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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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Shy - ChrisMD

Warnings:Mentions of sex, nothing major

Words: 2.1k

 Requested:In support for you writing more, I thought I’d give you a request (it’s chloe/buttercreammaynard btw) obvs don’t rush, and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to but maybe one with Chris and he’s your first boyfriend and you’re kinda shy and it’s cute and all? Idk you’re free to do whatever you want with it😂🌻

A/N: im not that sure if i like the imagine but i hope you do!

 Thank you for requesting, feel free to request at any time!



 It was a simple concept, you weren’t used to relationships, the ones you had been in barely lasted 5 minutes so being with Chris was something new to you and you didn’t really know how to act, you were shy around him and got embarrassed when he would kiss you in front of people or call you one of his loving pet names, it wasn’t that you didn’t like it, because you did, it was just the fact you wasn’t used to PDA. You also wasn’t used to going on dates or going out to expensive restaurants instead of just a McDonalds run on the way home from work 

 So when asked you to go to dinner with a few of his friends that were visiting from London you couldn’t exactly say you were thrilled to go, it wasn’t going to be at some extravagant restaurant, just a typical run to Nandos, but it still made you nervous meeting Chris’s friends for the first time not knowing anything he has said to them about you or what they will say to you because you are with Chris

 “Do I have to come?” you asked your boyfriend, sitting on his bed watching him run around his room looking for his shoes

 “Yessss, Y/N please they want to meet you” he spoke back glancing at you for a second, he sighed lightly, walking over and sitting next to you “Please baby” he moved your hair and placing light kisses on your neck leaving you blushing 

“Fine” you spoke back, groaning at his way of persuading you, a blush still evident on your face backing him laugh

 “Awww, you look cute” he spoke pushing you cheeks together, squashing your face, blushing even more you pushed his hands off of you and stood up

 “Please stop” you asked now looking down at him, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you towards him, he looked up at you

 “I’m sorry” he chuckled “I just find it adorable that you still get all shy and embarrassed around me even though we’ve been together for almost 4 months now” he finished, lifting your shirt up slightly and rubbing small circles on your hips making you shudder

 “I know, but I can’t help it, I’m just not used to this” your replied, smiling down at your boyfriend with a small blush still grazing your skin, removing his hands from your hips, he stands up and places them on your waist, pulling you close to him as your arms go around his neck 

 “I know you’re not, so that just makes everything better for me, so I can show you how a real man would treat you” he spoke his face leaning in closer “And it also means I don’t have anyone to compete with” he finished off with a slight smirk and then pressed a delicate, lingering kiss on your lips before pulling away and dragging you down stairs

 “Who am I meeting today then?” you asked Chris putting your shoes on and following him out of his front door and into the uber that was outside waiting for you

 “Simon, Harry, JJ and Freezy are here today” he spoke looking towards you as you sat in the uber next to him, grabbing your hand and lacing your fingers together making you smile, you loosely knew who they all were because of watching Chris’s videos but you couldn’t remember any of their faces “Do you speak about me to them?”

 you asked your voice quieting at you saw him turn to you 
“Why do you ask?” he questioned knowing your shyness was coming back in full force 

“I mean y-you said that they wanted to urm meet me so I mean that must mean you speak about me right?” you asked again, shying away from him by hiding your face in his neck as he chuckled at you 

 “Of course I speak about you, you’re my girl and I want everyone to know how proud I am to have you” he said back, laughing at your face going hot as you smiled into his neck

 “Stop being so cute baby” you spoke, not realizing you had called him baby until he moved you face out of his neck and smiled at you

“Baby eh? You’ve never been one for nicknames babe, what’s changed?” he asked in a teasing manner knowing you would easily blush, groaning you simply replied with a light sigh and leaned your head on his shoulder, knowing that you would be embarrassed for the majority of the time you’ll be out for and for the rest of it be to shy to speak about your relationship with Chris                A while after you had arrived at Nandos and were greeted by 4 cheerful boys

 “CHRIS” one of them shouted as we walked into the place making the majority of the place glance over at us and the light hair boy who had screamed “Hey guys” he said as you both reached the table

 “This is Y/N, my girlfriend” he finished, introducing you to the 4 lads sitting in front of you “Y/N this is Simon, JJ, Harry ad Cal”

 “Hi” you spoke awkwardly to them, getting a mixture of hellos back, we sat down, Chris sitting down at the end of the table leaving a space for you in between him and who you believed to be Simon, all the boys smiling at you as you sat down leaving you to give an awkward smile back

 “It’s nice to finally meet you, Chris hasn’t shut up about you for the past few months” Cal said, his eyes falling on Chris and then back to you, your cheeks heating up from the attention to your relationship with Chris 

 “Yeah it’s like your the only topic of conversation when we speak to him” Simon added with a laugh at the end, only adding more redness to your cheeks

 "Guys please stop" Chris spoke up looking between the two boys, not expecting the others to join in

 "We’re just messing with you Chris, we’ve been excited to meet Y/N since the day you started speaking about her" Harry added looking between the both of you “I mean we haven’t even begun to ask about the sex yet” he finished making the other boys chuckle

 After the sudden wash of heat go through your body you decided to excuse your self to the bathroom While you were gone the boys had more questions for Chris, all of him answering them with either “Please shut up” or “Can you not” and them laughing at his replies every time, by the time you got back to them all you can here is Chris telling them to ‘shut up’ and ‘Don’t say anything like this to Y/N’ Of course though, they did

 After you all ordered food and began eating when it arrived that was when the questions came to you, all relating to one subject you didn’t want to speak about They ranged from

 "What was your first time like" all the way to “Have you ever faked an orgasm with him” All the questions you didn’t say anything, giving a small laugh when they spoke. You just let the boys laugh it off, it seemed more like they were asking each other the questions instead of you as every time someone would ask a question JJ would try to recreate what had just been asked by saying Chris’s name in a sexual way or just moaning loudly Chris wasn’t impressed with how his friends had acted with you and it was clear on his face

 So when you had all finished eating, JJ called an uber so you all waited outside, the boys all speaking to each other while you and Chris stood away from them slightly

 "Are you okay?“ You asked him, noticing the distressed look on his face

 "I’m fine” he spoke, clearing lying through his teeth

 "Are you okay? They were inappropriate with their questions and they should’ve never asked any of it, I know you felt uncomfortable"

 "Chris" you sighed “I’m fine I promise”

 "Look I’m just not thrilled about what they said but I’m fine" 


 "I promise baby” he finished out with a small kiss to your lips and the echo of 'Awwws’ from behind you, maybe you were getting used to the attention         You doubted it tho

 After getting the uber the boys decided to go back to Chris’s and watch a movie, so that’s what you all did, by the time you did get back to Chris’s it was 7pm so your plan was to go back watch a movie and then they he guys would leave and go to their hotel for the night Once you arrived back at Chris’s, you let the boys chose a film whilst you sat back and let them bicker about it, eventually they settled on the new Fast and Furious film and sat down, you’d sitting with Chris and the end of the sofa and the others finding them self a seat

 Despite it being relatively early, you had fallen asleep half way threw the movie, cuddled up to Chris and missing the last half of it but being woken up by the guys speaking, from what you heard it was about you

 "We’re sorry man, we didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, we were just joking around" JJ said, you decided to keep your eyes closed for now and pretend to be asleep

 "I know, it’s just that she isn’t used to this, she’s shy and she gets embarrassed easily, she wouldn’t admit it but I knew she was uncomfortable with all the questions about our sex life which for one has nothing to do with you and you just shouldn’t have brought it up"Chris had spoken back, sighing I heard Simon reply

 "We didn’t mean to make her feel that way and we are truly sorry, we will apologize to her tomorrow, we can tell your happy with her and we are happy for you" Chris didn’t say anything but you could feel a slight chuckle roll through his body They all spoke for abit before they decided to leave to go back to their hotel, so they said goodbye to Chris and left

 "Baby I know your awake" he whispered, kissing the side of your head and making you open one eye and chuckle “why don’t you stay for the night?” He finished, standing up and pulling you up with him, placing his hands on your waist and pulling you into him

 "Are you sure"

 "Yes, go upstairs and get changed I’ll be up in a minute" he finished with placing a subtle kiss on your lips and let it linger for a while before pulling back and kissing your forehead Doing what he said, you went upstairs to his room, getting undressed and putting on one of his shirts and getting into his bed, a few minutes later Chris came up, got undressed and climbed in next to you wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest

“I’m sorry about he guys today” he said kissing your forehead “they don’t really have a filter”

