im slowly doing a few more

consider; will breaks a rib or something and apollo kids cant be healed as quickly as everyone else due to their natural ability to heal others, so will cant bind for a while until it heals. nico is by his side all day and glares at everyone, daring them to say something, silencing them with his terrifying death glare. nobody picks up on it though. almost everyone has seen will without his binder at least once, so they dont think much of it, and will is nice even if he’s kind of a hermit, so no one pokes fun at him. while nico thinks they’re afraid of him and he’s scaring them into submission, they really assume nico’s glare just means he’s in a bad mood today. if some people are a little kinder to him at the night’s bonfire, nico doesn’t question it.

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hi!! i know you said you were answering witchy asks so heres what ive got. im a really new witch, ive been interested in it for a few months now and have veeery slowly started trying to figure out what types of magic i can do / enjoy. i know research is the way to become more aware of magic and how to do it, but im never sure what good sources are or what are good articles to read for baby witches. if you have any, id be really thankful! thanks for considering even if you say no <3

Okay, so, instead of recommending you articles and stuff, I’m gonna talk a bit about critical thinking in magic, and using our discernment, because I don’t think it gets talked about a lot.

So the thing is, first off, there are a lot of sources out there, as we know. Some are awesome, some are hit and miss, and some are just…bad. But how can we tell them apart, and how can I know as a beginner what to avoid?

Well, the first thing you want to do is find your source of information. Pick an article. Read it all the way through. Now, how do you feel about what you read? Did it make sense, or were you left confused on a lot of points? Did it *seem* reasonable? Was there anything that didn’t sit right, or made you feel uncomfortable or unsure of yourself?

As magic users, we are taught our instincts are very important, and generally good to follow in regards to magic; I’d say the same can be said for researching magic as well. Of course, it’s not to be totally relied on every time, but it can definitely give you an idea of things you may want to stay away from if it doesn’t sit right with you. Not only is the information accuracy important, but whether you are comfortable utilizing it too! our boundaries in magic are just as important.

Paying attention to any sort of comments or reviews on sources is great too. There are some problematic sources out there, and we do talk about that sort of thing on Tumblr. There can still be useful things found in bad resources, however; you just need to know the problem areas to avoid so you can sift through it to find anything that may be useful to you.

Problem areas:

  • using the terms witchcraft / Wicca / pagan interchangeably
  • religious exclusion (saying one religion is better than another)
  • elitism (“real witches only do *this*” ; “you are only a real witch if you are *this*” ; etc.)
  • cultural appropriation
    • chakras
    • smudging
    • spirit animals
    • animal totems
    • Voodoo / voudou
  • racism
  • anti-LGBT
  • use of slurs
    • g*psy is a big one
  • claiming Wicca as an ancient religion / oldest religion
  • outdated information (can be a problem to some)

This is just what I can think of right now, and is by no means a complete list. If you find something that you wonder if that’s really okay, or gives you a bad gut feeling, stay away from it, or try to look into it a bit more and see what you can find.

[List of Closed Cultures]

Some find that a lack of sources can be a problem, and that is definitely the case with published authors. Online, however, you are more than likely going to find personal experiences, and we can’t really source our own experiences and methods besides to ourselves. Not everyone references the posts they used for herb correspondences, or what method they used for their sigils. Generally you will want to know sources for more about the information of the practice (its history and usage over time, magic users in the past, etc.), because that area is really fuzzy and there’s lots of misinformation on that.

In regards to telling information accuracy - this can be a bit harder nowadays, since we know that magic is unique to each that practices it, and so you may even sometimes see conflicting information on the same topics! Definitely very confusing from the start. I think it is important to keep in mind different views and methods are possible as you research. However, I still recommend that you cross reference.

If you are reading through something, and you wish to check its accuracy, Google it. For example, if someone mentions the properties of rue, and you want to see if that’s really how it’s used commonly, search it up. (This isn’t just applicable to Google, but any other reference materials you may have, Google is just the easiest for accessibility.) Check a few other resources, see what they have to say on the topic. Do they line up for the most part? Where are the differences? Do you have any personal feelings on the topic yet?

Sometimes just experience is enough to tell whether something is legit or bogus. Say you find a spell, and it looks kinda meh, but you don’t really know for sure if it’s any good for you - give it a test run. Learning and discovering for yourself can be just as important and have as big an impact on your craft as anything else. This may have a higher level of risk to it than other methods of research, but sometimes we gotta…

I think that’s really what witchcraft is all about - because all the research in the world isn’t really helpful if you don’t do anything about it. Your experiences may vary based on what you read, and that’s fine, but you’ll never know how it may really work for you unless you try it out for yourself. And I mean, of course you should be doing it in a safe way, but hopefully you know the importance of performing your actions safely in magic and the benefits of protective methods.

Honestly, discernment is something that is experienced and learned that way - trial and error do really help a lot for each of us to find out if this particular thing is any good for us - and just because it may be legit for one person, doesn’t mean it is for you. That is why it’s great to do the research, but you also need to back it up with the physical actions of trying it out too. 

Now, this is by not means extensive or complete, it’s just what I can think of at this time. 

I’m gonna give you some resources as well, just to be sure.

All of the posts I would recommend would be from Tumblr, since that is where my main arch of experience comes from. However, you can definitely Google your own articles and take a look-see through them, see what sounds feasible to you, if anything makes you feel weird, and cross reference it to a couple other references.

If you can do books, here are some that other have recommended.

I hope this helps you! If I can think of anything else to add in the future, I may do that, but off the top of my head, this is what I’ve got. I have a huge post on how to do witchy research in my drafts, but it is still gonna stay there for a bit, particularly because I have no time and energy for it right now, lol. But I hope this gives you some ideas! :D

Ex Boy

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Genre: slight fluff at like the end

Word count: 1,679

Authors note: I wrote this from inspiration of the son ex girl, i know I’m cheesy, but I had to, I’m sorry for feels, but also I’m not. Enjoy!

Originally posted by wonhontology

It had been a full year. A year. But nothing felt different. Empty. That would be one way to describe it. No matter how hard you tried to let go, no matter how hard you tried to move on, you never fully could.

You were on your way to your favorite coffee shop when you got a notification telling you that a new Monsta X song had been released. Smiling you pulled your headphones out and plugged it in, clicking on the link. When the song loaded and the title came up you nearly froze in your place.

Ex Girl.

You took a deep breath as you decided to let it play. Even though things went the way did between you and Wonho, it didn’t mean you weren’t going to stop supporting the group as a whole. You loved them, and that wouldn’t change. As the song played, you slowly started to realize the meaning of the lyrics, and that broke your heart the most.

You knew he couldn’t let you go as much as you couldn’t let him go. However you wanted to do more research into this. You immediately searched to see who it was who wrote the song. Jooheon and IM. It wasn’t him, that was the relief here. You sighed as you continued onto the coffee shop. You get your usual, when an idea come to mind, you quickly pull your phone out. You were only a few miles from the Starship building and you knew the boys would be just as happy to see you as much as you would be happy to see them, well all but one.

After the decision was made you were in a taxi and on route to Starship. Your heart was racing, knowing you were purposely on your way to see the boys once more. Ever since the two of you had broken up you hadn’t really gone out of your way to visit the boys as often as you used to, if you ran into each other on the streets or anything like that then it was by chance, however you wanted to find out what the meaning of this song was. The curiosity to know if Wonho had any part of that song was going to bother you, you needed the answers.

