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The Songs of Distant Earth

Guess who just watched every episode of Voltron in three days for the first time??? Title is blatantly borrowed from a sci-fi book that I LOVE by Arthur C. Clarke. (Pls read it if you like serious sci-fi.) P.S. The two songs mentioned here are “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo-ole, and “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, if you want to listen to them as you read. Which I would strongly advise, lol. 

Spoiler alert if you haven’t caught up yet.


Keith is staring at nothing when the knock comes at the door. For a minute he stays right where he is: arms strewn idly at his sides, boots discarded at the foot of the bed, day clothes only half-exchanged for nightwear before he gave up and laid down a couple hundred tics ago. A couple more pass.


The knocker knocks again, no more or less insistently.

On the other side of the door, Lance is frowning. None of them are doing very well without Shiro. It’s been a full Terran month now since his disappearance, and the ship is slowly falling prey to the most dreaded of all fates: a return to normalcy. No one wants normalcy. They want their leader back. Their friend. Without his leadership each new partially drawn-up plan feels hollow and pointless. Without Shiro, Voltron is nothing more than a chicken running around with its head cut off. Ha, ha. Good one, Lance… Fighting the endless crushing void of depression with dark humor is a dubious coping mechanism, but hey, it’s all he’s got. It’s better than just waltzing straight into the void, y’know?

Speaking of which.

Lance gathers his resolve and knocks on the door in front of him for a third time. The alien metal is ice on his bare knuckles. None of them are doing well, but if you were to ask Lance, Keith is doing the worst.

He’s about to knock a fourth time when the door abruptly slides open. “H-hey buddy,” Lance says dumbly. He knows his grin must look like it’s scribbled on in crayon, but he can’t help grinning anyway. It’s all he knows. A childhood of lying through his teeth to younger siblings about the darker aspects of life, the universe, and everything (and a subsequent year in space lying through his helmet about the odds of survival to civilians midrescue) has trained him too thoroughly. Happy Face Mode is automatic.

“What?” Keith knows that everyone is probably concerned about his refusal to participate in anything beyond training and war meetings but he doesn’t really care. Most everyone has gathered that Keith wants to be alone. Most. Lance, however. Suffice it to say that Lance appearing in the middle of the night to try and goad Keith into god knows what is no new thing. The familiar cadence of this visit doesn’t make it any less annoying, though. “Alright,” he deadpans when a few more tics have passed without Lance moving or saying anything at all, “good talk,” and moves to close his door.

“Wait!” he blurts, and his arm is shoved through the door into Keith’s room, keeping him from touching the closing mechanism. “You weren’t sleeping, were you? No? Okay cool. I have something I wanna show you.”

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“I’m just making jokes! Don’t take me seriously!” ur still being rlly disrespectful tho like can you Not actually make jokes about smth meant to be taken seriously?

i’m just so worried about EXO rn,and i so bad for them just like you T.T

each of them is exhausted and on top of new injury along w old injuries.sometimes it amazes me how they can still go on tho inside they just want to pass out tbh

Tao just came back from the jungle with a cast on his leg. he had to sit in a wheelchair. his feet is all swollen then his hands are full of bug bites. few days before that he slipped twice on stage and hurt his back and his legs. SM let him rest but he insisted to go on stage, to just sing on a chair and talk to his fan is enough. He tries his best to update all of his social media acc in 3 languages.He took time to answer fan’s comments and always reassure us when sth happened. How can you hate this boy i ll never get it

Luhan just finished filming his movie. He flew from places to carry out his own schedule and EXO schedule. He has to constantly deal w these cray fangirls who disturb his lil break in between filming. Knock on his door,harass him, sneak in his room, follow him. He isnt only tired physically but mentally too. I said I hope he ll cry when he wants too without holding back cuz he’s been strong and brave for too long. Today he cried,he hurt his ankle and got heat shock which is rlly dangerous. He came out and sing w tears. He never cry but he did today,he must be so so exhausted and prob feel guilty for not doing his best. I’m grateful for their effort to show us their best but i cant help but feel sad and helpless

Kai been dealing w his back injury since forever. His knees and waist are messed up too and they never really heal. Yet he still performs just to lay on the floor at the end. Then get up,grab the mic and do fan service and flash his smile. He looks like he can sleep any moment. They barely get any sleep nowadays,2 hours are prob all they got esp SMTOWN is coming up. But his performance never lack energy or passion. He tell fans not to worry. He put up w fans pushing and harassing him. He tell fans that he loves us. I couldnt ask for more