 "It’s okay, I’m just not used to those sort of questions, I didn’t know what to expect from meeting your friends for the first time" You spoke back smiling into his neck, placing a light kiss there It was true, you had never experienced it before so you didn’t know what to expect, barely seeing any of their videos didn’t help as you didn’t know what they would be like, Chris being your first boyfriend he gave you experiences you had never done before and there was a long list of things he had introduced you to, sighing he responded

 "I know, I like the fact you don’t know what to expect, today may of been a bad experience but it won’t always be like that" he spoke and kissed you once again, the kiss lasted longer this time, both of you smiling slightly through it “And you do know that some of the experiences I’ve already given you have been amazing” he finished by lowering his head and dragging his lips slowly across your neck, placing kisses along the way

 "I guess you have" you giggled, blushing slightly at his comment making him laugh

 "Go to sleep, we’ve had a long day" he said pulling you back into him “sweet dreams baby” he finished by placing a delicate kiss on your head and let you drift off the sleep

we are all fools in love

A/N: Jumping on the textfic bandwagon. This was so much fun to write, I completely understand the obsession now. Title from pride and prejudice (the book)

James Potter to Lily Evans: do u think my english lit paper could just be a review of the kira knightly pride and prejudice movie

Lily Evans: james it is 3am

James Potter: yes it is

Lily Evans: pls go to sleep

James Potter: cant this is too important 

Lily Evans: im not even in english lit ask remus

James Potter: hes asleep lily obvs it is 3am

Lily Evans: wow what a novel concept 

James Potter: but actually have you seen the kira knightly p&p its so good

Lily Evans: ofc i have ive been in love with mr darcy since i was 10 

James Potter: lily evans! how could you?!! in love with another man?!!! i am heartbroken!

Lily Evans: i am going to sleep now

James Potter: wait i actually need to know do u think i can write my paper on that

James Potter: lily? 

James Potter: lily im not kidding

Lily Evans has left the conversation. 

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: can u pls make ur boyfriend shut up abt pride and prejudice

Lily Evans: sorry i think hes ur boyfriend in this situation

Lily Evans: that reminds me can you make ur boyfriend shut up about pride and prejudice

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мое солнце

Request: A Bucky imagine where the reader is a part of the team and on one mission she has to flirt and maybe kiss the target to get something. She and Bucky isn’t dating but after the mission he is all like, “You didn’t have to enjoy it so much” and “just forget I ever said anything” ends with a passionate kiss ~You don’t need to use those phrases specifically it’s just to give you an idea @my-unique-mind 

A/N: THIS IS 7 FUCKING PAGES ON GOOGLE DOCS. i don’t think you intended this to be this fucking long but yolo. idk im starting to like writing really long fics :) ((ps мое солнце, according to google translate means my sun))

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word count: 3,288 (YIKES)

“C’mon мое солнце!” Natasha yelled over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of you trying to run at her pace.

“Fuck! Are you secretly a speedster like Pietro?” You huffed out as you caught up to her, slowing your run down.

“Ha,” she breathed out, slightly out of breath, “I’m just well trained,” she said with a smirk.

“Awesome, just awesome,” you muttered out as you both headed towards your gym bags on the floor. You plopped yourself next to your bag and pulled out your water bottle, taking a pretty generous sip.

“So, you and Barnes?” Nat said quietly, watching you almost choke on water.

“What about me and Bucky?” You questioned back while trying to remain as cool as possible. Just the mere mention of his name made your heart stutter and you’re pretty sure if you hadn’t just ran five miles with Natasha she would have seen your blush and called you out on it.

“Oh c’mon! You like him,” she said in a teasing tone, nudging your side a bit. All you could do was just giggle and shake your head as you took another sip. Natasha let out a soft laugh at your reaction, getting all the information she needed.

“Ladies,” FRIDAY’s voice rang through the gym.

“Yeah,” both of you say, letting out a giggle after you looked at each other.

“You’re wanted in the debriefing room.”

“Thank you!” Nat replied.

“So glad you could join us today,” Bucky joked as you and Natasha finally came through the glass door.

“Always a pleasure Barnes,” you remarked back, sitting next to him. Steve and Natasha stared at each other before Steve continued informing everyone on the mission.

“Nat, you’re gonna have to get into this guy’s office,” Steve said as he pointed to the picture of a man on the screen, “get the files from his computer and then leave.”

“Actually,” Nat said interrupting Steve, “I think Y/N should do it.” You choked on your own breath as you heard her speak.

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Celestial Seas (Chapter 1)

Summary: Ever since Layla Heartfilia’s tragic death, Lucy has been alone in this world. It doesn’t help that Jude Heartfilia blames Lucy for her mother’s death.   But when Lucy runs away from home, Jude sends pirates to go retrieve her. Suddenly, she’s a recruit to famous pirate crew, Fairy Tail! 


Pairings: Nalu (later on gajevy, gruvia, and possible jerza/zervis)

Words: 2,394

Rating: T

A/N: This is my first fic that I am posting on this account! I am so excited to start writing this fanfic!  I hope you like it and I’m sorry if my writing is a little rusty! (It’s been almost a year since I have written anything rip)

“Lucy, it’s time to wake up…” Her mother’s tender voice stated as she caressed her daughter lovingly.

“Five… Five more minutes, Momma!” A young Lucy Heartfilia yawned.

“No sweetheart, you promised me you would get up five minutes ago!” Layla laughed heartily.

Somehow, Lucy found herself getting out of her bed. Today was a special day. It was her seventh birthday, and her mother was taking her out to the docks to celebrate. She loved her mother more than words could describe. Her mother was her best friend. In fact, she was Lucy’s only friend, but nonetheless, they were the best of friends.

“Happy birthday, Lucy!” Layla reached out her arms to her small child.

Lucy happily obliged and embraced her warm mother.

“Thank you, Momma.” Lucy whispered into Layla.

“Now, get ready and we will get going to the docks.” Layla said, she was always one for keeping her promises.

Layla knew Lucy had been looking forward to her birthday for months. All Lucy had wanted to do was go spend the day with her mother. It truly warmed Layla’s heart knowing that Lucy and herself had that strong of a bond.

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maicometshard  asked:

PLEASE WRITE THIS "Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”"


im making this r27 and u cant stop me

from this post

Flower shops were always serene and peaceful and full of life. That’s why Tsuna wanted to work in one. the only thing he was good at was making arrangements and picking up flower’s meanings. Thankfully there was a smaller shop near the heart of Namimori he could work at. 

The lady that owned the building was nice but was too old to do much around the store. Not very many people came in so it was an easy job to arrange the orders that were phoned in without being backed up too much.

Thanks to it not being very busy, Tsuna remembers a lot of the visits he’s been given. Probably the most hilarious one was when somebody walked in and slammed a bill on the counter.

It wasn’t some mysterious and dark day. It was an average overcast. Tsuna didn’t have anything to do as the store was dead as always. He ended up playing with his hair and braiding his bangs idely.

The door opened and the bell rang happily. Tsuna ran his hands through his hair to disperse the braid and smiled in his custom, “Welcome to the store”, smile. The person was the tall and mysterious type so Tsuna had to keep his smile glued into place.

“Hello, what can I help you with today?” He said cheerily. 

The man looked up, slapped a bill onto the table and said, “How can I passively say, ‘fuck you’ in flower talk.”

“What-” Tsuna stuttered in surprise. He wasn’t sure if he heard that right.

“Did I stutter?” The man grumbled. Tsuna blinked before his smile was glued back into place.

“Alright then, please follow me.” Tsuna walked around the counter and the man followed him around the store. Tsuna tried to remember what flowers they had that meant what. For such a small store, they had a surprisingly vast collection of flowers.

Finally Tsuna nodded and started telling the man about the different flowers to use. “So, really, all you need are five flowers. First is geraniums. This is the flower that means stupidity.”

The man snorted. “Accurate.”

“Foxglove means insecurity. Meadowsweet is a good pairing with yellow carnations too as it means uselessness and you have disappointed me, respectively. Lastly, you’ll need orange lillies as they mean hatred.”

Tsuna grabbed all the flowers he had listed and put them on the counter. 

“Is that all?” Tsuna asked.

The man thought about it for a minute before shaking his head. “Do you have any black roses?” 

“We just got a new shipment of roses yesterday. How many would you like?” 

“Three. Put one in the bouquet. The other two can be left alone.”

“Alright. Would you like a card or message put in the bouquet?” Tsuna looked up and the man nodded.

“Put on a card, ‘For Sicily.’”

Tsuna blinked but didn’t question it. His job was almost done so that was enough.

“Can I ask who the flowers are for?” Tsuna couldn’t help but asking. He didn’t care about the card but the bouquet was a lot of work.