About fifteen minutes later and you were standing outside of the Starship building, staring up. It had been such a long time since you were there, seeing it up close again felt a little weird, however it was time to say hi again. You pulled your phone up and called the manager to see if Jooheon or IM was available, you were explaining how you were in town and wanted to say hi again, to your luck Jooheon was. You explained how you were outside the building and not even a few minutes later and you were being brought inside by one of the staff.

Your heart continued to race. You had to continue to take deep breaths, hoping that he wouldn’t be there. You were taken to a dance practice room where you heard music playing. You continuously prayed that it was just Jooheon working on his part. The door was opened and only a few of the boys were in there. Minhyuk, Jooheon and Hyungwon. You felt as if a lot of weight was lifted off of you as soon as you saw the three of them.

“(Y/N)!”Minhyuk basically screamed as he started to run towards you, arms opened for a hug. “It’s been so long!” He embraced you and started to rock you back and forth.

You start to laugh. “It’s good to see you too Minhyuk.” He let you go and you looked at the other boys and nodded to them. “You boys as well.” Jooheon and Hyungwon both cross the room to also greet you.

“What brings you here?” Jooheon asked after he released you from your hug with him.

“Well I was hoping I could talk with you. It’s about the new song and since you and IM wrote it I wanted to ask some questions about it.” You admitted.

Jooheon nodded. “Here, let’s go to one of the recording rooms and talk about it.” He walked with you out of the practice room and down the hall to a small recording room. You walked over and took a seat, then watched as he closed the door and took a seat next to you. “So what’s up?”

You sighed and looked down at you hands. “You know me, I have to know. He didn’t have any part in it did he?” You slightly hesitated when asking the last part, however you needed to know.

Jooheon took a deep breath. “He heard IM and I talking about the song, we were talking about ideas and such when he brought up if we wanted any help with the lyrics knowing what we were writing, at first we rejected, but then later on.” Jooheon stopped for a minute and looked down at his hands. “I went and asked him if he could tell me how he felt, since you know. I wanted to hear more emotion and such to get some inspiration.”

You nodded. “I’m sorry that I had to ask, but I just-”

“Needed to know, no that’s fine, your curiosity is perfectly normally.” Jooheon finished your sentence. “I guess I shouldn’t say this, but he misses you a lot. Hearing him explain how he felt. It’s what gave us the inspiration to make this song fully. If you ever really want to, meet up with him and hear it.”

You could feel tears fill your eyes as you thought about the idea of meeting with him again. You weren’t too sure if you could. Watching him from afar was one thing, supporting the group another, but meeting him in person again, you weren’t too sure if you could do it. “I–I wish I could.” You ran your hand through your hair. “I should leave, if you want to hang out feel free to call me, but I have to go.” You got up and started to walk out, when the elevator doors opened IM, Kihyun, Shownu and Wonho were in it. Your heart stopped when you made eye contact with Wonho, neither of you moved. IM, Shownu and Kihyun noticed and were quick to pull Wonho out of the elevator. They nodded to you and smiled as they walked past, you nodded and faked a smile back before you got into the elevator. The minute the door shut the tears started to flow.


It was about a week later and you were sitting at your computer desk, writing an email for a potential job opportunity. As you typed away your phone lit up. You looked down to see it was a text message from Jooheon asking if the two of you could meet up for some coffee later in the day. You responded saying sure and apologized again for having to leave so soon when the two of you had met.

Time flew by when you realized that you had to leave. You gathered your things and left to the coffee shop. When you got there you looked around to see if Jooheon was there, however he wasn’t so you decided to grab a cup of coffee and go sit at a table while you waited for him. About ten minutes past when you looked over at the door to see him standing there.


You felt your heart stop for a minute when you realized it was him standing there. You quickly turned your head and looked out the window. It was only a few minutes before he was standing by the table. “Hey (Y/N).” He said very softly.

“Hi.” You responded, trying to avoid eye contact currently. “Um, you can sit if you’d like.” You nodded towards the empty chair across from you.

He nodded and sat down. “How– How have you been?” You could tell that he was just as nervous and awkward as you were.

You quickly looked over at him before looking down at your hands. “I’ve been good.” You took a deep breath. “Yourself?”

“I’ve been good too.” He answered. There was silence between the two of you. Neither making eye contact, neither trying to talk, pure silence. You looked out the window and sighed, you knew that neither one of you could be here right now and you were trying everything in your power not to cry. You blinked a few times, and then you felt a hand on yours. You looked up to see his hand on yours. “(Y/N), I can’t keep it to myself anymore. I’ve missed you so goddamn much.”

You felt like everything was going to collapse. “Then why did you leave?” You started to choke back your tears, but you could feel them fighting their way to spilling.


“Company. Yea, sure.” You felt a tear fall.

“Listen to me. I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to fight with you, I didn’t want to break your heart. I’ve missed you this entire time. I hoped I would run into you on the streets, that I would see you visiting the company building, I just wanted to be around you.” You see a tear leave his eye.

You reached up and whipped it away. “Wonho.”

“I love you. I still do. And god do I miss you.” He admitted. You felt your heart shatter. You still loved him. You still wanted to be with him.

You smiled at him. “Wonho.” You had him look at you. “I still love you. I just don’t want to get hurt again.” You admitted.

“And I won’t let that happen.” He took your hand. “Can we start over?”

You nodded. “What kind of stranger just comes and admits his feelings without offering to buy some food?” You joked. You watched as a smile came across his face. “Well, are you going to buy me food?”

“Sure, what would you like?”


-Admin Des <3 

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how do i know im "fetishizing" lgbtq+ characters? idk if i identify as lgbtq+ bc im gray-a.... and most of my otps are mlm (altho i have a few wlw otps too). i dont think im fetishizing them i just think i enjoy their stories? like noah & brian from "I'll give u the sun" and ari& dante, and also andreil... and wesper and etc. i have so many mlm otps that i feel like maybe theres something wrong with me

it’s kind of a hard line to find tbqh. like, the fact is that a) while media is slowly creating more gay couples, it’s most often mlm and not wlw, so finding canon lgbt+ couples you like means you’re much more likely to find mlm couples; and b) there’s so few of them!! it’s so much easier to just like all gay lit because it’s new and something you can relate to. so the fact that you just like loads of gay ships on its own isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

there is a difference between enjoying them and fetishising relationships, though. for instance if you’re only into mlm ships then it can be a bit ehh, like you think gay boys are super cute but not lesbians because ???? whatever reason you can come up with is bad. this post kind of summarises for me what a big issue often is: the stereotyping. in a lot of media, they’ll include gay characters that are every inch the “gay best friend” stereotype (cough gl*e, riverd*le) and it’s quite frankly dehumanising. it leads to people doing this in the real world. the very idea of going up to someone and saying “you’re my new gay best friend!” is just so strange and like… the fact that someone is same gender attracted doesn’t determine any other part of their character, you know? that’s a big part of it in fandoms. so for men, it’s often making them out to be effeminate.

for women, it’s different. quite often it leads to hypersexualisation. (i know this isn’t really what you asked but i figured i’d briefly include it anyway, just for a more complete answer i guess) again, it’s reducing same gender attraction to a character trait, and often something to turn a guy on. which is. not cool. (examples here)

but to answer the question - i think if you enjoy the stories for what they are and don’t enjoy them in a different way you enjoy other ships, then it’s generally alright. it’s stuff like the people who still only focus on ev*k in sk*m and say that the actors must have practised kissing because it looks so real, for example, that’s where you’re crossing a line.

i don’t agree with all of this post necessarily, but there’s a paragraph i wanna pull out:

if a straight boy was constantly seeing “lesbians” everywhere, or talking about how those girls would look so good together, or making up headcanon about you and one of your platonic girlfriends, you would think he was creepy as fuck, sexist, and probably a pervert. Because he isn’t seeing you or other girls as people with real agency, he’s seeing you as an object to project onto. He’s invalidating your personhood and your sexuality and making your actual queer friends feel like their sexuality isn’t a real identity. That is what you’re doing to these boys; straight or gay, real or fictional, you are projecting onto them and invalidating them.

i hope this helps!!

