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That feeling of the drums hitting, the guitar solo, the high notes.. It’s something I can’t describe but it makes me feel good, makes me feel like I have a place I belong to. That’s the thing I love about bands, that I can’t find anywhere else even if I look for it. They give me the feeling of belonging and easiness that I lack. They give the strength I can’t get from anywhere else. They give me self control when I need it. I can’t explain at all what I feel but bands are more of a home to me than the house I live in. And I hope they find a feeling of home when they do what they do too.

Thank you to all the bands out there that help kids everyday go through their shit, you are the home of this generation.

au where isak and even live together but arent that close, and isak sleepwalks and always gets in evens bed and at first even is like ???? but then after a few times he gets used to isaks lil puffs of breath on his neck but whenever he wakes up isak is not there anymore:( and sometimes he questions if it does happen or he’s just having the same dreams every night,,, so one night when isak is going out even half jokes like, “so who’s gonna get in my bed tonight if ure not there” and isak freezes and even gets really nervous and wonders if he’s crossed a line.. and isak starts looking for his keys and phone while rambling, “sorry man i..dont know why that happens ,i mean i knew i sleepwalked but i never got into anyones bed so like i really appreciate u not throwing me off your bed or whatever” and even is just watching him with an open mouth and there’s a smile on his face, “are u kidding? i just have an extra blanket that way” and they laugh about it and stuff and then isak leaves..and isak doesnt sleep at their flat for a few nights, tells even he’s got a lot going on but even is just :/ really scared he ruined something…but then a couple of days later even gets waken up by the door of his room opening and closing and his heartbeat gets faster and he recognizes the careful steps and it feels like forever until his blanket is being lifted and isak climbs under it..and even is a little relieved but he’s stupid so he turns around to face isak, to gently stroke his cheeks and watch as his face softens bUT he turns around and isaks eyes are open and are staring right back at even and even nearly screams out loud and isak giggles while even is trying to get his heart to calm down, tho it doesnt really work bc isak is there and is awake??? so isaks laugh dies down and he bites his lip and whispers, “im not sleepwalking now” and even whispers back, “youre not?” and isak giggles again, “no” and they just stare at each other for a while then even furrows his brows, “have you..been sleepwalking the whole time?” and isak looks down at evens lip and shakes his head, “only for like the first 3 times or something..then i realized u dont mind and i dont like sleeping alone so i just.. yeah” and even chuckles, making isak hide his face in the pillow and he groans a “what” against it, and evens like “i was just..scared i crossed a line with asking you about it and it turns out youve been getting into my bed awake” and isaks like, “that sounds bad” and even hums in disagreement, “youre the best blanket ive had, ever” and isak grins, “is that true?” and even nods and theyre just a grinning, blushing mess, then isak asks, “should we sleep now?” and even lets out a small yes, but neither of them are closing their eyes and even bursts out in a chuckle, “close your eyes then!” and isak is like, “you close ur eyes first” so even gives up and closes his eyes. then suddenly there are lips on his cheek, close to his mouth, and its the softest kiss he’s ever gotten, and he slowly opens his eyes and isak has his own closed but theres a smile on his face and he whispers, “good night,even” and even fixes isaks hair, putting it behind his ear and strokes his cheek, “good night isak” and they fall asleep like that. and even wakes up once again to no isak and he’s confused and worried but as he’s reaching for his phone, the door opens and isak is walking in with two cups in his hands and grins as he gets under the blanket again and hands even a cup, “morning” and the hot cup of tea warms evens hands but his heart is warmed by the sight of isak and his messy hair in the morning in his bed

What if I was sober? (Part 3).


As a part of this drunk!reader series, I have also got this Hotch one!

A/N or warnings??: Purely sinful smut requested by anonymous, this is also suuuuper long so there is a “keep reading” banner close to the start!

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Spencer quickly scanned over the message, heart beat accelerating as he slammed his hand on the hotel bar, mentally cussing himself. His mind whirled, encouraging the doctor to act on his constant urge still remaining from the night before. Without another thought to give him a reason not to, he stood up abruptly, adrenalin fuelling his sudden confidence as he rushed to his shared hotel room.

“Y/N.” Spencer urged from behind the door after knocking against the white wood firmly. When Y/N opened the door he immediately caught the nerves possessing her empty eyes.

