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What did Halsey say? Was this in an interview?

yeah im not sure what interview it was it might have been in the already controversial guardian one but she basically was talking abt strangers n both her n the interviewer agreed wlw relationships are shown in songs as “experimental hookups” which is True and halsey then said lyrics from cool for summer and i think i kissed a girl? she said:

“oh yeah. Bisexuality as a taboo. ‘Don’t tell your mom’ or ‘We shouldn’t do this’ or 'This feels so wrong but it’s so right.’”

and its just majorly pissing me off bc ppl r acting as if shes wrong to say this ???? like regardless of whether demi is bisexual or not (which, where are the reciepts bc ive seen none) the way she sings abt wlw makes it sound like its something dirty and secret and ONLY THAT like it cant ever be an actual valid relationship and purely to be “hot” and “sexual” n usually for the consumption of straight men like ,,,,,,, and i mean i kissed a girl is so obvious it’s literally like “ooh i kissed a girl i hope my boyfriend doesnt get mad but it was hot so” like katy literally sings the girl she is kissing is an “experimental game” and its not “what good girls do” tf

like halsey comes out with a beautiful wlw duet between two OUT bisexual women and ppl go scraping to say that its been done before like ??? bitch where ??? please tell me more songs where my sexuality isnt fetishised i want more !!!

the professor is so strong and athletic holy shit like fencing against a vampire? no problem

battling a suit of armor that has a giant fucking axe? no biggie

hanging off a sword embedded in the wall above a pile of glass? no prob just lemme swing up and land with perfect form

GOT7 reaction to them getting emotional at a fansign

Anon said: Hiiii, I’d like to request a reaction with both BTS & GOT7 please, where they were at fansign and a fan came up to them, holding their hands with tons of gifts and letters and sincerely asking them to take care of themselves because they deserve the world and all that which got them seriously emotional or something like that. Thanks love

Jaebum: “I am just touched by every word you guys say to us, give us gifts, support us and are there for us when times are hard. I want to say I love you and that we will ALWAYS be there for you as you are for us.” *had to get it off his chest and say how he is feeling*

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Jackson: He would be emotional and shead tears but that they don’t get noticed. He would same as Jaebum take the mic and say how he feels. He would want to give to all iGOT7′s whole world and just do anything for them and protect them/us.

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Mark: He would start crying, and would want to say something but can’t because he just is full of emotions, and members would like calm him down and iGOT7′s would tell him to not cry, that everything is okay, shout “I love you” and even tho he can’t speak would in a sobbing voice manage to say “I-I love you too” 

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Youngjae: Just wants to give evryone a hug and wants to express his love towars you/us.
“I can’t even explain how much I love you guys, I can’t even explain.. I am sorry for crying” he would smile 

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Yugyeom: He wouldn’t cry, but he would observe everyone and just smile because he is so happy to have us in his life.

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Bambam: “I just want to hug you all right now, oh my God. I love you”

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Jinyoung: “We don’t deserve such beautiful people like you. You are so precious and I want you all to know that we will never leave you, we will always take care of you. I want every each one of you to take care, stay healthy and keep smiling.” + *gif*

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IM SORRY BUT ROWAN IS MY FAV SIM EVER? She's such a little shit and it's so adorable?!? But seriously A+ writing on ur end, I'm envious like I'm a third creative writing major HOW do U eVen get your diAlogue so perF??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

omg this is literally the sweetest message i’ve ever gotten????? ((sos im cryin a lil oops))!! i love rowen too she’s such a fukin brat all the time wow. ALSO i’ve actually been writing stories/books/all tht jazz since i was really little!! dialogue has always been my fav part of writing so it comes p naturally to me :) honestly i just write shit tht’s funny to me?? lmao idk but THANK U FOR THIS MESSAGE im like smilin real hard rn damndamn

no but seriously wtf????
im not even THAT mad about mohnstad. they have a nice chemistry but yeah i can get over it. they were not meant to be together forever.
eva/jonas makes me really angry??? wtf??? like why would you show teenagers who are starting to learn who they are, who are building their adult selves, who are learning how to deal with relationships, that it’s CUTE AND HEALTHY to go back to your asshole ex????
i love jonas, i love eva, forgiveness exists but in most cases, going back to someone who treated you wrong is not healthy??? bc even though they learnt what they did wrong in the past and treat their new girl/boyfriend well, they are not going to act the same way with their ex?? bc they know how they will react, their demons, how far they can go? a relationship based on the past is rarely a good relationship bc you don’t build everything from the start, you have baggage. especially when you’re 18 wtf??? what the fuck i can’t believe she did that lmao


hi I’m Jen. I already wrote a kind heart and loving post about this but because I’m on tumlr mobile most of my time, it freaking lost the freaking post. !!!

I like to write comic about my mental health experience to deal with my mental health experience, so feel free to share yours too.

Twitter / insta : @jeperbees ™

seriously, im trying to find my safe spaces in the world. the past year was hard and i felt very much alone because of it. i wasnt good for me or myself and im trying to find some good.

please feel free to always reach out. im not going to reach out for a while because im so scared to be on here, but be patient. i will. any and all kind words will be read and loved so thank you.

im sorry ive been gone. i want to know about you and how you are, i hope youre okay. please know i thought about you and sent you good vibes and hopes for happiness.

ive been on tumblr a while and ive watched tumblr build and cultivate some beautiful people, happiness and art work that i need more of in my life. i dont know who i am and i want to learn again. and holy shit i will never forget my one direction phase even if it kills me.

I love you. and this wont be the last time i say that to you. so please help me rebuild me

also, for blog clarifcation : this blog woll be my fandom / art blog!! i want to post more of my work and do more digital work. this will motivate me to do that!! my personal blog is: @yellheahh so if you want to keep up with my personal health/life it will be on there!! hope to hear from you!!

thank you for your time.

please be kind,

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There's a GTOP video on YouTube with the song "Trouble I'm in" and I feel like that is the perfect song for them ❤️ search for GTOP and the song name if you wanna look it up if you haven't seen it already

seriously made me cry. i love seeing them together like this. happy and laughing. but at times likes this it hurts so much im almost embarrassed to admit

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seriously Im at this point where a simple "See you soon" makes me soo happy and sobbing. Im a cheap happiness seeker I love these two so much.

If he likes one of her posts, I flip out. So yeah, cloud nine right here. <333

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You made me ship a ship I hadn't even considered and I both hate and love u for it. Hate for this rare pair hell im in and love bc of ur GORGEOUS art and how QUALITY johnchurch is tbh. Also since requests are open- u kno when ppl do the prank where they put hair dye in someone's shampoo bottle? Merle doing that to John with like, the WORST color

every person i bring in2 the johnchurch fold makes me that big stronger…………………. hehehehhehehehehe >:)

yellow is the worst in this case because it so badly clashes with his emo nihilism Aesthetic™. i don’t have the energy to draw it rn but merle is cackling

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I saw one of ur posts about genji and then I found ur blog and I saw ur art and just, audibly gasped because it's so pretty and amazing and I love it it's so nice to look at, and the level of detail is amazing!!! I love how it's semi realistic but still had ur own personal style and the way u color is just 😫😍💕💙💙💦🔥❤️👏🏼👏🏼❕❕‼️‼️™ I lov it, I feel blessed just looking at it thank u for ur blessed posts I hope u have a good day or night u seem like such a rad person! (- a bad genji player)

!! Thank you anon!! That means so much! I’m really glad you like my content!!

tag urself im fabio