im slacking so much right now


I pray
I tell myself I won’t hope for other’s failure
My family and fan, and my team are my top priorities
That’s right, let’s earn money. My grand ambition is quite high
The world is yours now the entire world is god damn in my hand

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You know what the most frustrating thing is?

Im on top of my shit right now. All of it. Im ahead on my car payment (again thank you guys so much for donating to my kofi page a couple months ago im forever in yalls debt),im on top of all my bills, im on top of my work schedules. Im ahead 2 days in insurance at dental depot. Im kicking ass at Torrid. Im picking up slack at home even though i work 3 jobs and am the only one who does so in my house.
Im doing all of this while fighting my depression and anxiety. My period just started too
But the thing that sucks is that I wont be praised for any of it. Not a single bit of it. Because it’s EXPECTED. i think that(and aunt flo)’s why Ive been moody lately.
Im kicking major ass right now and nobody is gonna say anything about it.