“Do you regret it?” Spencer asked sincerely, voice unusually deep making Y/N frown at his darkening eyes. Her lips parted to speak but her tightening throat failed to produce barely a squeak so she quickly shook her head, no. Within seconds, he slammed the door shut, firmly cupping her face as he dominated her lips. She groaned at the unexpected contact, making Spencer pull away with a sharp suck on her lower lip.

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  • mom: how often do you listen to music?
  • me: every second every minute every hour every day it never ends.
  • mom: um, ok then, just dont hurt your ears...
  • me: fuck you and your decisions. cause they're not mine.
  • mom: you do not talk to your mother like that
  • me: we dont have to talk
  • mom: *storms out*
  • me: wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days
  • mom: *yells* in your dreams
  • me: its like im sleepwalking

Request; Soo could you do one then where that sassy troy and reader have jealous sex?😏 Like ther aren’t even dating an always fight so this sexual tension IS there and aome day when the clarks arrive Nick is flirting with you ((yeah we just act like he didn’t had a gf that time)) and Troy is fucking pissed and just pushes her against the wall and they have rough sex ? 
Word Count; 2.4k
Warnings; SMUT – Fingering, oral (female on male), unprotected sex (wrap it guys), a bit of fluff
Troy Otto x Reader
A/N; So Troy is a bit of my guilty pleaure, and after todays episode I’m just going to pray that my homicidal baby becomes a good guy. Glad to be back writing guys, I hope you like it! For @xxx-its-like-im-sleepwalking-xxx AND @misskd94, I hope you guys like this xx


You stood by the well, pulling up buckets of water, pouring gallons into tubs to take to the cattle, sweat streaming down your forehead as you wipe it away with the back of your hand lazily. You had been working all day, your back aching from the strain of leaning over. You toss the bucket back into the well as you pick up the last bucket, placing it down on the trolley you had rolled over.

‘Looking good darlin’.’ You hear Troy call from behind you, his heavy boots crunching on the gravel bellow you. You roll your eyes in response, standing up and turning to him.

‘Maybe you should do some work instead of staring at my ass Otto.’ You smirk at him, crossing your arms. His shirt is soaked with sweat, his army shirt unbuttoned to reveal the wife beater he wore bellow, clinging to his abs in the heat. You couldn’t deny that he looked attractive, especially with his long curls clinging to his forehead, his eyes piercing through you.

‘I’m on my break love, thought I’d come get some entertainment.’ He sauntered on over to you, picking up your water bottle from the floor and unscrewing the lid.

‘You mean by riling me up? Wow, what fun.’ You remark sarcastically. He chuckles at you, shaking his head as he gulps down your water.

‘You’re cute when you’re mad.’ He flirts, the remaining water from the bottle over his face and head, tossing it to the side as he spreads the cool liquid across his neck, running his fingers through his hair. You had to admit, he looked unbelievably sexy doing so, but there was no way you could give him the satisfaction.

‘I’ll be even cuter when my fist meets your jaw “darling”’ you imitated, shoving him lightly as you walked away, pushing the water jugs as you went.

He sighed heavily in frustration, watching you walk away, his eyes never leaving you until you disappeared around the corner. It had always been like this, you and him. Constant banter and bickering. You frustrated each other to no end, but at the end of the day, his mind always wandered to you, your smile, your wit, your body. He hated it, but he knew he was deeply attracted to you. He rubbed his neck harshly as he walked back to his station, wishing that you felt the same way.

You stood by the coffee machine that night, dinner being served to the ranch as you gulped down the hot drink. You needed the energy, you were exhausted from the entire day of work. Nick walked towards you, leaning next to you on the bench. You had formed a friendship when he arrived at the ranch, finding a kindred spirit in him.

‘What are you doing all by yourself here?’ he asked, his arm pressing against yours as he leaned in closer to you, waiting for your answer.

‘I’m just exhausted,’ you yawned, leaning your head onto his shoulder and closing your eyes. He rested his temple on the crown of your head.

‘You know,’ he smiled, lifting his head away, causing you to look up at him, ‘you could always come stay with me in the old house? It’s pretty quiet up there,’ he pressed his lips to the shell of your ear, causing you to shiver involuntarily, ‘we could have some fun.’

You chuckled, unsure of how to respond. You were flattered, but Nick was just a friend in your mind. ‘I think I’ll pass, but thanks anyway Nick.’

‘Worth a shot.’ He shrugged, laughing as he planted a friendly kiss to your forehead. He pushed himself off the bench and began walking away towards a table with his sister. Troy, who had been standing, watching on in anger, by marched up to him in a rage.

