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Cajun life of murder husbands I'm sorry I just im from Louisiana so I wanted to see what itd be like lol

@thehanniquinn​ sorry this took sooooooo looooooooong. Hopefully you enjoy it :)

“Perhaps here.”

“Hannibal, choose a spot soon, please.”

“We have time, trust me.”

“Well, you’re taking forever.”

Will maneuvered their pirogue through the shallow slow moving waters of Bayou St. John near the opposite end of City Park from the Tad Gormley Stadium. It was the middle of the night and the park was deserted.

Will and Hannibal had chosen a location at the end of the park that didn’t see a lot of foot traffic during the day. The last few nights, the two had staked out the spot to ensure that the park would serve as a viable dumping ground for their hunt.

Will and Hannibal had been living in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans for about a month now. Post-Fall life had been wonderfully blissful for the two, giving them both time to explore a new city, while also exploring new things about each other (I’ll let your mind wander).

Everything had been amazing, until an FBI agent had caught up with them.

Lately, Will had discovered that something was amiss. Whenever he and Hannibal left their historically designated apartment (they happened to own the entire building) together in the morning, kissing each other goodbye before departing in opposite directions, Will noticed, at out the corner of his eye, some shadowy figure standing in an alley across the way, seemingly spying on them.

One night, Will brought up his concerns with his husband.

I think someone is watching us, Hannibal. I can’t be sure though…

Yes, I’m aware. Hannibal had answered before serving Will his portion of the shrimp Étouffée he had prepared that night.

Wait, you knew this entire time?? Will had been shocked. He thought he was the one to have the upper hand this time.

I noticed about a week ago, but I was waiting for you to mention so to confirm.

Aw, well thank you for including me in on the planning, dear. Will had smirked in response.

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Switched luggage at the airport : brohm
  • (Bryce calls Ohm on skype through his computer)
  • Bryce: ohm? you there?
  • Ohm: yeah im here! sorry it took me so long, the wifi here is really fuckin' slow. *moves phone around trying to get a good angle of his face*
  • Bryce: I'm guessing your still at the airport due to all the noise *giggle*
  • Ohm: *soft laugh* yeah, the waiting queue is taking forever god damn it.
  • Bryce: thats sad.
  • Ohm: i know right!
  • Bryce: so I guess that means you have your luggage still on you then? *gives him a questioning side glare*
  • Ohm: well yeah, i have to pull this heavy piece of shit with me everywhere. *tilts phone so Bryce can see the suitcase at his side*
  • Bryce: Great! now about that luggage.. *sheepish grin*
  • Ohm: Bryce? what did you do? *scolds him while talking to him like a child*
  • Bryce: i might have done a bad and switched our luggage. *talks softly*
  • Ohm: Bryce! *facepalms* you didn't go through it did you?
  • Bryce: ahhh I may have just a little bit. *squints eyes*
  • Ohm: fucking hell Bryce. Then who's do i have?
  • Bryce: Well I'm hoping mine, otherwise someone gets to take my Micky mouse ears home and gift them to their grandchildren.
  • Ohm: well we don't want that now do we Brycey?
  • Bryce: *crosses his arms across his chest* absolutely not!
  • Ohm: *laughs at Bryce's child like antics* alright let have a look, just hang on a sec. *puts the phone down on the floor as he opens the suitcase*
  • Bryce: I can't really go anywhere so yeah, i guess I'll hang for a sec. *comments smart assly*
  • Ohm: *picks phone back up* you're in luck my friend. *turns camera toward Bryce's open suitcase to show his mickey mouse ears sitting on top*
  • Bryce: phew *wipes imaginary sweat off his forehead* i guess that's that fixed. *giggles cutely*
  • Ohm: that's great and all Bryce but, what the fuck am i going to do now?! my flight is about to lift off, the line to even get your tickets up is taking 3 years, I just found out I have the wrong luggage and need to find a way to get to your house, come back to the airport, line up in the queue for another 5 hours and get on a plane that is already half way across the sea?! *he lists complaining*
  • Bryce: ohm. *looks into the camera reassuringly*
  • Ohm: what? *looks back panicked and way less calm then before*
  • Bryce: you need to calm your tits and think for a minute. there's no way you'll be able to come to my house and back in time for your flight *he began listing off his fingers* even if i decided to bring your luggage to you there still won't be enough time and the only other option is you take my luggage with you and the next time we meet up we give each others stuff back.
  • Ohm: but who knows how long that might be?!
  • Bryce: *shruggs* sorry bud not much i can do about that.
  • Ohm: there's gotta be another option? *he says as he finally takes a step forward in the line*
  • Bryce: well... *scratchs under his chin*
  • Ohm: What?... well what?! *he says in anticipation*
  • Bryce: i guess you could hang at my house for a little longer.
  • Ohm: YES! *says so loud the family lined up in front of him turned around startled*
  • Ohm: i-i mean, yes please.
  • Bryce: *laughs sweetly at ohm's excitement* well then, it'll probably be best if you get out the line dont you think? *smiles wildly*
  • Ohm: oh yeah i guess your right. excuse me miss, pardon me. *Bryce watched as ohms phone swayed as he tried to get out of the queue*
  • Bryce: oh and about your plane tickets, we can exchange them for another flight. *he says in a plain tone*
  • Ohm: What! why didn't you tell me that before?! *makes it to the back of the line and walks towards the exit doors to the drop off parking lot*
  • Bryce: i forgot, sheesh. *runs hand through hair while looking to his right as something catching his eye*
  • Bryce: hey ohm? *reaches down to grab something*
  • Ohm: hmm? *hums not even looking at bryce's cam*
  • Bryce: i also forgot to ask you about this. *holds up an 'i love Bryce McQuaid' t-shirt that he found in ohms suitcase*
  • how long have you had this exactly? *smirkfull grin*
  • Ohm: *looks at Bryce through his phone a little blush on his cheeks but Bryce didn't notice* oh my god, Can you just come pick me up?! *he says passive aggressively*
  • Bryce: alllright, I'll see you soon then buddy. *puts the shirt down on his lap* but I still have some question for you like.. why is my face on that pillow.
  • Ohm: *rubs his forehead in frustration* I'll tell you later, just get your ass in the car before i get to the exit.
  • Bryce: im on it dont worry, i'll be there before you can say i love Bryce McQuaid.
  • Ohm: wouldn't even say it if my life depended on it. *he jokes smiling*
  • Bryce: right? that's why you have a shirt to say it for you, got it. *smirks devilishly giggling*
  • Ohm: okay im gonna hang up im almost at the door. it would be unfair if i didn't give you enough time to beat me to it?
  • Bryce: a challenge? oh your on!
  • Ohm: *chuckles* bye Bryce.
  • bryce: see you in a bit. *whispers* fangirl.
  • (hangs up call)

