im seriously about to cry bc his face

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I'm too shy to come off of anon and say this: but can I just say that I love your portrayal of Jerome?? seriously, everything about your portrayal is completely AMAZING (and actually breathtaking I'm v shook). I can seriously hear his voice in your threads! Keep up the awesome work! :)

Here, have an award winning smile to replace the lil crying face that I have. Thanks for taking the time to send this in!! I’m honestly v shook too that people read my threads and keep up with Jerome. Thank you!!!!! If you ever wanna talk ooc, or interact with Jerome, don’t be shy to just drop in or have your chara send him a thread/ask, or anything! I luv everybody ok, and Jerome…annoys the shit out of everybody he can. 

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I was looking at your little trip down memory lane, and I was wondering what the story behind Troye and Tyler doing a tiny chat (or whatever it was)? Did they just pop up? Did they talk to you guys? (I know it was two different times and they weren't together)

(i just have to say, it was a long time ago, so i cant remember much from it, im just reading an old post about me freaking out, like 30 mins after it happened, read it here if u want)

The first one was with Troye and okay the way it happened was, we just arranged a tinychat with a couple people (one of them was troyleroakley​ and the other one doesn’t want to be mentioned).* There was many people there it was scary cos i was the only one with a webcam on. We got Troye there by linking the tinychat on his tag btw. Okay so i was just chillin in my onesie and shit, talking with people and freaking out every time a guest entered the room omg, literally i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Okay so yeah, there was this one guest just being there *still not sure if it was troye idk* but yeah at one point A PERSON CHANGED HIS NICKNAME TO ‘troye’ and i was literally having a meltdown and people were laughing so hard at me, cos i was still one of the two who had their webcams on and omg. Then 'troye’ says he needs to change his browser to get on webcam, idk what was up with that. Okay then 'troye’ comes back later and we are fucking dYING, with anticipation bc he was about to put his webcam on. AND THEN IT STARTS TO LOAD, AND THEN TROYES FACE APPEARS, AND THEN THE BOY IN THE MIDDLE TAKES THE PERFECT SCREENSHOT, i am so happy he did bc that is the only one i think.

Seriously look at Troye’s smug fricking face. Okay at this point im literally a crying MESS, Im trying to film this shit and trying to concentrate on the tinychat and omg it was super hectic. THEN TROYE SEES ME CRYING AND HE GOES 'omg pls dont cry’ and that was too much i just. EVERYONE ON THE CHAT, SUDDENLY OPENED THEIR WEBCAMS and it was so fucking stupid, my computer started lagging like shit and at that point i was crying bc the computer was so laggy, and that bc Troye was there. Then everyone started talking and then the chat basically jammed up and uuUUUUGGHH. Then Troye was like 'guys what should we do so we could to this a little better?’ And then Troye was like 'okay lets arrange a google hangout’ and a couple seconds later he sent a link to the hangout. Well of course i hadnt installed  a google+ hangout shit, and it took a forever to install, and when it finished loading, OF COURSE THE HANGOUT WAS FULL. That was like the worst feeling i had ever felt. So at this point i had turned my webcam off bc i thought i had to if i was going to the google hangout. Then i go back to the tinychat, just to cry and be like , bye troye i think this was my chance. There was a couple other people who also didnt get to the hangout. AND THEN THE BESTEST THING HAPPENS, TROYE COMES BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND GOES 'omg guys what are you doing here, why arent you on the hangout?’ AN I GO: 'omg its full i cant get in’ and troyes like 'aah what should we do no omg’ and idk then he disappears and i cry. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN EVERYONE COMES FUCKING BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND TURNS ON THEIR WEBCAMS, and im literally being ran over VIA INTERNET it was horrible. And in seconds, all of the webcams are full, and one of them is Troye, and when i try to 'start a broadcast’ iT SAYS ITS FULL, and was sad. Then Troye asks everyone to hold out a peace sign, so he can take a screenshot, SO A COUPLE SECONDS LATER HE TWEETS OUT THE PICTURE saying 'came across a few fans on a tinychat’ or something like that. And that was the most horrible thing evER. I started spamming the chat like 'omg no im so sad no how can this happen’ AND THEN:

omg at that moment i didnt even realize that it was actually HIM talking to me *ofc i did, i was just panicking about typing something* okau then he asked me 'tell me your twitter pls’ anD THEN I JUST TYPE MY TWITTER NAME THERE AND HE MUSTVE NOT SEEN IT and then:

Okay then he saw it, and he began to tweet  THE WRONG PERSON, LOOK, MY TWITTER NAME WAS troyeblemakerr at the time, and he began to tweet troyblemakerr, do u see the slight annoying difference. okay so I START TO SPAM THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE TWEETS LIKE, OMG IT ME IT ME NOT HER IT ME and just:

and it was super super cool and it literally made my life

AND THE TYLER THING, i literally dont remember how i got there? i was casually scrolling trough tylers tags (it was like one of the first times i did) and i see just a link to a tinychat and i was super bored, i went in. Then there was tyleroakleyismyqueen with her friend, and that was where we got to know eachother :) we just talked for a bit when suddenly a wild 'nottyler’ appears omg. I can remember alot from it bc it was SUPER unexpected and literally i was not prepared AT ALL, i looked absolutely horrible and ugh. I didnt have my mic on, bc it was broken or smth, so Tyler and Chase just casually chat there while im just watching them omg hahahahah then i just type smth like 'guys lets take a selfie, im taking a screenshot’ and then we pose:

AND THEN I GO 'omg i feel like an outsider cos my mic isnt working’ and then thIS HAPPENS (i posted this there and then) btw also there was literally only me, chases friend and tyler and it was so great.

Then it happily ended like Tyler had to go and it was fabulous, and after that i posted a pic of us on the tinychat and Tyler liked it, jesus. After that we were all just like quiet, in shock, and in disbelief that Tyler was actually there hahaha

OMG IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS, i bow down to you!?!?!