‘Hey man, what’s up?’ Nick asked, pausing in front of Troy. Before he could even react, Troy’s fist met his face harshly.

You turned around to see Nick on the ground, cupping his cheek in shock.

‘Troy, what the fuck?’ You yelled, bounding over to him in anger, pushing him with the palms of your hand. He didn’t respond, he just turned heel and walked towards his house. You looked down at Nick, helping him up.

‘What the hell was that?’ He asked in confusion.

‘I have no clue, but he’s not just gonna walk away from this.’ You patted your friend on the shoulder, leaving him with Alycia, who had run over during the commotion, before walking off after Troy.

You found him in his room, shirt off, punching furiously at the bag hanging from the ceiling. He was fuming. You would have been afraid of him like this, but you were too angry to care.

‘Troy!’ You screamed at him, marching into the room. ‘Why the hell would you punch Nick? What is wrong with you?!’ He threw one last punch at the bag before halting abruptly, his chest puffing in and out breathlessly as he fisted his hands.

‘He had it coming.’ Was all he could say, before he hit the bag one final time, causing it to fly backwards violently. You jumped at his aggression, which caused him to snap his head towards you. He grabbed the back in his hands, stopping it from swinging back, before letting go and moving towards you, his eyes on the ground.

‘Did he?’ You barked at him, your body shaking angrily. ‘He didn’t do anything.’

‘He flirted with you.’ He whispered, his hands balling once again. You froze at his words, taking a step back.

‘W-what?’ You stammered in confusion. He looked up at you, his eyes staring into yours as he stepped forward.

‘Nobody gets to be that close to you, Y/n. Nobody but me.’ He smirked at you, all his anger flowing out of him as he looked down at you, enjoying your now nervous state.

‘And who says I want you to touch me?’ You choked out, causing his smile to widen. His hand extended out to your arm, caressing your skin as he moved closer, his body pressing against yours.

‘I know you’re lying.’ He breathed, his lips moving down to your neck, lightly fanning across it. ‘Tell me you want this.’

You sighed contently. You did, you knew you did. And the idea of Troy so angry out of jealously over you turned you on immensely. ‘I do.’

He didn’t hesitate to push you back against the nearest wall, his lips attaching to your neck as he began to suck bruises into the nape, his hands gripping at your waist. You moaned at the contact.

‘He doesn’t get to touch you like this.’ He growled between kisses, his hand trailing up to your clothed breast. ‘Only me.’

‘Only you.’ You breathed in response. He pulled away from your neck, breathing heavily at the sight of you, your cheeks flushed, your body trapped below his. He yanked at your shirt, indicating that he wanted the article removed. You didn’t hesitate to pull it over your head, Troy moving his hands to the button of your jeans, unzipping the front and sliding them down your legs.

‘When I’m done with you,’ he began, kissing at your thighs softly, ‘you’ll never want anyone else again.’ You moaned at his words, luring him up to your face. He paused in front of you, hoping to relish the moment. He had always wanted to kiss you, and he wanted the moment to last. You huffed in impatience, leaning in and pressing your lips to his passionately. He groaned as you rubbed your hips into his, your hands clutching his neck as you pulled him closer to you. Kissing Troy was like a fire raging, scolding and fierce.

He took the opportunity to place his hands at your thighs, tapping them to indicate that he wanted you to jump. You obliged, leaping into his arms, never breaking the kiss. He carries you over to his bed before tossing you down onto it. You bounced on the mattress, unhappy with the loss of contact. He stared at you, his hard on aching in his pants. He ripped his shirted over his head and began unbuckling his pants, removing everything except his underwear.

‘Fuck baby,’ he groaned, palming himself over his boxers, ‘look at what you’re doing to me.’ Your mouth went dry at the sight of him touching himself. Something animalistic took over you, your arms reaching up to pull him down onto the bed. You climbed over him, moving down to his boxers, pulling them down his legs. His cock sprung free, the head red and seeping with pre cum. He was well endowed, and all you could think about was what he could do with his cock.

You licked a long stripe up the underside of his member, causing him t swear under his breath, his hands moving to your hair, pulling lightly. You took his head in your mouth and began sucking.

‘Jesus Christ.’ He swore, his back arching in pleasure as you took him further in your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You began to bob your head up and down, your tongue working under him as he moaned heavily, thrusting up into your mouth. Your speed picked up as you went, turning him into a groaning mess, his chest clenching in bliss.