The Winchester Way

Characters: Dean x Reader (Y/N), Sam,  Bobby (mentioned)

Summary: The reader has this ratty old sweatshirt that she always wears around the bunker and Dean thinks it would be funny to hide it from her. Little does he know that that sweatshirt is very special to Y/N and when she realizes it’s missing she is not very happy.

Word Count: 1658

Warnings: Language, minor anxiety attack // If any of this might trigger you please do not read!!!


“Come on Y/N it’s just a sweatshirt calm down.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want pop spilled all over it!” I half yelled at him out of frustration.

“Jeez chill out, just throw it in the wash or somethin’.” he murmured through a mouth full of burger. I loved the man, but that was one habit I’d wish he drop.

“Yeah whatever.” you sigh as you stand up from the bunkers kitchen table.

You loved this sweatshirt, you wore it to the point where the fabric was faded and it was filled with random holes. Some of which you cut yourself as little thumb holes. But that was a long time ago. If anyone outside the bunker had seen you in it they would have thought you were homeless, hell, you would have thought yourself homeless if it wasn’t for the roof over your head. The thing was this wasn’t just some sweatshirt you grabbed at an old store when it was cold. No, this was your mother’s. She gave it to you when you were 10 just 2 years before her and your dad were murdered by some demon. The same demon that would try and kill you on multiple occasions later in life, and would later burn down your house and force you to move in with Bobby Singer. The man that made you the hunter you are today. So yeah you would rather not spill pop over one of the few things you had left of your family.


Dean POV.

“What is up with her and that sweatshirt man?” he grumbled to Sam who was casually researching. “I mean seriously the things a mess. Why not just get a new one already?”

“Dean, who knows? And since when do you care what her wardrobe is anyways?” Sam chuckled as he went back to his book

“Whatever” Dean stuttered, looking away. He was gonna get that sweatshirt and show her how ridiculous it was.


The next day

“Dean have you seen my sweatshirt?” you snarled at him as you scramble around the bunker.

“Not a chance sweetheart,” he muttered as he took a sip of his drink. “Why do you care it’s practically decaying in your hands.” he laughed.

“I just want to find it alright.”.

“Yeah, alright princess” he scoffed.

Not good, not good, not good. Where is it? You threw it in the wash yesterday and now it’s magically disappeared? “Saaaaaam!”

“Y/N, whats up?”

“I can’t find my sweatshirt” you grumble.

“ Sorry can’t help you there, I’ll let you know if I see it.”

“Yeah ok…”. This was not good, you loved that sweatshirt, you needed that sweatshirt. You felt tears swell up in your eyes as you walked away from the library. you couldn’t save your parents and now you can’t even keep track of a damn sweatshirt? You useless and pathetic scrap of a person, why do you even care so much, their dead, get over it you baby.

You’re now in your and Deans room and god you just hope they can’t hear you sobs through the pillow You’ve shoved your face in. You try and control your breathing but it’s no use. All you hear is your own damn voice, or worse, Deans, yelling “Get over it you fucking cry baby is just damn sweatshirt move on!” You just sob harder attempting to muffle the noise with the pillow.

You know what this is, it’s happened before, and your best bet is to wait it out. You have assumed you had anxiety before but had never bothered to mention it. Didnt need your cry baby ass getting in the way of things. You just sat them out the best that you could and then moved the hell on. That was the winchester way, wasn’t it?


Dean POV.

I was just walking to one of the spare rooms in the bunker to grab Y/N’s sweatshirt from where I hid it. I thought that it had been pretty uneventful she asked me if I’d seen it then asked Sam, then just disappeared off somewhere. And then I heard it, crying. And not just the type of sniffling if you stub your toe, like full on sobbing.

“What the hell have I done.” I muttered to myself and a stopped and mine and Y/N’s door. I ran into our room only to see Y/N lying face down on the mattress, violent sobs shaking her entire body.

“Sweetheart… hey, hey, talk to me.” I said depressedly.

She just looked through me with glazed over eyes as a sat her up.

“Oh darlin’ what have I done?” I said mostly to myself.

“Is this about the sweatshirt?” she started to cry harder as her eyes closed and her body trembled more. She just nodded.

“No no, I hid it, I just hid, it I’m sorry, sweetheart please.” she just continued to sob as she slouched into my chest. Tremors shaking her body as she cried.

I didn’t want to leave her but I need to grab that damn sweatshirt.

“Baby I’ll be right back just try and breath for me” she took in a large shaky breath before looking down at the bed sheets and nodding again.

I ran just two doors down and grabbed it off the shelf I threw it on last night and darted back to our room.

“See Y/N its right here, I got it.” she grabbed the sweatshirt and clung to it like it was here life. I expected her to calm down but she only seemed to cry more.

“oh god, come here. I’m sorry.”

I held her close and stroked her hair as she started to calm down. The sweatshirt crumpled up in between us was wet with her tears. She took a few shaky breaths before lifting her head from my shoulder and looked at me with red puffy eyes.

I saw her cheeks heat up and then her body start to shift away from mine.

“Hey, hey, no don’t do that” I said tightening my grip around her torso. She seemed to shake a little with tears I could tell she was holding back.

“No, it’s alright, please can you talk to me.”

She looked down and started to shake slightly, I was about to tell her it was fine, when I heard her mutter something.

“It was my mom’s.”   

Oh.   well shit Dean you really screwed that one up didnt you.

“Sweetheart I-I had no idea im sorry.” I stuttered. Of course she was in love with that sweatshirt it was her moms for cryin’ out loud.

We lied in each other’s arms for a few more minute before she slowly sat up and wiped her eyes.

“You know I really didn’t know it meant that much to you” I said sympathetically

“Yeah I know.” she said it with a sigh as she looked back down and the rumpled sheets on the bed.

“Uhh, do you want anything to eat?” I ask cause this awkward silence is, well, awkward.


“Ok I’ll just grab some leftovers”

“Sounds good.” except she doesn’t Sound good. She sounds exhausted.

I left the room the grab whatever I could find in the kitchen. Hopefully we had some pie left I know she would love that.

I ended some leftover burgers, 2 slices of pie, and some root beer.

“God I’m not looking forward to this conversation.”

“Hey Y/N here ya go, eat.” I insisted. She took the food and sat at the edge of the bed  just pushing it around on the plate. But in her defense I hadn’t eaten either.

