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The Revelation™

My thoughts on each Got7 member?

I thought this would be kind of cool to do some brainstorming so I wrote something for each member how I perceive how each member is like for future references.

·        Bam Bam - funny, cute, sexy, very self-aware , caring, knows how to be serious if needs to be, if he makes mistakes he tries to fix it asap, doesn’t care about others opinions except yours

·        Mark - Best boyfriend time along with JB, doesn’t get jealous easily, very protective, ladies first type of guy, enjoys watching you sleep, occasionally likes to scare you thinks it’s the cutest thing ever, light stomach kisses

·        JB - perfect bf!, Daddy, very kind, jealous, will kill you if you mess with his girlfriend, protective, tries to act cool but deep down a goof ball, four play all day errday.

·        Jinyoung- classy, quiet, can be very intimidating if pushed to that point, treats his girlfriend like a princess, chivalrous, gives you nice gifts out of the blue, never make you do anything you didn’t want to do unless you call him junior lol.

·        Jackson- sensitive, really cares what people think, smiles even though hurting,  affection from everyone brings energy, playful, great listener, annoying but in a good way, once you are the person he loves will take best care of you, thinks its sexy when you try to speak Chinese or any language7 for that matter.

·        YoungJae- best friend type bf, nerd, ya’ll have the same favorite shows and games, stays up talking til 2 am about anything, goes to your workplace to surprise you with lunch, knows his laugh makes you laugh, likes holding hands, wipes away your tears and tells you are beautiful.

·        Yugyeom - he ain’t no baby no more, hates when you tell him hes your little baby, wants to show you how much of a man he is but ends up being embarrassed, knows your favorite ice cream flavors and orders them for you, dances sexy only for you, likes to give piggy back rides, sends good morning beautiful txt messages, knows all of your little things you like in a relationship, thoughtful.

yall i dont even… like i can’t put into words emotional i am rn. & how much this comic means to me but especially jack’s arc like.

im being completely serious when i say that i never thought i’d see a queer mentally ill person be portrayed in a complex but ultimately happy and fulfilling way, especially like this where he gets to have the successful career, the supportive family and friends, the healthy and amazing relationship…. 

it makes me so emotional! like, honestly, i never even dreamed i’d find media that i could could completely relate to like this. im not a pro athlete but im a mentally ill bi person in a same gender relationship that’s really healthy and good for me, and i’ve struggled so much and i will continue to struggle- like jack- but i also have fully supportive family and friends and an amazing gf, and like- it’s real. it happens! it’s not unrealistic! my queer story is not a tragic one. and so many are, and those stories are valid and important, but they’re not the only stories. 

check please is bitty’s story but it’s also jack’s. it’s the success story of a queer man with anxiety who climbed from the lowest point in his life to the highest, who fought (and still fights) tooth and nail to ensure his and his boyfriend’s happiness, whose life got turned around when he fell in love. check please is a happy queer story and i can’t tell you how grateful i am for that.

so- i am not being articulate at all but just… damn. ngozi, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this happy gay story. you’ll never know how much it means to me to see jack and bitty safe, happy, and successful. thank you, thank you, thank you.

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i dont mean to argue bc its not serious but im just curious why do you say taehyung doesnt drink much?? i feel like people just say that bc the one time on bon voyage when he didnt want beer but unless im reading it wrong dont the members always rank him as one of the lowest alcohol tolerances? which i just take to mean he gets drunk easily fjkd and the hwarang cast have joked about drinking together and laughing about how tae gets when he drinks so idk if im missing something

i mean he drinks but i’ve seen kfans talking about how he’s said he doesn’t really like it before and jimin said “but you can’t really drink alcohol” that one time during jjeoreo era too, lmao he’s just not too good with alcohol 
also (lmao i havent tried that whiskey but if it’s sweet it probably fits his taste..)

(fans were talking about it here i mean i guess he likes sweet alcohol, like mixed stuff with syrups and cola and shit)

Family Scare

Reader x Wroetoshaw

Requested? wroetoshaw/Harry x reader where he comforts you after one of your family members has a health scare?? obviously not anything serious or triggering pls

a/n: I’m not sure how well this came out…. I don’t watch Harry often honestly, his yelling is a bit much for me tbh so I don’t know how to write him. It’s also very short because I didn’t know how to prolong it as I’m hella tired and need to do homework



“He suffered the obvious concussion from the blow to his head, a few gnarly scars, but Jackson should be good to leave in a couple hours.” Your brother said.

