im so bad at coloring sorry

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How do you make the shadow on yours edits❤️ I love you post ❤️❤️❤️

Hi sorry for the late response im bad at explaining in english

That was one of the first things i learned how to do in photoshop so you need that or another editing program, but the steps might not be the same

I have a plain CAS background set as default mine is called “Time bomb” or something like that

> I select the plain colored background around my sim > select inverse > new layer > fill the selection black > then i use gaussian blur and then lower the opacity > put the shadow layer under the cut out sim! 


Jafael as Jaladdin

Crash course on fake stones/misrepresentations

Because I have been too lazy to type this all up.


  • If your quartz has teeny air bubbles it’s glass.
  • If it’s got a fruit name it’s dyed. End of story. (strawberry, cherry, lemon, pineapple, blueberry) yes there may be some very rare exceptions-fire quartz being dubbed strawberry- but due to the rise in fakes with that name it’s generally called fire quartz now.
  • Aura quartz is a regular quartz that’s been bonded with another material. (man made)
  • Cinnabar Infused Quartz usually reconstituted and mixed together to make a red crystal.
  • Green quartz can be grown in a lab and anything that forrest green color is


  • Magnesite and howlite look very very similar to turquoise when they’ve been dyed, magnesite will have very deep cracks in it though.
  • No there is no white turquoise. 
  • You can do a uv test to see if it’s real


  • Often faked with Copal. They look nearly identical.
  • Amber will float in salt water-copal will not.

Irradiated/dyed stones:

  • Very vibrant colors!!

Irradiated: (they irradiate the crystals to get a deeper or more vibrant color)

  • deeply pigmented topaz or kunzite
  • dark (almost black) smokey quartz 
  • very deep pink or red tourmaline 
  • colored diamonds 
  • some cultured pearls 
  • vibrant yellow heliodor 


  • Pearls
  • Agate
  • coral
  • other stones may be dyed as well, generally if it looks is.

Heat treated stones: (really not a bad thing but if you’re going for natural)

  • Amethyst-lighten color+remove brown
  • Citrine-heat treated amethyst.
  • Aquamarine-remove green
  • Ruby-clearer stone 
  • Sapphire-clearer stone

Rainbow Cal-Silica

  • Nope, completely fake 100%
  • Literally just car paint layered with calcite and resin.

Citrine: (im so sorry)

  • Much of the citrine on the market is lab made.
  • If it’s lab made it’s usually amethyst that’s been heated until it changes color
  • The bottom of these stones will be white with more color at the tips.
  • srry

Lapis Lazuli:

  • High quality is vibrant blue, hard to come by, and very expensive.
  • Low quality howlite, jasper or sodalite is dyed blue, and passed off as lapis.
  • Acetone will remove the dye but damage the stone.


  • The clear green obsidian you see all over ebay is slag glass.
  • Natural green obsidian has been found but it is opaque and is more gray than green.
  • there is red obsidian as well but again, it’s not a vibrant red and is more brick colored.
  • Wikipedia is not always right.


  • it’s glass it’s legitimately just glass


  • also glass. 
  • real opalite exists but it’s green and not commonly found
  • once again, don’t believe everything on wikipedia.


  • Doesn’t naturally form in the crystals, lab made!!!
  • rlly pretty though


  • Not naturally magnetic!
  • Magnetic hematite is 100% man made!

I’ll add more as I come across them~

viv reached 100 !!

thank you to everyone single one of my followers!! im hella lazy and too tired to be trying to do blog rates (that im sure my five active followers would participate in) so i’m just gonna roll with this! tagged below are any hp mutuals (with a couple exceptions:)). friends or anyone i’ve actually talked to are in bold :))

okay please ignore the title idk what im doing i just started this blog less than two months ago just ignore me 

oh and my awkward spaces its 12am and i havent done hw this is my way of procrastinating..

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im bad at colors, could you give a tutorial?

Sorry for taking so long Anon!!!

1. Choose your colors wisely

When it comes to colors, I try to pick 3 main colors. Then I make sure that my artwork revolves around these colors so that the colors won’t clash or look out of place. By doing this, I end up with one harmonious piece. Here are some examples:

2. Using the 3 main colors, choose a good background.
Backgrounds are super important because they set the mood of the piece. 

Look at the impact of the background. In the first image, the light blue lessens the emphasis on the plants and allows more focus on the girl. The overall feel is nice and more summer oriented. While the second image creates an illusion which makes the leaves look like they fade out in the darkness and gives emphasis on both the leaves and the girl. The overall feel is more of a tropical forest. When choosing a background color think about how the other parts will look above that color like which part will have more emphasis and depth.

3. Match the color of the foreground to the 3 main colors and the background
An example is my drawing of Steven and Connie snorkeling. 

If you notice, the one with the X shows how the original colors don’t mix well while the one with the check shows how the colors are more unified.

Step 1 - Mix the original color with the desired color in order for it to match the background. 
Step 2 - Incorporate that color and you are done.

4. You can also search for color palettes on the internet to make you more inspired. You can learn more color combinations too.

That’s all! I hope it was helpful!


fun fact about me: im loVe coloring books !!!! it was the only thing i used to enjoy when i was little, and i was really good at it. now tho? not so much. but anyways, i still love it? annnd it helps a lot with my anxiety and keeps me distracted, so thank u so much to @voltroncoloringbook and @pjocoloringbookproject for this! and of course, all the artists behind it.

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This is   ;  F a t e ♥(˘◡˘ )

So This is a game, where each member picks someone and buys him a gift without revealing who he was to anyone til the end. Somehow Taehyung got himself when he picked a paper and Namjoon was the only left member to pick, which explains why Tae knows his secret friend. What I really like about this moment, is the game of fate in here; as you can see taehyung liked those bracelets and you see on the other side, Namjoon bought him very similar ones! :’)  even tho he said He won’t find what will please Tae! Isn’t this just beautiful?

Now repeat with me:  VMON is love VMON is life VMON is love VMON is life

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Can you stop ignoring my asks :c I've sent my ask about jungkook being in the car next to Jhope seriously 4 times already and you keep ignoring it. I get you have a lot of asks, but I've sent different ones and you replied to those so there's no reason that you won't answer my other ones.

Ok you guys need to understand that when I woke up, i can get 50+ messages, and when I answer some of them I get even more messages and its a lot, and I dont have the time to answer to everything because Im not BTS i cant do 1527728 things at the same time
Also I already answered a question similar to this saying that too bad but I still like this theory
Im really trying hard, I really do my best for you, I draw every single day even when Im tired, Im trying to have a discussion with all of you, I answer to the private messages and also to the messages on snapchat. While being in uni, sometimes finishing at 9pm. Also february is really a bad month for me so I may seem super happy and hype all the time but Im not at all. Im feeling really down but Im doing what I can to make you guys happy.
Maybe theres others blogs doing the same thing and who are 10x better than me but Im not that good, Im really not.
Also to the ppl complaining about the skin colors that I choose plz read the art faq, i wont explain it sorry, if u want me to explain send me a private message because for real im done.
Sorry anon if im ranting while answering to this, its really not against you i swear but I needed to say it.
So if u have something important to tell me or if u see that I dont answer please send me a private message.
And also keep in mind that Im a human


the play of the game is pharah proposing to mercy