“So are we gonna talk about this?” I began. I saw her shift under my gaze and

redirected my eyes to door, which was obviously a bad idea because she blurted out-

“I’m not just a cry baby.” I look right at her “Please don’t go.” she mumbled in the quietest voice I’d ever heard.

“I won’t leave I promise, but I wanna know what that was all about,”


Yeah sure Nothing.

“You know Sam’s not the only psychologist Y/N.”

“Hmm?”  Jeez was she gonna make me say this right out.?

“I know that was an anxiety attack.” I saw her expression shift for shock, to shame, to what looked like downright fear,


“Why didn’t you tell me?” said in a voice slightly to demanding cause as soon as I said it I saw her flinch slightly.

“ I-I didn’t wanna seem weak.” she stammered tears welling up in her eyes.

“Baby, id never.. I, why would you think that?” I was so lost as to why she wouldn’t tell me something she knew, Something that was hurting her.

“It’s the Winchester way isn’t it? No weakness,” Did that seriously just come from her mouth? This-this is My fault?

“Y/N no- that’s, that’s, not right. You should have told me.” I couldn’t believe she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want to seem weak.

“Ho-how many?” I asked


“How many attacks have you had?” I practically whispered.

“I don’t know maybe 1 every few weeks. Not bad, I manage.” I couldn’t breath, Every few Weeks? God, how didn’t I notice.

“Come here” I got up from where I was sitting and pulled her into my chest, there she slumped down and sighed into my shoulder“you should have told me”

“ I know”

“And just FYI” I chuckled “The Winchester way is crap.”

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For the two characters thing; Keith and Lance

how dare you make me choose between my sons. 

However I definitely love Lance more but as a compromise I put him in Keith’s jacket because I love them both

(For the choose between 2 character prompt)

nessiethelakemonster  asked:

for 1000 followers special: can i ask 21 with Shiro finding out Allura owns one of those: mizbyhavior(.)tumblr(.)com/post/156834916322/ivoryflames-moodboard-of-all-the-lingerie-i (*coughshirowouldtotallyrockonewinkwink*) ooooor 22 with Keith and Hunk? :D (hope im doing it right)

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

“I’m surprised you don’t wear more of your outfits.”

The question made Allura pause, and she poked her head back out of her closet.  “Excuse me?”  Shiro had spoken suddenly, and she wasn’t quite sure what he was getting at.

Shrugging, Shiro pulled a pillow over to rest on as he peered into the closet after her.  “I just don’t recall seeing you in most of those.  It’s almost always the one dress or your battle suit.”

(Read More Below)

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Netflix and Chill - Nate Maloley Smut

Request: 18 from the list with Nate



Today was one of Nate and I’s relax days since we had both been so busy with work. We were all cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix. Nate’s arms were wrapped protectively around my body with his crotch pressed firmly against my ass. Our legs were intertwined and his head buried into the crook of my neck. Every once in a while he would place open mouth kisses to my neck making e squirm. 

We were about halfway through one of the weird Netflix movies when I felt Nate’s little friend poking out. 

“What cha doing there Nate?” I giggle. 

“Sorry can’t help it.” He mumbles with a shy smile 

Nate rolls over onto his back and I take this opportunity to straddle him. I look down into his gorgeous eyes and smash my lips onto his. Nate immediately kisses back grabbing my face bringing it closer to his. I start to grind my self into Nate’s lap earning a low groan from him. 

“God, y/n you drive me crazy.” Nate says with a dimpled smile. 

I giggle and press my lips into his once again. I feel his tongue slide across my bottom lip, I deny access and continue my grinding. I feel Nate’s hand maneuver their ay to my ass and give it a tight squeeze causing me to let out a moan. He took this opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth. I tried for as long as i could to fight for dominance but that didn’t happen. Nate grabbed my hips and flipped us over so he was on top. 

“Are we going to Netflix and Chill Maloley.” I ask with a grin on my face. 

Nate doesn’t say anything he just takes his shirt off and then mine. He stops when he realizes that I’m not wearing a bra. 

“Damn ma.” Nate says as lust makes his eyes two shades darker. 

I giggle and move my hands down to his pants slowly pulling down his basketball shorts. 

“You take too long.” Nate says and in one swift movement his pants and my spandex are gone leaving us both in our underwear. 

Nate slowly starts to rub my clothed heat as I palm him through his boxers. Moans fill the room as Nate slips his hand into my panties rubbing my clit faster.  I mediately remove my hand from his boxers and grip onto his biceps. In one fluent movement my panties were gone and laying flat against the hardwood floor. Nate slowly makes his way down to my heat until he is eye level with it. He licks a long strip from bottom to top and enters two finger into me stretching my  walls. I moan out in pleasure. 

“Faster Nate please.” I moan out tangling my fingers in his hair.  

“Beg for it princess.” Nate mumbles looking into my eyes. 

“Please move and use your mouth.” I say not being able to contain my self any longer. 

Nate pumps his finger in and out as he sucks on my clit. I moan loudly and move my way up the couch feeling my relate coming. 

“Stay still.” Nate mumbles. 

I obviously can’t stay still with what is happening and I inch further up the couch. Nate not pleased with my actions grabs my foot and yanks me back down the couch and places his forearm over my waist holding me in place. 

“I-Im gonna cum Nate.” I breathlessly moan out. 

After a few more pumps I release all over Nate’s fingers he cleans me up and orders me to get on my knees. I do as Im told and sink down to my knees. 

I look up and bat my eyelashes as I ask innocently, “What do you want me to do Maloley.” Nate loves it when I use his last name. 

“I want you to wrap your lips around my cock princess.” I gasp with his word choice and pull down his boxers. 

I kitten lick the tip and suck teasingly on the head. I slowly move my head down his cock fitting what i can in my mouth and pumping the rest. 

“Just like that princess.” Nate moans out grabbing my hair making  a makeshift pony tail. 

All of sudden Nate pulls me off his dick and says “The only time I’m going to cum is in you.” His normally brown eyes are now black. 

His dirty talk is enough to make me wet all over again. I lay on my back as Nate positions hims self over me and enters me agonizingly slow. 

“Would you please move Nate.” I whimper out waiting to feel all of him. 

Nate fully thrusts in causing both of us to moan out in pleasure. He finds a steady pace and moves his hips faster and faster. He hold my hips down and he continues to pound me. 

“Im close Nate.” I whisper bringing his head won to mine.

“Me too.” He mumbles then kisses me before we both cum. 

Nate rolls off of me and brings me into his chest. I trace his tattoos as I fall asleep. 

“If all our days watching Netflix and like this, Im canceling cable.” Nate says with a chuckle. 

I let out a giggle and whisper, “You don’t need Netflix to get that Maloley.” 


Hi, i got tagged by Jem ( @p-arkwoojin) to do the different hairstyles selfie tag (?)   Thaank you for the tag~  . This was actually pretty interesting  since Ive had different hair styles this past year.

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She’s beauty, she’s grace ; Theo Raeken // Part II


| part one |

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warnings: FLUFF, FLUFF AND MORE FLUFF and nervous theo raeken aka my weakness !!!!! VERY VERY VERY LENGTHY PART ITS LIKE ALMOST 3000 WORDS

requested?: HELL YES im overwhelmed by the response tbh

“What are you doing here, Theo?” Stiles asks, rather harshly. Theo was not Stiles’s favorite person no matter how hard he tried. He just gives off this vibe that made Stiles not want to trust him.