“Somebody messed up my job. I’m a freelancer so I rely on these jobs. But this idiot came in and messed it up.” The man closed his eyes and his blank face cracked into a grimace of anger.

“That’s a lot of work put into somebody you hate.”

“I’m a man of actions. Plus he’s allergic to flowers.” 

Tsuna snorted laughter, pressing his hand to his mouth to stifle it. The man leaned against the counter as Tsuna was writing the card out.

“Here’s your card. Please, enjoy your bouquet. Would you like to pay in cash, credit, or debit?”

“Cash.” He handed more bills to Tsuna. “And keep another rose for me. Name’s Reborn.”

Tsuna blinked not sure how to take that. But he was already gone.

Tsuna thought that was the end of it. 

Nope, Reborn was back the next week. He seemed smug about something as he walked into the dead as always store. Tsuna was just finishing up another bouquet for a phone in order when he heard the bell. He looked up with the same fake smile until he saw who it was.

“How did it go?” Tsuna called.

Reborn seemed mildly surprised that Tsuna remembered. “He took a hissy fit and burned them. I didn’t think you’d remember me.”

“It’s not everyday that somebody asks for a passive way to tell somebody off in flowers. Did anybody else appreciate it?”

“Of course, I’m hilarious. Everybody else laughed when they figured out what the flowers meant.”

‘At least it’s a funny story.” Tsuna said quietly. “What can I do for you today?” 

“A red rose, a white camellia, two oleander, and two purple peonies.” The man said. He looked at Tsuna as he wrote down the order.

“Who’s the lucky one to receive these flowers. Must be special.” Tsuna asked as he gathered the flowers.

Reborn waited until Tsuna was wrapping up all the flowers.

“The flowers are for my date tonight.” Reborn said idly.

“Oh? Anybody I know?” Tsuna said jokingly. He knew he wouldn’t as this man was probably cooler than Tsuna would ever be.

“You know him very well. He’s your height, age, and even looks like you.”

“What’s his name? I think I might have went to school with him if he grew up in town.”

Reborn laughed a little bit. Tsuna handed the bundle over but Reborn shook his head. “They’re for you. Hopefully it isn’t any trouble asking you out at work.”

Tsuna dropped the bouquet he had in his hands onto the counter and fumbled trying to pick it up. His neck burned red and he tried to hide it as he finally stabilized the bundle of flowers onto a counter.

“U-Um, wouldn’t it be weird. We’re both guys. And not very many people like that stuff around here.’ Tsuna stuttered out. “Like are you sure you want to take me out?”

“I wouldn’t spend this much effort if I wasn’t sure.”

Tsuna breathed in heavily, trying to calm down, He pulled gently on his ear as he thought.

“Am I going to have to give these flowers to somebody else tonight then?” Reborn asked.

Tsuna jerked a little. “…No, no um, thank you. I’d love to go out with you.”

“Alright I’ll meet you at the bridge at seven. Hopefully you enjoy the flowers. This time I hope they won’t be burned.”

Haechan Classmate!au (requested)

Thank you so much for requesting, Anon! I’m sorry for the delay, I’ve been caught up in schoolwork and didn’t have much time to write this :( I hope it lives up to your standards! (Also, my Renjun best friend!au will be out on the 30th, please look forward to it!)

Genre: Fluff

Request type: Headcanon

Tags: None

Characters: Haechan, Female reader

Imagine under the cut

Originally posted by dragonsup

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Author’s note: Kuroshitsuji with 15. Let’s make this a competition.”
First Christmas prompt! #fail Oh well, it’s Christmas somewhere, right? Right. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy this little fic!

Summary: When Ciel’s servants fail to make him happy during everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Sebastian suggests they turn this into a small competition. The first one to make Ciel smile or laugh is the winner and of course, as the perfect butler, Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Word count: 2k (woops)

The smell of snow was already penetrating his room and Ciel woke up groggily, already annoyed at the familiar scent, and saw a blurry Sebastian preparing a cup of tea at the foot of his bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Ciel sat up straight and let out a small huff when his butler looked up at him, the usual smile permanently plastered on his face.

“Good morning, young master. Did you sleep well?”

“As if you care,” Ciel mumbled and scooted over to the side, letting his feet dangle above the ground as Sebastian walked over to him with his tray.

Fortunately, the strong aroma of the earl grey tea took his mind off the fact that it was snowing outside and he purposely held the steaming cup right under his nose, practically forcing himself to smell nothing but that.


Oh, how he loathed this holiday. The only good thing was the profit he made with his company because people were dumb enough to buy presents for their loved ones. It was honestly the most useless day of the year, along with his birthday. Winter reminded him too much of the loss of his parents and his childhood, which was why he was giving Sebastian even more death stares than usual.

He couldn’t focus on the newspaper, his breakfast or his tea for that matter. He couldn’t even think of any random insults for Sebastian who was graciously ironing his clothes for today.

“You seem a bit tense today, my lord,” Sebastian mumbled as he gently dressed Ciel in a simply, yet fancy suit for the special occasion. “Anything I can do for you to make you feel better?”

As much as he wanted to not go downstairs and celebrate Christmas with the rest of his servants, Ciel didn’t have a choice so he shook his head, shrugged Sebastian’s hand off after he had tied a red tie around his neck and left his room, getting tailed by Sebastian’s quiet yet obvious footsteps.

The minute he got to the main living room, he was met with an explosion of “Merry Christmas, young master!”s, “Hope you like the presents we got you!” and “I did all the decoratin’ myself, sir,” and Ciel couldn’t be more annoyed. Even though they all meant well, he couldn’t help but glare at the gigantic Christmas tree in the farthest corner of the room, decorated with sparkly baubles, angels and everything else they could think of.

Finny started arguing with Bard about the chocolate cake that was in the middle of the large, beautifully decorated table, which somewhat appealed to Ciel because it was something sweet, but it still made his eyebrow twitch.

He took a seat at the head of the table and let Sebastian cut the first slice because it didn’t look like his servants were going to stop bickering any time soon. Mey-Rin was doing her best to stop them by flailing around like a butterfly while Tanaka sat in his usual corner, drinking his tea.

No matter what they did, they couldn’t get Ciel to be excited about Christmas. Every person in that room knew why he was not going to put on a fake smile, or at least pretend he liked the presents they got him, because everything about this holiday reminded him too much of the fire. So instead of listening to them constantly trying to cheer him up with silly stories, dance-moves and more sweet foods, Ciel just sat there, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand, watching them with a blank expression.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he did appreciate their efforts, namely Finny’s because he was trying the hardest by hugging him close and running his rough fingers through his hair while the others simply ran around in circles like lunatics. Sebastian was watching everything quietly, his blood colored eyes containing a neutral glitter while he cleaned the table.

“It’s no use,” Mey-Rin said, totally and utterly defeated as she held her face. “We cannot make the young master happy. And I thought he’d surely enjoy our presents and cake…”

“It’s obviously not his favorite day of the year,” Finny mumbled quietly against the back of his head and pulled away. “Did you at least enjoy the cake, my lord?”

“I did, it was quite tasty,” Ciel replied honestly and cleaned his fingers with his handkerchief, feeling undeniably cold without Finny’s presence. “You did a good job on that.”

They had probably put loads of sugar in it to hide their mistakes because it was a tad bit too sweet, but since he liked sweet things, he didn’t have anything to complain about. Plus, it was fun to see Sebastian’s disapproving look when he said that, obviously not pleased with the fact they made a cake without his surveillance. The latter was what made the white lie worth it because Sebastian was looking between him and the cake with the sourest expression he had ever seen.

However, the irritated expression was soon replaced with a cool one and Sebastian straightened up. “Let’s make this a competition, then. See who can cheer the young master up today. The winner can relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.”

That asshole clearly had a plan and Ciel did not like where this was going. Not one bit.

“Excuse you and your face,” he sneered and dropped his fork.

“But we’ve already tried everything!” Finny exclaimed, tears apparent in his large eyes. “D’you have any other ideas, then, Sebastian-san?”

“I do,” Sebastian smiled and looked down at Ciel with a rather mischievous, demonic look. “What kind of butler would I be if I didn’t even know how to cheer up our beloved young master?”

Okay, Ciel debated with himself for a minute. He could either give in and put a fake smile right now to get this over with or he could bite and see what kind of stupid plan this guy had. Seeing as he did like a challenge, Ciel decided to give them their needed permission with a mere flick of his wrist and watched everyone run around the house, trying their best to find something that would a bring a smile to his face.

Sebastian remained by his side during their frantic search, acting exceedingly patient and content, making Ciel even more annoyed because what was Sebastian’s oh so flawless plan?