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hello!! I am new here and from what i see you get a lot of imagines so i figured i would send you a request for headcanons, do you have any headcanons for doctor harvey or alex?

i love shoving my headcanons in everyone’s face heheheh


  • has bad dreams a lot of the time + trouble sleeping in general. he plays his mother’s music box when it gets really bad.
  • he makes some really outstanding cookies, ya’ll like. his grandma taught him well. but he’s stingy and only shares with his grandparents. sometimes Haley when she catches him baking (which is becoming more frequent, Alex is suspicious “did Haley bug my house or…..”)
  • Alex romantically leans more towards men than women, you can’t take this away from me


  • look me in the eye and tell me this nerd doesn’t play with those model airplanes from time to time
  • i remember talking to him at some point ingame where he mentions how he feels responsible for the health of the whole community and that it’s a heavy burden so like… this guy definitely gets overwhelmed sometimes, never in front of someone but. late at night or really early in the morning, that responsibility feels like a heavy weight on his chest, crushing him, because he loves this town so much but he needs more help and he’s so appreciative of Maru and “maybe i should buy her lunch for her tomorrow” but then just Maru isn’t enough but then business has always been slow in a town of 40 people total so could he even afford–
    but then he goes to work and deals with it quietly, by himself.
  • it took him forever to grow that mustache. he takes top-notch care of it, and trims & brushes it when he can. he has a special mustache comb

For @satellite-jeon who requested kookmin and vampires! (i couldn’t think of anything for fairies, i’m sorry D: )

Also, this ended up being more of a shortfic rather than a drabble… oops…

Jimin has been roommates with Jungkook for over three weeks now. 

Actually, “roommate” is probably an overstatement since Jungkook is hardly ever in the dorm except to sleep anyway. Jimin doesn’t even remember what the guy looks like half the time. The longest conversation they have ever had was when Jimin drunkenly stumbled back to the dorm at four in the morning and Jungkook was somehow miraculously awake.

“Oh, Jungkook,” he had hiccuped. “Hi.”

Jungkook grunted a hello, hearing him even through his headphones.

“Whatcha doin’ up?” he slurred back, plopping on the ground to take off his shoes. Who the hell thought shoelaces were a good idea? Velcro worked just fine and was both children and drunk people-friendly.

“Listening to music.”

“Nice, nice, what kind?” One shoe down.

“All kinds.” 

“Okay, yeesh, talkative,” Jimin grumbled.

Jungkook turned to look at him then and Jimin’s chest lurched a little because shit, he never realized how stupidly attractive his roommate was. He had this tortured poet look, with the pale skin and the soft dark hair, and Jungkook’s eyes were so dark Jimin feels like he’s falling into them.