“I’m here to pick (y/n) up for our date.”

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i honestly.. at this moment in time i hate u a lot bc i came back to the doc to have my heart torn out and ur,,,, just Gone for the night and im slowly losing the will to live bich what have u donw to me??????? i cant believe u had the audacity to stop where u did and do me so dirty… . but i guess i love u more than i hate u i remember u following me before i followed u and i saw a few posts from u that Got Notes and i was like… hmm a Big Blog ill just stay away and not follow and embarras myself.. look how that turned out shdgsddkf

mutuals send me a number!

I know I post a lot of selfies even though I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but goddamn Im so much closer than I was a few weeks ago.
My legs are feeling solid and Im slowly starting to see some growth! Definitely enjoying this bulk now that I’m becoming more comfortable in my skin. Hell, I might even continue it through the summer. Do a mini shred for a bikini, but continue putting on some mass while doing so ✌️

Liam Dunbar Imagine for Anon: Is ignoring me going to help you?

You sit in 4th period feeling as if time couldn’t move any slower. The teacher was blabbing on about things you already knew so you started to daydream as usual. You thought back to the first day of school, you had arrived with not only your bestfriend Liam, but the bestfriend that you just happened to really like. You used to talk about how you guys were going to go to college together and how you two would always have eachothers backs. But now you werent so sure that any of that is true anymore. For the last two weeks Liam has only talked to you when you start the conversation, and its not like your good old fun conversations, it all seems forced. Liam only gives short answers and always seems like he has somewhere else to be. You glanced out the window to see Liam and Scott talking, you pulled out your phone to text Liam. “Im bored, talk to me.” You send. A few moments later you know he got the text because he started digging in his hoodie pocket. You held you phone tight, ready for his text. He took his phone out and looked at it…then put it back in his pocket. You felt your heart sink. What was wrong with him? Did you do something wrong? You couldnt think of anything. You jumped at the sound of the bell.

You picked up your belongings and decided to make a mad dash towards Liam. You made your way out of the school and ran towards him as he began to walk towards the parking lot. “Liam!” You shouted. He turned around. “Liam..i…need to…” You say inbetween gasps for air. “I actually really got to can we talk maybe tomorrow or something?” He says as he starts walking again. “No. No Liam, i want to talk now.” You grab his arm. “I cant.” He says without looking at you. “Why not?” You ask in an annoyed tone. “I gotta be somewhere.” He says still not looking at you. “Liam are you like in a gang or something? Got into drugs? Or are you just being an asshole for fun?” He tore his arm away from your grasp and started towards his car. “Im not going to let you just leave Liam, just tell me what i did.” You walked after him and almost into him when he abruptly stopped. “If you wanna talk get in the car.” He said before he got in. You didnt stop to think about it, you got straight into the passenger seat.

You were surrounded by forest as you drove down the long road towards your house. Luckily it was a 20 minute ride from school to your place so you had tons of time to get answers you needed. “What makes you think you did anything?” He asks after minutes of silence. “Well, you havent really talked to me in two weeks. You always seem to be mad and  you havent been in any of our classes all week. Im just worried."  You noticed his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, knuckles white from holding it so hard. "Im not mad at you. You didnt do anything.” He says roughly. “Then why have you been ignoring me?” You ask in a soft voice. Feeling almost sad, as if you could cry. “I dont know.” He replies. “Jesus Liam! Just give me answers! Stop being such a dick and just talk to me!” You yelled. “(Y/N) stop just calm down.” He says, but no way you were going to calm down. “No. Im not going to calm down Liam, im not going to pretend nothing is wrong and im not going to continue to pretend -” Liam started to wiggle in his seat. “Shut up Y/N..” He said “to not be concerned about you! Liam are you sick? Are you going through something? For the love of God just talk!” You continued to yell. “SHUT UP!” Liam yelled, almost growled. He dug his hands into the steering wheel and turned his face away from you. He started grunting as if he were in pain. “Liam! Liam what? Are you okay?” He didnt reply. “Liam look at me!” You grabbed his shoulder. He spun his face towards you. You gasped at what you were seeing. Liam…atleast you think its Liam. His eyes were glowing a different color, his teeth were…monstrous. Your heart stopped with fear and you couldnt scream even though you wanted to. “You have to run Y/N…RUN!” He said inbetween his painful grunts.  You just starred. You didnt know what was happening but it was still Liam. You put your hand on his. “Liam what-how can i help?” He only grunted louder in pain. “Liam-” You put your hand on his face and the next thing you knew you were slammed against the door, Liams face inches from you. “You cant help me…you need to run…or…ill kill you.” His nails were digging into your arm. drawing blood. “Liam… Im not leaving you.” You could tell he was fighting something and that it was painful. “Look at me. Liam look at me.” You say calmly. After a few seconds he finally looks at you. “Its me Liam, your best friend, im not going to leave you.” You put your hand over his. “Just breathe.” He started breathing in and out, in and out. After a minute or two he starts to calm down and release his grip from your arm and his eyes return to normal. “thank you.” He says as he returns to himself. Before he moves off of you, you wrap your arms around him into a hug. You feel his arms squeezing you, a hug of relief.

“So you are a …werewolf.” You feel stupid saying it. Werewolf? You didn’t think such thing existed. “Yeah i know. Weird. As you can see, im still getting the hang of it.” he says. You grab your arm in pain. “Are you okay? Oh my god Y/N.” He faces you and touches the marks on your arm. You look at him, his face not far from yours. “uhhh…um ya its not that bad.” He moves back a bit. “This is why i was keeping my distance from you. Hurting you..its something i never want to do..or i guess..wanted to do.” Once again you take his hand. “Liam you were hurting me more when you weren’t speaking to me. You know im here for you…always.” You both starred at each other for a few moments until all of a sudden Liam’s lips were on yours. His warm lips moved against yours as butterflies rose in your stomach. You both slowly released from the kiss. “im sorry..i-” he tried to speak but you could tell he didnt know what to say. “Its actually happy you did that.” You said. You both laughed.

April 16th, 2014

AUTHOR: SillyKwado

April 16th, 2014

The moment Alfred got back to his dorm room he threw down his bag and turned on his laptop. All he wanted to do was to log on to his game and talk to his best friend. He had a long week and hadn’t been able to log on to Realms of Destiny for a while to talk to Saethwr. Well, that’s not his real name, it’s his character name. They’ve only known each other for a few months now due to a dungeon that went horribly.

Basically, they teamed up by chance in a random dungeon with three other people who were absolute asses. They were the only two in agreement that their group was shit so they quit it (since they were getting nowhere anyway) and teamed up and completed the dungeons themselves (turns out they were strong enough to get through them). Eventually, they began helping each other and questing together, and now they are always talking to each other basically about anything.

Alfred logged on to his main, Allred, and sent Saethwr a message when he saw that he was on.

[Allred]: hey Sae wassup! miss me?

[Saethwr]: wb al… lol not rlly

[Allred]: psh ur jus bein modest xD

[Saethwr]: ha

[Saethwr]: how did ur presentation go btw?

[Allred]: mehhhh

[Saethwr]: lol that bad? XD

[Allred]: nah but it coulda been betur

[Allred]: btw ive been wondering… how do u even pronounce ur name?

[Saethwr]: i hav no idea… lol :P

[Allred]: lol omg

[Allred]: well how do u pronounce it in ur head?

