im sleepwalking

Altering sorrow.

Anonymous: spencer fluff where he has a super big crush on the reader and on the jet back after a rough case he sees her crying for the first time.

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The jet was quiet, the silence dominated with exhaustion as the agents settled into the jet. The soft glow of the rising sun cast subtle pink highlights across the agents stressed features, who were huddled in the middle of the jet. Everyone apart from Y/N. Spencer’s gaze continuously drifted over to the young woman, his warm eyes peeking over his book as he attempted to distinguish the emotion on her face. It wasn’t until she moved her hand from her face and the soft sniffle that escaped her nose that he realised she was crying, her cheeks painted red and her eyes glazed over with tears. Derek nudged Spencer slightly, drawing his attention from the agonising sight.

“Go to her.” Derek whispered, making Spencer swallow back the sadness biting at his throat as his eyes landed on JJ, who nodded at him with a small smile. Wordlessly, he nodded, more to encourage himself than anyone else as he slipped from his chair. Y/N buried her tear-stained face into her sleeves in an attempt to subtly dry her damp cheeks but her attention was abruptly adverted when Spencer cleared his throat beside her.

“Oh, hey, Spence.” Y/N whispered, attempting to disguise her desolation but the crack in her voice rudely interrupted her efforts. Spencer sat beside her, facing the broken woman as she glanced up at him with bloodshot eyes.

“What is it?” Y/N continued, her eyebrows furrowing slightly but he sighed in response, his tongue darting across his lower lip as his nervous ticks began to erupt. However, Spencer remained silent, lips parting to speak but no words broke from his dry mouth. Silently, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his side but his actions were restricted as the teams burning gazes were fixated on the two of them. His breath hitched in the back of his throat when Y/N exhaled loudly, turning into his touch and nuzzling into his chest. A gentle sob fractured through her throat, making Spencer weaken beneath her as his nerves subsided at the shattering sound.

“H-hey, it’s okay.” Spencer whispered into her hair, absent-mindedly tracing patterns along her back as she exhaled into his chest. She fumbled with the jumper handing loosely over her hands as she pulled her arms away to wrap them around his neck, nestling into his curly hair.

“Thank you, Spence.” She whispered, the gentle noise sending shivers down Spencer’s spine but as she began to pull away, Spencer cupped her face softly.

“You don’t need to thank me.” Spencer hushed, gently pushing her hair from her face as tension thickened around them, agents trying to hide their lingering stares as they watched on in anticipation. Y/N smiled sweetly, profiling the nerves dominating his eyes before kissing his cheek softly, making him blush instantly but a small grin rose on his face as she nuzzled her head back into the crook of his neck. Spencer’s eyes flickered up to the rest of his team as his arm laced around her waist again, catching Derek’s proud brotherly smile as he stared at the doctors goofy grin.


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  • mom: how often do you listen to music?
  • me: every second every minute every hour every day it never ends.
  • mom: um, ok then, just dont hurt your ears...
  • me: fuck you and your decisions. cause they're not mine.
  • mom: you do not talk to your mother like that
  • me: we dont have to talk
  • mom: *storms out*
  • me: wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days
  • mom: *yells* in your dreams
  • me: its like im sleepwalking

Anonymous: Could I request something Reid x Reader. I would take literally anything but perhaps something about warming up and drying off after getting caught in a thunderstorm? Hope that doesn’t sound stupid!

A/N: Loved this request so much, oh my goodness!


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What if I was sober? (Part 3).


As a part of this drunk!reader series, I have also got this Hotch one!

A/N or warnings??: Purely sinful smut requested by anonymous, this is also suuuuper long so there is a “keep reading” banner close to the start!

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Spencer quickly scanned over the message, heart beat accelerating as he slammed his hand on the hotel bar, mentally cussing himself. His mind whirled, encouraging the doctor to act on his constant urge still remaining from the night before. Without another thought to give him a reason not to, he stood up abruptly, adrenalin fuelling his sudden confidence as he rushed to his shared hotel room.

“Y/N.” Spencer urged from behind the door after knocking against the white wood firmly. When Y/N opened the door he immediately caught the nerves possessing her empty eyes.

“Do you regret it?” Spencer asked sincerely, voice unusually deep making Y/N frown at his darkening eyes. Her lips parted to speak but her tightening throat failed to produce barely a squeak so she quickly shook her head, no. Within seconds, he slammed the door shut, firmly cupping her face as he dominated her lips. She groaned at the unexpected contact, making Spencer pull away with a sharp suck on her lower lip.

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