im sick!!!

List of people not to trust:

- people who call warren graham creepy, a stalker, etc.
- people who scream at you and say you’re bad for believing that max caulfield and chloe price are bisexual
- people who ship jefferson with anything other than BURNING IN HELL
- people who think victoria is innocent and did nothing wrong?? Excuse me??
- people (except like young people who might not understand) who don’t take nathan’s mental issues into account for his actions (not an excuse for them, but an explanation for them)
- people who are like “it was only women who suffered in the game! Men led happy lives!” w h a t

Paris Jackson signs with IMG and already gets covers on magazines and I heard she is complaining about it because they had some headline she didn’t like. “All anyone wants to talk about is my father” and it’s like thats the only reason you are where you are, because you’re Michael Jackson’s daughter, they aren’t putting you on the cover for any other reason.

i woke up after a solid 9 hrs of sleep today and felt super disoriented and weak

so my solution was to go back to sleep for 2 hr increments until 3:45 pm and I actually feel. Much better. Moral of the story: sleep cures everything, even a fucking sleep hangover

f(x) has worked too damn hard to be dealing with this ridiculous shit day in and day out. they’ve been working so hard for the past 8 years since debut and they’re still being treated like rookies from a small company. they’ve won countless awards, music shows, SEVERAL successful albums, groundbreaking concepts, and it has shown in their sales and reception of their work, and they still can’t catch a fucking break. this is ridiculous, f(x) has always deserved better than what they were given.

Silas and Sarah

((I’ve been sitting on this idea literally since November so here you go. Thank you to @kayespuzzles for proofreading!
Happy Septimus Heap week! Day five: Ships
Until next time, GeekyZelda))

Sarah was collecting herbs from a cliff side when a boy, quite literally, dropped into her life.

He fell head over heels down the side of the cliff, tumbling like a circus performer she had once seen at the Port with her father. When he finally rolled to a stop a couple meters from Sarah, she didn’t know how to react.

The boy lay on his back, frozen while his lungs fought to gain back their air. Sarah was caught in stasis, too surprised to react. She stared at his lanky body that showed signs of a recent growth spurt he was still adjusting to. He was about her age with sandy blond hair that curled in every direction. He groaned and rolled to the side. He rubbed a spot on his back and Sarah forced herself into motion.

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