[Saethwr]: something like shajfnjesuhshdugev

[Allred]: lol k xD

[Allred]: how u even come up wit it?

[Saethwr]: … it means “archer” in welsh xD

[Allred]: wow original xD

[Allred]: wait, u kno welsh???

[Saethwr]: lol hell no

[Allred]: oh lol k xD

[Allred]: wanna run something? =D

[Saethwr]: like…?

[Allred]: dungeon?

[Saethwr]: sure :P

    Alfred once again returned from his classes and jumped onto his laptop. He needed to talk to Saethwr asap! Sae was the one person he can trust with his secret about Arthur. Arthur Kirkland, the quiet Brit across the hall and two doors down to the left. He was cute and polite and adorable and… actually, Alfred hasn’t talked to him much. He’s in one of his large lecture classes but that’s the only time he ever sees him. He rarely even sees him enter and leave his room!

    Sae knows about Alfred’s crush with Arthur though. It’s not that Alfred doesn’t trust his brother or his roommate, Toris, it’s just that Saethwr is easier to talk to. He doesn’t judge and he gives good advice, though sometimes he likes to makes jokes out of things Alfred says. Plus, Sae doesn’t know who “Allred” really is. Alfred hasn’t felt exactly comfortable telling the guy he met online a few months ago what his real name is quite yet.

[Allred]: Sae!!!!

[Saethwr]: wat?

[Allred]: guess wat!?1! :D

[Saethwr]: you… passed ur spanish test?

[Allred]: wat? no. i wish but no xD

[Allred]: i talked 2 him 2day! =D

[Saethwr]: who? oh that arthur guy youve been crushin on since ive 1st met u?

[Allred]: yessssssss!

[Saethwr]: congrats…? lol

[Allred]: we sat nxt 2 each other in lecture 2day~

[Saethwr]: and…?

[Allred]: and i accidentally dropped my pen and he gave it back 2 me, so i said thanks and he said “No problem.” =D

[Saethwr]: …

[Allred]: gr8st moment of my lifeeee

[Saethwr]: oh yea… thats up there… right nxt to getting killed by jumping off that cliff in RW…

[Allred]: hey! i thought i was mounted!

[Saethwr]: y dont u just ask him out and get n2 his pants alrdy? ;P

[Allred]: gasp! Sae!

[Saethwr]: wat? thats wat ur thinkin… lol

[Allred]: noooo

[Saethwr]: just ask the guy out!

[Allred]: i caaaaaaant!

[Saethwr]: why noooooot?

[Allred]: cuz ive nvr even talked 2 him b4!

[Saethwr]: 2day seemed like a good start…

[Allred]: sae!

[Saethwr]: then talk 2 him al!

[Saethwr]: say “hey ur cute, want 2 get a coffee sometime?”

[Allred]: … he doesnt like coffee…

[Saethwr]: tea then! its beside the point!

[Allred]: but wat if he says no!

[Saethwr]: well u wont kno until u try!

[Saethwr]: besides he will prbly just b like “oh sounds lovely. let me just put down my book and we can be on our merry way.”

[Allred]: sae im bein serious! DX

[Saethwr]: lol so am i… just talk 2 the guy! xD

[Allred]: maybe….

    Alfred talked to Sae for a few more minutes before making some excuse about doing homework for his physics class so he could log off. He really didn’t need any more extra “encouragement” for what he’s about to do.

    He opened the door and looked down the hall. Nobody. Perfect. That’ll make things easier.

    He slowly walked to Arthur’s door with Sae’s words floating around in his head and dread building in the pit of his stomach. Alfred felt as if he was going to be physically sick.

    C’mon Jones! You can do it! Show Sae-whatever that you can talk to him!

    He hesitantly raised his fist to the door knocking lightly, and praying to God and everybody above that nobody would answer. Apparently, nobody was up there because the door opened.

    Arthur Kirkland – as adorable as ever – wore a slightly shocked expression when he saw Alfred standing there. He had a book in his hand and glasses on his face as if he had just been reading when Alfred interrupted.

    Alfred stood there for a moment gaping before he realized that he had to say something.

    “Um, hey you’re cute. Want to get a coffee sometime?” Shit. Alfred could not believe he just said that, and judging from the look on Arthur’s face, he couldn’t either.

    Then Arthur grinned.

    “Oh sounds lovely,” Arthur started with a knowing look. “Let me just put down my book and we can be on our merry way.”

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You're not as cute as you think you are// Jackson

285 w. •ᴥ•

“Please?” Jackson pouts, grip light on your upper arm. “I promise I’ll go easier on you!”

“Stop,” you shrug him off of your arm. “I’m not playing any longer until you stop cheating!”

“I’m not cheating!” he protests. You huff indignantly as he continues. “Power-ups just happen to love me.” Behind his ‘apologetic’ voice is the ghost of a smirk.

Not too long ago, you were engaged in an intense Mario Kart session with your boyfriend. He beat you the first three rounds and initially that didn’t bother you; you were never one to get worked up over something as trivial as a video game.

But towards the end of the fourth round when you were convinced you were finally going to win, Jackson mercilessly threw his banana peel at your player last second and continued his streak as winner. That’s when you lost it and refused to play any more games.

“I’m not playing,” you state adamantly. “And nothing will convince me to.”

“Really?” He leans in to you and bats his eyelashes, bottom lip jutting out. “I told you I’d go easy this time!”

Scoffing, you tear your eyes away from his pleading gaze. “You’re not as cute as you think you are,” you mutter.

“Hey! What does that have to do with anything?” He frowns and grabs your hand, bringing it up to his face. “Pleaseee? Just one more game?”

You can already feel yourself giving in slowly, but only because the thought of revenge sounds sweeter than anything right now.

“Fine,” you sigh grudgingly, retrieving the controller you had angrily thrown across the couch a few minutes ago. “But we’re going to have play a lot more than just one game.”

DARA x FANS - 140315 Twitter Q&A!

DARA: “A special event for the Blackjacks who weren’t picked for the Autograph Event! #2NE1 will be replying to questions hashtagged #COMEBACKHOME!”

FAN: “Cool! This is good!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommend me a chicken (flavor?)!!!!!! I heard you enjoy eating half-half chicken!!!!!!♥-♥”

DARA: “At xchicken, half-snowing cheese half-spicyㅎㅎㅎ”

FAN: “Which song from the album is Darong’s favorite?!”
DARA: “Honestly, all the songs are nice?! But I can really relate to the lyrics of “GOOD TO YOU”ㅠ.ㅠ Because I’m a nice lady!!!ㅎㅎ”

FAN “Noona!!! You met the Blackjacks today (at the fansigning event), what do you think of us!?!?!?!”

DARA: “The Blackjacks are really cute and they each have their own individualityㅋㅋ As expected, they’re just like us”

FAN: “Please recommend a book!! Which book left deep impression to you?”

DARA: “I… don’t read muchㅠ.ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I get sleepy when I readㅠㅠ”

FAN: “Do you by any chance, think or something or someone when recording???”