“You sure?” you ask nervously. “Honestly, Y/N he will be completely fine and I’ll even send you hourly texts to keep you updated, alright?”

“Okay, thank you! Please tell him I love him and I’ll be back tomorrow night.”

“Alright, have fun with Harry while it lasts okay. Bye.”

“Bye.” Biting your lip you turn around to where your current boyfriend was engaging in a heated FIFA match with a couple of mates. You knew that Freddie (your other brother) would take care of Jackson, but as the oldest sibling you felt it was your duty to take care of them and you weren’t there. After your parent’s death, things got extremely complicated. They had wanted to take Jackson from you and Freddie (both of you over the age of 18). He was only 10, who had just lost both his parents and they wanted to put him in a new environment? That obviously wasn’t happening, so you took custody of him.

You were the mom of the bunch and whilst you were away to visit Harry, he had gotten hurt. It seemed only right to feel guilty, you were supposed to be there for him at all costs and instead you were here having fun. Of course, you can have fun, but you had someone else to be responsible for. It was just a sucky feeling to have in a moment as bittersweet as the last night you’d see your boyfriend for a few months.


You’d of normally laughed at Simon’s rage, but not tonight. “Sorry, guess I’m just that good.” Everybody could practically hear the smirk present on Harry’s face, everyone but you. You were staring at the floor with a deep look on your face, “Babe, you good?”

Looking up you couldn’t help but have tears in your eyes. He’s up in an instant and cradling you to his room. “Hey, what’s happened? What’d Freddie have to say?” Breaking down you cry/hiccup your sentence out, “Jackson is in Hospital. He’s gotten a concussion and I wasn’t there to soothe him. What kind of makeshift mom am I? He got hurt while I was away from him and now Freddie is there too keep him company, but I want to be there for him.”

“Hey, hey. It’s okay. Freddie is gonna be able to take care of him for the time being and when you go home tomorrow you can love Jackson all night long. You are a great step-in mom, Y/N! You do the absolute best to make sure he has a nice life and that’s the best anyone can do.”

 “But I can’t comfort him, like I normally do when he gets hurt.” You sniffle. 

“We both know that he misses you loads and so does Freddie, but that doesn’t mean any of this is your fault.” While kissing you softly on the head and rubbing your arms.

“I know, it’s just that he’s like my little baby and I’m not there for him.”

“I know, I know. But you get to see him tomorrow and you can show just how much you love him, even though he probably already knows that.”

Harry always seemed to know exactly how to make you feel better. He knew what you needed to hear in order to be the best step in mom you could possibly be and that’s what you did when you went back home.



What it would be like to date Im Jaebum/ Jb;

• Serious face
• The cute lil half smile that Jackson likes to imitate
• Hes sexy af
• Beautiful voice that sings you to sleep every night
• Remind him of grandpa jb from real got7 season 1
• Constant reminders to do stuff when hes not there
• A lil bossy
“Not my fault, it’s difficult to come out of leader mode”
• Hes an actual puppy
• He loves you entirely and wholly
• Worships the ground you walk on
• Always buys you gifts, no matter how big or how small
• Rough
• Sexy
• Major life ruiner and ovary exploder
• Always teasing you
• Angry chin
• Hes your lock screen
• You’re his lock screen
• He treats you like a princess
• Spoils you even if you reject
• B-boying to show off
• The occasional flip
• Sexy dancing
• Everything he does on stage is mainly for you
• Back hugs
• Plays with you hair
• Kisses you shoulder
• He would sing you to sleep
• Read you to sleep
• Hold you until you sleep
• Wipe away any sadness with his man hands
• When he sees a window, he must put his face on it, no matter what… his face must be on that window
• Seducing
• Hair flicking
• Sometimes a sassy person
• Easily frightened
• The one that gives life advice
• Has a beautiful voice but sings monotonous with a cactus
• Secretly loves everything
• Dancing with chicken
• Leather jackets
• Bad boy look
• But then hes a squishy lovable human that you just want cuddle all the time
• Cuddles
• Being teased by the boys because of said sexy time
• Skyping when away
• Snapchatting each other triple chins since doubles are too mainstream now
• Probably but very rarely join Jackson in slut dropping
• Team builder
• Incredible leader
• Hella sexy af
• Single eye lidded beauty
• Most likely to make sure your snug between him and the couch with a thousand pillows and hundreds of blankets
• Chocolate
• More dancing with chicken
• The go-to-guy
• Usually buys everyone food
• Encouragement is given every day without fail
• He acts like a babysitter :3

