high expectations of me & I’m afraid of putting out a bad edit (I’m super critical on myself haha) asdhf but yeuno i’ve thought about converting my edits into like cc (wall paintings) ? but ive never really thought w/ through w/ it cause im afraid i look like an egoist?? idk I always worry too much about the little things hahdjsbs ill think about it hehe but ily :’)