DARA: “Hmm, only when I have to be immersed in a love-like or missing-for-someone emotions, I think of Dadoongㅋㅋㅋ”

FAN: “Unni!!!!!!! Out of all the hairstyles you had, which ones are your favorites and dislikes?????”
DARA: “Top 3 favorites are palm tree! Vegeta! Half-shaved!!! The one I didn’t really like was the scorpion-hair during Do You Love me^^;;It’s my personal preferenceㅋㅋ”

FAN: “do you have special plan on your anniversary? #COMEBACKHOME”

DARA: “u mean our 5th anniversary!? We’ll be in Manila that day for AON tour! I would love to celebrate this special day with Blackjacks:)”

FAN: “What do you eat for your beauty??^ ^I respect you!!!! I love you💓”

DARA: “noodles!!! Hehehe”

FAN: “What is Dara-unni’s favorite fruit? I like strawberryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
DARA: “Since I’ve been sculpting some abs, I grew to like bananas^^ I eat banana when I’m hungryㅋㅋㅋ”

FAN: “Forgot the hashtagㅜㅜ Which ramen do you like the most?!”

DARA: “I like Xramen with rice the most!!! I also like crushing it~ then eating it!!!>.<”

FAN: (asked for an advice)

DARA: “I’ve liked the saying ‘If you try, you succeed’ since I was a child. When you think that you can’t do it, even the things that you can surely do becomes impossibleㅋㅋ Think positive and believe in yourself and work hard!^.^”

FAN: “Unni, when you eat sweet and sour pork, do you mix the sauce with it or dip it?!!!ㅋㅋㅋ”
DARA: “I dip it and eat!ㅎㅎㅎ”

FAN: Goddess Dara who drags out the hiding Blackjacks! What do you want to do after the concert ends?!
DARA: “Actually, I wish the concert doesn’t end. I am the happiest when standing on our concert stage, so I always fear the last concert stageㅠ.ㅠ Huhu”

FAN: “Do you like spicy noodles?? or Black-bean noodles?”

DARA: Black-bean noodles! I don’t eat spicy noodles!!! Ack… What about other noodles…?!?ㅋㅋㅋ"

FAN: “When doing ab exercise, which one was the hardest?? And is there a member who’s hiding their abs..???”

DARA: “Adjusting my diet was the hardest~ Out of the 4 us, I have the best abs~ ^.^v”

FAN: “What are the member’s sleeping habits?”
DARA: “Sleeping habits, huh.. This is really a secret but… hehehe… looks around… there’s a member that talks while sleeping, there’s one when she’s really tired she has a angry-like expressionㅋㅋ She was my roommate and she hit my cheeks while we were sleepingㅋㅋ Ah so funnyㅋㅋ”

FAN: “unnie we will be so happy if u give us blackjacks a dating scandall!! we’ll support you all d way! date juseyo! #2NE1”

DARA: “really?!? U sure?! Promise?!? Let’s wait for my prince charming!!! :)”

FAN: “Which expression do you think is the prettier? Smiling? Crying? Expressionless?”

DARA: “Didn’t you say I looked pretty when crying…^^;;;;;”

FAN: “Were you famous when you were in high school?”

DARA: “I used to be a bit famous HAHAHA ^^;”

FAN: “I liked Fin.KL~! How did you feel when you first met Hyori-unni?!” DARA: “It’s like I was watching TV! >.<”

FAN: “Unnie please answer my question.. what do you prefer bad boys or flower boys ? ”

DARA: “bad flower boys hahaha”

FAN: “When will the kwiyomi-line (cute-line) have… activitiesㅎㅎ”

DARA: “Kwiyomi-line? Jinwoo?! He’s working hard exercising beside me right now^^ Later when they debut, we’ll be actively promoting!”

FAN: “unnie, what do you think on your line on CRUSH 'even cupid is inlove with me’ ? ㅋㅋㅋ”

DARA: “I totally agree with it!!! Bwahahaha..”

DARA: “OMG (Oh My Goddess), I’m here by the door waiting for your permission”

DARA: “My face looks chubby?!? I will leave the decision to whoever took the photo^^”

FAN: “Be-dong, Be-un is best dongsaeng, best unni, right…? Just like a bff? Or is it?”

DARA: “It is best dongsaeng and best unni~”

FAN: “unnie please answer me, What is your favorite Thai food?”

DARA: “yamsoonsen!!! Omg!!! Im soooo hungry!!!”

DARA: “Are you all not sleeping?! The pre-recording tomorrow is very early, are you all staying up..?ㅠㅠ I think we are, too. We’ll be sleeping for maybe 1~2 hours and then get our pretty make-up done~ But the questions are still flooding so I’ll answer few more and then good night^^”

FAN: “unnie answer me pls, what do you fear more cockroach or lizard ?? ”

DARA: “arrrg!!! I hate cockroach arrrrrrrgg~~~~~ helppppp~~~”

FAN: “what is your favorite sport ?”

DARA: “ im not really into sports but i love riding bicycle :)”

FAN: “What are all the members doing??!! Are you all doing this together!!??”

DARA: “Now they’re slowly dozing off and sleeping…”

FAN: “ I’m staying in Seoul for 4 months. Can you recommend me a place where I should go first ? :)”

DARA: “u should defenitely go to dongdaemun!!! :) #COMEBACKHOME and eat ttokbokkyi after shopping”

FAN: “Unni, I have to wake up at 4am.. I have to go back to Singapore tomorrowㅠㅠ Ah, I don’t want to leave Seoul.. What to doㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I don’t want to #COMEBACKHOME”
DARA: Going back to Singapore? Take care going back~ Let’s meet again during Singapore concert!^.^“

DARA: "I enjoyed all of the questions today~!!! Rest well! Good night^.^ Good night Blackjacks!!! Mwah!!!”

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You wake up to a sudden bang. You wasn’t sure what it was, but you were pretty sure it was about one in the morning, and your father and mother were both at work during these hours as they work morning shifts in the hospital. You hold your breath, and turn your lamp on. The darkness in the room filled up with light, and you could see someone sitting on your chair in your room. Their arms were placed out on each of the arms of the chair, and when you see their face you’re shocked.

You sit up immediately, and grab the pepper stay that you kept in the draw that your lamp was on. You hold it out defenselessly but he doesn’t react. He lets out a low chuckle.

“You really think Im going to be put down by pepper spray?” He questions, tapping the one arm of the chair with his fingers.

“What do you what?” You ask without hesitation through gritted teeth. He taps the arm of the chair a few more times then stops. He then slowly pushes himself from the chair he was sat in, and takes a few more steps closer towards your bed. You push yourself backwards as much as you can but your back hit your cold wall, stopping you from going any further. He stands there, by the side of your bed, staring deep into your eyes.

“I see his memories, you know. Everything he knows and how he feels,” He taps his head with his index finger, “All right up in here.”

What do you want?” You question again. Demanding an answer. He takes one more step closer, then sits on your bed. Your try to push yourself back further again but there was no use. He was by your right hand side.

“I was just curious,” He begins again, “There’s Scott, who’s like a brother to him. He would do anything for him. And Lydia, well, that’s someone he could never get, but the way he used to feel about her,” He smirks, trying to intimidate you. You try not to let it effect you, “Derek, well, that’s more complicated. He can’t stand the guy but would still save his life. Then there’s his dad that he loves, and then there is Allison, and the list goes on-” He pauses, “But you're different…”

How?” I spit.

“Well, you’re the only girl who has taken an interest in him. I can hear him screaming now, you know. He’s scared I’ll hurt you.”

“Have you came here to talk to me about my relationship with Stiles or have you came here for an actual good reason?”