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Why do you hate Onision so much? Don't get me wrong I think he takes himself and his "opinions" wayyyy too serious and his defending community is just horrible in my opinion

Because he is a giant manipulating manchild. If you pay attention to how he speaks and acts you notice that its textbook manipulative behaviour. He loves playing either the victim or the hero in every situation there is and Im honestly scared for his significant others wellbeing, and especially THEIR CHILD. No one should be raised by this absolute idiot. And as a nice sprinkle on top I’m tired of his neurotypical ass and his witchhunt on Eugenia Cooney. Onionboy sits and whines about his depression but time after time slanders other and heavier diagnoses, and then goes to destroy an “anorexic” girls career using public humiliation. If the lil bitch cant deal with some depression he should keep his mouth shut about the deadliest mental illness there is. There’s more but yknow, this is in general why

He's so sweet (Alec)

Anon request: Do a Alec imagine of being his girlfriend and when Clary first comes to the Institute she asks the reader how she can date Alec and the reader explains that Alec is a sweetheart under it all?? Like just make it total romantic fluff

“How do you manage to love him?” Clary yelled barging into your room. “Alec?” You asked. “Yes! He’s so, ughhh” she yelled frustrated. “What’d he do now?” You asked with a sigh. “He keeps calling me little girl! And telling me what to do!” She yelled sitting on your bed. Your room was dim, a single lamp and the moonlight shining through the curtains being the only thing illuminating your room. “Im serious, how do you date him?” She asked a little calmer. “Well” you said sitting up. “Believe it or not under all that ego there’s a really sweet guy.” You said smiling. “He’s just, bad with new people” you said. “Alec, sweet?” Clary said in a non believing tone. “Tell me more” she said. “He’s super caring, and, he takes care of those he loves. He can actually be quite the romantic as well.” You said with a laugh. “He takes me on flawless dates pretty often. Nights star gazing, candle light dinners, motor cycle rides to see all the lights at night, it’s small, but amazing, there’s nothing better.” You said lost in your words. “And he can just be so loving, he hugs, and kisses, and catches, and carries. And he’s so careful to not hurt me, it’s hilarious. He gets so scared when we’re training that he’ll hurt me, I use that to my advantage a lot.” You said with a laugh. “And he loves to cuddle, which you’d never see coming. A big tough guy like Alec loving to snuggle, it’s adorable really. He just holds me in his arms, and pulls me into his chest.” You said smiling at the thought. “Really?” Clary said. “Yeah, and he knows when you feel bad and how to get you to open up about it. And getting him to open up. It’s a very difficult yet soothing task that comes with dating him.” You looked down at your hands and played with them. “And he’s just the right level of protective. And the fact that he’s so tall, and buff, and handsome helps. And…” You said before Clary cut you off. “Alright alright!” Clary said. “I get it” she said. “Thank you, for this, but I’m going to go down and talk to Jace” she said walking towards your door. When she opened it a big clumsy Alec stumbled into the room. He must’ve been leaning on the door. “Wow okay” Clary said walking out. “We’re you eavesdropping?” You said laughing as you watched him catch himself. “Maybe” he said walking over to you smirking. “Do you really think all that about me?” He asked leaning into you. “Maybe” you said with a smirk. Your eyes shifted down to his lips for a second. When you looked back into his eyes he smiled. “I’m taking that as a kiss me” he said before pressing his lips to yours. You smiled as he kissed you, one of his hands on your cheek, the other on your waist. You put one arm over his shoulder and the other on his chest and pulled away. “I love you, Alec Lightwood” you said. “I love you too Y/N Y/L/N.” He said before returning his lips to yours.