Sehun never rlly show any injury visibly but im sure he’s tired as well,esp mentally. Being the youngest he only cried once.The others dote on him and said that he’s sweet and thinks a lot. And he is such a sweetheart. Despite he look nonchalant or ignorant sometimes,he rlly cares for everyone and he cheer the members up. Yixing is a strong person but even him burst into tears seeing Sehun being cheerful to cheer them up.He must be hurting inside but he didnt whine or complain. Ever since he started his Instagram he never change his dp.His dp is the pic to support the Sewol incident and just recently he posted a pic to celebrate 100 day from the tragedy wishing well for those who left and those who stay. I bet you he pray for them a lot esp since a lot of students are near his age.He isnt a brat at all,he’s been through a lot too but he just doesnt express it. So presh T.T

Yixing’s back never rlly heal either,and his knees as I would like to say are fucked up. His waist act up once a while too cuz he constantly dance. He never complain an always always take care and worry for the fans. He told us not to get hurt,like no u shut up and dont get hurt. He told us to take care,to spend money on our fam and ourselves, to support them and keep loving them. Everyone knows he’s rlly nice bout accepting gifts tho it gets him in trouble. He’s tired but he always smile and do his lil L sign,post thankful words and post pic for us. You’ll never regret stanning him

Suho got so much skinnier its kinda scary. The members only talked bout his severe knee injury once and who knows if it still hurt.Ever since Kris/Yifan left,he got extra on his shoulders. He took everything calmly and nicely. He took care of the members,watched out for them,supported them and lead them. Ppl say he doesnt look like a leader or cant lead them but he’s doing a good job now leading 10 other ppl and some are older then him. It’s not easy but he do a good job and im grateful for him to be there to talk to Sehun,to hold Tao,to hug the others and encourage them. He watched out for the others so we should watch out for him too

Baekhyun just got over that one scandal and it still affects him.Now he hurt his shoulders and legs too but he still performed. He try to give his best now and whatever happened happened. The members still love him all the same,so if you love him then pls keep loving him. If you dont then dont leave harsh words. Doing this job isnt easy and ppl make mistakes, loving someone isnt a crime. Yes it hurts and it makes you sad but you can move on and there’s no reason to dwell on the past.He’s working hard to prove himself so pls be with him

Chanyeol got so skinny too,im just glad he is loved in Roommate. The guy even hurts himself to make the others laugh. He took care of the others and lighten up the atmosphere tho he might be just as sad. He’s dorky and funny,but he’s prob just as tired. He doesnt show up a lot in Roommate cuz of his schedule but he still do his best

Chen is also a sweetheart. Being a vocal and carry a lot of high notes,he prob strain his voice and have to take extra care of it.Also he sometimes got sick but he never rlly say anything. He works hard in dancing and always be there for the younger member.You can just tell how loving he is w his adorable laugh. He didnt train for long so the label of a vocal is heavy on his shoulders but he do a rlly good tho he doesnt think so. He didnt cry back then cuz he thought he didnt deserve the award but he’s just lovely and friendly tbh live witness here

Xiumin is the oldest one, he doesnt show nor talk a lot but behind the scenes and even on stage he just silently take care of the others. He’s mature but cute as well. He keeps to himself but he tries to talk more,to go out of his comfort zone. He’s just lovable. He’s good at both singing and dancing and back then when he lost a lot of weight it was upsetting. I’m glad he’s comfortable now and im actually happy to see him eat well.With the workload they have,I’d inhale all the food in the word tbh lol He isnt expressive but i know he knows and sees everything and try his best to let us know.Im happy that he tries but pls update ur Insta lol

And lastly Kyungsoo, another private bish lol jk He keeps to himself too and isnt expressive either. He already got a drama and a movie,prob rlly worried bout his acting but im glad he did fine so far. His presence add into the fun,he’s the guy that beat everyone up but also rlly serious sometimes .He also took care of the others silently,offer comfort and courage w his best tho sometimes its awk.But he cooks for them and share w Suho,so thoughtful and he’s jsut charming

I often complain how i want they to have shows tbh lol pretty sure im not the only one but think bout i think its enough now and i ll take what they give. I dont want to force them to work more and end up hurting themselves then feel sad OTL They work hard and try hard because of us so pls be there for them,pls give them comfort an encouragement and pls give them space too. They’re our age yet they’re living an entirely different lives and the downside of it are just horrible but they put up w it.Please protect and cherish them But we dont own them and they dont owe us anything.Don’t demand or pressure them or put them on high pedestal,and if you ever decide to leave its ok.They’re human too and they have feelings and make mistakes.for they have done a lot for us as well as we’ve done a lot for them.And they know it and try their best to show their gratitude tho they cant be like that all the time but through their words and actions you know right? 

I hope they’ll wrap up the tour soon but there’s SMTOWN coming up and maybe a new album so they prob still be busy.So i hope they ll have a long and nice break in New Year and pray to the lord that the fans wont disturb their small break in daily lives.Thanks for loving them and thanks for still being here -From a fellow fan <3