‘Baby,’ he moans, ‘if you keep going I’m gonna cum.’ you pull away proudly, smiling at your work. Troy uses his hand to pull you forward by the back of your neck, kissing you when you reach his face. He flips the two of you over, properly kicking off his boxers before moving to the clap of your bra. You slip it off your shoulders, tossing it across the room. At the moment of exposure, he attaches his lips to your nipple, flicking his tongue over the nub as his hand sneaks down to your core, pressing lightly on your clit. You gasp at the contact, your back arching. He slips your underwear to the side, rubbing you slowly as he bites your nipple roughly, causing a string of moans to fall from your lips. He pulls away to look you in the eye.

‘You’re mine darling,’ he demands, a two fingers sliding past your entrance, ‘only mine.’ You almost scream in pleasure as he begins to fuck you with his digits, his lips curved into a smirk as he watches you melt into his touch. His pace picks up as you begin to moan louder, your core becoming tighter in preparation for your undoing. You felt on fire, your body shivering below him as he pleasures you.

‘Say it baby,’ he demands, pressing warm kisses to your neck, ‘you’re mine.’ He slips a third finger into you, stretching you out completely.

‘Fuck Troy, always.’ And with those words, he pushed you to your orgasm, rubbing at your clit with his thumb until you unwind below him, your body shaking as your walls clench around his fingers.

He let you calm yourself before removing his digits, placing them in his mouth and sucking them clean. You moaned at the sight, already turned on again.

‘I hope you’re not too tired princess, because I’m not done.’ He climbs on top of you, pulling down your panties as he places gentle kisses to your lips. You hadn’t expected Troy to ever be gentle, but the way he traced his fingers up your body suggested that he cared about you. Heat pooled inside you at the thought that he was submissive only to you.

Troy pumped himself a few times, looking into your eyes for permission to enter you. You nod in response, your hand resting on his shoulder for support as he pushes inside you with a groan. He felt good inside of you, he felt right. His head rested in the crook of your neck as he moaned at the feeling of you around him, before he began thrusting slowly, easing you into his size.

Soon enough you were begging for him to move faster, which he was more than happy to oblige. His lips met yours in a passionate and wet kiss as he thrusts harder into you, the two of you moaning heavily, your orgasms building.

‘I’ve always wanted to fuck you like this darling, I’ve always wanted you.’ He places a kiss to the juncture between your jaw and ear, causing you to whimper at his touch. His fingers begin rubbing circles on your sensitive nub, causing you to scream in pleasure.

‘Troy… I.’ You couldn’t string the words together to warn him, you were in complete bliss.

‘I know baby, let go.’ You didn’t need to hear it twice. Your walls clamped around him as your juices seeped from your body, your body convulsing as your orgasm rippled through you. The sight of you cumming below him pushed Troy to his climax, screaming your name as he filled you to the brim.

You both lay there, panting hysterically as you both came down from your highs. He pulled himself from you, sitting back and wiping his forehead before exiting he room. You sat up in confusion, your body exhausted from your activities. Did he really just leave you?

You sighed in relief when he returned, a wet cloth in his hand. He pressed it gently to your heat, cleaning you up before himself. He leaves to put it away, returning and climbing in the bed beside you, pulling the blanket over your exposed bodies.

You were speechless. He had never shown this much affection for anyone, yet here he was, his arm resting on your waist, holding you closer to him, pressing soft kisses to your shoulder. It was unusual, but it was perfect.

‘You know,’ he mumbles into your skin between kisses, ‘I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted you y/n. I don’t just want your body, I want all of you, with me, always. Would that be so bad?’ He was so vulnerable in the moment, and you felt safe with him.

‘I think I can make that work.’


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Spencer dropped his bag by the door, putting his keys on the table. He could hear the music coming from your room. He looked around the living room filled with paintings, some hanging some resting on the floor. 

 The way he was obsessed with books, you were obsessed with paintings. He stopped to look through the new colorful canvas you had created. You two were complete opposites, you spent all your time expressing your self, you were open about your feelings, you constantly spoke your mind. Everyone doubted that your relationship would work, but you both knew how to appreciate your differences. 

The music got louder as he continued walking through the hallway. He quietly opened the door, and stood by the door watching you. You were wearing an old shirt, stained with old paint, holding a tray filled with colors. 