Jungkook’s piercing gaze made his blood race, and Jimin didn’t know if he was imagining it or not but it looked like Jungkook’s pupils were dilating all of a sudden, blowing up until his irises were almost gone.

“You… smell weird.”

It’s the stupidest insult Jimin had ever heard, but it still made him flinch. He pulled his shirt up to his nose to sniff it.

“Prob’ly the alcohol.”

Jungkook just grunted again and turned back to his screen and after managing to pull off the other shoe, Jimin crawled into bed.

After about a month of living with him, Jimin’s noticed several things about Jungkook that strikes him as a little bit odd. 

For one, the guy has the weirdest sleeping schedule Jimin’s ever seen, even for a college student. He’s practically nocturnal, and since Jimin’s dance class takes place at ass o’clock, that means Jungkook is usually getting in bed when Jimin’s getting out of it. 

Secondly, Jungkook’s about as allergic to the light as Jimin’s grandma is. He abuses the dimmer switch like no other, claiming that his skin’s “sensitive to UV rays,” so Jimin has had to invest in some personal lamps just so he can find his way around the room. The only reason Jimin hasn’t complained is because he can’t get over the image of Jungkook dressing up like his grandma, driving a car with rubber gloves up to his arms, face completely covered with a shawl and hidden behind huge bug-eyed sunglasses. It still makes him bust out laughing in class sometimes.

But the weirdest thing by far is the amount of fruit punch Jungkook drinks. God, it makes Jimin worried for his blood sugar levels. Jungkook always has an endless stock of them in his mini fridge, and when Jimin wakes up in the middle of the night, he usually catches Jungkook poking a straw through another silver pouch, slurping it while he leans back in his chair. It’s like he lives on that stuff.

One day, Jimin makes the terrible, terrible mistake of giving Taehyung some of Jungkook’s fruit punch. 

Taehyung had come knocking on his door after dinner, begging Jimin for some mixers for a rager he was throwing that night.

“Please hyung, we have so much alcohol and no chaser and you don’t want people to die of alcohol poisoning right?”

Taehyung’s stupid puppy eyes makes Jimin give in, and Jimin reluctantly hands over the fruit punch in the fridge. Jungkook will understand, right? Jimin just needs to pay him back for it.

Jimin’s woken up by the slam of a fridge door and a loud swear.

His bed dips suddenly, and when Jimin blearily opens his eyes, his entire body jerks back in shock.

“Holy shit, Jungkook- what the fuck?!” he gasps, startled at the sight of Jungkook perched over him. 

Jungkook is livid. His eyes are almost glowing, looking otherworldly in the dim of the room, and his nostrils are flared, teeth clenched like he’s trying to keep his temper in check.

“Jimin. Where the fuck are my drinks.”

Jimin’s stomach turns.

“Oh- oh shoot, I’m so sorry,” he stammers, “Taehyung was just really desperate because he needed some juice and stuff so I just gave him some of your fruit punch. I was gonna tell you right when you came back but I forgot and… I’m gonna pay you back! Sorry, I should’ve asked, I know.”

Jimin’s muscles tighten under Jungkook’s furious glare, and the panic starts settling in. The way Jungkook’s broad torso cages him in makes him feel like some trapped prey, ready for Jungkook to devour.

“So you’re telling me, Taehyung has my… fruit punch?” he grits.

Jimin nods and says weakly, “I’m sorry.”

“Do you know what you’ve fucking done?” Jungkook snarls. “I haven’t had anything to eat in the past two days.”

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, I’ll- I’ll buy you dinner?”

The sound that comes out of Jungkook’s throat is almost a growl, and Jimin’s heart races from fear.

“Stop that,” Jungkook hisses. “Why’s your heart beating so fast? You’re driving me nuts.”

Jimin confesses, “I can’t help it! You look like you want to kill me. Or eat me.“ 

"Try both." 

 The breath is knocked right out of his lungs.

“What?” Jimin gasps. 

Jungkook’s face morphs then, forehead relaxing, the glare in his eyes replaced by a teasing glint. His lip curls and he says, “I’m fucking starving and I need to eat.”

"We… can order pizza?” At Jungkook’s unchanging expression, Jimin says in one quick breath, “I’ll pay. It’s on me.”

“That’s not part of my diet.” (Which is ridiculous by the way, because pizza’s a part of everyone’s diets.) 

“Okay, then, uh, a salad?”


And then Jungkook parts his lips, opens his mouth wide. Jimin’s confused, doesn’t get why Jungkook’s showing off his dental work until he takes a closer look and sees extremely long, extremely sharp canines protruding from Jungkook’s mouth. 

 No, not canines. Fangs. 

“Holy- fuck, fuck,” Jimin tries to scramble back but is held in place by Jungkook’s strong grip. “Are those- are those fucking real?! Vampires are real?!?

