im seriously so hot

Hiccup literally watched brainwashed Toothless kill his father, like right in front of his face. And Hiccup responded by yelling at Toothless because he was severely hurt, but he came to his senses almost right after and realized that Toothless was controlled by the alpha, he had no choice.

Compare that to Tony Stark who watched brainwashed Bucky kill his parents on a video monitor. And he responded by throwing away all reason and attempting to kill a man who was tortured for nearly 70 years. 

So basically what I’m saying is that a 20 year old kid has more emotional stability than a superhero who’s well over 40. 

When luke wears plain white t shirts it makes me place him in the 50s as a greaser and he walks around the halls at school with a cigarette dangling off his lips, his jeans cuffed, a pair of dark sunglasses resting on his nose and a leather jacket and he has a thing for the cutest girl in school but he’ll never tell bc he’s supposed to be dark and mysterious and cool but one day after school he’ll see you walking alone and he offers you a ride and you hesitantly agree bc you know his reputation but his smile is so intriguing and his eyes are so blue and you find on the ride home that he’s actually really sweet and he’s funnier than you would have ever guessed and pretty soon the two of you walk the halls together, a cigarette still dangling off his lips and his jeans still cuffed, but his dark sunglasses have been packed away for now and his leather jacket is draped over your shoulders and he’s got his arm around you and everyone’s whispering about “the girl who finally cracked hemmings” but he doesn’t care but he’s finally got you, the cutest girl in school and he gets to hold your hand and steal kisses whenever he wants and then takes you home with him at the end of the day where things can get a little less pg and you or him couldn’t of asked for anything better

one thing about the seventeen fandom is that we’re such chill people like u can talk to us about anything like rainbows and stars and chickens or that thing u did on ur fifth birthday but when things like airport pics and photoshoots and teasers and mv’s all those stuff starts coming out our last piece of chill lingers in the air just like wonwoo’s hand when he asks for a high five