Everyone else seemed to suck at making him smile, as usual. Finny had put on this idiotic clown costume and tried to entertain him by throwing some brightly colored balls in the air, Bard wanted to drag him to the kitchen to let him blow things up because “That always cheered me up when I was little!” but Sebastian promptly stopped him from doing so with a rather forced smile and Mey-Rin tried to show off her skills by balancing a couple of plates on her hands, shoulders and head. She failed of course and Sebastian was quick enough to catch all of them before they would hit the ground and shatter into pieces.

After some more failed tries, Bard tried telling a few funny stories about his childhood, along with a few very bad jokes, Finny went to the garden to bring in some flowers and Mey-Rin just kept tripping over her own feet and dropping furniture whenever she came up with a new plan. Tanaka remained silent throughout the day, chuckling every now and then while he watched their pure yet competitive attempts.  

At the end of the day, none of them succeeded and Ciel was left exhausted and bored of their endless, non-entertaining actions. “I’m gonna go to bed.”

He was about to get up but Sebastian, that smug-looking bastard, held out an arm and his smile widened. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m still allowed to give it a try, am I not?”

Ciel sighed and sat back down, folding his arms over his chest. “Right, I almost forgot. Go ahead.”

It was undoubtedly the biggest mistake he had ever made. Sebastian strode over to the back of his chair and placed both of his hands on his shoulders and Ciel felt himself frowning because he had no idea what to expect. Everyone watched in anticipation as Sebastian’s hand gently slipped down his torso, causing Ciel’s body to twitch lightly and right when he was onto him, it was already too late.

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boyfriend!woozi: first fight

- mingyu was giving you a piggyback ride and y’all were parading around the practice rooms singing dumb nursery rhymes at the top of ur lungs
- and woozi was already having a bad enough day as it was but seeing you with mingyu just set him off
- he came to find you because he knew spending time with you would uplift his mood at least a little but no, you were with mingyu
- and he felt as if you were neglecting him at a time he really needed you
- so when mingyu finally put you down, woozi growled out a “we’re leaving now.” he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the room,,,
- and it was the first time he had ever been rough when touching you.
- he dragged you to the company parking lot, tightening his grip as you neared the location of his parked car, and practically shoved you into the passenger seat
- woozi always listens to his cds in the car, or at least the radio, but the car ride was absolutely silent; all you could hear was his heavy breathing
- before you knew it, you were parked in front of ur apartment building
- woozi just leaned his forehead on the steering wheel, sighed, and ran his hand through his hair, his fringe messing up as a result
- at this point, you still didn’t really know why he was acting the way he was, so–
- you: um, jihoon? are you ok..?
- him: god why are you so dense, of cOURSe i’m not okay.
- you were a little hurt but you let it slide bc “it’s probably just the stress from work getting to him”
- you: do you wanna talk about it?
- him: if i wanted to talk about it, i wouldn’t go to you because we don’t seem to go to each other for things anymore.
- you: wait what are you talking about…
- him: yOU SPEND SO MUCH tIMe with the other members that sometimes i wonder why you’re dating me and not one of them
- you: hold on, is this about today? about me hanging out with mingyu??
- him: “hanging out”… ha ha ok whatever makes u feel better
- you: woozi, mingyu is someone im very close to so of course we’re going to—
- him: well if you like mingyu so much then why don’t you go date him instead??
- that comment honestly just felt like a stab in the chest to you bc… how could he ever think…? how could he ever doubt the love you have for him? ?
- you flung open the car door and sprinted to your apartment building as quickly as humanly possible, before woozi even realised what he said and what impact those words would have had on you
- but when he finally did realise, it was too late
- and he began to beat himself up about it
- “how could you ever say something like that to them? even if you were having a bad day, you had no right to say that to the loVE OF UR LIFE.”
- he had to go to coups to ask for help, and woozi hATES asking for help
- coups was just like… you fucked up. bad. you need to go apologise right now. go. now.
- and woozi was fREAKiNg OUT, he had all these thoughts that you were gonna break up with him, you were never gonna speak to him again, you were going to go date mingyu instead like he told u to ….
- anyway so it was like freaking 2AM or something and he rocked up at ur apartment with his guitar and a handwritten letter that was three pages long, and started to give himself a pep talk to get all ready to serenade u with a mushy song he wrote bc he’d rather lose his pride than lose you
- but when he knocked on the door and got no answer after 15 mins… he fell to his knees and finally realised just how badly he screwed up
- idk why the possibility of u being asleep never crossed his mind but anyway
- he just leaned his head on your door and kept whispering ur name…
- and the the door swung open
- and he was like wtf
- “they didn’t lock, let alone close, the door?? man, how irresponsible can they get”
- he went in though and found you lying in bed,,, with tear streaked cheeks
- and his heart broke into two bc he knew that it was him that caused you to be like this
- he climbed into bed next to you even though he kNEW he shouldn’t have but in that moment he just needed to be close to u
- swept the hair out of ur face and stroked ur cheeks, wiping away your tears
- you unconsciously inched closer to him in ur sleep and he just thought… i really don’t deserve you
- so he went and slept on your couch lol
- the next morning you wake up and feel all gross bc ur hair’s all messed up and ur face is all sticky from dried tears and it’s just ew,,,
- “wait a sec. is that jihoon’s guitar?? what the heck, did he come during the night ???”
- so you go and investigate in ur apartment and u almost get a heart attack bc hES ON UR COUCH HOW DID HE GET IN
- he’s clutching a piece of paper and ur like jihoon… what even- are you writing lyrics in ur sleep??
- you read it and it says, “dear y/n, you know how bad i am with words so i decided to write down my thoughts instead of straight out saying them to you…”
- before you start to read any further, he murmurs your name in his half conscious state
- “y/n, i’m so sorry… forgive me.. please, you’re my everything”
- this is unfair he’s even cuter in his sleep
- you wrap your arms around his waist and squeeze tight, before kissing his cheek and snuggling into his chest
- “it’s okay, i would never leave you for mingyu”
- he pulls you in closer and you both fall asleep in each others arms on ur little apartment couch

gruvia drabble

prompt: “i was studying at 3 in the morning and accidentally locked myself out of my apartment and you have a job with weird hours so you walked by to see me sitting by my door crying in my pajamas help me i’m a wreck.”

paring: gruvia/gray x juvia

type: one-shot, modern au

rating: k

author’s note: actually a disclaimer/confession i am not a college student like im only still in high school so idrk what goes on while studying so lets hope this au makes sense lmao. also im rlllyyyy bad at titles so i keep naming these “gruvia drabble” but like should i just get rid of the titles in general??? idk. ps i noticed i have a thing for writing about juvia embarrassing herself lmao. probably bc my life is about 80% embarrassing moments hagahaha. anyway, enjoy!(:


The words all began to blur together in one big blob of letters. Juvia lightly smacked her cheeks a few times in an attempt to wake herself up.

“Come on, Juvia, you have a midterm tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning.” She said to herself.

Juvia kept telling herself she would start studying for midterms weeks ago, but now it was less than 24 hours before the exam and she only started studying yesterday. The subject she was studying was science, which of course, happened to be her worst subject. Damn procrastination.

Not only did she procrastinate studying, she procrastinated doing laundry all week, too. So now, she sat in her room while she listened to Lana Del Ray and wore her old Justin Bieber sweatshirt from high school, blue pajama pants, and SpongeBob socks and attempted to read a whole science textbook. She checked her phone and saw it was 3:38. It had been almost an hour since she put her laundry in the dryer.

She read one more chapter in her textbook before staggering up from her desk and walking to the front door. Her apartment complex was really nice, but she had to admit, living on the top floor was annoying when the laundry room was all the way in the basement, a creepy basement, at that.

Even after almost falling down the steps on her way to the laundry room three times, Juvia was convinced she was perfectly okay.

She sluggishly walked all the way back up the steps with her laundry basket in her hands. Juvia reached out to turn her doorknob with the basket resting on her hip. Her stomach twisted when the knob didn’t turn.

The door was locked.

“No, no, no, no, no.” She repeated over and over, twisting the knob like her life depended on it. Which in a sense–it did, but the knob was not budging. She actually locked herself out of her own apartment.

Juvia thought to go get a spare key from the maintenance man, but she remembered that he went back to his apartment at 12:00. She would’ve felt not only guilty for waking him up, but she would’ve felt like an idiot telling him she locked herself out of her own apartment.

Suddenly, she completely broke down. She turned her back to her door, dropped her laundry basket, and sunk to the floor, breaking out into uncontrollable sobs.

This was it. This was the end. She would fail her midterms, drop out of college, lose her job as a waitress, never get an actual job, lose her apartment, and be forced to live on the streets. Her life was over.