“Yep,” Jungkook drawls, drawing his tongue over the point of his teeth. He gives Jimin a dangerous-looking grin and Jimin pales. 

“Oh my god. That- that wasn’t fruit punch, was it.”

“Nope,” he says with a pop of his lips, “and you just gave away my meal.”

“Oh… shit. I am so, so sorry. Please please please don’t kill me,” Jimin pleads, limbs quivering.

 “I’m not gonna kill you,” Jungkook says with a roll of his eyes. “But I need to eat.”

“So you’re gonna eat me?” he squeaks.

“Think of it as a blood donation. And feeding the hungry.”

Jimin can’t tear himself away from Jungkook’s steady, consuming gaze. He understands the erotic fascination everybody seems to have with vampires now, his classmates’ obsession with Edward Cullen. There’s a heat in Jungkook’s stare that makes Jimin tremble in both excitement and fear.

“You’re not going to drain me dry, are you?”

“I just said I wasn’t going to kill you,” Jungkook says with a huff. “But if you keep on asking stupid questions, I’ll make it more painful than it has to be.”

With that, Jimin clamps his mouth shut. He bares his neck and it must be the right thing to do because Jungkook’s eyes flash and his tongue darts out to wet his lips.

Jimin’s breath quickens when Jungkook rearranges himself on the bed.

On the fifth breath, Jungkook’s head dips lower and lower to the junction between Jimin’s neck and shoulder, and Jimin squeezes his eyes tight in anticipation, muscles tensing and pulled taut like a bow as he waits for the fangs to pierce his skin. The hair on Jimin’s arms raises when Jungkook settles at the base of his neck. There’s an annoying smirk pressed against Jimin’s skin when Jimin’s body involuntarily shudders at the cold, sharp touch of teeth right at his vein. Jungkook drags out the event longer than it needs to be, taking his sweet fucking time, raking his fangs slowly, leisurely, from Jimin’s neck down to his collarbones, and then even slower back up, until Jimin shivers to the tip of his toes and his blood pulses red-hot underneath the surface of his skin.

He doesn’t even feel the prick of the fangs when Jungkook finally bites into him and drinks him up. He just gasps, pulls and grasps at Jungkook’s hair with a hand. Jimin’s body relaxes and loosens with every drop of blood that Jungkook drinks, but for some reason, his legs refuse to listen. Jimin’s thighs flex and twitch and quiver on either side of Jungkook’s body and his feet arch, toes pointed and curled so tight they almost cramp up. His mind’s a haze, he just hears the low pounding of his blood, feels the heat crawling and traveling up his body and leaving his neck.

And then it stops and Jungkook’s in front of him again, lips puffy and swollen. His tongue cleans the traces of blood from the bottom of his lips and Jimin stares at it, dazed. Jungkook’s eyes still look dark, so fucking dark, and Jimin gets so lost in it, doesn’t know what he’s doing until he’s pulling Jungkook down until he tastes his own metallic blood on Jungkook’s tongue. The kiss is soft and slow and then fast and consuming, and Jimin doesn’t know if he’s lightheaded from the blood loss or from the kiss. 

They break apart when Jimin jumps up, spine straight as a board.

“Oh my god, shit, I forgot to call Tae.”

send me a (jimin) pairing and an au and i’ll write you a drabble

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Hey could you do a bts reaction to you watching a movie with one of them and you are starting to fall asleep!!? Sorry if it's slightly confusing or weird! - thank you :)

BTS when you fall asleep during a movie


“Whoa! Jagi, did you see that?” He said, in awe of the amazing stunt he’d just witnessed in the movie. When you didn’t reply he would look down to see that you had begun dozing off on his shoulder. “Oh.”

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As soon as you fell asleep he would pause the movie, carry you to bed, and go to sleep next to you.

“We’ll just finish it tomorrow then.”

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You two would be watching a comedy and, just as your eyelids fluttered shut, his body would quake with laughter and he would be cackling loudly. Suffice to say, you won’t be sleeping until the movie’s over.

“You can’t sleep now! It won’t be as funny if we rewatch it!”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster: 

Once he notices the cuteness of you doing your best to stay awake, he’ll propose stopping the movie and going to bed.

“You’re more fun to look at than some movie anyways.”

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He pokes your cheeks playfully until your eyes pop open again. “Hey, you’re the one who wanted to watch this so we’re going to finish it!” He says, giggling.

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This baby won’t even notice. He’ll be so caught up in the plot of the movie and the special effects that he won’t even notice until the credits roll and you’re snoring.

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He loves cute things, girls, and cute girls. So when you fall asleep during his favorite movie, he’ll choose to watch you instead. He’ll do his best to pay attention to the movie too, but before he realizes it the movie’s over and he doesn’t remember any of it.

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