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what what what what is this true????? "danisnotonfire is going to be DanHowell in a few days how do you feel kids" OR R THEY TROLLING US PLS HELP OML (tho i totes dont mind him changing his channel name im just curious haha)

he was talking about names and stuff and how “daniel howell” would be his name if he were a music blogger and he would be “daniel mysterio” along with other names…i don’t think it meant anything serious :P 

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Very serious, my boyfriend has schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. Currently, he is having an attack saying he feels like he's dying and he's freaking out. I'm going over his house to make sure he's okay, but my question is; how do I make sure IM okay? How do I calm down enough to calm HIM down? I'm so worried about him it makes me sick.

Hi sorry if this is so late and I hope everything is okay! This is a bit complicated to answer but first thing is you should take deep breaths and try to think calmly and think of good things, especially good things between you and your boyfriend. Try to reassure him of good things and hear him out also. You just gotta be brave for him and yourself and once he starts feeling better, you will too.(:

@you-are-precious it’s very important that absolutely no one thinks i want to fuck scooby doo even is a joke i wont take that i wont fuckign take that standing down i will Refuse because god if i’ll admit i dont have standards but if wanted to fuck a cartoon dog i’d  go with something a bit fucking classier my minds blanking me right now though im tryna think of examples aand all i can see in my brain is a humanised version of garfield and hes stnading in front of the hot cartoon dogs i cant think about so i dont know any examples shibe im sorry but do youi understand right now how this is so so sosososo serious 

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hey i just want to tell you how brave you are and how proud of you i am. i never reported my rapist, and what you're doing requires some serious strength. when you're in that courtroom, know that you are SAFE and LOVED, and that he cant hurt you anymore. and know that im sending you so so much love and support and so are so many other people.

Thank you so, so, so much. I’m not sure if you saw, but I won! I’m so grateful to everyone who sent good vibes. You’re so sweet 💕💕

why does everyone assume the hamburger helper glove uses he/him pronouns? aren’t they technically sexless bc they’re just a glove? why do we assume they’re male? how do we know what gender the hamburger helper glove is? this is a very serious topic. im serious tho like?? why do we assume they’re male? how do we know? we’re completely invalidating their identity? does anybody care to ask them what their pronouns are?

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This is super random. But do you know of a fic where Draco fells for Hermione after she punches him in third year? Im curious about how the writer would develop love from that. Idk. Thanksssss ♥️

Off-hand, I thought of this:

Colors by d.victoria - T, oneshot -  Draco Malfoy has a serious condition, he has never been able to see color. Perhaps Hermione Granger could have the cure to his special problem. Join Draco on his colorless journey during his Hogwarts years. SOULMATE AU.

But you’re going to find more stories in the Year 3 tag.


I’d like to think that the reason why Harry and Eggsy basically only touched once in the movie is because Harry acknowledged Eggsy’s abusive past and resolved to touching him minimally in order to give him the space and respect he needs. He probably didn’t think the situation was that bad at first (which was why he allowed himself to put his hand on Eggsy’s shoulder) and only realised how serious it was when the whole bugging-Eggsy-and-witnessing-Dean-beat-him-up happened.

  • Person: Luke's taking out his lip ring for good.
  • Me: That's cool, he looks good without it, his decision.

-call it Miraculous Wishes (????)-

HAWKMOTH - JAFAR (there will be no kiss scene bc I cringe)
Just imagine it. Adrien (a peasant who knows how to survive) sees a girl in the market (who doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing), so she tells him that her name is Ladybug. Then he finds out she’s actually Princess Marinette (the reveal scene like in Aladdin). Adrien falls in love with her, then he finds Plagg (the genie) AND BECOMES CHAT NOIR! HE IMPRESSES PRINCESS MARINETTE WHILE BEING CHAT NOIR AND HAWKMOTH REVEALS THAT HES BEEN ADRIEN ALL ALONG! LETS GET READY FOR THIS DRAMA AHAHAHA!!!

(Yes, Adrien wears a mask as Chat Noir, and his get-up is in black and green. And yes, Marinette wears a mask when she goes out as Ladybug, and her get-up then is in black and red.)


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Hello!!! How are you? I hope you are doing well! Im in the mood of thinking overly detailed things about my knb boys, so, how much of a bad sight do you think Midorin has?

Hey there! I’m good thanks hope you’re well too! Midorima’s really interesting and I think that it does probably take something very serious to get his bad side to show (even though Takao does enough to annoy him😂) but all in all it seems to me that his bad side wouldn’t come out very often and when he is annoyed in general it doesn’t really last very long-nanodayo.