It had been ten minutes and her cries hadn’t suppressed in the slightest. As she decided to accept her fate and fall asleep in the hallway, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Just when she her night couldn’t get any worse, god took the chance to prove her wrong. Her hotter-than-hell neighbor, Gray, just turned the corner to see a teary-eyed, snot-nosed Juvia sitting in the hallway.

How was it that he looked so put together and composed even in the middle of the night while she looked like an insane asylum escapee?

“Gray-sama!” Juvia hiccupped. She brushed a piece of hair that fell out of her messy bun behind her ear- because that would make such a difference.

“Uh, hey…” Gray furrowed his brows. Juvia thought she would die from the scowl Gray looked at her with.

“Wh-what are you doing out so late?” She considered trying to stand back on her feet, but it was too late for that now.

“I just got back from work.”

“You work this late? Wow, that must be tiring.” She chuckled. Her chit-chatting skills weren’t exactly the best.

“I guess.” He shrugged. “So, uh, why are you sitting in the hallways at three in the morning?” He walked closer.

“Oh, Juvia sort of locked herself out of her apartment when she went to get her laundry.” She looked down in embarrassment.

“Yikes. That really-” He paused. “Were you crying?”

“U-um!” Juvia sat up quickly and wiped her sticky face with her sleeves. She thought of making up a lie on the spot, but once she saw Gray’s piercing eyes gazing down at her, she knew she couldn’t.

“…yes.” She sighed. “Juvia’s been up studying all night and is just really stressed out.” She rubbed her hands over her eyes.

“Midterms?” Gray asked.

“Yup.” She exhaled. “7:30 A.M tomorrow. Well, today, now.” She remembered that 7:30 was just four hours from then.

“My first one is tomorrow.”

“Juvia didn’t know you went to college.” She assumed he just worked.

“Yeah. It’s community college, though.” His expression seemed to soften from when he first walked up the steps.

“Oh. Well, good luck on your midterm.” She gave a weak smile.

“You too.” Gray paused. “By the way, did you try going to our maintenance man?”

“Juvia doesn’t want to wake him up. Plus, it’s a little embarrassing.” She mumbled.

“If you want, I can try to pick the lock for you.” Juvia’s head snapped up in hope.

“You can do that?” Her voice regained its spunk.

“I can try.”

Juvia suddenly jumped up and flung her arms around Gray’s neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She repeated.

“Okay, okay.” Gray didn’t resist for a moment before putting his hands on her shoulders and bringing himself back.

While her face looked obviously tired with the huge bags under her eyes and her pale skin, she had this hopeful little smile on her face that made his heart skip a beat.

“Well, you’re gonna’ need to step out of the way so I can get to my door.” Gray joked.

Juvia cocked her head and gave him a confused look. He was referring to the door that Juvia was sitting beside… but that was her door, wasn’t it.

“Your door-?” Juvia turned to look at the door and her eyes nearly fell out of her head.

The number on the door read E11, but her apartment was E10.

“Oh my god…” Juvia’s voice sounded completely shocked. She let out a groan and rubbed her hands over her face. That had to be why Gray gave her such a dirty look when he walked up the steps. She was sitting right next to his door. Part of her hoped this was all just a horrible, horrible dream and she would wake up any second now.

“This whole time…” Her voice shook and her hands were still on her face. “Juvia was trying to get into your apartment thinking it was mine.” If embarrassment could kill, she would be dead.

“You’re kidding.” Gray paused before letting out a hardy laugh. “This really isn’t your night, is it?” Gray joked.

“This has got to be one of the– no. This is the worst night of Juvia’s life.” Her voice dropped an octave.

“Alright, drama queen, on the bright side, you can get into your apartment.”

“Right…” She sighed. “Juvia’s gonna’ go now. Thank you for your help…”

Juvia turned a little too quickly when she went to pick up her laundry basket and ended up losing her balance. She was expecting to feel her body hit the hard floor, but instead felt someone catch her.

“Easy there, sporto.” Gray’s voice was so cool it sent shivers down Juvia’s spine. She turned her head to see Gray’s face extremely close to hers. One of his arms wrapped around her shoulder while his other hand was placed on her other shoulder to keep her steady.

“S-sorry…” She stammered.

“Can you walk?” Gray steadied her and stepped away to see if she could stand. Her wobbling made him see otherwise, so he placed one of his hands back on her shoulder. “I’ll take that as a no.”

“I’m fine…” She seemed more out of it than before.

“I don’t think so.” He kept his hand on her shoulder. “Come on, I’ll help you to your apartment.”

“You really don’t have to do that.” She yawned.

“Well, I’m not gonna’ let you pass out in the hallway, either.” He muttered.

Gray didn’t give Juvia the chance to reply as he took one of her arms and wrapped it around his shoulders. He hesitated before snaking his arm around the curve of her waist. He walked her to her apartment and opened the door.

“Juvia can handle it from here.” She said in a whisper as she wriggled out from Gray’s hold and shuffled into her room.

“Can Gray-sama get my laundry basket?”

“Sure.” He went back, grabbed her basket, and handed it to her.

“Thanks. And thank you for taking Juvia to her room, too.” She leaned against the door frame.

“No problem.”

“Well, I’ll see you around.” Juvia’s eyelids felt like they had weights on. “If Gray-sama ever needs anything, Juvia’s just a door away. I kind of owe you one.” She smiled.

“Uh, yeah. Same to you.” He paused. “Good luck on your midterms.”

“You too. Goodnight.” She gave the biggest smile she could at this hour and shut the door.

As soon as she locked the door, she crashed onto her bed. She didn’t even try to muster up the energy to fold or put away her clothes.

In the short time Juvia was awake before passing out, all she could think about was Gray. She thought about the way he always had the cutest scowl on his face, and the way his voice was always calm, and the way the smallest things could make him laugh, and the way his smirk gave her a warm feeling.

When she took her time with Gray into consideration, she saw it was best fit to retract her statement saying that was the worst night of her life.

onthighsbelongtotaemin  asked:

"I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?" ontae. ^u^

Rating: PG-13
AU: Cocoon
Word count: 1700+
Notes: This is a prequel to other installments, which are listed below in chronological order.

The Cocoon  -  Cocoon AU: Cozy  -  Cocoon AU: I Need You 

Jinki shuffled into the kitchen, yawning as he blinked the sleep from his eyes and scratched the back of his head absently. The sink was full of dirty dishes and Jonghyun was nowhere to be found. Jinki frowned in confusion, and then remembered the new knitting class at the local library. After the botched attempt at a knit hat for Jinki’s birthday present last year, Jonghyun was determined to learn how to knit properly. Jinki smiled as he moved to the sink and began washing the dishes, still yawning.

Half an hour later, with the dishes done, and breakfast eaten, Jinki moved back towards the bedroom to change out of his baggy pajama pants and tank top. But before he reached the room, there was a series of tentative staccato raps on the front door, as if from a timid woodpecker.

When Jinki opened it, he saw Taemin standing on the front step, clapping his hands lightly together in what Jinki recognized as one of the younger man’s stims. Jinki felt the same slightly painful twist in his gut that he had felt around Jonghyun’s boyfriend for several weeks now, as he took in the man’s mussed dark hair, rumpled clothes, and wide nervous eyes.

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‘Till We’re 70

Summary: this is a dumb gross icky proposal (kind of??) fic bc i got emotional about marriage earlier and yeah! : ^ )

A/N: Hi i needed to upload something bc i didnt upload anything for like a year and a half? two years? and dan and phil just (clenches fist) inspire me like no other. so here this is short and dumb but its being published so! yay!

Word Count: ~1k. cool.

Surprisingly, Dan is the one who brings it up.

They’re on the couch and there’s a movie on that they’ve both seen a million times. They’re supposed to be watching it, but somehow Dan has sneakily made his way into Phil’s lap. He has one of his hands rubbing circles on Dan’s bare skin beneath his shirt and the other scrolling through Tumblr on his phone. That plus the heat being on high is making Phil feel incredibly warm and fuzzy.

Dan shifts, snuggling his head into the crook of Phil’s neck, and sighs.

“You’re like, almost thirty, kind of,” he says, and Phil can’t help but bark out a laugh.

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Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Watch Kamigami no Asobi

Sooo I usually don’t like the animes for otome games, but I must say that Kamigami no Asobi is a winner. It came out last spring and it seems like only me and about three other people watched it, and that’s gotta be fixed because it’s super enjoyable and cute.