He could watch you forever, how concentrated you were, the way you never took your eyes off of your work. He was constantly amazed by the way you could create such beautiful, colorful works of art.

He stood there for a while just watching you appreciating you, the way you appreciate art. It wasn’t until you noticed he was there that he walked into the room, you smiled from ear to ear. “My favorite person is here,” you said putting down your brush and throwing your arms around him. 

“How long have you been standing there,” you asked looking into his hazel eyes. “A while, I didn’t want to interrupt, plus I love watching you” 

“Creepy and romantic all in one, I love it” you pressed your lips against his. 

“I’m surprised you still aren’t ready, your show starts in an hour,” Spencer said as he watched you continue on your work.

 Tonight was a pretty big night, not only was your work being featured in a new gallery but Spencer’s team was coming to meet you. Everyone was skeptical about you, an artist dating Spencer, and FBI genius with a ridiculous amount of PHD’s. They would never say it to your face, but you saw it coming.

Many of your friends didn’t understand what you saw in him, you allowed everyone to have their opinions, when people said negative things they never bothered you. You knew why you we’re with him, what you loved about him, and you we’re secure in your relationship. If they didn’t understand you didn’t need to make them understand.

You rushed to get ready trying to pick something you usually wouldn’t wear, Spencer’s team was his family, and suddenly you felt the pressure to make sure you made a good first impression. Regardless of the thoughts the already had of you.
“Wow, you look amazing” Spencer said with a huge smile on his face.
“You like it?” You said spinning around, “I haven’t worn this dress in years” the white dress was clinging on to your curves perfectly.

Once you got there you wasted no time in socializing with everyone, after some time Spencer began to wonder on his own. When you saw him again he was surrounded by a group of people, you politely excused your self from the conversation you we’re having as you walked over you felt the pressure, their glares, each one of them ready over analyze everything you said or did.

“Well guys this is, Y/N” Spencer said putting his arm around you. You awkwardly waved and tried to flash a genuine smile. You heard a lot of “Nice to meet you” and “Hello’s.”

“It’s so great to finally meet you guys, Spencer’s told me so much about all of you.” You said nervously.

No body had a chance to reply, “Y/N, there’s a couple who would love to meet you” an older lady said approaching you. Within seconds she whisked you away to continue socializing. “So this is it, she just leaves you for the rest of the night?” JJ said watching as more and more people continued to talk to you.

“We’re at an art gallery, she’s a featured artist, it’s kind of her job to network” Spencer said defensively. “I didn’t mean for it to sound rude Spence, I’m just saying that—“

“I’m just saying all of you have already voiced your concerns loudly enough. It’s clear what you guys think, but have you stopped to consider how happy I am? I don’t care about the amount of degrees she has or what she’s doing for a living, I love her. If you can’t deal with some small details that’s fine but do not say a single negative thing about her” Spencer took a deep breathe and looked at everyone’s reactions, this time he was sure he had made it clear.

You had stopped listening to your conversation long ago, and all you could think about we’re the things that had just come out of Spencer’s mouth.

“Hey is everything okay” you said rushing to his side.

As the night came to end you and Spencer said your goodbyes and headed back home. “I heard what you told them today,” you paused to look at his reaction, “Not caring about the amount of degrees I had, the small details?”

“I just wanted to set the record straight, I really don’t care about those things they don’t define our relationship”

“Yeah one not so small detail is that you told them you love me?”

Spencer had never said those words to you, and hearing him say it to his friends was alarming, in the best way possible.

“I do, I do love you, Y/N. I love you”

“I love you too”


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Pregnancy Test.

@bleupoppyseed :omg i would love you forever if you made a fic of y/n being pregnant with spencers baby while he is in prison and she goes in to tell him and show him the test or something and he gets really motivated to get out!! i need some positivity in these trying times of season 12 😭

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The room was cold, visitors flooding into the lifeless area as they awaited for their family members and friends. Nerves bubbled though Y/N as she anxiously fumbled with the pregnancy test in her pocket. Little did she imagine that the first time she visited her boyfriend in prison would be the time she would tell him he would be a father. Mentally, she debated whether or not to tell him. Would it make him feel worse? Before she could decide, a low buzzing noise was emitted through the room before inmates orderly entered the room.

That’s when she saw him. Faded bruises painted across his face, his tired, sunken eyes quickly locking onto her parted lips as tears glazed her eyes. When he wordlessly sat down, his dark eyes flickered across her features as if he was trying to memorise each individual section of her in case he didn’t see her for another month.