“I’ve seen what he’s seen. I’ve seen you.” He reaches out and touches your thigh that was exposed due to you falling asleep on top of your blanket instead of going under it. You were too tired that you had just fell asleep as soon as you got back from Allison’s, “You… You’re quite remarkable.”

You move your leg away in disgust, “You may look like him, but that doesn’t mean-”

“What?” He cuts you off, “That I can’t talk to you? We’re only talking.”

You giving him a look.

“He’s really protective over you. He’s screaming at me to leave you alone.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Like I would ever listen.” He laughs, then leans forward to kiss your cheek. You don’t move, or look at him. You let him kiss your cheek as you couldn’t really move away. You hated the power he had over you. Once he kissed your cheek, he stands up and walks to your bedroom door, “I haven’t come here to hurt you. I like you, in fact. I think you’re smart enough to trick someone, a bit like me.”

“I'm nothing like you.”

“That’s not what I’ve seen.” He winks, then leaves your room without shutting the door. Before he actually leaves the house, you hear him call, “See you tomorrow.”

Then he’s gone.

Punk Harry Imagines for anonymous

{Can you make a dirty imagine : Name : y/n Setting : im a virgin like i go to private school for girls only and i transferred to public school. Harry was in detention but instead so he can get out of that detention he had to “ work ” at school his task was help the new girl visit around school and harry is like dark and mysterious & he does drugs with zayn (basically punk imagine) and basically i ask him to teach me stuff and hes like ok and we fuck every night PLEASE CAN U PUT VISUAL GIFS ?}

Okay, im going to give you a name, only thing i will change. 

Bella’s Point of View.

driving to my new school is one of the best yet scariest feelings ever. my mother pulled into the parking lot. we got out of the car and walked over to the front reception. “welcome to west side high, how may i help you?” the front desk lady asked as we walked up to her. “hello, my daughter, bella just moved here from east die private girls and this is her first day” my mother explained. “oh right, hello bella. welcome to east side” she said getting up. she walked out from behind her desk to greet us. i said goodbye to my mother and she left. “just wait here and ill be back in a few minutes" 

Harry’s Point of View.

fucking detention. my favorite place on the planet. "psst” zayn nudged me. “yeah” i whispered “the hot front desk lady is here” i opened my eyes to see her. “mr styles” she firmly announced. “come with me” i stood up and winked at zayn, “with pleasure” we walked downt he hall and towards the front of the school. “alright, harry you will be showing around the new girl. as part of your punishment” she stated as we turned the corner i saw her. the new girl. she was beautiful, she had long brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes. “harry, this is bella. Bella, harry will be showing you around today” she told bella. bella looked at me. she wasn’t sure to smile or what. “welcome to hell” i joked as i greeted her. her faced washed with relief. “oh thank god, i thought i was going to be stuck with some nerdy kid who had a stick up his ass” she joked at me walked. “im no nerdy, can i tell you that much” i smiled as we walked.

Bella’s Point of View.

Harry was not what i had expected. he had curly brown hair that was covered with a beanie. his green eyes could make any girl wet within seconds. even though he wore a jumper and jeans i could see his tattoos,that i might add, are sexy as fuck.

as we walked into the canteen area, i saw harry walk over to a boy with black hair. 

he also had tattoos and a few piercings. i kind of just stood there, but a blonde came up to me. “you must be new right?” she asked, flicking her blonde hair over shoulder. going to a all girls school i can handle bitches like this. “yes i am” i said trying not to sound bitchy or shy. “well, just to let you know. harry, he’s mine” she stated, laughing. just before i could answer i heard harry call me over. “zayn, meet bella. one of the prettiest girls i have ever seen” he said, putting his hand on my lower back. “oh and i guess that she is the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen” i spoke gesturing towards the girl that had spoken to me just seconds before. zayn snorted, “i like this one, she’s hilarious.” zayn said, putting his air around my shoulders. “what? alice? no way! she’s ugly” just has he said that she walked up behind him, “fuck you styles. i don’t even like you anyway, your a druggie” harry’s face went white then red. “shut your mouth, if you know whats good for you” he said to girl. he turned back around to me. he couldn’t read my facial expressions. i looked up at zayn then back to harry. “show me”

~5 Months Later~ 

after 3 months of being at west side, i was harry’s girlfriend and he taught me so much about stuff that i would never have done at east side. tonight was our 4 month anniversary. and we had planned on having sex for the first time, being a virgin and all i was scared from what i have heard about it. 

Harry came and picked me up from my house, 

we drove back to his house, where he lives with zayn but tonight he out due to harrys request. as we drove, harry grabbed my hand as he noticed my nervousness, “you look beautiful” he said, kissing the back of my hand. we pulled into his drive and we went inside. the place was clean, like always. harry guided me to his bedroom,

“what do you want to first, baby?” harry asked, putting my bag down. “i need to relax, im so nervous” i gushed to him before my mind could catch up. i slapped my hand against my forehead, cheeks flushing. “i have a present for you” harry said walking to his draws. he got out a joint. i was excited because i had always wanted to try it. so we smoked it first, 

we finished it off and harry started kissing me, i don’t know why this kiss felt different from all the others, but it did

it soon got ready heated and he started taking my clothes off kissing down my neck

we were making out for ages 

then harry got hard and at this point of i was soaking. so harry turned me  over and started kissing down my thighs until he reached the place that was aching for him

“mm, you taste so good” he said through licks and soft sucks. i panting and out of breath. i could feel i was nearing the edge. “Harry” i barely got out, “come baby” he said, “im nearly there” i choke out. so harry, stuck a 2 fingers inside of me pumped into and out. his tongue and mouth worked together bring me over the edge. harry went over to the table and got a condom out. “you ready for this, baby?” he asked, looking at me with such love and affection. i nodded to scared to use my words. he rolled the condom on and positioned himself at me entrance. he slowly slid into me. i felt a sharp pain between my legs and i hot tear leave my eye. “baby, please. don’t cry” he said, kissing all over my face. “im a virgin” i cried, into his chest. “what?” harry questioned. “i’ve never had sex before” i kept crying, as he stayed still. “baby, that makes me fall for you so much more” he spoke, kissing me 

“can i move baby?” he asked, as we broke the kiss, i slowly nodded. he thrusted a few times, but i kept crying it was so painful, but harry tried his hardest not to hurt me. “baby, id take the pain away. i would, id do anything for you. baby” and with that he grabbed my face and kissed me to help soften the pain i was feeling 

after making the pain go away harry slowly thrusted a few more times. then he gradually got faster and faster

Harry soon slowed down as we both got closer to our highs. as we hit our highs we both moaned each others names. “you did so well” he said as he slowly kissed me at he pulled out of me. 

after a few hours of sitting and talking we finally fell asleep in each others arms. 

i woke up in the morning and put on harry’s white and decided to make him breakfast. i was cooking and harry came in and hugged me from behind, “good morning, baby. i didn’t like waking up alone” he whispered into ear before kissing my neck

~2 months later~ 

after months of love making and sex almost everywhere 

Harry and I were happy as ever. 

after one of the hardest session we have ever had, Harry and i were lying in each others arms trying to get our breathing under control, 

Harry said the 3 words every girl wants to here, “i love you, bella” i turned around and faced him. i kissed him and broke the kiss, “i love you, harry" 

The End!

I tried my best, i hope you like! 

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