So basically Zeus traps a bunch of gods and a human girl in some school he created because of reasons and stuff happens. Anyway, it’s totally underrated and great and here’s why:

1.Yui the protag is a queen

Omg look at her! She’s just the cutest thing, and she’s incredibly likable and rational which is weird for an otome character. She’s just tryin to live her life, y'all, and she is 100% done with literally everyone. She likes swords and has cool hair and is not currently looking for a relationship, fyi. Zeus brought her to his weirdo school thing so she could show the gods how to be ‘human.’ Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean.

2. Resident asshole Zeus is a jerk who likes to minorly inconvenience people

He’s such a dick omg, but hey, they got that aspect of mythology pretty spot on.  He starts out as a DILF, but his habit of turning himself into a 12 year old every now and then for no apparent reason puts a stop to that pretty early on. He’s not exactly a villain, but he does like to ruin everyone’s good time by messing with the weather and shit.


He’s an Egyptian god, apparently?? idk, but look at him, he’s just great. Zeus hired him to be a teacher, so he spends all day lecturing folks on garden rakes and other human stuff. He’s basically a cranky, sexy Arthur Weasley who likes throwing people against walls.

4. Apollon is a little ray of sunshine (because he is the sun god)

Suitor number one! Apollon is a bubbly cutie who just wants everyone to be happy. He’s nice and enthusiastic and considers Naruto a very helpful resource for learning about humans. He’s got some emotional baggage, but come on, who doesn’t??

5. Hades. He’s just…i just…

EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM CAN SEEEEEE IT. EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOUUUU. I can’t say anything about Hades. Hades needs to be experienced. Just trust me. One Direction wrote every single one of their songs about him. 

6. Tsukito’s got a blank space and he’ll write your name

He’s the Japanese god of the…moon i think? Anyway. He’s an enigma. He’s very serious and carries around a notebook and writes literally everything down. What are you thinking about Tsukito?? What are your wishes and dreams???? He acts like all spacey and weird, but idk about that…I mean, just look into his eyes. I think there’s a little something goin on up there. His wheels are turning. Or maybe not. Either way, he has awesome hair and a pet rabbit so he’s alright in my book.

7. It’s possible that Takeru got lost on his way to a shounen anime but was too embarrassed to tell anyone so he just decided to stick around.

So he’s Tsukito’s brother and the god of the sea, and I don’t think he knows quite what he’s doing here. He’s just kind of angry and confused most of the the time so obviously he’s completely delightful. He wears flip-flops, has a slight brother complex, and is almost 100% naked at some point in the show, so plz look forward to that.

8. Dionysus is the coolest cat in the club

His picture is bigger than everyone else’s because Im in love with him. So, Dionysus is pretty much only there because…idk…Zeus needed to reach a certain quota of students before he could get a charter for his dumb god school?? He’s a million times better than everyone else and spends all his time growing grapes and being cool. I mean, really, he’s not necessary for the plot, but i’m glad he’s there.

9. Baldr is THE problematic fav

I can’t really say anything about Baldr without spoiling stuff. Umm he’s the Norse god of light (I know, i had no idea who he was either. He’s nowhere in the marvel universe and that is the extent of my knowledge on Norse mythology) and is like the epitome of Beware the nice ones. So yeah. Ehhh other than that…he falls down a lot and it’s super cute.

10. Loki is a hot mess and it’s pretty great

Y'all, Loki is a Complicated Dude, but I won’t spoil that for you either. Aside from that, Loki is fantastic and hilarious and his voice actor is Hosoya Yoshimasa, and that should be reason enough to watch this show.

11. Soooo I totally lied before. The TRULY coolest one is actually Thor

jfc look at his hair. unf he’s so cool. SO. ANYWAY. THOR. God of Lightning. Perpetual third wheel to Loki and Baldr. All around hottie and good guy. He. Is. The Most Interesting Man in the World. No really. Thor is flawless. I would sit through an entire 52 episode show about Loki and Baldr holding hands and skipping just so I could watch whatever the fuck Thor was doing in the background.

12. Here. Have some screenshots

Hades: having a moment. That’s a rice cake btw.

Did i mention that every god gets his own Magical Boy transformation?? Apollon’s is particularly magnificent.

Baldr really likes meat. Like realllllly likes it.

Loki is aware of this fact

The Totsuka bros can pull off any look, no lie.

Loki’s short-shorts. Bless.

Ignore Baldr in a dress and just focus on Thor. He is wearing the fuck out of that mouse costume. He’s amazing. oh my god.

And yea! For those of you who like things to be at least a little gay…don’t worry. They are. 

 And there you have it!! Kamigami no Asobi is pretty much the perfect show. It’s completely inoffensive, with great characters (it’s got an amazing voice cast) and good music. Like, serious the OP and ED are catchy as hell. Plus, it’s hilarious and heartwarming and all about friendship, and who doesn’t like that??? Please give it a try. It’s been 84 years and I need people to talk about it with.

He can’t know (part 2)

Originally posted by caniall15

Requested- no REQUESTS OPEN

Pairing- Luke & Y/N

Words- 1200+

Prompt- after cheating on Calum with Luke smutsmutsmutsmut

TWO DAYS. it has been two days since the incident with Luke. “Y/N, have you seen my ‘drop dead’ shirt?” Calum broke you of your thoughts. “Yeah. I just threw it in the dryer along with some of my clothes” You said walking over to the bedroom door. After you had went up to your bedroom two days ago it dawned on you that you had just cheated on the man you loved with his best friend. With this having lingered in your mind you walked up to Calum and wrapped your arms around his naked torso. “I’m sorry..” you kissed his cheek and hugged him tighter. “It’s okay, love. It needed a wash anyway” Calum turned around in your arms and kissed your forehead.

“I’m gonna head out to Ashton’s place. You wanna join?” Calum threw on a shirt and grabbed his keys. “I’ll come. I have to give Luke something anyway” You said looking away as if you were caught. “What do you gotta give him?” Calum and you headed out into the car to head to Ashton’s. “errm..he wanted my friend’s number” You scurried to make an excuse to see Luke. “Finally, that boy needs a girl” He laughed and turned on the radio. You did love Calum more than anything but you can’t help the feelings that are starting to grow for Luke. 

Arriving to Ashton’s house you saw Luke was already there and you needed to talk to him in private. “Hey Cal..AND Y/N!” Michael said coming up to hug you. “Haven’t seen you around lately” He said hugging you. When Michael went to pull away you heard a slight whisper “Luke told me..I wouldn’t have ever thought” You instantly froze and you didn’t know what to say. “It’s okay, I won’t tell Cal. In fact I’ll give you and Luke a little time to sort things out” Michael gave you a light squeeze on the arm and left to go lead Calum and Ashton to the room. 

“LUCAS HEMMINGS!” You fumed quietly. “I’m sorry, it was driving me crazy. I had to tell someone and Michael was the only one who i could tell.” Luke took your hand and sweetly apologized again. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you” Luke admitted. “Stop. You can’t say that stuff. I’m with Calum and this can never continue to be something else” You stood your ground. “Something else? As in you want to keep fucking but nothing more?” Luke seductively spoke as he snaked his arm around your waist and up your shirt. “Luke…please we can’t do this. I don’t wanna hurt Calum.” You sighed moving Luke’s arm away. “Y/N, I haven’t stopped thinking about you” He moved closer to you and you found yourself moving closer to him. Lips barely touching but begging to feel the soft touch of one another.

“Yeah, I guess we can go back to the living room” You both heard Michael say rather loudly as a cue for you two to stop. Parting far from each other Luke and you stayed quiet but every now and then looked each others way. “Mate, Y/N told me about her friend and you. Finally gonna get a girl” Calum commented towards Luke. Thanking god that Luke knew it was made up and went along with the lie he said, “I’m hoping to. She seems really cool but I don’t think things will be going anywhere. Shes the type of girl who is more physically attached then anything else” Luke tried to hide his laugh and went to scroll on his phone. “That’s funny because she almost said the same thing about you. except she also mentioned that you seem to have no self control” You fought back on the sly so Calum wouldn’t suspect anything. The boys laughed and picked on Luke. Feeling bad you told them you were only joking and “your friend” liked Luke a lot. 

Calum and you spent all day with the boys and you ended up falling asleep on the couch while the boys played Xbox and drank, like usual. “I’m getting pretty hungry. I’m thinking we should go get some take-out?” Ashton piped in. “Sure but I don’t wanna wake my baby girl up. Luke will you stay here with her? I trust you the most” Calum added that last comment in as a joke but it couldn’t be more ironic. “Sure, mate” Luke sighed. The boys took off and Luke figured that you both had at least 20 minutes. This time he had a condom to fuck you with. “Y/N” Luke shook you to wake up. “We have 20 minutes. Wake up. I want to be able to finish what we started” He couldn’t waste any time so he took off his pants and and stripped off his shirt. “But..Cal-” He started to kiss you and you didn’t find yourself rejecting him but encouraging him but kissing back.

