im so ah

so uh hey everyone this is my first follow forever and i decided in november that i wanted to do this on my birthday to celebrate but i dont really know what a follow forever is so if i do it wrong dont come after me please, anyways im sorry the banner is so bad i tried to make it pretty but i suck at this sort of stuff. i usually ramble a lot so apologies for this is so long lmao but i started this blog in october and ive met so many nice people who i have so much fun talking to and honestly youre all too cool to be following me lmao but ive never had a better time running a blog like ugh you guys make my day complete i love you all and please if you ever want to talk to me just pop me a message, im bad with words sorry but i hope you get the gist 

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graphics battle: cockbiteproductions vs rooster-tumble

  round five: rt + animated movie posters

anonymous asked:

What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!