“S-Spence, what happened?” Y/N was quick to question, instantly leaning towards her beaten boyfriend. However, Spencer calmly shook his head, swallowing back the sadness biting at his throat.

“It doesn’t matter, Y/N. I-I miss you.” Spencer’s voice cracked, not daring to look away from her. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, glancing around at the other inmates who were clearly well-adjusted inside the prison but the she met Spencer’s homesick eyes.

“I miss you too, so much. But which one of them did this to you, babe?” Y/N’s gentle voice urged, desperately wanting nothing more than to hold the broken man in her arms. Tears threatened to spill down his face while he bit his lower lip in an attempt to hold it back.

“P-please, Y/N.” Spencer whispered, a silent tear rolling down his cheek. Y/N nodded her head, not trusting herself to speak from the rowing lump in her tightening throat.

“Just, tell me something I can focus on. I-I can’t think about being in here any longer.” Spencer pleaded, settling Y/N’s previous questions as she held tightly onto the pregnancy test in her pocket.

“I-I did bring something to show you actually,” Y/N uttered, pulling the plastic stick from her pocket but still hiding it from her boyfriend who stared at her lovingly. He raised his eyebrows, wordlessly begging her to continue as an uncontrollable smile broke out on her face as she glanced down at the test.

“What is it, darling?” Y/N glanced up at him, biting her lip as she observed his pleading eyes. Without another word, Y/N rested her elbows on the desk as she leant forward, holding the pregnancy test up to Spencer. It took him a minute to comprehend what was in front of him, his eyes frantically scanning across the plastic stick.

“Spence, you’re going to be a dad.” Y/N whispered, eyes brightening when Spencer’s eyes snapped to hers. His lips were parted, silent tears running down his face as a goofy grin plastered across his face.

“Y-you’re pregnant?” He stuttered, a breathy chuckle escaping his parted lips as he glanced towards the guard scanning the room. Y/N sighed, capturing Spencer’s attention.

“We’re going to get you out of here, Spence.” In response, he nodded, convincing himself to believe the same thing.

“We have to, I have nine months-” Spencer began but Y/N giggled, quickly interjecting.

“Just over seven actually.” A soft sob escaped Spencer throat as he grinned up at his girlfriend, nodding his head in determination.

“I’ll be out of here.” Spencer encouraged, quickly wiping the joyful tears from his cheeks. Y/N nodded, the smile on her face dropping slightly when the same buzz as before echoed through the room. Spencer caught her expression, sighing slightly before quickly uttering.

“We can do this. I love you, the two of you. Stay safe.”


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These people have all been here for me through thick and thin this year, and I cannot thank them enough for their general kind, selfless natures. Each one has reminded me of all the good in the world through their presence in my life, and I cannot thank them enough for all the have done. They deserve all the love and happiness in the world. 

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There are a few as well who are just the coolest people imaginable, who I really hope to get closer to over the next year. You guys also deserve all the very best, and I really hope we can become closer friends (because I think you’re all just the absolute bees knees). Thank you to these people for also being her for me and for just being you, you’re amazing;

@ftwd-imagines @redstringlovers @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone @were-cheetah-stiles @laheys-girll @sumcp @rax-writes @royalisaac @jannalionheart

Favourite Blogs (in no particular order);

These are just a bunch of blogs and bloggers who I completely adore. Some don’t know I exist, others I know a little, but all of them inspire me endlessly. Their content is amazing and I hope that one day, I could be friends with each and every one of them. Thanks guys for being amazing people and running spectacular blogs;

@savage-stilinski @wittystiles @theundeadfangirl @misguidedlight @inkstiles @thatcanadianfangirl @green-days-american-idiot @bonniebird @mermaidenisaac @honeystilinski @mf-despair-queen @v-writings @havokangel @writing-obrien @rcpps @redbrickisaac @whiteladyofrohann @lovelydob @sarcasticallystilinski @menofgot @thebookslayer @ohmelisandre @queenlydias @jonsasnow @minhosmeanhoe @luciana-galvez @susybird @ftwd-nicky @snoopystilinski @ohsosmutty 

There are probably so so many more that I have forgotten and I am so so sorry if I did, there are just so many people I wanted to include in this. Thank you all for existing, I love you endlessly. Happy New Year to one and all!