“May we continue?” Luke asked. “Yes..please do” You sighed sitting up and moving with Luke. Luke ripped off your shirt and started to knead at your breasts. Letting out a moan you slipped off your shorts and panties. “Condom?” You begged. You did not want a repeat of last time. Luke handed you the condom as he removed his pants. “Can I?” Luke nodded and you jerked Luke off a few times before slipping the condom on his long shaft.

“We can’t wait. We have to do this now, baby girl” Luke breathed onto your neck and nibbled on the skin, hard. Luke laid you on the floor next to the couch to give you both more space. Laying on top of you he spit on his hand and ran it up your little pussy. You moaned out loudly at the sweet touch of Luke. He stuck himself in slowly at first. Luke groaned and bit into your shoulder. “Mmm-Luke..More baby” You managed to speak out to Luke. Luke slid all the way into you and rocked back and forth. “Baby girl, you’re so bad for me and this tight pussy of yours-mmm-I could fuck this every day” Luke talked dirty to you while pounding into you. All you could hear were mixed moans and slapping skin. Luke knew they had to finish quick “Y/N, come for me baby” Luke groaned thrusting faster and harder. Rubbing your clit you moaned, “Lu-Luke..I’m coming baby!” Luke felt you strengthen around him. “There you go, baby girl. Come for me” Luke pleaded and you moaned out a loud “LUKE!” 

Pulling out of you and laying down beside you “We need to do this again” Luke said. “You didn’t even come? Why? Do I still have time to blow you off?” You wanted to repay Luke for giving you what you have wanted for a long time. “No baby, we don’t have time. We need to put our clothes back on, but I promise we will be doing this again’ Luke gave you a quick passionate kiss before helping you change and changing himself.

Calum and the other boys walked through the door to see you and Luke both passed out on separate couches. Calum went to give you a slight peck on the cheek for you to wake up when he saw markings leading from your shoulder to your neck. Any other day he would take pride in knowing that was him but not today. Calum knew those weren’t his marks.


DAMN IT i did it again im sorry idk why they keep ending like this *crying emoji* really tried a lot harder on this one for you guys. hope you love it! THANKS SO MUCh for all the lovely comments and requests for part 2 of this it meant so much and I hope to continue with this! so should I do a part 3 or no? let me know, loves. FEEDBACK?! REQUEST OPEN! PART 3?!

Three Important Things (Part 4)

Authors Note: I rewrote this chapter a couple of times and I’m not all too satisfied with it, it’s fluffy but I felt like it was necessary for further development. But i have something planned in I think the installment after the next one which I’m really excited to write! All the same, I hope you guys like it. 

Word Count: 1,416

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    Part1  Part2  Part3

    As hard as you tried you couldn’t focus on what the professor was saying. Something about eukaryotes vs prokaryotes, basic review stuff. Your mind could only focus on one thing; Jongin. You had only felt like this, about one other person, and that didn’t end so well. Jongin was sweet, smart, and kind the thought of him made your heart race a little, as much as you didn’t want to admit it. You couldn’t let yourself get attached, you promised yourself; never again.       

   Surprisingly, the hour and a half lecture passed really quick. You distracted yourself throughout the lecture by talking to people around you. You had already gotten four new contacts. You exited the lecture hall looking down at your phone. Your best friend since middle school had texted you talking about all the hot guys at her college. Sadly you went your path and she went hers, but you two promised to still meet up and text each other. “Sorry I was at my first bio lecture. But I met a guy… and he took me out for coffee. He’s really cute and we like the same stuff. But idk man its nothing he’s just cute, his names Jongin.” you texted back.               

           "…you know when everything started with him you said the same thing ‘hes just cute’“ she replied within seconds.      

"w.e im telling you its nothing, you know I don’t want attachments. But back to you whos this James guy?” you switched the subjects in hopes your friend would let it slide for now, because you didn’t feel like talking about Jongin.                  "Just be careful and I wanna see this guy when I visit you, James is….AMAZING. He’s in my architecture class and he’s tall and muscular and really nice and from what I gathered he’s on the track team.“ you smiled at the text, your friend was one for attachments and her usually worked out. If things ended its because she wanted them too.     

     You pushed open the door to the outside world. As you looked ahead you saw Jongin leaning against the tree  close to the door of the hall looking at his phone. He must have heard the door screech open, because he looked up and smiled as he started walking towards you. Had he waited for you?           

          "hello again.” he said with a smile.                  

“Kim Jongin are you stalking me?” you teased with a playful smile.            

        “well you ran out from that cafe pretty quickly, didn’t even give me a chance to ask for your number.”         

  You took his phone from his hand with a smile and added you contact. “Here now you can contact me next time I run away from you.” you said handing his phone back.                    

         " thank you. Whats next on your schedule for today?“ he asked walking by your side.          

"First a chemistry lecture, and then history lecture, and that would be it for todayt.” you answered.                      

         "History?“ he asked a bit confused.            

"I was forced to minor in something might as well pick something that I like.” you answered back.                      

       "How about I pick you up after your history lecture and we can grab the best bubble tea on campus?“ he asked with his usual angelic smile.          

"I don’t know I’m a pretty busy person.” you said in an exaggerated tone.                  "Come on, I’ll buy you your favorite. Passion fruit with tapioca was it? In the biggest size.“ he answered.          

"Deal, but if you don’t keep your promise I will never speak to you again.” you smiled at him.                     

       "I will see you then, and you better no run away again. Speaking of running I’m already 35 minutes late to my business lecture.“ he said, his smile never leaving him. He kissed your cheek quickly and before you could say anything he ran off. 

    You practically skipped into your history lecture, because you knew after it you would get to see Jongin. You took a seat comfortably in the middle of the vast lecture room. Slowly people started to trickle in, but you were too busy focused on your phone, Jonging had been sending you silly selfies from his lectures talking about how boring they were and how time was passing way too slowly. You were about to send one back but someone sat down in the seat next to you. It was like that one person who chooses the seat next to you in an empty movie theatre, just this was a lecture hall. You wanted to see who this person was and looked up from your phone, you were met with the cocky smirk of non other then Sehun.               

               "hi.” he said with a smile.  

“hi, fancy seeing you here.” you said for the sake of being polite. Sehun hadn’t necessarily done anything bad to you, so there wasn’t any reason to be rude.               “The college needed me to take another class, it was either this or architecture. I thought I would choose something I actually enjoy.” he replied.   “Funny, same thing happened to me, it was this or introduction to engineering. Let me tell you I hate anything having to do with engineering with a passion.” you told him.                   

          “what has engineering ever done to you?” he asked with a small laugh.   “I went to a high school where they forced you to take robotics, CAD, and architecture. It was horrible.” you said with a smile, thinking about all the horrible experiences that now just seem funny.                    

          “tell me about them, what was so horrible?” he asked curiously his amused smile never leaving his lips.  

“If you get me started on this topic theres no going back, you have been warned.” you laughed.                  

          “Go.” Sehun simply said.    

    That was how you and your former one night stand talked right through the hour. Even when the professor came in both of you continued sharing stories from high school, all the terrible classes, the terrible teachers, and all the annoying people who never knew when to lose their mouths. You two laughed to the point where you were almost crying, and the professor asked you kindly to shut up. At that point you two started sending each other memes, and lip syncing to rap songs you two simultaneously listened to. The two of you walked out together talking to an actual history related topic, because toward the end of the lecture your professor actually got you two to listen. He was talking about your curriculum and said you would go all the way up to the cold war, which means you were actually gonna learn about World War II.  It was your favorite topic as well as Sehuns. You two were currently in a heated debate as to who actually won the war, America or the Soviet Union. Jongin saw you and smiled but immediately locked eyes with Sehun. Sehun and Jongin greeted each other with the typical bro greeting that guys did where they would slap hands and go in for a half hug.        

      “What are you doing here? I thought you would be back at the apartment.” said Sehun to Jongin.                         

              “Y/N and I were actually actually gonna go grab some bubble tea.” Jongin answered.         

     "Oh you two are acquainted.“ Sehun said a bit of irritation in his voice.                 

"Yeah I kind of, lost my bracelet at your apartment and Jongin helped me find it.” you spoke up.           

     "I see, well bring me back one I have an obsession with bubble tea.“ Sehun said with a smile.                 

"Come with us, I still have to prove you wrong from our debate earlier.” you sad the words without thinking. What had gotten into you lately? Did you just seriously ask Sehun to come with you and Jongin? You mentally face palmed.           “You’re gonna loose the argument.” said Sehun with a smirk. 


      Jongin was silently raging as you and Sehun were talking non stop. This was supposed to be just you and him. Jongin constantly kept looking at Sehun signaling for Sehun to go home. Sehun noticed a couple of times but he wasn’t backing down, he specifically told Jongin you were his. The three of you knew one thing each. Jongin knew he wasn’t going to let Sehun have you. Sehun knew he wasn’t going to let Jongin have you. And you, well you knew things were going to change for you, and you were scared to get attached again, and the real question was; Get attached to who, Jongin or Sehun? 

Day Three: Fury

We take a break from our regularly scheduled fluff for this due to today’s events in the civil war two comics (and all during science bros week you evil bastards). AKA this is how Hannah channels her rage

Epilogue to CA:CW 

“What do you mean you found Bruce?” Tony hadn’t expected to use the phone Steve had given him. He’d expected to lock it away and never look at the damn thing again.

He wasn’t crawling back to Steve Rogers. Not after what had happened. Not after the secrets he had kept hidden from Tony.

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Anonymous said:
Can you do a cute Sammy Wilk imagine? (:

Birthday Surprises:
Today was the day, my birthday. I woke up in my bed and turned to see a note, and not my beautiful boyfriend, Sammy, sleeping. “Studio session with the jacks, see you later. Xoxo”, what a way to get up. Let’s just hope he didn’t forget, because knowing Sammy, if you don’t write it down and set reminders, he’s bound to forget. I got outta bed and went downstairs to get some breakfast, “SURPRISE” my best friend Maggie yelled, not only surprising me but giving me a heart attack as well. “Holy shit Maggie, I almost died.” I said, holding on to my chest. “Awh, I’m sorry babe, but I had to surprise you for your birthday” she chuckled handing me a gift. “Awh babe you didn’t have too” I said, putting my hands in surrender. “Take the gift” she smiled, rolling her eyes and pushing it towards me. “Ugh fine”, I undid the bow opening the box slowly, the first thing I pulled out, was a picture of me and Maggie at our first digi. “Oh my gosh, I remember this” I smiled “when we went to Starbucks” she chuckled “and I got so excited I dropped my drink” I laughed a bit “and the fans got you a new one” she smiled “but when I was ordering it, I saw the hot cashier and forgot” I laughed “you said paper or plastic” she full out laughed “in my defense, he was intimidating” I chuckled “good times” she said wrapping her arm around my shoulder, “many more to come” I smiled “there’s something else” she smiled “more?, you didn’t have to” I gave her a puppy dog look “spoiling my bestfriend, on her birthday sounds good” she smiled, I removed the party paper and pulled out a beautiful dress. “Oh my gosh Maggie, it’s beautiful” I smiled hugging it “I knew you’d love it” she chuckled “thank you so much, I love you” I said hugging her “I love you too babe, I have to go, I made you breakfast, I’ll be back later” said said hugging me “okay babe,see ya” a couple seconds later the door closed. I grabbed my breakfast and sat in bed, eating and checking out fan tweets. After sometime, I fell asleep only to wake up around 3. I went downstairs, a got myself a bottle of water, just as I closed the fridge Sammy walked in. “Hey babe” I smiled “hey birthday girl” he said standing in front of me, “what’s behind your back?” I asked suspiciously “dam girl, I prepared a whole cute speech for you and shit” he laughed “sorry babe, go ahead” i said kissing his cheek “nah you ruined it” he pouted “here, i got this for you” he handed me a bag and I sat down at the table.

I unwrapped the gift, as Sammy’s smile grew wider. Slowly opening it my mouth dropped “NO YOU DIDNT!” I nearly yelled “yes, yes I did” he chuckled, recording me “SAMUEL” I said running to him and jumping in his arms “I take it you love it” he chuckled holding me “what the fuck Sam, how did you get me a hover board” “I got my connections” he said kissing me on my lips. “I love you so much” I said poking his dimples “I love you too” he said putting me down. I opened the box, and Sammy tried teaching me how to ride it. After some time he went to the bathroom, I sat on the sofa when he got a incoming text on his phone. I decided to check it, like I usually do. My mouth dropped.

Maggie: sam, come over. I need your help.
Maggie: I need you like now, hurry.

Is he really cheating on me? I heard the toilet flush and I put the phone down. He came out and checked his phone, he ignored it for a bit, teaching me how to ride the Segway hover thingy until he started acting noticeably strange “what’s up babe?” I asked curiously “nothing.. I gotta go Nate needs me in the studio” he said grabbing his things “wait now?” I asked looking at the clock. I hadn’t realized that it was already 5;30. “Yes, I have to go. I love you, I’ll see you in a bit” he said kissing my cheek “yeah okay” I said sitting down, he sighed and a couple seconds later, left. I texted the only person that knew Sammy as much as I did, Nate.

Me: Nate!
Skate 😈💨: wassup?
Me: you busy?
Skate 😈💨: nah, why?
Me: im having trouble with Sammy
Skate😈💨: what did he do? 🙄
Me: quick question is he with you? Did you call for him to go to the studio?
Skate 😈💨: nah why?
Me: I think…I think he’s cheating on me….with Maggie.. 💔
Skate 😈💨: quit playing 😂
Me: I’m being deadass.
Skate 😈💨: wait wtf? What happened
Me: idk, we were having such a good time and he went to the bathroom. He got a message and you know usually I answer, I did and when I did there it was a text from Maggie saying she need him come over and that she needed him rn for him to hurry….
Skate 😈💨: what the fuck, fuck them. Get dressed, fancy and come to my place. Imma make you forget tonight.

Me: idk Nate, I think I wanna stay home.
Skate 😈💨: 1) it’s your birthday, so no. 2) no.
Me: ugh fine 🙄😶
Skate 😈💨: I’ll see you in a bit 😏
Me: why the smirk 🤔
Skate 😈💨: you’ll see.

I put the dress Maggie got me, even though she’s sleeping with my man, I’m not letting this dress go to waste. I put my heels and curled my hair before leaving. After a short drive I arrived at Nate’s to see him sitting on the steps. “Hey” I smiled getting out the car “Hey lil mama” he said giving me a hug “where we headed too?” “You’ll see” he said holding the passenger seat open. “Put this on” he said handing me a eye mask. “What the fuck, why?” I laughed “it’s a surprise” he smiled. Hesitantly I put it on and let him guide me into the car. The ride was pretty awkward because of the fact, I was blindfolded, so the conversation to me felt awkward since I couldn’t see Nate. After a long time of driving the car came to a stop, Nate hopped out the car and then opened my door. He led me somewhere, but it required a bit of walking. He stopped me and let my hands go, he said nothing and I waited for a call to take it off, but nothing. After a couple minutes I yelled for his name and got no response. I continued, and began to get mad. I pulled the blindfold off and there he was. “Sammy?….” I was confused but I looked around and fell to my knees. It was beauty, pure beauty. There was a big pool, in front of me and on the other side was Sammy. Under a big mount with a table and light up candles and roses. There were lights everywhere and balloons. I felt tears come out my eyes, and I lifted myself up. I walked over to Sammy and he handed me the roses. “Whats all this for?” I said wiping my tears. “For you babe, because I love you” “but what about the text I found between you and Maggie? Are you guys sleeping together” I questioned. He laughed “no, she helped me with all this. That text was her needing me to help decorate” he said pulling me into a hug “thank god, then why where you acting suspicious?” “I thought you knew and I needed you to worry so Nate could get you here” he smirked “this was all part of the plan?” “Yup” he pulled out the hug and kissed him “this is the most romantic thing you’ve done for me” I said smiling “a king needs to treat his queen right” he smiled, he led me to the table and we talked for hours and ate. Towards the end, we were about to leave when I thought I’d take a picture. I walked back to capture the moment but Sammy could not stop laughing. “SAMMY, STOP LAUGHING” I said swinging my hand “I can’t” he chuckled “come on this is like the cutest thing ever! Plus it’s rare to see you in a suit” I smiled “I’m trying I really am” he laughed, I stood there watching him until I realized what I could say to shut him up “daddy please?” I smirked and he stopped laughing, and smiled hard, I snapped the picture within a second before he could go back to laughing “man, you know me so well” he smirked “yeah I do” I went over to him “I love you babe, happy birthday. You make me so happy more than you’ll ever know” he said kissing my forehead and wrapping his arms around me, “I love you too, thank you for all of this. This is the cutest most romantic thing you’ve ever done for me. Your the best boyfriend ever” we walked hand and hand to the car, “forever?” He said holding my hand “forever” I said, swinging our intertwined hands.